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    Wheres My Refund Wisconsin – Share your experience with filing your Wisconsin Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Wisconsin Wheres My Refund? go to Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    @Randy, that is the same for me. I filed with turbo tax on the 1/22. Wi state was accepted 1/28 and still getting the 8-12 week message, so frustrating!

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    Filed 2/3 accepted same day.. processing by Monday 2/4 and under all the orange bars it asked for verification of income and rent certificate for homestead .. sent that through the wr-a link. Now just waiting. Patiently waiting too for update !! This happen to me last year .. I been wrking the same job for 8 1/2 years and nothing has changed and been living in the same apartment for 7 years ..

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    Any turbo tax users get their Wisconsin refund back? I filed on the 19th of January… Accepted the first day possible on 1/28 and still says 8-12 weeks.

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    @ MOE yes my DDD was 02/08 and I received it on 02/06

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    Amanda Ford

    I have had a deposit date and got it 3 days earlier. How after do they update wmr

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    Those of You that got DDD, did you end up getting you return before the date. I got a ddd of 2-13 but I think last year I got a couple days prior to that.

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    Had a ddd of 2/9

    Deposited this morning on 2/7.

    It works.

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    Filed 2/4 state update today with EITC with ddd by 14th

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    I’m in the same situation. Filed on 1/28 using TaxAct (didn’t use the free version – paid the extra) and it was accepted on 1/29 and I still have the 8-12 weeks message. I have 3 dependents which is the same as previous years. It is quite frustrating.

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    I filed on 1/22, got the text that federal was accepted right away, then on 1/28 got the text that state was accepted, still showing processing 8-12 weeks message, filed with turbo tax, very frustrating!

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    Is the where’s my refund page only updated in the morning or are there updates throughout the day?

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    Been waiting since the 28th. Finally this morning got the approved message…. date of 2/12. My sister woke up to her refund in her account and still on processing 8 to 12 weeks!!! There is hope giys

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    I give up too! 5:57 am and still have the 8-12 week message! I want to scream! Filed on the 29th and accepted on the 30th.

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    I’m ready to give up and let it surprise me. I was accepted on the 28th. Still no ddd. I’ll get it in November lol.

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    In a previous posting I complained about HR Block not being able to efile with WI on the 28th. So I kept trying and finally got HRBlock to go through Saturday morning, 2/2. Got an update this morning that a portion will be intercepted and the remaining dd on 2/11. Phew! I take back those nasty things I said about HRBlock…..kind of!

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    Filed & Accepted 2/2 TT
    Updated 2/6 with ddd 2/13

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    @Me I’m praying as well. :)

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    I pray that tonight the system will update and all of us accepted on the 28th,29th,30th, and 31st and get a direct deposit date!!!! (Hopfully before the 15th lol)

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    CIndy X

    I was accepted on the 30th. Had the generic message of 8 to 10 weeks. Just updated this morning to DDD of the 13th. I know it sucks waiting but it is coming. I hope everyone gets theirs soon.

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    I filed the same day as a couple of my coworkers. We all used Tax Act and filed on the 28th. We were all accepted on the 29th and one coworker has her money already, the other one just got a dd date yesterday and I’m still waiting on a dd date. I still have the generic 8-12 week message so I’m getting frustrated. I guess what’s frustrating is that even if they were closed, they should process people in the order in which they were received. I’m seeing people that filed in February and they already have a dd date. It’s frustrating.

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    Jennifer Patton

    To people that filed and already have DD date. Did you file with a tax professional or on your own?

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    I filed 2/4/19 and as of today, 2/6/19 received direct deposit date of 2/13/19. WOAH that was fast! Let’s see what day they actually deposit on?

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    Even if they did close which I’m pretty sure they did. Why are people who were accepted after the 28th getting their dates??? And not the people who were accepted on the 28th??

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    They were closed the 28th, open on the 29th and then closed on the 30th & 31st all due to weather.

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    Lynnette Smith

    Wi Irs was not closed the 29th-31st. I filed on 1/28, accepted 1/29, ddd date given on 1/31.

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    I understand the WI IRS was closed the 29th – 31st, but I still think that they should give refunds in the order in which people file. But who am I? Just a gal wanting her refund. :)

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    It’s kind of frustrating, WI has always been really quick for me but not this year. Mostly just need go breathe and remember it will come when it comes 😂. But I still wake up every morning disappointed.

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    Hello people around January 29-31 2019 the WI IRS was closed some days in due to weather so their office might have a delay in sending out refunds.

