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      I got my 2nd bar on IRS2GO this morning, but my amount disappeared. My transcript had code 846 yesterday with correct amount. I called offset line and I have no offsets. HELP! It just reads “amount reduced to pay a past due tax obligation”

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          We filed joint returns. Our return was greatly reduced. We received the same vague message, however we are insured through our employee. Government insurance to boot. I haven’t been able to make contact, and getting very frustrated. How can they take an action like that with no warning, then not be available to explain. I think this was an error.

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            Received a 1091 message. How long after that does it take go get your electronic refund. Was told 4-6 weeks but I’m hoping it’s sooner.

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              Hi everyone! So, I’m literally about to have a heart attack right now! My husband and I filed our taxes 1/28. After 3 weeks it finally got processed and approved and it said it was scheduled to be mailed out 2/27 (we opted for a paper check, I have no idea why anymore!), and when I logged on this morning it popped up with my that message! We worked hard last year and I don’t understand why the adjusted amount showing up is $0! Someone please tell me the IRS is just crazy

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                PLEASE HELP! I got message with NO AMOUNT listed. I called Treasury and it states I have no offset. Can someone who got a message with NO AMOUNT LISTED PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post an update??? Monday is a holiday and I will go crazy before Tuesday.

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                  I have the 201 message and 1091. all the amount was pay back to the irs, but I am sure I do not owe anything. Can someone help?

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                    I got my refund. It had already been reduced. The amount deposited was almost 2 grand less than wmr said I would get… HELLLP

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                      father got this msg on his. however his amount was 625. that’s not possible to have been obamacare, is it?

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                        So I have received the same information as everyone else with my Tax Refund being reduce and there is no explanation as to why this is happening. Are there anyone who has made the called and actually clarified that this is indeed a Healthcare Tax penalty the reason why the payment was deducted because I would assume that the deduction would have already been done. In my case I do not owe healthcare. Can some one give me a straight answer to this issue at hand. I am just now seeing this on a Saturday so of coarse I will be wondering my brains out until Monday when I can call for myself.

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                          But in the bottom still shows refund amount is that what they took my entire refund ??

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                            My taxes says your refund has been applied to a past due irs tax obligation what does that reference code 1091 topic 201

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                              your refund has been reduced to pay a past due irs obligation tax obligation.

                              it say the balance of your refund was sent to your bank account January 30,2015, for direct deposit.
                              at first it said if not credit by feb 4 2015 check with bank, i still haven’t received mines and i know its because the tax penalty because i don’t owe anything else

                              it also show a tax topic 201 and reference number 1091 which mean i owe the irs, but my question is when will i receive the remaining balance of my refund, how long does it take after irs has took the money out that i owe, somebody help me tell me something

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                                I got the same msg but there is no amount…. What could this mean?

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                                    I have already received my refund deposit at SBBT bank and it was for the amount reflected in WMR. So it says your refund has been reduced to pay a tax debt. The balance of your refund, (here), will be deposited on… The amount noted was what was deposited.

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                                      The amount didn’t change from what I expected. I wonder what I will actually get back. I do not believe I owed anything

                                      Your refund has been reduced to pay a past due IRS tax obligation.
                                      The balance of your refund, $xxxx.00, is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 2, 2015. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 7, 2015, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.
                                      Please wait until February 7, 2015 before you contact us again as we are unable to take any further action until then

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                                        So just to be clear. If mine says what everyone else’s is saying. Then my Healthcare penalty was already deducted. And the balance is what is remaining after they deducted that penalty? Correct? Has anyone already recieved there’s and the balance was the same as WMR? after receiving that message

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                                          Cee, ya on WMR it says “the balance of xxxx will be deposited blah blah…” That’s the number that I got deposited!!

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                                          Cee Brown

                                            Thanks so much Amber…lol I was going to be a nervous wreck…I just needed to make sure that it was already subtracted and the amount I saw was what I was getting….YOU ROCK!! Have a great day!!

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                                              Cee, my deposit was normal after getting that message. The penalty had already been figured in.

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                                              Cee Brown

                                                Amber…was your refund reduced already and the balance you saw what you recieved?..Mine just says your refund has been reduced…but then says your balance is ×××××××…and is scheduled to be sent to my bank. So that balance is that minus the penalty…?

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                                                  Cee, I had the same thing. It is the healthcare penalty.

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                                                  Cee Brown

                                                    Question…go the same message on IRS 2 GO AND WMR SITE..I called 1800 829 1040 and it says same thing…is it because of the Healthcare penalty..? And shouldn’t that have already been deducted?..Never been more…all I really need to know is the amount I’m seeing, what I’m getting direct deposited??

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                                                    Kim in CO

                                                      WMR still showed my full amount, but my deposit was lower than that because they took state taxes owed. I was going to pay them off anyway, I guess this saves a step. Now I have to get back the money I gave them in payments!

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                                                        It’s a glitch on the IRS2GO App…log in on a computer or your browser on your phone and the refund amount will be there. When you have to pay a healthcare penalty it says your refund was used to pay a tax debt.

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                                                        Cee Brown

                                                          I got the same message…PLEASE HELP!…CAN SOMEONE PLEASE post that there refund was normal after seeing that message. I did have a Healthcare tax penalty but that already i think….DD supposed to go in the 2nd.

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                                                            I have this error too, but I am receiving a paper check, so I can’t see the updated amount. I also had a healthcare penalty. Is this what it is? I called the IRS phone number and it says the same “Back taxes” but I am very sure I do not owe for back taxes.

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                                                              I have the same message, but I don’t have the difference waiting to be deposited. I should have a substantial difference coming back to me, but it’s not reflected on WMR. I hope it’s just a delay in updating.

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                                                                @Amber, You are very welcome, I also had questions about it this morning so I know it’s stressful. Have a great day :D

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                                                                  @noelle thank you for taking the time to post I really appreciate your help!!

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                                                                    Ya the balance of your refund is what you are getting, I don’t know why they put that darn past tax obligation message on there even, just to scare us lol

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                                                                      DDD January 30….. 2 bars showing this morning

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                                                                        I also had a healthcare penalty of like 30$… my refund amount looks the same as what it was before… but it does say:

                                                                        Your refund has been reduced to pay a past due IRS tax obligation.
                                                                        The balance of your refund, $X,XXX.00, is scheduled to be sent to your bank by January 30, 2015.

                                                                        So as long as that number is what I want, Im OK? Right?

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                                                                          I got that too, I had a $49 penalty for health insurance thing so it said past due tax obligation, look underneath it should say an amount of deposit, it isn’t on the side like usual

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