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      Any updates

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          No update for me. 20220705 Cycle, with Processing date 3/7/22. Fucking assholes need to hurry up

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            I filed with HRB on 2/23.
            Accepted a few minutes later.
            Transcripts updated last night 3/11
            WMF updated today with DDD on 3/16

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              Filed 3/4 no movement on wmr and no transcript

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                This weekend started out very difficult. Yesterday, I checked my transcripts five times with nothing updating. I checked WMR this morning and nothing. I literally just checked WMR a few minutes ago and received an APPROVED refund! I’m very, very grateful! I wish the best for all of you. May it come soon and last longer than you planned!

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                  Wmr keeps saying my info is incorrect but it’s not I’ve been tracking my refund for the last two months what could this mean?

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                    What does it mean when WMR says my info isn’t correct but I know it is?

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                      Super long time lurker, first post. Filed and accepted 2/21, had one bar for a week, then still processing w no dollar amount and year ending 12/31. Today have still processing but the dollar amount is back. Transcripts NA. Had a baby last year, so I’m pretty sure that’s whats holding me up.

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                        Wmr can’t find me it says the info isn’t correct

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                          Filed 2/15 and accepted

                          Had the delay message for a week on wmr and updated today with fixed amount and ddd. Ctc was off because of the mail thing
                          Can’t access transcripts

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                            Updated!! It’s over thank goodness!

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                              Updated this morning saying my refund was used to pay a past due balance. Account transcript shows the remaining refund amount after the balance paid off as code 150. No code 842 or whatever the refund issue code is.

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                                Wmr updated !!!

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