WMR: your refund us still being processed

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    I FILED 1/18, ACCEPTED 1/19 I have had one bar all along, ordered account transcript yesterday . I have always been an 05 cycle so I expected an update today. All of the bars were gone and it said:

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    In the past I have never seen this… any know what this means?????

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    Filed my 2015 taxes first quarter of 2016 electronically via my accountant.
    Still stuck on the “Your return is being processed.”
    Around 3rd quarter is did make me update my address. (weird?)
    4th quarter…. still no refund, but I’ve already received my property tax bill for this year.
    Signs that your government is broke?


    Todd Marley

    I filed feb.19.accepted on the 23. The next date to recieve my return was march 16.nothing called. Couldn’t tell me snything at all.waited ….waited till april called again guy was very nice and helpful.verified will i was on the phone told to call back may 4 it took me till june to get ahold of anybody still no answers to whst was going on nothing in the msil absolutely nothing.called a week ago today verified again. Was just told it would be atleast 30days before i could call again or get something in the mail.



    Return was accepted on 4/20. Refund date was 5/11/2016. As of today (06/10/2016) the message: “your refund is still being processed…a refund date will be provided when possible.” I have tried calling the number provided but am never able to reach a person. Very frustrating bc when I press the appropriate responses, it takes me to an automated voice that then tells me the same thing the message on the website says: “your refund is still being processed…” which is no help at all. This is so annoying!!! I will say, however, that the number provided by someine here (to actually speak to a person) actually works. I am on hold now. At leat I will be able speak with someone and (hopefully) find out what’s going on.



    Same here! Accepted 1/19
    ID verity 2/16
    CP005 letter
    Review done 5/19
    Still waiting….



    Guys I have over 120 days that I filed that’s basically over three months I did mines on 1/29 got accepted on 2/8 apparently the irs server had a problem this year I got in touch with them after the 21 days they told me I had to verify I’d which I did two days later than told me I had to wait 9 weeks and now they told me I had to wait an additional week…I say it’s Bullshit but there nothing I can do but wait smh….apparently WMR doesn’t change or update and it’s a shame how they take for ever to give us our money back hence it’s not even half of what we give them through out the year.



    Hey all, I’ve read every comment on this thread, ok so I filled with TT on april 7th and was accepted the same day, I never received any batr, any TT, nothing, no letters! Finally after my 21 days (4/28/16) I called, The IRS had a hold on my refund due to all of the fraudulent tax returns they get! The woman I talked to told me (very sweet by the way), that anything can send the tax return into a still processing mode on WMR, it could be because of an address change, because of a phone number change, anything, so I had to do a id verification, after I went through all of the questions she told me ok you passed wait up to 9 weeks, so I asked does it really take 9 weeks she said most of the time no, “we have to say up to 9 weeks because of delays” also i got the id verify letter and also verified online, passed it as well, today is 5/5/16 now instead of it saying still processing and will have a DDD later now it says we have your tax refund, I say another couple of days and I will have a DDD, if your bars went missing, and or no TT I know it’s a b**** to wait but wait your 21 days and then call, if your bars went away more than likely you are under review and you need to do an id verification, the IRS will not tell you anything before your 21 days but to call back after your 21 days, the id verification is nothing but about 3-5 questions that only you should know! I’m still waiting on my money, and hopefully will get it soon! I hope for all of you that are still in processing, that the id verification is all you need!! I hope this helps anyone!!



    I filed Feb 8th an its been 85 days now… Still no answer or word.. First it was wait 21 days then went to 45 days then 30 days now its an additional 30 days… With no reason or explanations..



    I filed and was accepted 1/20/2016. Should have DDD on 2/5/2016. No activity whatsoever, no communication from the IRS regarding identity verification or anything else. Have called twice, got standard non-answers, wait 4-6 weeks the 1st time, wait an additional 12 weeks the 2nd time. I have requested a taxpayer advocate to apply some pressure to move my refund along. This is f’n ridiculous. I file electronically every year with TT, single W2, standard deduction, nothing fancy. What’s to investigate? Any one gotten any real information from the IRS?



    IRS Phone Number. IRS Speak to a HUMAN! (M-F, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. local), (800) 829-0582 ext. 652. IRS Hotline Phone




    I filed on 1/27/16 and am being told to expect mine between 4/23/16 – 5/07/16”

    I am in the same boat. Looks like it will be 12 weeks from my 1/27 filing date. It’s never taken longer than 18 days. This year it will be about 85 days.