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    @amanda – I so agree with you. Accepted on 1/29 and I still have the 8-12 week message. :(

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    Sill the 8-12 week message. again filed 1/19. accepted 1/29… C’mon and show us early filers some love

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    Woke up to DD of 2/13 as well. Filed early, accepted opening day.

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    Still the 8-12 weeks message. So frustrating! Filed on 1/28, it was accepted on 1/29.

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    Thank you Lynnette!

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    Lynnette Smith

    Yes Candice I had the video underneath the message – but, I still got my return in less than a week.

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    Those of you that have the processing 8-13 weeks message, do you have the video underneath saying why had my refund been delayed also? Or is that just me??

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    Wisconsin processing yesterday checked this morning and said complete and a ddd by the 13th finally thank god.

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    Filed & supposedly accepted 1/29. WI showed accepted halfway through 1/30. 2/1 early morning it updated to ddd of 2/8, which is about how quick it processed last year for me. As of right now its pending in my bank and will deposit when my bank opens.

    Fed was only 1 day behind on processing for me as well, updated to PATH 2/2. I have the EIC so waiting for 15th for ddd for that.

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    Jennifer Patton

    @ruby, I filed on January 19th, was accepted on the 28th. Just wanted to give everyone a little hope that at least it may come soon. The woman I talked too told me no letters had been sent to me and usually if they are reviewing you or checking identity, they will send you a letter. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and all the rest of us.

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    @milly please pray for the rest of us!!! Hope we get our dates soon!!

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    I filed on January 18th, was accepted on the 28th and today, finally got a ddd for 2/10.

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    We filed on Jan 26th, accepted on Jan 28th and we are still waiting for ddd. Hoping we aren’t getting reviewed but staying positive and hopeful! They will start coming in for us guys!! Hang in there :)

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    Last year I was accepted on January 29 and I didn’t get my state refund until March 15. I never received any letters and nothing was adjusted on my return. It was just a slow process. I do not think that the state processes returns over the weekend, but I am not positive on that. This year, I filed on February 1 and I am still at the 8-12 weeks stage.

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    Ash C

    We had the same issue last year 😑 Filed early and people who filed after us got theirs before us. We didn’t end up getting our refund until March 5th. This year so far isn’t looking any better. Still has the 8-12 weeks message, but it’s still early in the game so hoping that is why

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    Does anyone know when the Wisconsin “Where’s My Refund” site updates? Is it throughout the day or just once per day? I feel like I’m checking every hour in hopes that I get off the 8-12 weeks. I want my deposit date already! Nothing changes from year to year, never had a problem. I was accepted on 1/29 and still show the 8-12 weeks. Frustrating!

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    @jennifer – I’m in the same circumstance. I filed on the 25th of January and then it was accepted on the 28th of January and I have the 8-12 weeks. I’m frustrated. I wanted to call them but I don’t see a number. So I was just curious when did you file and when were you accepted? Last year I received my dd on the 10th and had that same message. Could really use this money right now…ugh!

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    Jennifer Patton

    I still have the 8-12 weeks. Called and they said there is nothing showing I have any letters sent out or that I am under any review. Just still waiting.

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    Filed on the 29th, accepted on the 30th and DDD was set for the 8th. It is pending in my account now and will be available tomorrow.

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    Called and spoke with a gentleman from WI revenue. He confirmed exactly what I thought. I am (once again) being “pulled for review”
    He is sending the letter with the absolute RIDICULOUS list of stuff I need to send in to get my refund. Last year I filed Jan. 21st and didn’t get the letter for at least 6-8 weeks then had a super short amount of time to send everything in. I’m talking original, certified birth certificates, hospital records, school records, lease, among about 15 other things they required.
    SUCH A JOKE. I have NEVER had any issues with federal or state EVER, for WI to do this AGAIN is absolutely asinine. They know a lot of people will not be able do it at all or on time and end up just forfeiting their money which I’m SURE they are counting on.
    We are moving out of this nasty ass state this year and I CANNOT wait!!
    I have the standard 8-12 week message, so if you do too, beware.

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    Lynnette Smith

    I filed homestead and got my money this morning. You have to attach or send in your signed rent certificate with w-ra form. Ask taxact what to do.

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    Did everyone that filed Homestead credit get this generic message or is there something else I need to do?? I filed with taxact

    We have no record of receiving your Homestead Credit supporting documents for your electronically filed return. If you have provided this information, allow four weeks for review of your documents. If you have not provided these documents, mail them to the address on the W-RA form or electronically scan and submit the following

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    filed: 01/22 accepted 1/28 still showing processing 8-12 week message. Still no DDD…..😒

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    My very small federal refund came and went. Now I want my state and cant get an update.

