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    I figured I’ll make this to try to see what happens with others and update my situation because this year is going different for me as well as others from what it seems. Feel free to post your info and updates to try to help each other! 😀

    • FILED: on 01/10 with HRB (no path)
    • ACCEPTED: 01/17
    • TRANSCRIPTS: Ordered both transcripts on 01/23 but they were blank upon arrival via mail.
    • GOT ONE BAR: with normal return is being processed message with tax topic 152. (had bar at least the whole time before 02/09)
    • BARS GONE W/MESSAGE: On 02/08 or 02/09 sometime over this weekend I noticed my bars disappeared with the message:

    “your return is still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available”

    My tax topic 152 was also gone with no other codes or etc. all of my info such as refund amount are still on the left side on WMR. I haven’t gotten any letter from the IRS yet and haven’t called.

    I’ve never had this happen to my knowledge and file the same every year with the same bank as last year, I have always gotten my refund back within 10 days after acceptance. I’ll post any update I have here. Hope anyone else in this situation gets some positive progress!! 🙏

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    @montelongo ***

    I’m actually a wells Fargo employee and to help you answer your question – It is not recommended to have your refund sent to someone else’s bank account if your name is not on that account. The bank may reject the refund and it will be sent back to IRS. They will have to re-process the refund, cut a check, and send it by mail.



    @montelango I’m actually a wells Fargo employee and to help you answer your question – It is not recommended to have your refund sent to someone else’s bank account if your name is not on that account. The bank may reject the refund and it will be sent back to IRS. They will have to re-process the refund, cut a check, and send it by mail.




    You know, I’ll bet you’re OK. What are the chances the IRS is just changing peoples statuses?! There’s got to be a mass back log.



    that’s false @nicki
    mines said still processing on the 15th only 11days after it was accepted on the 4th ….its been saying it for 8days already



    That is a good question about the bank account thing. I used my dads back account also and I hope there is not a problem with that.



    Wmr bars disappeared 2/19/19 with refund is still being processed refund date will be provided when available. Still no update as of today.



    Same thing happened to my aunt’s and she had a ddd the next morning when she tried her info went in and had 2 bars



    I have a quick question if I used my dad’s account to direct deposit my refund will they return it because my name is not on the account? I have used his account previous years and never had a problem but I heard from another site that they will reject it if my name is not on the account



    For all those asking was still processing means. It CAN mean that it is afterbthe 21 days and they have to change the vocabulary in the message. The part where it says: A refund date will be provided when available a lot of the times means that it’s under manual review. Lots of times the review is looked over by a person and whatever prompted the review is fixed and the return is thrown back in to the sequence.
    Last year, I filed on 1/29/18 and three weeks after, it changed to the message that it’s still processing and refund date will be provided when available. I had to get a tax advocate after i was told 45 days the first time then that they needed 60 more days after, and I got a letter saying it was under review and that I didn’t have to do anything but wait . I had to amend my return because of an income discrepancy. But i didn’t get my refund until May. Review doesn’t mean an audit! Some errors are small enough it delays it a week or two, some take even longer.



    @strawberry no we don’t live together nor do we have kids together but he filed 2weeks after me and has been approved already :-(



    My WMR went from still processing with no refund amount and tax code to still processing with refund amount and no tax code anymore! I am not sure what that means but I still wait! Filed 1/19/2019 accepted 1/22/2019.



    I filed 2/11, got an accepted bar but no approval with Topic 152. 2/15 bar and topic gone with “ refund being processed” message. My tax preparer texted me 4:10 am this morning approved with bars DDD 2/27. Just trust the process. CTC and EITC



    No update last nite filed 1,23,2019
    Excepted 1,28,2019 hoh, eitc. Still processing date will b provided when available
    Please help what’s going on



    @stacy did you file head of house hold if so then click on single ..it will show up did the same to me …let me know if that works



    @stephanie – you mentioned below that both you and your BF claimed Head of household – do you guys share a home? The IRS could’ve caught that small error and it could be holding things up.
    It seems that a lot of the people getting these errors either filed insanely too early and wages hadn’t been reported by employers OR they aren’t qualified to be head of house but their tax program informed them differently so that’s what they chose.



    After 23 days now it’s saying my information is incorrect after bar was up for weeks the bars went down then when update come out this morning it saying my information is incorrect and I know it’s correct never seen this before do anyone knows? Me and my husband got audited last year but don’t owe anything nor changed anything! Never made it to the main screen to even see if I had a code! All it kept saying my information was incorrect!



