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WMR down?

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    I tried checking my WMR this morning and it is saying that that I’ve entered the wrong information.

    Yesterday I checked and everything was fine. I had 1 bar and the generic message.

    Is anyone else having this issue???

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    Yes I’m having this same problem too , once going on


    Yay it was just updating


    Mine says wrong info. Do we think it’s still updating the WMR??




    Same here ! I called and it said it’s being processed … anyone know what’s going on ?


    Same here .WMR website keeps telling me to check my information must be there system


    So I filed on the 25th, accepted on the 27th. Refund was approved and scheduled to be sent to bank on or before 2/5.

    When I tried to check today, it tells me my information doesn’t match even though it’s correct. I’ve tried through the app and the website itself. I have no idea what’s going on?


    Accepted 1/29
    Path 1/31
    Path disappeared 2/1
    Reg 1 bar processing 2/2 until about 10pm
    Now it is saying I’m entering in wrong information all together and getting the same message as you are @Krystal. Been that way all night on app and browser and automated. Transcript number also was down.


    It’s usually an update when it’s down. It wasn’t down when I checked earlier this morning.


    Yea don’t worry to much. I really believe the irs is approving a lot of returns rn, and preparing for filers with eic.

    You can always try calling in for the automated service to update you and see what it says. The site has been up and down all night for a lot of people so don’t feel to worried about it 😊



    I just checked and it said I entered wrong information and gave me the option to check with my filing date, so I did. I got a message of “ We can not provide you any information on you refund you must wait at least 24 hrs for an acknowledgement from the Irs to see if refund was received” I’ve never seen this before.

    I filed 1/27 and accepted that day as well

    I had 1 bar yesterday and generic message.



    It’s been doing that all night, if your doing it through the app, trying going through the web browser to check, that’s what I’ve done when the app does this.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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