    I filed on 1/27/16 and am being told to expect mine between 4/23/16 – 5/07/16


    Habeeb Salters

    I have h&r block and I am almost two weeks past my 21days because I had to verify ID my where’s my refund changed from will be updated when we have info or date now it says we have received your tax return it is being processed is that a sign it’s on the way



    I filed Feb 9 it was accepted the same day. I still have a message on wmr saying it is still being processed. It’s been well over a month. Anyone else in the same boat? Has anyone received an answer from the it’s?


    Tammy Barnes

    When I use the refund tool.” Wheres My Refund”. I get the status Your refund is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available. There are no special notes or tax topics. My return was accepted on Feb 05,2016 and the scheduled refund issuing date was for Feb 26,2016 still nothing. Please help me understand what is going on. Thanks



    Yep, me too. sent Feb 25 (TaxAct).. got the State back by Mar 1.. all the way until Mar 7 had bars.. since then and currently: Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. This is BS.. I ALREADY HAVE THE STATE BACK.. it’s been 21 days on Thursday 3/17 .. or do they go by 21 ‘business days’? If so .. Mar 25 .. but it’s happening to too many.. I have read & heard things about the Computers not working right at the IRS?? Who sent theirs “Tax Act”.. Maybe that is the issue.. Tried to send “Turbo Tax” but it wouldn’t go through..??



    Ok hopefully this eases a few of your worries. I filed on 2/11. Accepted by IRS on 2/11 accepted by state on 2/12. Nothing from IRS at all just processing. State DD 2/25. IRS nothing until this morning I finally get DD date for March 2. I didn’t have to verify or anything. Thank God because I need my money asap!



    Called the irs today they said to me that my refund is frozen and alsounder review and a letter will be sent to me March 7th asking for the information they need



    my state hit this morning hopefully federal isn’t far behind…..i just think the irs is way behind…they don’t have the resources to review everybody they are just saying that crap to get you off the phone…a ddd of 2/26 is out of the question for me so maybe after the update on sat i will have a ddd of 3/4. If I’m still being processed after 3/4 then i guess I’m getting audited :(



    I file on 1/27 and was accepted on 1/27/2016. I still have the message … A refund date will be provided when available because my return is still processing.



    I also have the same message. I do not know what to do. I have called 800-829-1040 but I get nowhere. Do I need to get a transcript? They couldn’t verify my ID, Now what?



    By the time I receive my refund I’ll be farting dust



    Filled on 2/16…accepted 2/16…bars left…date will be available…call IRS and they stated there was an error on my return but it has been fixed you will receive your refund no later than 3/6…can the IRS make corrections or is this a bunch of BS?



    Here is what happened to me. I filed 1/30/16 and was accepted on 2/01/16. Lost my bars on 2/6/16. Since I had to ID verify last year, I called and did the ID verify on 2/10/16. I was told that it would take 9 weeks for processing to occur. Yesterday my status went from saying a refund date will be provided to we have received your return and it is processing. When I woke up today, I have my bars back with a DDD for 2/24/16!!! Hang in there, it looks like a two week window once ID is verified.


    James R

    Paul is a bum lives in a burlap bag. Hope you don’t get your TAX return till those underground seed banks are completely depleted.



    I filed 2/1 … as of today I have the same message STILL PROCESSING. Ive been hearing alot of things going on such as this “review” where the IRS needs you to verify your identity. Hard ware problems, even the IRS just being backed up. I think all of this is a load of crap. I even contacted the IRS which surprisingly took 15 minutes to get through. I asked about my refund and demanded to me what’s the hold up. Yes, Im impatient but my 21 days is almost up. They told me to wait obviously, but I bet if I owed them some back taxes they would of pulled it all up right there. Anyway I also had read up on an article saying the WMR website was not updating, you might see “still processing” when it could of been already accepted. Once my 21 days is up all hell is going to break loose.



    Filed on 16 accept on 1-20 shows no bars still processing today (2-8) help



    Still one bar since 1/19/16 when I filed getting a real big headache but the chart said anyone that file from the 19-24 will get a dd on 2-5-16…

    Help if u something please



    Hey all,

    So I started another topic earlier this morning with the exact same problem. Here is what i just found out:

    “So, I just got off the phone with someone at the IRS- she initially gave me the cookie cutter response, but finally she took a look at it.