    @jasmine yes I’m so have i….I filed AND was accepted on 1/30…WMR still has the “STILL processing” as of today, I believe I’ll have a DDA TOMORROW or Monday cause my bars didn’t disappear until last Sunday or Monday


    Geisha doll_43

    You’re good… As long as you don’t have any codes you are on the right track. Now all you have to do is get a ddd



    Anyone else have This problem?



    I filed 1/29 and was accepted the same day I called and spoke to an irs rep and she told me they didn’t receive my return until the 2/13 which is a bold face lie, I am calling again Monday, I am irritated and confused!



    Hello Everyone,

    I have been following this forum for about 4 years now and I have found this site to be very informational and I want to say thanks to all.

    Also I was in the same boat as you all are in now with the “STILL” processing. Never ever had it in the past but knew people that did. I had it for two or three days until this morning I changed to approved with DDD of the 27th.

    So to all of you who still have the “STILL” processing message, there is hope. This message is not always a bad thing. You all should always have faith in The Most High and know that your family will be blessed with the funds that will help in a time of need no matter what “WMR” says.

    “Just hung tight and pray, think, and live positive and your money will be here before you know it”. Thanks



    I filed 1/30 and accepted the same day. As of today my wmr says still processing, refund date will be provided when available. Does anyone know what could be going on? Called Irs on the 21st they said there wasn’t any issues as of then. If no update by Monday I’m gonna call them again



    I keep seeing people say things on here that are not cacts. Everyone situation is not the same. If you need to provide information you will or have received a letter. WMR would tell you if there is an issue. I sopke to IRS rep. who told me that code would not be there if your having an issue. Information they are allowec to provide is limited, so just because your bars disappear does not automatically mean your flagged



    From irs website

    Where’s My Refund? is available almost all of the time. However, our system is not available every Monday, early, from 12:00 am (Midnight) to 3:00 am Eastern Time.

    Our Refund Trace feature is not available during the following times (Eastern Time):

    Sunday: 12:00 am (Midnight) to 7:00 pm
    Monday: 12:00 am (Midnight) to 6:00 am
    Tuesday: 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Wednesday: 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Thursday: 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Friday: 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Saturday: 3:30 am to 6:00 am and 9:00 pm to Midnight
    Also, occasionally our system may be unavailable on Sundays between 1:00 am and 7:00 am Eastern Time.



    hi guys, been following this thread for awhile, thought i’d share…
    i filed 1/29, accepted 1/30
    had one bar for a couple weeks, since then i have had the ‘still processing’ message with tax topic 152 still there and all my refund info still there on the left, i got no update last night.
    i filed as single, no kids or anything…anyone have any insight?
    Happy for those who got theirs, and hope all the rest of us get ours soon.



    I filed 1/30 got approved the same day. I am still waiting for my bar to come back with a DDD. Hang in there guys!



    Filed TT 2/1, single, no credits. Had bar until Friday morning. Now still processing with no bar, 152 tax topic, refund date when available. Still has my refund listed and Turbo Tax now has a full blue bar. Don’t know what this means…..no letter as of today.



    @terance I dont have a tax topic 152 not sure it that means anything diffremt from you’re situation



    @terance I dont have a tax topic 152 not sure it that means anything diffremt from you’re situation










    do I still have a chance at seeing a refund date early tomorrow morning on sunday …I’m still seeing the STILL PROCESSING MSG …
    AND AGAINE MINES SWITCHED FROM HOH TO SINGLE if anyones had this happen please let me know what’s the possibilities…..we called our tax guy he said he filed us as head of house hold and that the irs cant switch it to single after its accepted I’m really starting to think something’s wrong…but yet the irs as not notified us that there was any issues as of yet filed of 2/3 accepted on the 4th



    There will be another update later. Keep faith.

    Cycle: 20190505
    Filed: 1/18
    Accepted: 1/22
    Path: 2/2
    Generic Message: 2/16
    Processed: 2/18
    Ordered Return Transcript: 2/22
    DD updated: 2/23

    I was told that one of my jobs did not report my wages which delayed my return. If your Return transcript is not available that means that your return was not processed. Once you’re able to order your Return transcript, this means you were processed. I thought it would be forever before receiving my refund. Just so you guys know, Account and Return transcripts are not the same.


    Tania Acevedo

    Oh btw forgot to mention we recieved our state last week so does this mean we got accepted? I have no idea will keep you guys updated IRS updates every night so let’s hope for tonight for us who didnt get an update yet!!!



