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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Wisconsin – Share your experience with filing your Wisconsin Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Wisconsin Wheres My Refund? go to Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Glad I’m not the only one. Filed and accepted 1/26 for both fed real and state. Got my federal refund over a month ago. Received no communication from Wisconsin sayin I needed to send anything, but still no return from the state I have been living in and supporting for over 20 years.
    Everyone else in my family has received their state returns weeks ago!! Even though they all filed after me.
    Please get your $&@! together Wisconsin!

    This is getting ridiculous!!

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    Filed 3/1, accepted 3/3, got a ddd of 3/13 on the 8th. Was hoping to see it by now. Haven’t heard if deposits made on Sunday, can anyone tell me how things worked out with a Sunday ddd? I’ve checked my direct deposit info multiple times and it’s all correct. Thanks in advance!

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    Filed 2/19 accepted 2/21, 2/22 updated to ddd 2/27 and just received my refund in us bank account this morning

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    Accepted 1/28, no DDD yet. Not a PATHer, no offsets. What the heck is the holdup? I’ve heard about a dozen folks say they got theirs back a week later….frustrating.

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    With a DDD of 2/27, when will it actually be deposited since the 27th is a Sunday????

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    I filed on Saturday and was accepted yesterday woke up to ddd 2/27. My husband’s took just a few days as well he already received his.

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    FINALLY, WISCONSIN!! Geez! Finally received DDD of 2/25. My refund has an offset, federal PATH’r, Netspend card so hoping it will be a day or two early. Thanks for passing the time with me, fellow Wisconsinites. ‘Till next year…..

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    Woke up to a DDD of 2/27. Woo.

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    FINALLY woke up this morning to 3 bars!!!! Filed and accepted on 1/25. Not a PATH’er.

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    Filed my parents homestead credit on 1/26 and still have no movement past 8-12 week message. I filed 1/24 and received DDD the very next week, so I have no idea what the hold up is.

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    Still waiting! Filed and accepted 1/24. Got out federal refund on 2/14 (not PATHers), WI still says 8-12 weeks. Our daughter filed and accepted 2/3 for her state refund on 2/18. My parents filed and accepted 2/4 got their refund on 2/11. Seriously, what is the holdup here?!?

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    I am also still waiting!! It’s crazy! I have never waited this long for WI. Also a Pather, also got a ddd for fed, so yay for that! But what’s up Wisconsin!? Hope you get yours soon!

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    I have no good news. No update to WMR. Still the 8-12 weeks for processing message. At least my Federal Account Transcripts have finally updated overnight with a DDD (I’m a PATH’r). So if Wisconsin was holding my refund to see if there was any fraud that the Feds would have found, and they obviously didn’t, MAYBE WI will process my return too, now? Who knows.

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    Crystal S.

    2/18 – no change. 8-12 week notice. I just want a date. Even if the date isn’t one I would like. LOL

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    Bueller. Bueller. Bueller.

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    I’m still waiting too!! SO frustrating!

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    I’m still sitting with the same “8-12 weeks for processing” message on WI WMR. They are just using the pandemic as an excuse to delay getting returns processed.

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    Filed and accepted on 1/25. NOT a PATH’er. Still showing 8-12 weeks. UGH. I have NEVER had this long of a delay.

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    Just popping on here to let any fellow Wisconsinites curious about others’ tax progress…..I filed 1/24, accepted same day, PATH’er, and still sitting at the 8-12 weeks message. :( Super sad about this. How’s everyone else?

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    Crystal S.

    My daughter filed last Friday 2/4 and got hers today. I filed 1/26 and am looking at the 8-12 week thing still. Wtheck.

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    Filed and accepted 1/31 and still nothing!! This is beyond ridiculous. Had the same info for YEARS! Daughter filed hers and is getting it within a week! Come on Wisconsin!

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    Filed and accepted 1/25. Still showing 8-12 weeks. Filed daughter’s on same day. She received her’s the following week. Also already received Federal return. Also filed my boyfriend’s taxes on 2/7. He is showing a 2/17 date for deposit. Not sure what the holdup is with mine????

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    I filed January 26 and I still have the 8-12 week thing. I just hope it comes before the 28th, I could use it.

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    WMR still sitting at 2 bars, 8-12 weeks! Looks like my Federal will make it here first, and I’m a PATH’er and have to deal with that delay. Disappointed in WI.

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    For the 3rd year in a row it looks like I’ll be getting fed back before state. Got DDD of 2/14 for federal, still nothing for state. Filed and accepted 1/24

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    @lurrch when did you file?

    Accepted on Jan 24. Bank has it coming on the 7th.

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    Crystal S.

    @lurrch when did you file?

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    Filed WI on 1/24/22 and “WMR” says 8-12 weeks! Seriously, Wisconsin??!! Past years has been no longer than 3 weeks…even during previous pandemic years. :(

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    When I checked WMR this morning for WI mine is approved and supposed to be deposited by the 9th.

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    Anyone seen any refunds yet? Mine was accepted right before the weekend, and I’ve got that typical “8-12 week” message

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    Filed 2/12 received 3/10

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    State accepted 2/13/21 still processing. Seems a lot of us stuck that got accepted 2/13

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    State accepted 2/13/21 still processing. Pretty sure yet again state is auditing me. Refund is only $57. Horrible.

