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WMR Bars Gone!

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    Dee Dub

    Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available and the WMR bar disappeared.

    Never seen this before. Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Filed on 1/19/20
    Accepted on 1/21/20

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    taxes were accepted on Feb 20th 2020 and its now MAY 21st still no refund!


    Exactly 9 week since I IDV on 03/13 and still nothing! No stimulus either!!!!


    When will these assholes open up the phone lines!


    I bet they forgot about us


    94 Days Now. “Still Processing.” Hell, you could take courses and be a full fledged tax representative in that time.


    Been 50 days now … still the same ! Tax return being fu***** processing




    Re f und

    Tys Girl

    @Gigglezz I feel ya shit ! I idv on 3/10 and still noting !
    I’m soo over this bull crap ! My 2019 Taxes have been my worst experience by far !!!! Guess it’s really gonna be 9 weeks smh



    That says paper returns. They are still processing electronically filed returns.1


    That’s not true this is actually what it says

    We continue to process tax returns, issue refunds and help taxpayers with available staff. Consider using IRS Free File to file your return. Filing electronically along with Direct Deposit is the fastest and most secure way to get your refund.


    They stopped processing tax returns.

    On the Get Your Payment portal website (IRS) it states as follows;

    Note: We are not currently able to process individual paper tax returns due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


    When will these assholes open up the phones!
    I filed on 2/10 and still have not received my refund.

    FYI I got my stimulus immediately


    I have yet to receive anything… ID verified on 03/13 only updated to being processed on 03/19 and nothing since. Haven’t even received stimulus because they didn’t have my account number…. this is soooo frustrating

    Tys Girl

    Has anybody heard anything about our Tax Refunds ?? Our they even still working on them ? It will be 6 weeks on Tuesday since I IDV !

    Rasta Fari

    Just got my stimulus direct deposited …anyone else? As of 1am in right now


    Got a letter today sayin I owe $560 for my 2018 year taxes the letter is confusing as to why I owe.
    Says due by 4/22 or interest will occur.

    I can’t can’t either cause I guess IRS office is closed due to the Coronavirus!

    Any suggestions on what I should do?
    Should I just pay it ? Or what?

    And no I still haven’t got my 2019 refund either

    Is the IRS office really close?


    I seen a couple ppl on the main web page update


    Anyone’s transcripts update today?


    The IRS evacuated all worksites. They are not issuing refunds currently. They are waiting to see how many of us die so they dont have to pay them. I don’t see how they will be able to issue the stimulus now.


    @Tys Girl I also IDV on 3/16 passed and changed from “still” to “being” on 3/18. I was told from the 3/19 IDV’ers that we should be the next update. So I’m praying and keeping the faith in high for all of us

    Tys Girl

    @Thicks Hopefully all have a DDD By March 31st
    That will be 3 weeks for mee ! I Just Wish The IRS would give us all our Refunds ! Now The time when we need it most ! Wish everybody the best of luck ! And I pray we all get our DDD Soon !!!!


    @ Tys Girl I ID verified by phone on 03/13 and still nothing mint WMR just updated from still being processed to being processed on 03/19 but not updates since then…. hoping we all get some good news soon as I know we’re all facing uncertain circumstances 😔


    @Ty’s Girl, for most IDVers, it’s 2-3 weeks. But, remember, the letter says it could take up to 9 weeks, AS LONG AS THERE ARE NO OTHER ISSUES with your return. Additional processing issues could contribute to further delay. Even then, I would hope it wouldn’t take 9 weeks or more.

    Tys Girl

    How long do it usually take after u Id Verify ?
    Cause I called 03/10/20 its been two weeks but they said 9 weeks but everybody else is saying 2 weeks is this right or wrong ?


    I’m still waiting but I don’t really care if Trump sends this money. I just use that instead of tax money


    I’ve never had to wait so long. They must have gotten new software . I’m hoping I just had to verify. I called a couple days ago and they said it was processing. They said they can see I verified so..fingers crossed


    I was accepted 1/27, id verified 2/18, called 2 weeks later the lady was rude said i had to wait 9 weeks, then on 3/9 recieved 4464c letter for 60 day review, cant access transcripts online, never had bars, mine says being my husbands says still, nothing else ever, filed jointly with both credits still waiting



    Your situation is IDENTICAL to mine…exact same dates for everything….

