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WMR Bars Gone!

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    Dee Dub

    Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available and the WMR bar disappeared.

    Never seen this before. Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Filed on 1/19/20
    Accepted on 1/21/20

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    I still need to call in and verify :( @DDDmePLS what questions did they ask when you called in?
    Thanks in advance


    Once I verified my identity, the guy helping says everything looked good and that I had an unclaimed credit from years ago as well. But I can’t access my transcripts and haven’t received the ones requested through mail yet either.


    Has anyone gotten their transcripts updated with an accurate DDD since verifying?


    @chris c how long till there done


    Irs not it’s lol


    I’d rather break even every year or wind up owing a couple grand that I can easily save by putting aside $50/week than ever deal with this again and IF I owe money yearly, you better believe I’m waiting til that very last day I can to file and waiting til that very last day I have to pay! It’s won’t get me a third time playing with my money!


    I waited until July before finally getting my refund and only because we had a TA. So I changed my w2’s to withhold less. Still was set to get a bigger refund this year and now I have to I’d verify so I just changed my w2’s again to withhold $0 from federal and $0 from state!



    I had called about my 1095a and got that update but she also told me I had to ID verify, and I hadn’t asked. I do believe they would have told you.


    @Gigglezz so I filed 2/21 and was accepted two days after you and I called Friday to find out I needed to ID verify as well. I hope Mines come in Monday or next week so I can get out back into processing.

    Gilliam Yes they would’ve informed you


    I filed feb. 13th 2020. I claimed the eitc & actc. The irs excepted the same night. 3 days later on the 16th all my bars disappeared. I was concerned, because last year I got audited so I was nervous. Come to find out my email was wrong & my return wasn’t excepted until feb. 18th. So this morning after weeks of checking every day my bars showed back up and I got a DDD of March the 11th. 22 days after the irs excepted my return. I hope everyone else who is still waiting gets theirs.

    Jasmine Gilliam

    I filed on 2/11 they were accepted on 2/20 I had still haven’t received a DDD called the IRS and was informed that I’m still in the processing period..If verification was needed would I have been notified when I called?


    filed 02/19
    accepted 02/19

    changed to still processing on 02/22 all info on the left but no TT 152.

    Received ID verify letter today dated 03/04

    I also could not verify online as I have no credit accounts so I’ll be doing so over the phone monday morning :( First time this has ever happend and I filed with an IP pin.


    UPDATE: As of today I FINALLY got my ID verify letter in the mail it was sent out March 2nd and got it today. Sadly I don’t have any of that credit stuff to make an account so I need to call but it’s Saturday so now I need to wait until monday.




    Jacqueline Hiatt

    I filed mine on 1/27 and it was accepted the next day, mine did have a bar and then went to still processing. I tried calling but all I ever got was automated response. Tried different numbers and got the same thing. Does anyone know what number to call to speak to a person


    I filed on Feb 8 and I got a text and tt said accepted same day. Had the bar for a couple weeks then it disappeared. Called on march 2nd and was told first, that it wasn’t accepted until the 10th, and also I needed to fill out and send in form 8962. Does anyone have a fax number or an address to send this to since I did not receive a letter from IRS and I forgot to ask the lady that when I called? And also, does anyone know if it actually takes 6 to 8 weeks once they get my forms?


    @Jlp The same thing happened to me last week. Called yesterday and told I needed to ID verify. She stated a letter was sent out so I’m just waiting on that. You might wanna call Monday to see if you need to ID verify


    I filed my taxes on 2/17. Had bars and your tax return is being processed. As of today, bars disappeared and says we are still processing your tax return and no bars. This happened to me two years ago and it took three months to get my refund. I don’t understand why this keeps happening, I’ve had the same job for 16 years and the same two children. Last time I never got any definitive answers and now I have to call the irs again!! So frustrating!!


