WMR working for some, down for others…possibilities?

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      Because some can access WMR and others can not, is it possible that those who are not able to access WMR when they try to log in will possibly get a DDD? later this morning? It’s 8:07am right now (Pacific Standard Time) and I can’t get in, but others a few hours ago are able to log in..

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        just here

          Married filed Joint WMR doesn’t work with my ssn but works with wife’s ssn

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            My WMR has been “Unavailable” since last night as well. Same with automated phone line. I filed and accepted on 1/21 and have had one bar since then. GRRRRRR
            I did just double check my refund was deposited on a Monday last year so I will keep my fingers crossed that maybe I have cash coming soon lol
            Its so annoying that I filed my nieces taxes and they were accepted on 1/27, she got the ddd of 2/4 a few days later, but low and behold….she already received her deposit! I can’t even believe that crap! She got her money like 3 days after her return was accepted….how the hell does that even work!!!!

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              I’ve had a DDD for 2 days and approved on WMR and its down for me as well.

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                The phone line said it was down as well for me wtf?!?! Hopefully It’s good since it will 21 days on feb 10… Other than that this sucks…

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                  Cross post

                  I’ve been able to access wmr since everyone said it went down. But one thing I’ve come to know is wmr is quite unstable. I’d just keep checking that’s about all you can really do anyway right? Lol that’s all I’ve done. I also have my DDD as well but I’ve seen others that wmr is down for that have a DDD. Chances are its just their system glitching from increased load now that everyone should have their w2s.

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                    Same here I’ve been trying since last night at 11pm central time and it’s almost 11am and I still can’t access it ……. So annoying

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                    Miranda K

                      10:48 am (Central) on 2-1-15 the WMR site still down. Been trying since last night to check status and the site is still down. Very frustrating!!!

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                      Corey B.

                        Same boat here. Cant get into WMR since yesterday evening. Hoping for update saying”refund sent” !! Lol

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