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      So, i filed in early February, accepted and my account did not move untll it finally had an As of Date of 3/13.

      No codes, no special credits, no advance rebates, no stimulus, just a boring normal W-2 return with some itemized deductions the same as i file EVERY year.

      In March with no movement, i finally got a live person who said my account was beign held for ID verificiation and that i’d receive further instructions in 2-3 weeks. NOTHING i could do right then.

      So over the past 2 months, i have received no correspondance and have tried once a day for the past couple months to get a live person. (or more). FINALLY today i received a live person who said i’d need copies of my 2021 and 2020 returns, W-2s etc. I said i have all that but not my 2020 W-2 handy. She said when i am ready, go on

      out of curiousity, i went on the website and found ALL i had to do was put my social, refund amount, confirm my AGI and last 4 digits ofmy bank account for my refund and it was sent for processing

      WHAT THE …….

      Not only did i not receive any correspondence, NOT only is my account run of the mill…..NOT only has it taken months to reach a live person, but the verification that they said i had to do was as generic and simple as it comes. NOTHING actually verifying my true idenity as they claim.

      MORAL to the story, if you’re waiting for ID verification and no notification, go to and see if you can also get by with just the simple info rather than wait.!

      Now i have to wait f’in 9 weeks!!!!!! this will be 4 months from my filing date. If i were 4 months late to the IRS, i’d be penalized, just ridiculous!!!!

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