    And forgot to say that tt said that iam already accepted that now is just for irs to realease my money ,i checked my tt account and it saids my return is complete and accepted just like previous years so idk wtf is going on they need just to ddd already this is weird


    File 2/5 got accepted same day ,got letter the 2/29 dated 2/19 and called on my 21 days and they said just wait and my bars from wmr disappeared around the 2/20 shmmm iam staring to worried cause no updates or nothing called today and they said nothing just that its still prosessing ,,is anyone on same situation and i filled the same and same dependents for 10 yrs this is bothering me


    I filed on 2/1 with ceic and ctc was approved 2/1 bars went missing on the 26th and have heard nothing no letter or anything since then…. my WMR still says “still processing” should I call tom? Whats with this ID Verify stuff? Also my refund over 10k wasn’t sure they would do direct deposit. I have been reading about that too! This is a mess. Depending on this money since I am a mother of 4 and my x husband just lost his job. I would like my money :(


    Why is the war bar on where’s my refund


    Ok…. so I called about 2 weeks ago and wondered why my bars went away. They said a letter for identification verification was sent. Wellllll, I wouldnt get it cause I dont recieve mail there anymore but they made me an appointment. I went yesterday and it took about 5 minutes even though I didnt have control number… dude was really cool and got me through it. They say it about 9 weeks but I heard it can be 2. So fingers crossed.


    Hopefully. I need to more inventory and some suits for this business trip I need to go on 3/19 fingers crossed 🤞🏾


    Hopefully. I need to more inventory and some suits for this business trip I need to go on 3/19 fingers crossed 🤞🏾


    I’m still waiting on that letter they said I was to receive ..I filed over a month ago now 🙄 they said I was supposed to be reviewed and not even until the 16th and it will take up to 60 days . The irs is bullshitting this year !


    Do you need the control number to verify? I have to I’d verify but the letter still hasn’t came yet. Also does anyone know the number to I’d verify?


    @DDDmePLS, I expect this Saturday WMR will update us with a DDD of 3/11.


    Finally went to “being processed” this morning after 2 days of id verify. Any estimate on when you guys were given an estimated ddd or have gotten your returns?


    I’m so happy right now after talking with you over the weekend and I did ID verify this past friday after you did. This morning I just checked and my WMR just updated from still processing for a whole month to processing so yes you was right and I beive I’ll get update as you did this past weekend with a ddd for next week. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


    Filed on 1/29. No bars. No letter in the mail. Taxation is theft.


    If you get an IRS representative that’s disrespectful to you report complaints to the Treasury Inspector General (TIGTA). The telephone number is 1800-366-4484 and they take complaints seriously and will open a case against that representative for disciplinary action. Your in this situation because the IRS isn’t fulfilling its manning requirements to address the number of filers and there’s no reason why you should be waiting on the phone for hours and being mistreated.


    If you get your refund be sure to give feedback to state representatives about your Tax Payer Bill Of Rights being violated They need to know how long you waiting on the phone just to receive assistance and how Where’s my refund wasn’t providing update updates about refunds.

    Big Country

    I checked the WMR so much today and had no bars with still processing crap so I decided to call the Serve Card for sh!ts and giggles & I’ll be damn if I didnt piss my pants it was on there. So yall dont stress too much I dont think they update that website like they should or we done broke it checking it every 2 hours lol. God Bless


    mine never went off “processing” last year after bars disappeared..and got refund same time all the other pathers did.

    when I called them mon they told me “under review” for w2 verification.

    That is a daughter works for the same people as I do and her mailing address is mine
    she got her refund over 2 weeks ago…seems the IRS would have my employer part if they have hers


    @Big Country Really?

    Big Country

    Hey dont worry my money got loaded on my JH Serve card this morning and wheres my refund still says ” still processing BS” yall keep your heads up I believe the IRS is just talking crap and saying your under review just so you wont call back!


    @chris c I wonder if you calling made them do it man I hope you get it soon


    @prince…randomly selected




    Called it’s last week was told i was randomly selected for further review and no letters were sent out to me, called today and was told they were supposed to send me a letter to verify my income 2 weeks ago but never did, agent I spoke with today sent it out to me and said to wait up to 14 days to receive it and then call the number on letter to verify and they’ll release the hold




    Did they say why you are under review?
    Or will the letter inform you of that?


    Filed 2/3
    Status bar disappeared 2/22 with still processing
    Called irs today and was told i was under review and would have a letter sent 3/16 said i dont need to do anything, but wait. She told me there will be a date on letter stating when 60 day process will start. Ugh, never had this happen NO CHANGES and im single mom of 2 so really needing my money


    This is ridiculous. I’ve had the same job the same one kid the same everything for the past 10 years and this year I’m under a review for some reason. IDK whats going on.


    I filed 1-10-20. Irs accepted 1-15-20. All I have ever had was the ” received and is being processed ” message. No letters, only one w2. I have always received my money in my account exactly 2 weeks after filing. This is the very first time that I have not. So frustrated and annoyed.