    Still waiting for mine says still processing with tax topic 152. I filed on 2/1 accepted 2/1 claiming HOH 3 kids Got both credits. I usually get large returns and this year was no different maybe a little more im wondering if that could cause a hold up??? although my boyfriend filed on 2/13 hoh 1 child claiming both credits he was accepted same day he just got his updated for a DDD Of 2/27/19……I did mine almost 2 wks before him what’s going on !”?


    Tania Acevedo

    Same here we were accepted 2/3 and had one bar until this Friday was waiting for 2/23 big update but nothing yet still shows “your refund is still being processed” wondering what is happening hUsband called Friday and a representative said if no update on weekend to call back again monday



    I cant get access to my transcripts, nor is wmr showing any codes.



    Any one know how accurate the transcript is it’s telling me refund issued 2-28-19


    Katt Est

    Mine is saying that it is being reviewed and its also showing a 1242 code. Is this happening to anyone else? I filed on 1/31 and never got a ddd it was always “processing”.



    Call irs and request transcript if you can do that you have nothing to worry about.



    If you do not have any codes. Your wmr bar will be back next Saturday with a ddd for March 4th



    Mine did not update either… I’m still hopefuI….I was accepted 1/31 and resequenced to 2/4 my bars dropped off in the am on 2/19. Many got DDD last night but there are still a lot of us with the “still processing” message. Keep posting if your still waiting so we keep each other informed.



    Does anyone know the 9001 code means? I updated over night from still being processed to no information about your refund at this time and the 9001 code


    MISS Jae

    It’s the account transcript that has all the codes. The return transcript doesn’t have any codes.



    Can some one tell me where you can find your refunds dates and stuff on your transcripts



    Where do they look for the codes on the transcript



    And btw my previous post with the list of scenarios or issues telling that most of us became weeklies etc… was sent at 2am but didnt post until this morning at 10am probably for review cuz i called tge president a domestic terrorist 😆.



    @Jeff & all who may think we are not answering or left u in the dark… I check in everyday to read for new questions etc but there haven’t really been any. Once. we post that everything is fine there’s no reason for US to sweat anymore so yes we start dropping off the thread. Its not going to shit its just that those same questions are already answered but you guys may not have read the previous pages before the results & you possibly just start from then end of the thread which is page 1.
    Same questions are answered over and over lol. The whole reason to post these results is so that you can see that we all just went through what you’re going through today. We were sweating crying & whining cuz we were nervous the same way you are now. If you read my previous post its not to offend you its to inform. Each question is answered. I know its a long list of pages to this topic but all the answers are there lol.
    We still haven’t gotten our refunds but we are calm now because we went thru the dreaded process that u are going thru and yes its nerve wrecking but we posted each situation to let u see that its gonna be ok & what to look for if u think it wont be ok.

    Again… Watch for codes that say contact irs immediately vor a letter in the mail. If you don’t receive these then u are gucci and your refund is coming. If u see tax topic 152 say yayyy 😆. Otherwise calling the dumb reps at irs is gonna confuse & piss u off like they did us. We had to read other threads to find info & bring it to this thread unlrss we got lucky to get a smart irs rep and we posted the info on previous pages here. I hope this helps.



    did it just now change our did it change while you was asleep



    Just got my ddd 2/27. THE MESSAGE SAYING STILL PROCESSING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ERRORS. I had that and tax topic 152 and got mines no problem.



    I believe my “still being processed” message updated on Wednesday or Thursday. I know it wasn’t last Saturday. So will my next update be that day if I didn’t see one today? My gf never got “still” & her ddd showed today 2/27. I was so hopeful lol



    Do not worry. The missing bars and still processing just means still processing.
    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/3
    Still processing and wmr bar went missing on 2/19.
    TT 152
    Updated last night to DD 2/27.



    Last year I got 45 day review my status bar said still processing. No codes I didnt know till I called 570 on tax transcript but I have seen alot of people on here with still processing get a ddd



