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      Just received an error when trying to check my refund status online-

      Says, “We are sorry Where’s My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try Where’s My Refund again later.”

      Anyone else? UHOH.

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          i just checked, still up, one bar tax topic on 152.

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            I’ts back up no change to mine accepted 12th

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              Its just down, possible mid-day update…or not…I Wouldnt get my hopes up too high but it would be nice to see some ddd’s

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                WMR is up. I just checked and was able to see that I still have one bar with tax topic 152

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                Michele F

                  no i just checked and also called they are down hmm wonder if we will get a ddd now i’ve been accepted since 1/14 and had a bar and amount but a few days later it was gone

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                    It’s down. I logged in for the first time today about five minutes ago and it said it wasn’t available.

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                      How many times have you checked today? I think if you do it more then 3 times it locks you out until the next day.

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