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WMR Down for me?

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    WMR is down for me? I can check my wife’s WMR and it shows, however when I try to get into mine it states WMR is temporarily unavailable at this time, please check back later. Does this mean they are updating mine?

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    I was one of those people that lost all their bars. Tonight WMR is finally working for me and I have a DDD of January 30!

    Filed: January 7 (Turbo Tax) (Greendot Card)
    Accepted: January 12
    Lost Bars: January 15
    Transcripts: January 27 (Cycle 20150402)

    I also live in California (in case anyone wondered)


    DDD 1/30/2015


    Just checked again, still down for me, will check again in 30 minutes or so, lucky those netspend users already recieved their refunds. Checked my bank, NO deposit waiting. *Crosses Fingers*!!!!!


    Me too!!! January 30th baby!! Just started thread ACTUAL DDD!


    WMR was down for me. Have dd date of 1/30/2015!!!!!!! YESSSS


    WMR is down for me?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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