    My transcripts went from 3/2, to 3/9, to 3/16, and now to 3/30……



    Same. I was accepted 1/27 I’d verified 3/3 tax transcripts na but they should update overnight today..I’m hoping tomorrow they arent na anymore and it isnt like the last 2 weeks where they just change my as of date till 2 weeks later. It says 3/30 right now


    Faxed my forms on 3/2/2020, still waiting. Filed on 1/30/2020 transcript N/A.


    Anyone here had to send in the 1095 and 8962 forms after already doing their taxes? Did you get your refund yet? If so, how long did it take?


    Thanks so much for the info! I verified on 2/29 and see nothing so I called today. She said it was still processing but they show I verified on3/3 probably because of the weekend..and of course she gave the standard answer could take up to 9 weeks. I’m really hoping it updates this week..I was accwptednon 1/27!


    Just to let anyone know. This is my second identity verification I went through in the past 5 years. Each time they have said it can take 9 weeks. This time it only took a week for bars to come back after being verified with a DDD on the 18th….. last time it took a little under 2 weeks.


    Got a letter from the IRS saying to do nothing and I’m under review and can take up to 60 days.

    This is some BS man I need my $$$$$$


    No update for me. Transcript still na. And wmr says being processed for weeks now


    Any updates?


    @Kelis We have to be our own community advocate and get things done. Plus that one sided rule about charging taxpayers penalties and interest on taxes for late filing, but having the nerve to delay processing taxes causing people hardships needs to be reformed. This is an investigative committee. Voice up


    When you try to voice your concerns to representatives they have the nerve to become rude dismissive and hang up in your face, so why not talk to the agency that regulates them in the first place. Hopefully all of this unprofessional service will change. I have read all kinds of terrible experiences on the internet.



    You said it!!! I like your leadership. Much appreciated.


    I mean its so much to voice from Where’s My Refund not updating, failure with Path Act delaying taxes over 21days, early filers targeted, delays in processing refunds without Path Act, failure to provide timely notices by choosing snail mail instead of providing updates on Where’s My Refund, Providing deposit dates that fail to post on scheduled date, causing negative fee to bank accounts due to prepares fees coming out because refunds have extended past their deadlines, mailing the same person 17 letters while other people’s taxes are delayed but no notice received,


    Hey Congress especially the Ways and Means Committee is requesting the IRS provide its ability to provide service during this pandemic. Now if they can’t even process taxes on time what is going to happen if they get impacted by Corona. If you want to let the committee know what’s really going on Phone:(202) 225-3625
    Fax: (202) 225-5680


    I called IRS this morning. I filed on 2/8/2020- accepted on 2/10/2020 The rep said return shows system error and is in suspense status for 13 more days. After this I should have an update. Rep said no letter or anything on my part that I need to do. Said that hopefully it will fix itself. This is beyond ridiculous. NEVER in my life have I had this happen. Good luck to everyone !


    Irs is what I meant it’s ridiculous already waited a month did the verification no change


    Same thing today dude from it’s was like they haven’t gotten around to it yet call after 9 weeks I told him it’s gonna be that long and he said everyone’s different


    Being processed vs still being processed

    Maybe different locations have a different wording for the same thing, because if it means something different then the IRS should put an explanation for it on the website. Why do we all have to wait on mass updates? Plus WMF should update throughout the day as new information comes in. They are using systems that aren’t keeping up with the needs of tax payers who want to remain informed about their taxes.


    The being processed and still being processed means nothing. Mine has said being processed since a week after it was received on 01/27/20 no updates other than an unexpected letter on the last week of Feb saying I was in a 60day review. I got a tax advocate the first week of March to speed the process up due to a hardship, but nothing’s changed on WMF.



    Bruh…its been forever it seems. It’s making me crazy..crossing my fingers for this weekend update.. pleeeeaaaassseee!


    I can’t even access my transcript but I’m just waiting and hoping for something.



    It was 2 or 3 days and it changed from the standard message to the your return has been received and is being processed ..and my transcript changed. Still blank but the as of date moved to 3/23 from 3/9.


    @Shicks when did your status change to being processed??


