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    Wheres My Refund Wisconsin – Share your experience with filing your Wisconsin Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Wisconsin Wheres My Refund? go to Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Filed and accepted 1/23
    Called 2/6 and had the “no letters” schpeel……got letter 2/7
    Collected everything, got all papers needed and sent in.
    Just got a ddd

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    I filed 1/28 and accepted. I already got my federal weeks ago but my wi say 8 to 12 weeks..I’m in my 9th week no letters or anything just say still processing..wth

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    F/A 2/23. Got my IRS refund less than 3 weeks later but still waiting on WI. I’ve called 3 times and they have been very nice and have told me that my tax return looks good, there are no issues, and no letters generated for me. They’ve even told me to keep calling back to check if I want! But the wait is getting hard with being so used to WI refunding so fast in prior years…like 2 weeks! I have car repairs and other bills please hurry!

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    Wisconsin accepted my e-filed (Turbo Tax) return February 16th. I got a letter requesting that I verify my identity by passing a short quiz, which I did on February 27th. It’s now March 30th and my return is still being processed. I don’t understand what’s taking so long.

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    Filed at beginning of Feb .. waited 6 weeks tracking my return. Received federal weeks ago… finally received wis this morning. It was completely unexpected the website still says processing.

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    I filed my taxes at the end of January. The day that Wisconsin stated they would “accept” a tax return. I am not getting back what I normally get back, although I paid more in, am a single mom and supporting three kids. I pay a lot in property taxes for my small home, sick of all these taxes both Federal and state…. I have lived in the same home for 13 years, my job is the same as last year, nothing has changed. I am still waiting, it is now 3/17. I need the money pretty bad, and here the state sits with it. I am pretty pissed.

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    Filed 1/28. Still waiting……

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    I *finally* got a date for the 17th. Good. Golly. This was a long wait.

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    @Kristine, I got the same letter.

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    Justin T

    Y’all, there’s a God after all lmao. I filed on the 28th of January, finally got a DD date for the 17th

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    I received a letter in the mail saying they needed additional information for my EIC seems kinda weird since I claim the same children yearly. Anyone else get a letter like this….

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    Got my kiddos docs back in the mail from the DOR along with a letter that says if I haven’t received my refund by 5/12 to check back :/ Good lord!

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    I filed with TurboTax on 3/6. Wisconsin accepted 3/6. On 3/7 I got DDD 3/14.
    Federal accepted 3/6. Federal still processing.

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    Finally have a date for 3/15. I was accepted 1/28

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    I called the offset line so that I could speak to a live person and he basically said they can’t tell anyone anything. I filed 1/29. He said that they have until the end of April to get me a refund… Absoluteky absurd.

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    accepted 1/29
    already received federal back – nothing on wis

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    Accepted 2/3 and still saying processing 8-12 weeks. Never have I ever waited to get my state taxes for such a long period. Ridiculous!!!

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    Does anyone know the phone number to talk with a live person?? Been waiting 5 weeks and would to know what’s going on??

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    How do you know when they will direct deposit into accounts? Mine still only says processing 8 to 12 weeks

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    Finally got a date 3/9

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    Been waiting since I filed on 2/4, finally got an update on 3/2 with a DDD of 3/9! Definitely was starting to get frustrated with this wait, but finally some news! Hope everyone gets there’s soon!

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    Valerie Osinski

    Updated morning of 3/2 with a ddd of 3/9 filed and accepted on 1/29 longest wait year ever

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    Filed and accepted 1/29. Still says 8-12
    never waited this long!!!
    Hurry up wisconsin!!

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    Still nothing. This is getting ridiculous.

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    update this morning

    accepted 2/4 , DDD 3/9

    Friend similar

    accepted 1/28 , DDD 3/9

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    Neuza Lynk

    Return Received
    Return Processing
    Return Completed

    8-12 weeks

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    Still waiting, filed 1/28.

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    Finally got an update for 3/9! Filed 2/2. It’s about DAMN TIME!!!😏👍

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    Finally got a date of 3/9 filed January 22nd and accepted on January 28th. Longest I have ever had to wait for my state refund, but at least it’s coming now.

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    Was accepted on 1/28 and finally got a DD date of 3/9. There is hope people! Hang in there!

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    Same 8-12 weeks :(

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    Valerie Osinski

    Ridiculous! Filed and accepted 1/29 same crap, no letters all looks good blah blah

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    Filed 2/21. Accepted 2/22. DDD of 3/3 appeared on 2/26. Money in account today, 3/1.

    See you all next year. ;)

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    Literally the same old story every year from Wisconsin for me! 8-12 weeks to get my return back!

    This is my money that could be working for me in the bank rather than the state! Why should the state earn more interest off of us? They do that already all year long! Not to mention the already insane amount I paid that they are keeping!

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    Still nothing from state or fed………..:-( this is crazy

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    Nothing here either 😡😡😡

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    And……….ready for it…..NOTHING AGAIN…SURPRISE SURPRISE. Gosh this is fu**ed up. 😡

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    Filed 1/28, still nothing. This is crazy

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    This is getting ridiculous. I filed a month ago on the 28th and still nothing.. I’m just very irate by the whole situation. I need that money, I mean I wish I was in a position that I didn’t have to rely on that money but stuff happens and I need it

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    This is is ridiculous. Still processing.👿

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    Still nothing for fed or state and accept on 1/16 for fed and 2/4 for state..ugh

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    Finally I have updated filed 1/25 accepted 1/28 dd 3/6 longest wait ever especially since I wasnt audited

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    Still no update for WI, filed 1/22 with turbo tax and accepted 1/28. No letters or anything have been sent, called twice and they just keep saying it’s still processing and could take up to 12 weeks 🙄😡 that’s ridiculous!!!!