    F/A:2/4 eic and actc
    was able to order both transcripts 2/11
    ssa not showing self employment yet
    2/11 wmr had regular 21 days msg with tt152
    never updated to path
    2/12 wmr bars missing with “your tax return still being processed a refund date will be provided when available” tt152 still showing
    2/16 bars still missing tt152 gone and msg on WMR says “ we have received your tax return and it is being processed”
    SSA still not showing 2018 earnings from self employment
    2/19:Just got off the phone with a very nice guy at IRS… he told me the different messages i have seen is my return going through the regular process. He also said as long as i don’t get any codes to try not and freak out and if nothing new happens on WMR by 2/25 to callback to get more information. I asked him if it mattered that I was 1099 with EIC/ACTC and he said no and that if any information was needed or anything bad was happening i would have received a code with the changes with WMR. I called 1-800-829-0582 ext 652
    2/22:this was the first day i was able to see my transcript bc i had to wait on a pin
    both transcripts are available. My cycle date is 20190705 with 846 code 2-27-19!!!
    Just looked at WMR still says “ your return has been received and it is being processed.”
    FINAL UPDATE 2/23:
    woke up to ssa.gov showing my 2018 earnings and WMR showing bars back and DDD 2/27/19….
    keep the faith guys and see y’all next year!



    Same as all of you.
    Filed: Feb 4th.
    Accepted same day.
    Checked status every day. This morning, Feb 23, no status bar and “still being processed. Read Tax Topic 152…” blah blah blah message.
    I’m in SC, filing married jointly, with EITC & child tax credit. I’ve never been so freaking eager for something in my life. Lol. This time last year, I already had my refund back. The only thing I can think of is I put wrong DD info on tax form, but I’ve also heard it doesn’t matter and they’ll just send a check instead once the bank sends it back. So I’ve gotta wait eeeeeeeven longer. Ugh.




    You are incorrect and spreading fear. This is not a fact and only your opinion.

    I always have a ‘Still being processed’ most tax years hey my refund and don’t see the bars till days after. If you’re being audited WMR would give an act now code.

    “If Yours says still being processed date will be provided when available means your tax return got flagged and being audited. I filed January 31st bars disappeared on the 20th with that message. Sucks I was gonna be behind on rent I needed it with my hours cut at work.. anyways if you got that message don’t expect it any time soon could take weeks or months. However if you got a plain message saying being processed you are good. Hope this helps you”


    Sunny Days

    Anyone with DD of 2/27 actually get a deposit this morning? In past years, I’ve gotten my deposit before the bars updated to approved.



    If you log to the wmr tool and your bars are gone it means nothing my bars were gone for over a week at first it said my refund was still processing then last Saturday it said my refund is being processed today when I looked my bars were back and I had been approved with a refund date of March 4 2019 long as it don’t give you any codes your fine and Tax Topic 152 is not a code it’s simply giving you Irs information so you don’t have to call in and ask



    Rachel that’s not true if u were audited it will give u a code also there many people who had that message and updated today so stop making these people panic over nothing , wmr would tell u if your audited with take action now with a code



    Still no update I dont know what’s going on filed with turbo tax 02/05/2019 accepted same day had one bar on where’s my refund bar disappeared still processing refund appears no error code I filed HOH and 2 dependents and the irs changed my filing status to single is there anyone else that is or has experienced this



    I like how everyone one here is posting there good news and completely blowing everyones questions off like once everyone else gets there refund they don’t care anymore and this forum goes to shit Public service announcement everyone!! Some people’s WMR still haven’t updated so can someone be useful and start answering some questions below go post your good news on Facebook were here to have our problems solved or at least some peace of mind



    We will update this morning on wmr! And even if we dont I have always received my refund before wmr updates. Tax topic 152 just means u get a refund.

    Please read previous posts for your answers. Here’s the deal. Every last one of us turned into a weekly. Its now obvious. So we all received STILL processing cuz we were on hold as 2nd batch of disbursements which is next week. Everone else that are dailies received their refunds this week and their wmr stated BEING processed cuz it was completed. If you can see your transcripts they will show 846 code and refund issued feb 27th unless you are under review or need to ID verify. If anything is wrong you will see codes that show or have received a letter in the mail by now. Otherwise you are fine. Lastly… Check the tax offset hotline (google the ph #) to see if you have some creditor taking a part or all of your refund. Mainly this happens if you owe the government for back taxes or student loans in default for example.
    There is no good reason to keep listening to the irs reps who are passing time til their shift is over laughing at us go nuts at things they actually see but cant tell us over the phone such as the fact that we are in the 2nd batch of refunds. Drop the stress before we have health issues over this crap & please pick a president who is not a domestic terrorist next time. Ya voted for trump & he screwed u over like he does everyone he comes across lol. Trust that he’s laughing at us too. This is all his doing. Happy Refund! 🤗🤗🤗



    If Yours says still being processed date will be provided when available means your tax return got flagged and being audited. I filed January 31st bars disappeared on the 20th with that message. Sucks I was gonna be behind on rent I needed it with my hours cut at work..anywats if you got that message don’t expect it any time soon could take weeks or months. However if you got a plain message saying being processed you are good. Hope this helps you




    4 days ago my bars went away. I filed on Jan 28th.

