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      Filed 1/20 accepted 1/20.. No ddd, no transcripts, my previous years cycle dates have been 0603.. So hopefully I will see a update very soon here *fingers crossed*, WMR have been down for me for hours now, but I’m seeing some other people can access it?

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          Down for me as well since last night! My fingers r crossed for a Tues DD instead of Wed.

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            Last year I filed 2/1 (IRS started 1/31) and had my money 2/7 ddd 2/10 got it early cuz of rushcard.. My cycle date was 0603.. I think all this cycle date theory is true so hopefully all of us that’s waiting that filed 1/20 will see updates really soon.. I’m not going to be happy if WMR been down all this time and when it comes back up there is no progress

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              @Jay if you can try planning to file later next year I know its hard to wait even longer but I’ve always noticed when you file a week or so after opening day it goes a lot smoother. Probably because of everyone that files well before opening day builds up a long queue. Last year I filed 2 weeks after opening day and had my money 5 days later fastest year ever.

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                I checked it about 10pm last night and it was down, and again this morning at about 8:30am, and it’s down…. Hmm. I was accepted 1/20 and have had no progress past the one bar. No DDD or transcripts, so I’m waiting too. Three years in a row they’ve dragged their feet with our return.

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                  I haven’t been able to see WMR. It said yesterday it was processing. Then about midnight CST, it said it was down. It’s been down all morning on the 2/1/2015. Hoping it has a lot of updates when it does start working again. Just would like to see a due date.

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                    I believe it was 0404 my DDD is 02/03 filed the 26th through tt

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                      Thanks waitingwi.. When was yout cycle date?

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                        I’ve been able to access wmr since everyone said it went down. But one thing I’ve come to know is wmr is quite unstable. I’d just keep checking that’s about all you can really do anyway right? Lol that’s all I’ve done. I also have my DDD as well but I’ve seen others that wmr is down for that have a DDD. Chances are its just their system glitching from increased load now that everyone should have their w2s.

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