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Yes I got my DDD

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    It is there 1/30/2015
    I live in NC

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    did anyone else choose for hrblock to have thier fee taken out of the refund? and if so when should we expect hrblock to release our money into our bank accounts?


    Filed and accepted on 1/23 using Turbo Tax. I have a DDD of 1/30….


    Got DDD 1/30, was accepted 1/18


    Accepted 1/20 and DDD of 1/30, just got a email from bank saying pending deposit. Praise be The Flying Spaghetti Monster.


    I just checked WMR, mine updated and I have a DDD Of 1/30!!!!! Praise God! I’m in tx! & I filed with turbo tax!


    I got my DDD to for 1/30. I am using Netspend card too. Very happy . As a supporting Mom of three kids its nice to be able to do something for myself. Tax time allows me to do that. My Christmas is


    Got accepted 1/12 and got my DD date today of 1/30!


    I also didnt realize that I got an email from my bank last night at 9:30 telling me that i had a pending deposit from the US Treasury. Hoorah!


    Got my DDD 1/30 filed 1/21 accepted 1/21 filed with HR Block. Net spend user also.


    filed 1/8 accepted 1/12 switched to topic 152 a few days later. Yesterday could see transcripts today approved with 1/30 DDD. And Yep it’s all going to the mouse lol.


    Got my DDD of 1/30 as well!!! God is good!


    Harlan Dee Jones???


    I received my DDD for the 30th I filed with JH in TX.filed extremely early


    I filed on 1/13 and accepted the same day with tax act.
    Yes WMR website update


    How is it i filed & got accepted on the 20th but have no ddd? I see people who filed & accepted 2-3 days after me got the 30th for dd. This sum bs!!!


    1/30 ddd


    I got my ddd. 1/30

    Was accepted 1/20 with hr block

    Mish mosh

    You got it where? on the WMR website?


    I, also Recieved my ddd for 01/30, VA


    I just got my ddd also its Friday 1/30


    I got mine too. 1/30

    I got accepted 1/20 with TT

Viewing 21 replies - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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