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    Wheres My Refund Wisconsin – Share your experience with filing your Wisconsin Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Wisconsin Wheres My Refund? go to Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    I got notification from my credit union this morning that the refund will be direct deposited tomorrow (5/24)

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    I got the same thing on Friday to allow 10 days to receive. Do you think it will still be after the 10th of June before they start issuing?

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    I got the same thing on Friday afternoon. Now I guess it’s just a waiting game. I have end of school year field trips and a graduation to pay for, that money will definitely help out right now!

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    Mr S.

    Shelli, actually it will be sooner if you’ve already submitted the claim. Checking my status today returns the result:

    We have received your rebate claim and processed it. Allow up to 10 days to receive your rebate.”

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    Child tax credit: initially I had heard that it would be DD the beginning of August. Now I’m hearing DD may happen as soon as the week of June 10. Anybody know for sure? We claimed ours on 5/15, and it is currently pending.

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    TF wisconsin

    filed thru Turbo tax on 3-15-18……received by wisconsin state on 3-19-18 and the filing status got accepted 3-20-18. however I called in and someone told me they didnt start fully processing it til the 24th!!
    WTF Wisconsin, Im still waiting for it to say a direct deposit date other then PROCESSING!!
    Anyone else have this issue around the same filing date??
    Thanks in advance

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    K Zielk

    Hello; If the 123 site for Wisconsin State refund status says that my refund will be deposited by 4/19/2018, does that mean on the 19th? What days of the week are refunds deposited?

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    so thanks wisconsin for taking out 683.70 out of my state refund just awesome ……

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    8 weeks later and I received a letter :(

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    refund was deposited in my account last night after 8 weeks. all is there and accounted for, no issues

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    Got my return and it’s $450 less than it was supposed to be. I had no offsets and received no letter or notifications if adjustments. Thanks Wisconsin!

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    @tree6’8” I thought FOR SURE I was about to get audited as a few here state they did. My best guess was if that was gonna happen you would have received something in the mail by now. It’s just taking a tremendously long time.

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    @Jwojo i filed mines and accepted 2/05/2018 but stuck on 8-12 week message do you think mines will update soon?

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    Finally, 7 weeks to the day after being accepted, received a DDD for 4/1

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    Molly Bruner

    I was asked for a long list of proof about my kids also. Certified birth certificates, drs records, a notarized letter from my landlord… Ridiculous. I filed February 4th. Got accepted around February 15th. Got a letter 2 weeks after that asking for all that other info. I sent it off right away. 2 weeks ago they sent the birth certificates back, but I still have no refund and no other information. So frustrating.

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    I am waiting to hear back from Wis DOR. I filed in 2017 and they said I wasn’t here long enough and cut my refund from $800 to $134. this year I filed and they asked for Dr Records to prove I have my kids with me. well I don’t have that because we went to the dr before I moved them to Wisconsin .I called and they told me I have no letters pending, then a week later BOOM! a letter!!!!!!! I have my lease and papers from Food share for the children. I sent in what I have. They said I didn’t include 2 w2’s from 2 other jobs. but because I moved I couldn’t get them. I told them I have filed with h and r block for 21 years and I have all 21 filings. they said no… So I still haven’t heard anything I filed 1/22/2018 they sent a letter 3/1/2018. its 3/26/2018 still nothing. I called and they told me what the stooped system said online. Im so irritated with this…

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    Here we are almost 7 weeks out and still nothing. I called at week 4 and they said there were no letters. Still nothing in the mail. But how is it possible that I’m not under review or audit if it’s taking this long. It would be nice if the department of revenue actually updated instead of making you wait forever to hear anything.

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    Kathe Handlin

    @jessie I called today I’m at 6 weeks since getting accepted and was told a letter went out Friday. So annoying that they took this long. I feel your frustration

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    Kathe Handlin

    Any idea when there will be a update again. Filed accepted 2/4 still nothing

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    Jessie J Larson

    Well I filed 1/31 and just today got my letter of review. The amount of stuff they want Is just absolutely ridiculous. School records, birth certificates, letter from the clinics, a list of over 10 different things to send in. I owed the state last year and they sure garnished my check for the 113.00 I owed. Now they owe me 20 times that and I have to pull rabbits outta my hat.
    F Wisconsin.

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    Still nothing here. 2/6

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    Kathe Handlin


    Same filed accepted 2/4 still nothing

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    Still nothing. Filed and accepted 1/31. I am so over this!!

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    @ JJ: I think Wisconsin updates at midnight and I am not sure if they update over the weekend as the Department of Revenue is closed. Hang in there. I filed on the 29th and just got approved on Friday. Hopefully next week will be your week!! :)

    I looks like a bunch of people who filed prior to the 31st were just recently processed. This may have to do with your employer submitting your wage information to them. They have to submit the wage information by the 31st of January. So if they were late or only submitted on the 31st, your return may have been just pushed back until they verify wages. If you haven’t received any letters, it is coming, just coming slower than usual.

