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WMR updated!!!

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    Finally! Filed 1/29, could view return transcript this morning. Could few the others a couple hours later. Cycle date 05. Bars on WMR disappeared.

    Well, WMR just updated and I have a DDD of 2/11!!!! So excited. Good luck everyone.

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    Filed 1/29 and accepted with Turbotax. Account transcript was available yesterday with 0.00 and no cycle codes. No change this morning for me. Wonder if they’ll continue to update transcripts this morning.


    I usually never post things on the internet… But this time I had to thought I could help some people out…this tax year has been headache and very stressful…. I filed 1/21 accepted same day. WMR on 1 bar 152 tax topic was able to see my transcripts on the 3 rd with old address and no refund filed all 000 no codes no cycle date,could not view none since then but I could order them today on IRS2Go this afternoon. I just checked WMR right now and have a ddd date of the 11 the, thank you Jesus!!!!!!! I was so worried. For everyone keep trying to check your transcript s even if u get locked out the system just try to order them if u can do that you are finished processing, and should see an update on WMR the following day, good luck to you all, see you next year!!


    YAY! MINE UPDATED TOO! 2/11 DDD! I filed and was accepted 1/25.


    MINE UPDATED TOO! Yes! So excited!

    Filed and accepted 1/30, updated today, DDD of 2/11!!!!!


    Mine hasn’t updated and I filed since 1/30 8am

    Gene Taxpayer

    Mine jst upday mine was approv and i hope them mexicans approv too i cant take many more beatins like they put on me tonight on last night im sore as a two dollar wh0re




    Could VIEW the others. Lol

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