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    Accepted 2/ 13. Still on two bars :(

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    Hello! Woke up to the money in my account but never got a DDD on the website.

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    DDD of 2/26 is in my bank account this morning (2/23), and will be released tomorrow (2/24) .

    accepted 2/17, refund received 2/23

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    Genuinely surprised I got a ddd already. Filed January 30th, accepted Feb 13th and got my ddd of Feb 25th. I can’t remember the last time I got my state this quickly! I was so prepared to wait this year!

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    Filed 2/12 Accepted 2/12 DDD 2/25 updated today

    #4456100 Reply

    Anyone have their DD hit early?

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    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 2/13
    DDD 2/25

    #4455794 Reply

    Filed 1/16
    WI accepted 2/13
    DDD 2/25

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    I just got my DDD of 2/25. Filed Taxslayer 1/16, accepted 2/12.

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    Wi accepted 2/17
    DDD by 2/26

    After having to wait nearly 2 months last year, this is a bit of a shock!

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    Received a DDD by 2/25

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    Kay Dubya

    I received the received, processing and completed message. I also have the video for “why is my return delayed”.

    No DDD

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    I have 3 bars. Recieved processing and completed but no DD. Anyone else?

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    Filed 13th, 2 bars 14th,cmpleted on 17th with deposit date of 2/24 but it usually hits my account early.

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    I filed the 30th, and got the message late last night it was accepted. Last year it took almost six weeks to actually get my refund after it was accepted, so I’m not holding my breath this year. It will get here when it gets here.

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    Filed on 1/30 and was accepted late last night (2/13).

    #4453102 Reply

    Filed on the 13th – not showing up in their system yet.

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    Kay Dubya

    Wisconsin supposed to start accepting returns today- anyone get a notification?

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    Filed 2/25
    Accepted 2/26
    Wisconsin’s Where is My Refund updated today 4/9/2020

    Have the following message “ Your return has been processed and you should receive your refund check by 04/15/2020.“

    It’s a bit odd, considering I requested direct deposit. I received my federal via direct deposit. Regardless I’m happy I’m finally getting my refund. I’m just confused why they wouldn’t direct deposit? Now I’m worried if my stimulus payment will be delayed and sent by check???

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    Filed 2/25
    Accepted 2/26
    Wisconsin’s Where is My Refund STILL states 8-12 weeks processing.

    I’ve never had a state refund take this long. I always apply for the EIC and Homestead, and never have problems. How can I know what is going on? I don’t see any other info besides 8-12 weeks processing time.

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    Filed 2/25
    Accepted 2/26
    Wisconsin’s Where is My Refund states 8-12 weeks processing.

    I’ve never had a state refund take this long. I always apply for the EIC and Homestead, and never have problems. How can I know what is going on? I don’t see any other info besides 8-12 weeks processing time.

    #4387920 Reply

    Finally! DDD of 3/8!! Filed 1/24, accepted 1/27, DDD received on 3/3. Crazy!!

    #4387795 Reply

    Yay! 3/8 for me too! This is by far the longest it has ever taken to get my state.

    #4387790 Reply
    why so long??

    Accepted 1/31
    add 3/8

    #4387779 Reply

    Accepted 1/30
    DDD 03/08.

    #4387382 Reply

    No, accepted the 29th, still nothing. :(

    #4387229 Reply
    why so long??

    @shelli @Tricia have you heard anything??? Filled and accepted 1/31! No movement since.

    #4381233 Reply
    Waiting 4ever

    Filed 2/6.
    Accepted 2/6
    DDD notification: 2/26
    DDD: 3/4/2020

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    Day 30… Received my federal refund today… Still nothing on state…

    #4376236 Reply

    At this point I’ve given up on my state refund. If I ever get it, it’ll be a fun surprise.

    #4371812 Reply

    Day 28… Still nothing. Hoping for some good news today, but not feeling too optimistic…

    #4369463 Reply

    Day 27… Still nothing. Not expecting much because it’s the weekend…

    #4368203 Reply

    Day 26… Still nothing. I’ll be in Madison next week. Is there an office I can visit to help them out? Obviously they are overwhelmed. I can help push buttons!

    #4367490 Reply

    I just got my DDD for federal of 2/26 as well. This is the first year I’ll get my federal refund first. Still no movement on state.

    #4364514 Reply

    Day 25… Still nothing. Called yesterday, told nothing is wrong with my return, no red flags, it’s just taking longer to process. At least I got some good news today, I have a DDD of 2/26 for my federal refund. That quiets my anger a little.

    #4363758 Reply

    Finally a DDD of 2/28. Accepted 1/27, ID verified 2/4. Took forever but not quite as long as it took last year.

    #4363652 Reply

    Dot my DDD Pd 2/26 the other day! Filed 2/27 accepted 2/28. There is hope for us all!

    #4361511 Reply

    Day 24… Still miffed that I’ve been waiting this long when others are getting their refunds in less than 1 week… I may need anger management soon…

    #4360147 Reply

    I talked to my cousin today, she got her WI refund 6 days after she filed. SIX DAYS! Why I am still waiting? This is ridiculous!

    #4359404 Reply

    I have no words that I can say on this forum for the State of Wisconsin#$% 🤷 no refund no answers just ……..

    #4358827 Reply


    Yay! That gives me hope!

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