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    Do you know what time you guys updated?? Filed and accepted on 1/31 and still on 8-12 weeks. I was really hoping tonight I would update at midnight! Do they update sporadically?

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    Kathe Handlin

    Filed through tt accepted 2/5 still says 8-12 weeks. Called again today and she said no letters have been sent and they are still processing my return 😠😠😠. I don’t get what is taking so long

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    Got notice this morning – DDD next Friday. Looks like they are catching up to those who filed in January. Good luck everyone!

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    Finally!! My return has been processed! DDD of 3/16! Wisconsin is being very careful to protect everyone’s identity and refund this year.

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    Filed and accepted 1/30
    Today got a DDD of 03/16

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    Woke up with a ddd of 3/14 – Hoping for good news for all the rest of us that filed back in January.

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    Ding ding ding. Ddd of 3/16. Accepted Jan 29.

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    @danielle1526 – Filed electronically through TT – Was accepted 1/29 and still have the 8-12wk message. Was also told the same thing.. That is still being processed. Never received anything that would indicate any problems ect. I wonder if it has anything to do with EIC or Child tax credit.

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    Filed three sets of taxes on 1/29. All fed recd by 2/14. one state got on 2/6. Notification this morning getting one on 3/15. One more to go. I hate this process. I called and just says processing. Have received no paperwork. Normally get state within a week of filing.

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    Is anyone who file on 1/29/2018 still waiting to be approved. My tax return is still processing and WDR said everything looks fine and to give it another couple weeks. Nothing has changed on my return. What is taking so long….

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    Accepted on 1/29. Just checked right now and I received a DDD of 3/14. Finally. Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of you :)

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    Alex, same here. It’s ridiculous. I’m really getting ticked off. I need that money desperately.

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    so note to everyone if you have to submit for a ID verification check then your refund wont start processing until the day you complete your verification. jusyt saying thats what i was told when i called earlier….

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    Does anyone know how often the system is updated? I’m sick of waiting for this shit. Filed and accepted in January, got my federal weeks ago. Tried calling and they said nothing is wrong and that is processing. I’ve received nothing in the mail.

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    Filed on 1/30 and accepted. Federal received on2/22 and this morning I received a DDD from State of Wisconsin for 3/9. It’s about time. Good Luck everyone.

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    Just Pissed

    Filed: 2/4
    Accepted: 2/5

    Fiancé filed 15 minutes before I did with TT and she received hers within 2 weeks (before Fed).

    This is pure BS! 8-12 week message like most. I don’t necessarily “need” the money, it’s the principle. At this point I wouldn’t have a problem waiting if the status was clearly communicated.

    I understand they’re utilizing a 3rd party to audit returns; something has to be going wrong. This sounds oddly familiar, similar to how employers hire 3rd party auditors for benefits – “Hey we can save you X millions of dollars in fraud with no impact to the tax payer, just pay us X millions of dollars.” – total lies. I work in IT and I get the ID theft part but someone’s head needs to roll for this SNAFU.

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    Filed 1/30 and accepted. Federal received 2/22. Wisconsin still saying 8-12 weeks. I called last week and no letters. Don’t know what’s going on.

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    Filed 1/29, accepted 1/30. Already received fed. Going on 5 weeks waiting for WI. This is ridiculous.

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    Still waiting 5 weeks tomorrow. Filed and Accepted 1//31 Spoke with someone last week and it’s starting to get noticed, but we’ll see.

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    Angela @arose07

    Filled and accepted 02/02, still has 8-12 week message… called and no delays noted just “still processing” which I’m getting a little irked with hearing over and over again. Everyone else I know has gotten theirs back and some filed after I did.

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    And still waiting filed 2/2/18 still stuck 8-12 week time to call again.

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    Filed and accepted 2/6 was showing 8-12 weeks.
    Checked last night and processed complete with a DDD 3/10

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    Well, I’m going on 5 weeks now and I REALLY need my money!! This has been ridiculous! I have never waited so long on ANY state! Called and talked to a lady who said basically anyone and everyone with EIC and/or Homestead would be automatically audited but had no letters for me at all…just a waiting game at this point! I know SO many people tho that have the credits and received theirs a week or two later after filing. SO FRUSTRATED!

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    Well, it’s officially been 4 weeks. Still on the processing message. This crap is ridiculous. Come tf on Wisconsin.

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    What is the number to call?

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    Kathe Handlin

    Accepted 2/4 still 8-12 week message. My sister filed last week for a dd last night for the 10th. I don’t get it. Both of us have kids filed head of household. She got a letter to id verify on Thursday and already has a date. I called they say no letters have been sent for me

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