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    @ Amanda forf No Wisconsin does not do path act. Myself and others who claims EIC have a direct deposit date already. Please read down several people do.

    #4257488 Reply

    Amanda forf

    Does Wisconsin do the path act thing where u have to wait till after the 15th with credits

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    I filed with TaxAct and was accepted on 29th. I showed the standard received and processing message 8-12 weeks. I now have a message stating complete and DD should be received by February 8th and to check with my bank.

    My W2 was able to be automatically loaded into TaxAct as well as my previous years info an State Refund verification.

    I was also able to verify my AGI from 2017 when filing.

    On a Side note my Federal was accepted Jan 28 and I am getting the message about cannot refund before middle of month due to me claiming the EIC. Should have federal by End of February.

    Hope this helps!

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    Lynnette Smith

    State updates at midnight every night.

    #4257222 Reply


    Does anyone know if stare updates through the day or just once a day

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    I filed on 1/24/2019 no ddd for state ,1 bar fed. Wisconsin updated to 8-12 week message. this is my 3rd year filing and last year I had to call the state officials to get them to release my cash… Why do I keep getting flagged?????????????????? im over it.

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    Ashley i

    I filed WI taxes on the 14th of January. (Early) my State was excepted on opening day and federal two days after filing. I am getting the generic 8-12 weeks message for my state refund. No return date. My coworker filed a few days ago and she has a date for her federal and State. Ugh… am I being audited or what? My federal has no bars either just a code saying they can’t release funds until mid-late Feb. Why would my state take so long? I heard they are using early filers to run fraud checks and make sure the system is properly catching everything…..just sucks.

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    This may seem strange. I had my taxes done through h&r block on February 1st. Both my federal and Wisconsin taxes have been accepted on the 2nd on each website.. From what I can see from prior responses. They must be accepting the refunds that were done professionally first, as opposed to those that filed on their own. Or they are accepting those that filed after 28th of January first? Those are the only things I can think of.

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    I get the EIC and get audited by WI EVERY YEAR. It’s beyond crazy what they ask for! I have my same kids, same job, same address….UGH. I am already expecting it, I have no doubt it’ll happen again this year.

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    Lynnette Smith

    Karen Lee – they dont actually say “accepted”. If your orange bar is over to the “return processing” mark then it has been accepted and they are working on it.

    Wisconsin efile opened on the 28th. I think that turbotax had some issues with Wisconsin and didn’t start transmitting until the 31st.

    Everyone who is nervous shouldn’t be because everybody gets the 8-12 week generic message and could get approved the next day. Wisconsin has always been a state that processes returns quickly and I have never had to wait more than a couple weeks.

    #4256890 Reply

    Karen Lee

    When do they update accepted 1/31

    #4256870 Reply


    Why did u have to wait until the 31st??? My sister and i were able to file on the 18th

    #4256838 Reply


    People who are getting the DDD for Wisconsin may be the lucky ones that their employer electronically sends the W2 information to the state. My employer forgot to mail W2 information last year and it delayed by state return. Be patient, the DDD will hopefully come soon for all of us. :)

    #4256834 Reply


    Accepted 1/28…. still sitting on generic message no direct deposit date…. why are so many people after me getting their dates

    #4256811 Reply

    Amanda Erpenbach

    I used Turbo tax. not sure if that’s the issue though. State has accepted so they have it..m uggh

    #4256807 Reply


    @jennifer Patton I did, it had me file 1/31 for state and I was updated Saturday with DDD of 2/9

    #4256789 Reply

    Jennifer Patton

    Who filed with Turbo Tax? I filed early was accepted opening day and still have the 8-12 week message. This is my first time using them, wondering if that’s the issue.

    #4256781 Reply


    I’m in the same boat Amanda. I feel your frustration

    #4256768 Reply

    Amanda Erpenbach

    No offense to anyone but… I am getting angry at the fact people who filed and accepted after me are getting approved. Arrgg

    #4256744 Reply


    Filed 1/31 updated this morning DDD 2/9

    #4256691 Reply


    Why is it everybody filing after me getting updated still 8 to 12 week message

    #4256674 Reply

    Amanda Erpenbach

    No change since app and sure came back up. Frustration that people who filed after me are getting approved already

    #4256627 Reply


    Site/app are back online. No change here..

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