Wonder if amount of return slows down getting a DDD

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      I wonder if the amount of our refunds have something to do with how long it takes us to get our refund? I have friends that filed after I did and 2 of them will get there refunds deposited tomorrow. Both got much less than we did. I didn’t know if there was a “Magic” number that gets reviewed more? What’s everyone thoughts?

      I filed 1/24 and accepted 1/24
      No transcripts
      only one bar progress.

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          mine is over 10k. Just wondered! I had looked for a post but must of over looked it. Seems like the past 3 years, we always wait longer than everyone else. Last year, we were right at 21 days when we got our refund.

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            I don’t think so. A couple nights ago there were people here that got their DDD for Friday 1/30 and Monday 2/2 and their refunds were huge over 9k. We actually had a mini discussion about it.

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