    I called, they said I was under manual review. No letter showing sent in system and she said it just happens but I will be getting it 45 days from March 3.. According to her The cause was unknown – just a manual review which they randomly do.. Today this changed.

    I checked just now and I have 2 bars with this message
    Your refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 27, 2019 for direct deposit to those accounts.

    So it appears all is well. For those who are freaking out. Just give it a little time and all will be well for you too.



    I’ve followed this form for a while. I have been freaking out for the last week or so. My wmr went from no bars to the message we have received your taxes and they are being processed I have had trouble with the irs before. This is the first year my taxes has been clear for me to get the full refund. I never called the irs thinking it may hinder my return. I have just followed this form. And thank god this morning I had bars. And a ddd. I really needed this we are in the process of buying a new house and this money is going to help. So everyone who is waiting please hang in their. It’s coming. Easier said than done right. I’ll keep praying that everyone will see the light at the end of the tunnel.



    Filed on February 9th and it was accepted the same day. February 15th the bard disappeared and said still processing. Check this morning and I have a DDD of February 27th. Congratulations to all that had there’s updated today with a DDD.



    I’ve been watching this forum for a couple weeks and I’ve always wanted to comment that you should not watch WMR. It does what it wants to do depending the year. Last year I had one bar all the way until DD. This year, one bar for one week, filed 2/2 accepted same day lost bars on 2/14 “being processed” “…continue to check here or app for updates” message. never updated until Bars reappeared today 2/23 (refund approved) w/DDD 2/27. I have never been able to check transcripts. It is a waiting game people!! A test of patience in your life! Sit tight and let things be. Besides there’s nothing u can do!😬❤️



    1/28/19 filed & accepted
    2/16/19 bars disappeared
    2/23/19 ddd appeared for 2/27/19



    I’ve had the dreaded still processing for a week. This morning it updated to approved and a ddd of 2/27. I was stressing til now. It’s gonna be alright guys! Hope everyone gets good news.



    My 21 days in not until the 25th, so I am waiting to call the IRS. That sucks. This is the longest we have ever waited for our taxes and it’s not even that much. I cannot get my transcript online. How long does it usually take to receive it through the mail? I’m so confused and lost. I thought I was gonna get it on the 27th like the rest of you. I mean I am fine waiting a little bit longer as long as I am not getting reviewed and had to do more paper works like what I have read on other websites :-(

    Will update you guys if mine changes.



    I don’t know when my bars disappeared. Yet reading alot of msgs on different boards have helped me to relax.
    I filed on 2/9/19 and was accepted that day. I also checked the irs website and saw it on 1 bar with topic 152. I checked again and the bars were gone probably a week later 2/16/19. The message said: refund has been received and is still being processed. I NEVER had this happen to me..first time for everything. Checked again 2/22/19..same stmnt. Low and behold today 2/23/19..BAM..MY bars are back baby on approved with DDD date of 2/27/19. (Thanking my FATHER in HEAVEN). I claimed EITC and NYS child credits. No, I have not received my state yet. Pls trust there is nothing wrong unless they state it and they will. Be patient!! Your SHIP IS PULLING IN SOON. All the best☺.



    So!!! Update is here after still being processed has been stuck I now have a Dpp date it really did update today the 23rd so hope is there!! Good luck



    Filed and accepted on 2/1 with TaxSlayer efile.

    Been without a bar since this Wednesday. I have the ‘still’ message as well. No update last night. This’ll be the third year in a row that the IRS has screwed up my refund if it takes much longer, so I hope it updates soon. I’ll call them today or Monday as well.



    GM people.,

    I’ve been following the forum for 2 weeks now and I just want to provide and confirm the same update as most.

    Filed in 1/28 accepted same day

    Was in still processing status up until this morning. Now I have a ddd for 2/27

    For those that just got the update that it is processing .. don’t worry. All of us that got the 2/27 update today went through the same exact process last week.. We all were updated to “still processing” last Saturday, so I would for anyone whom lost bars today.. hold tight.. most likely it will update with a ddd for you next Saturday



    Filed 2-9 itemized, got my state back in a week my message just went to “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information”

    Sounds like people are having to wait 3 weeks just for a refund date. Anyone get this message without any issue? How long are itemized tax returns taking?



    Filed on 2/6 accepted same day. bars disappeared on the 11th. looked this morning and got a DDD date.

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