    @GG it seems there’s so many reasons ppl are getting depending on who answers their line.


    @GG That might be true but I bet I’m not effected by that glitch smdh


    This morning when I talked to the IRS she said the wmr website has been having issues with the bars. A lot of ppl reporting it not updating and showing incorrect information.


    @Proudfatherof1 ohhhh I looked up images and yeah… I’ve never had any orange bars this whole time. Sigh… no clue wtf is going on.


    @Tburies35 It’s the received return bar. It’s the first bar you get once you’ve filed


    Can someone tell me what this “bar” is that is disappearing? I filed and was accepted 1/27 and have only seen “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” ever since. I am unsure what bar we are talking about to know if it’s missing.


    This is BS honestly I’m going through this for the very 1st time


    @Randall, do not harden your heart.

    I’m not “sweating the IRS”; I’m just really looking forward to their returning to me what they say lawfully belongs to me.

    All supply does ultimately come from God, including that which the IRS forced me to “lend” to them first.


    Hey thicks when you say God bless you ,did you know it means to sprinkle in blood, the Hebrew definition of bless, and everyone thinks this is a good thing,, it’s blood magic, do your research, and watch out for any and I mean any gods who require human sacrifices, and anything to do with blood, you are Devine ,sovereign,and free,,,


    if God is supplying all your needs why you sweating the irs , you know how dumb that sounds, I guess God isn’t listening to you, behold the invisible man in the sky, sound about like uncle sam, a real entity,.lolllll


    @Tbim Transcripts will be the only way to tell unless you pay attention to WMR and see how they’re processing your return like if you update mom-thurs then your a daily and if you update on Saturday morning your a weekly


    How do I know if I’m daily or weekly update ? I can not get access to my transcripts


    I filed both state and federal on 1/27 and was accepted same day. Received my state on 2/6. Federal still says being processed and haven’t received any letter. I checked my transcripts and the codes match up to the ones I had on last years which the 570 code was resolved the same day and I received my money four days later so I’m crossing my fingers this years the same and my money comes the end of this week.


    When mine disappeared I immediately called the IRS and was told to call this week. I called today and was told I’m under a 60 day review and should be getting a letter dated for 3/14. They said it shouldn’t take 60 days but it could.


    @ Tasha L what did they tell you?

    I filed 2/10 for my state back in 4 days but still not Fed…

    Tasha L

    I’m just beyond tired of waiting for something that’s mines….

    Just don’t understand any of this waiting. So tired of being lied to as well by IRS reps.

    No letter.
    No offsets.
    January 28 filed
    2 kids
    1 W2.

    I want my damn refund 😥


    If you’re a weekly, like me. Transcripts is the best way to go. You’ll see several codes that mean different things and by them, it’ll have different amounts that you’re supposed to get next to it, there the codes will be. If you didnt claim any credits, there should just be a code and the amount.


    You can view your transcripts online and from what i understand, they update overnight. It’s actually more accurate than the app because that app only updates if 1. It isnt down.. 2. If you’re a daily.


    If you’re able to look at the pdfs of your transcripts daily do they actually update with current info about your refund? Where exactly would you see a change in your transcripts when they do finally approve and send your funds since a lot of people are saying that they’re not getting any kind of update on the where’s my refund website?


    I been waiting a month and i feel bad for those who filed in January and still dont have their money. Would like all this to be a thing of the past.


    @thicks I know that’s right he is who that’s in control of our destiny I believe that. I just get on and try to spread positivity and restore faith because at times I need it for myself as well. So being on here chatting with ppl with good vibes and energy always helps

    sure what’s your poison?


    @Prince, same to you.


    @thicks God Bless You



    Pour me a drink.


    @ProudFatherOF1, I agree that it’s frustrating. I’m very frustrated, and this is very inconvenient, but I’m not going to let the delay destroy me. The IRS may be delaying sending me the money they’ve promised me, but it’s still God who supplies my need.

    Eventually this will all be a memory.


    I need my damn money!!!!
    It’s been over 3 weeks now


    @thicks I guess hell idk ughh I promise you tha damn IRS and their shenanigans will make you become a alcoholic REAL QUICK




    Why do you keep saying the same discouraging thing? I’ve read too many people posting here that they were informed they were under review and didn’t have to wait anywhere near 60 days for their DD.



    That means you’re in the 60 day review. Don’t expect refund until after April possibly longer.

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