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    Help Please!

      I think I am doing it right but it keeps saying I’m not. Any suggestions??

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          MY return accepted on 1/28 now wmr says topjc 151, rights to appeal.I have no clue why it says that, Has anyone else got this.

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            Eric do you have any fees coming out? If so try entering the amount on your tax return before fees. I had that same prob till I read on one of the feeds to try this way and it worked for me. Idk if it will work for you but just a suggestion. Hope it helps.

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              Mine was accepted jan 24th 2015. It was saying processing til today. Now it says I’m entering wrong info. I used turbo tax.

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                Tiffany Carlisle says “So I just got off the phone with the irs supervisor. After a lot of prodding I got him to tell me that they are releasing a new wmr, and that they wont update the old one. Several people have been approved, more than half of those that were accepted before 1/21. We will see information for dd on 1/30, and deposits will start on Wednesday. Im not sure how much truth there is but thats what he said
                He also said that bars went missing becsuse they xferred the Info to the new site. Just read that on another thread”

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                  It means its updating…just wait a bit and try again if it happens..if you haven’t been accepted yet it’ll tell you that also. I just checked and worked fine for me:)

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                  Daytona beach

                    I have the same problem accepted on 1/20. Wmr saying wrong info.

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                      Mine also says the same Michelle. I know it’s correct. Today was my first time checking it since Wednesday last week(which at that time said processing).

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                        I filed on 1/12 accepted 1/13. Showed up on WMR almost immediately with one bar, refund amount , and tax topic 152; until Saturday the 17th. Since then it says I am entering info incorrect which I am not. I am using same info I used 1/13-1/16 and only checkenonce a day

                        Anybody else ? Ideas?

                        From RI

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                          I filed with taxact on 1/12 still not accepted
                          Filed my state on 1/17 still not accepted
                          When will they start accepting and is there a good chance I’ll get accepted today I’m usually one of the ones who gets accepted early

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                            Correct. You must enter the exact refund amount. Do not enter the amount after fees are taken out by H&R Block or wherever you filed.

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                              Only my state is doing the same thing but I got the e-mails saying I was accepted I live in ga btw

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                                Wait until after the 20th then try

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                                  I am in the same boat but when I put my info in on tax act it says I was accepted 1/13

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                                    What Dana said! And give the irs site 24 hours after you get a notice saying refund accepted.

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                                      It will say you have entered it wrong if you have not been accepted yet. make sure you are entering the correct amount before any fees.

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