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    Valerie Osinski

    Filed and accepted on 1/29 still nothing what I was told yesterday at the Madison number was some employers did not file their deductions on time and for them To process those returns they had to have them because claimed income and deductions had to match and the guy said he was told march 1st there would be a big update to the late employers . Annoying because I am sure they filed shortly after I did but they just been sitting since.

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    Filed February 2 received February 4 still no Wisconsin state taxes I filed federal same time and got federal refund last week! Wi sucks glad I’m moving out of town soon! I called I have no letters that have been mailed out or anything ! And it also Wisconsin change your he 8-12 week wait and put up to 12 weeks instead just sucks!!!!!

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    1/25 People that filed after me already got their DD and we filed at same place. I filed 4 weeks b4 them WI idk what’s going on. Why it got to take so long ?
    Some people it just took like a week

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    Accepted 2/22. Updated this morning with a DD date of 3/3.

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    Accepted 2-1, just got DD notice for 3/3.

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    I checked because I seen someone updated but of course still nothing for me!!! 1/28 accepted. WI is garbage!!

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    OMFG MIRACLES really do happen… Supposed to get the balance of my refund 3/1/19…. Just updated within the last few minutes

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    1/29 still nothing for me from state or fed…

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    Definitely the last year I’m filing early 🙄 it seems like all of us who got accepted 1/28 are the ones being delayed

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    Filed 1/28 nothing still 😡

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    Filed 1/25, accepted 1/28. Nothing yet.

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    Nothing here for WI either 🤦🏼‍♀️😡😡😡🙄 filed 1/22 and accepted 1/28 and still waiting, this is ridiculous

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    Nothing yet. No update … it’s been almost a month

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    Still nothing…this is sooo damn outrageous!😡

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    No updates here either..

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    still nothing :(

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    Still nothing for WI 😡😡😡😡😡 this is insane!!!!

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    Fed updated with expected refund date by 2/27 …still nothing with Wisconsin though 😤

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    Nothing still for fed or state…..

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    Federal updated but nothing for my WI state refund still says processing 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

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    @ Lisa Sue – What happened to you also happened to me. That’s why I encourage everyone to call tax intercept department and confirm there are no letters being mailed for intercept or if there are any changes being mailed. What happens and in your case what most likely happened is that the DOR made changes to your tax return. Then they mail the letter after you receive a refund or direct deposit. It’s very frustrating. Mine was almost $550 less and since I was counting on this money (I know I shouldn’t) but hey I’m not rich, living paycheck to paycheck – it really hurt me as I had that money going to bills and fixing my car.

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    No update here filed 1/28. last year I had a ddd on the 3rd of February 😑

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    No update again 😵😩😤😠

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    No update for me 😡😡😡😡filed 1/22 accepted 1/28

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    Updated to DD day of 3/1. Filed on the 4th of Feb.

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    Lisa Sue

    WI Tax app shows DDD of by 2/24, today (2/22) I received my refund and it’s $780 less than the amount TurboTax calculated. 😳 I don’t owe anything that would cause an offset. WI Dept of Revenue is tremendously frustrating.

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    @me – No. But just remember mine was not an interception as I thought, they claimed that I wrote a wrong number down under medical so they corrected my tax filing. So a letter was sent this morning notifying me of that but the interception department has access to those type of letters. When I called the main number they told me everything was fine and no letters were sent and even confirmed my refund which is unreal. You would think the entire DOR would have access to the same computer system.

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    Called today. No letter generated. Accepted 1/28. She said they are in the process of changing the 3 weeks on the website because that is inaccurate. She said please allow up to 12 weeks. Nothing wrong with my return so far, just still processing.

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    When you checked your status on the WMR site did it say anything about an interception?

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    Please see my post below. I would encourage all of you that are still waiting to call the intercept department. Again, I was in the processing stage for almost 3 weeks and I called and they would say “No letters were sent, nothing is wrong – it’s just taking awhile” Well that was incorrect because if it’s taking a while then they are verifying your information and it is a good possibility that changes are being made on your return by the IRS. So I was supposed to receive a refund on Saturday, but I received it today and it was a lot less than I was supposed to get back. I didn’t know why, called the lady they said everything is fine, no letters sent. I called INTERCEPT division at WI IRS and sure enough, they had sent me a letter this morning that they changed my tax return and it resulted in a lower refund. Only the intercept division would know this – the other departments do not know this so please call tax intercept.

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    Ok here’s an update: I filed on 2/2 and it was accepted the same day. I filed through H&R Block by myself via their website. It’s almost approaching 3 weeks, actually this Saturday will be the official third week. Every day I check it’s still in the processing stage saying 8 to 12 weeks. I finally called today to see if any letters were sent out and the lady that responded said no letters were sent out and all she can see is that it’s still processing. She said they have to verify everyone and make sure everything’s correct so it can take up to 12 weeks, although she said she don’t think it will take 12 weeks. She said just keep waiting and be patient and you’ll get it soon…..Great… I kind of wanted an actual definitive answer on when I will get it but of course they can’t give you that. I usually always get it within a week-week and a half. This is been the longest wait time I’ve ever had to deal with for Wisconsin. Gosh! This is so freaking annoying. I got kids and don’t exactly make a lot of money so I’m relying on this and need it now!

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