    Apparently my return hasn’t posted, which means it’s being looked at. It doesn’t mean there is necessarily anything wrong with it, but that they are making sure everything is correct.

    I asked her how long the process, she said it could take up to 8 weeks. I said, could it change tomorrow, she said, most likely not. But if there is something wrong with it, they will change the status and send me communication. Call back after the 21 days.”



    I filed 1/16, accepted 1/19. 1/30 bars went away and as of 11:40am 2/1 still gone. It doesn’t say anything about being offset, however I do have student loans. Starting to get nervous…



    It does not mean that you are under review 2 years ago I got that same message about a date will be given when one is available because one of the forms the IRS had not finished updating it did not take all summer it only took an extra week to get my return if they are going to offset your return they will tell you if more information is needed they will tell you on where is my refund




    not one person on this forum can explain why YOU don’t have a DDD yet, or what’s going on with your specific return. Stop asking. If you are within the 21 days, which we all are as it began on 1/19, STOP stressing, it will come!

    My situation:

    Filed and accepted 1/24 at 6:34 pm-turbo tax
    Ordered BOTH transcripts on 1/29 at 8:15 am
    WMR updated on 1/30 with 2nd bar
    DDD set for 2/3



    Hi everyone…
    I filed 1/11, accepted 1/12 with Turbo Tax. I had 1 bar and Tax Topic 152 on WMR up until yesterday morning. I was able to order my account transcript on 1/29 but not my return transcript. I did find out on Friday (1/29) that I have a small offset of $251 for the State of Ohio. I woke up yesterday to NO bars, the message stating that it is still being processed and that a DDD will be provided when available and Tax Topic 152. Still not able to order return transcripts over the phone due to the “technical difficulties” and when I do it online, it is still under my old address (moved February of last year)… Seems that ther is an awful lot of us in the boat of no advancement…



    Same here I filed on the 20th at like 8 am then was accepted the same day 5 mins later, I checked wmr the same day everything looked great, I filed with tt as I have done for the last 4 years, I even did the security measure of adding my id, I was lucky enough to win some money in Indiana last year so I received an Indiana state return, I live in Ohio, I have already received that Friday, on Wednesday I checked WMR and all bars are gone with the exact same message, no bars, no amount of the return, nothing. I called on Wednesday and the irs lady said since it’s not been 21 days yet she could not provide any information. I have always been able to order my transcripts 10 days after filing and received DDD a Wednesday and had my $$ by the following Monday. I am beyond annoyed with this process I read on a TT accountant forum that the IRS as of Friday had only released 1% of refunds and then on Saturday released a large amount of refunds. I do think they def need to fix all problems and hire someone to ease our minds when the bars have disappeared with any info as to why. I know just like everyone else that we need/want our money. I going to stay positive and say us that filed on 01-19/01-25 should receive our money by Friday. It looks like they are running slow, and it’s going to take 14 days for us to see our bars back or money in our accounts.



    I’m still stuck in this boat. filed 1/25 and accepted same day. two days later went from one to no bars. no activity since. other than the ability to order previous years transcripts with an old address to come and go randomly



    Mine says still processing. A date will be provided when available.

    I had 1 bar yesterday now no bars just that. It’s very nervewracking. Filed 1/11 accepted 1/12 with tax act.



    I was accepted 1/11. Yesterday my bars were gone and had the same message you have. I was able to order transcripts (for whatever reason lol) yesterday.
    When I checked this morning my bars were back along with a DDD of 2/3.
    I think when you notice the bars gone you’ll have an update the next day along with a DDD. Good luck :)



    It means you are under review and won’t see your refund until summer.



    Mine says this too wth???



    * correction my bars aren’t gone though



    in in the same boat….. i filed on 1/17 accepted 1/19 ordered account transcripts on wed… but still no return as of 30 min ago. will they update tonight( saturday) ? or are we out of luck till wed the 3rd?



    I have the same thing, but filed and accepted 1/25. I think it’s just a sign that they’re doing something with your account because I’ve had this happen to me almost every year. I’ve had quick returns like 7-8 days and I’ve had returns take months, like into July with the same message



    Either it mean Review or DDD I would call IRS tell them you can’t see anything and demand answers

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