    I think we should see a change this weekend.. hopefully. I’m a weekly so my transcripts update overnight on thursday. / friday morning and wmr updates on saturday. So I’m praying I’ll see a change. it’s been a long tax season!




    I’m in the same boat with you. I did my IDV on 29th an it updated to being processed on 3/5 but since then I haven’t had any updates. I’m curious whats going on? It’s wed and still no update


    @trock875 The correct fax number should be on your letter if you have received it yet. I would honestly not recommend using just any of the fax number provided on here. Your return may be being processed in a different location/state than someone else’s. The fax on my letter may possibly send yours to the wrong location and delay processing of your return.

    Also IRS can provide the fax number to the “reject team” assigned to process your retun


    @PRINCE I was told the exact same thing. Randomly selected for review the start date March 16th and 45 days to complete but could be more or less and there is no letter I should expect to go out. I was Accepted on Feb 11th. Had bars and when the disappeared called soon after and was told that. Anyone else told that and didn’t have to wait that long or as long as they say even to start the review?


    It is beyond frustrating especially when spring break is next week and I made and promised my children a get away with Mommy. Looks like a broken promise because my utilities and groceries have to eat up my bi weekly pay check



    I IDV on the 28th of February and here again I still have not had any change. Last Wednesday it went from we have received your refund and a date will be provided when available to we have received your tax refund and it is being processed. Now a week later nothing new.


    I legit think nothing is being done I verified last weds and based on post I’ve read and friends that have been in the same circumstance as I’m currently in it doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be anytime soon cause my wmr still says a refund date will be provided when available


    Is there a fax number where I can fax my 8962 form in ? Or does anyone ha e the address to send it to?


    @Shicks OMG a whole damn month. That it’s self should qualify for the 30 days smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ So mine probably won’t come until next week since I filed & accepted 2/21


    My wmr message has only ever said received and being processed….nothing else. My transcripts and codes have all been the same since at least feb 28th. I did get my cp05 yesterday but I’m hoping I follow in others footsteps and get a dd on the next update.


    I was accepted on January 27 and I got my I’d verify letter on 2/29 so it took a month. My ddd has not been issued yet


    @everyone so long long after filing and getting accepted did any of y’all had to wait to receive ID verify letter. They stated they sent one out but I still haven’t received the letter yet???


    Omg! I hope that’s how it works it’s been so long..but I suppose its been 3 weeks since feb 15 but I was accepted on 1/ 27..I’ll keep my fingers crossed this weekend!


    I don’t have the “A refund date will be provided” message, i am only “being processed” And it’s been this way since the second day after verifying last Monday


    Called IRS last week spoke to the rep that said I was randomly selected for a “review”, and that the review will start as if 3/16 and can take up to 45 days.
    She didn’t mention anything about a letter being sent or that I needed to ID verify.

    Should I call back ? This is so frustrating I really need This $$$ Asap to move and to hire a lawyer.


    @Shicks, as Rusty said, you’re in better shape with, “We have received your return and it is being processed,” than with “Your return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” I had the latter for 3 weeks until after 1 week after I IDV. It updated to the former message for 2 days and then gave me a DDD.

    Instead of, “…still being processed…,” the IRS should change the message to say:

    “We have received your return and it is waiting to be processed.” To me, “being processed” means there’s some action going on, but there wasn’t any action. They were waiting for me to IDV.


    I verified my ID last Thursday and my WMR still hasn’t updated yet, still says it’s still processing.. hoping for a DDD soon or some type of movement on there.. I filed and was accepted January 31st


    Guys if yours says being processed not the STILL being processed it should update this weekend. I verified on 28th got my cash today.


    Got my dd in my account 1 day early. Yaaaa my wait is over. I pray you guys gets yours soon

    God Speed



    My message doesnt even say a refund date will be provided. After I verified Id a couple days late is just says. Your return has been received and is being processed. And it gives a link about how to find refund information the only letter I got was 5071c. No coded on the transcript..nothing. any ideas?


    It’s like nobody who’s gotten their returns has bothered to provide info since then haha


    @Rusty I only verified last week Monday, would you say I have about another week half left you think? I’m thinking so if not the 13th or over the weekend.


    I verified on 28th. ddd of the 11th of March.


    Info from tax returns from past filings both city and state born in
    Account And routing number on current return

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