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      viola said:
      January 27, 2012 6:56 PM
      Anyone else use WoodForest bank? When I opened my account a few months ago I was told that they do not hold direct deposited checks. I specifically asked about my tax return and they said as long as its direct deposited it will not be held, as soon as it is sent to the bank they release it to the customer. However, I have noticed a guideline on transactions stating that if they are done before 8 pm they are posted to the account but after 8pm they get posted the next day. Not sure if this info will help anyone but I figured I’d pass it along. If anyone has any other information about this bank please post. Thanks!

      Jorrie said:
      January 27, 2012 7:33 PM
      I use woodforest as well and they do not hold deposits my return went in last year at like 1pm. Our branch manager said as soon as a dd comes in its available to you.

      Tiffany said:
      January 27, 2012 7:51 PM
      I used to bank with them and my direct deposits from employer always came in immediately after being sent from payroll company – on Wed instead of Friday. No exp. with taxes to that account, though.

      – Tiff
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          Called Headquarters. Was transferred to senior person on my direct deposit not being at the bank even though the IRS said it was deposited 3/21. Been waiting on hold for 20 minutes but no one is picking back up. Thanks for nothing. I’ll be closing my accounts once I get my refund. Tired of the lady saying the next person will be with you in a moment, yeah right. Hanging up.

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            IRS says Direct Deposit of refund was put into my account March 21, 2023. I had just found prior that they had closed the account (probably because I bank there infrequently.
            I reopened an account (not the same # on my tax return) and WF said not to worry, if the refund comes in, they’ll open up the closed account and give it 30 days. Well, that answer is not very satisfactory to me. By reading these messages, I have seen that to be inconsistent with others.

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              My money has been there since the 4th still haven’t gotten it yet

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                My account is closed but my stemless money says it’s there what’s the next step

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                DeAnna Davis

                  Where and when will I be receiving my 1,200 stimulus check? I’m in SSDI.

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                  Tracy Hill

                    I have direct deposit for my SSI account do I need to report anything to IRS for my stimulus check

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                      I have a savings account with Woodforest and decided to have my Tax Refund deposited there. Well the IRS page said it deposited it on Feb. 27th. This is March 1st and it still has not been deposited. I’m pretty frustrated and have never had an issue with my other bank and getting my refund. I’m regretting having it go into my savings

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                      Micah Sanders

                        Where’s my refund

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                          I recieved my funds to Woodforest at about 4:40 am in Tx

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                            I generally get mine 1 day before my ddd…will update tomorrow

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                            nicole b

                              Came ten mins ago in my Woodforest acct.

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                              Candy Sue

                                Wood forest bank said IRS deposits scheduled for 2/10 are posting today after 2pm

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                                  Yah I bank with woodforestband my Ddd was 02/10 still nothing

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                                    I use the “where’s my refund” site and it now days my refund will be sent by feb 10. Will the bank post it the same day it’s sent or will they hold it?

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                                      Did anyone else on here file on 1/29 with a ddd of 2/10 going into their woodforest account????????????

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                                        I’m not sure what the complaint is with Woodforest who is a second chance bank due to the issues many of us must have had with out first bank. Woodforest deposit checks a day before BOA and M&T and others who will hold your direct deposit longer than 2-3 days. Woodforest is a great bank and they may not be a well known bank but their services as far as deposits are excellent. I’d rather wait till noon on a Wed or Thursday than 8am on a Friday. Be patient because there is nothing you can do with your money at midnight unless you have OCD and need to see your pay as soon as it hit the bank. But waiting til noon is not that bad, your errands and bills aren’t going anywhere!

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                                          Wood forest bank is holding my direct deposit until noon. This is unacceptable. I have never banked with a company that holds my direct deposit past midnight. At first they started coming in around 4 a.m. then it went to 6- 8 a.m. then it went to 10 and then it quickly changed over to noon. I wrote them an email stating that this was unacceptable and that I need my money deposited by the time I wake up in the morning. They adjusted it to where the deposit went in at midnight again. Now, 6 months later, they are back to arriving at noon. I have things to do, I have bills to pay, I have errands to run, & I do not have time for my deposits to be held until noon when everyone else gets their deposits at midnight who banks elsewhere. I will be looking for another bank if they cannot find a permanent solution to this.

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                                            My direct from same employer I have been getting them over a year from didxnot post today although I was told by suoervisor it was in backend at 5:30pm. They gave me $300 of my $1660 while I waired for it to officially post and it did not. Called and spoke with another supervisor and was told tomorrow although again confirmed they had it. I don’t understand and given no explanation.

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                                              I also use Woodforest and they process dd for same day up until 8pm….if they get later then it will be next day.

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