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    Wheres My Refund Wisconsin – Share your experience with filing your Wisconsin Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Wisconsin Wheres My Refund? go to Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Nothing here still 😡😡😡😡 so annoying and absolutely ridiculous! I have called twice and no letters have been sent. Filed 1/22 accepted 1/28.

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    Amanda Erpenbach


    Congrats on the DDD!!

    Thats the main reason I’m ticked. It should go in the order they were filed. I’m sorry but it’s bs that people after us got their money already, in my opinion.

    Congrats again and I’ll keep ya posted

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    @amanda – saw that you filed 1/19 and I filed 1/18 so hopefully you get a date tonight. I’ll be checking the forum. (Fingers crossed)

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    @amanda it’s ridiculous I know. There was a lot of people that filed after us and received their deposit already. The Wisconsin website needs to provide more detailed information as to the status of our returns. I know I shouldn’t rely on this money but I’m barely making it right now and I really need that money so I was checking all the time. I don’t know what to tell you but I pray you get a DD date soon.

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    Amanda Erpenbach


    I have called TWICE!!. I just keep getting they are still processing. Some take longer than others… blah blah blah.

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    @ruby I think you meant your DD date is 2/24. Lol! I too have a DD date of 2/24. Just checked at 12:30 am. Good luck to the rest. All I can say is that I called 2 days ago and I would advise you do the same!

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    Just checked 12:22am and still the 8-12 week message. Filed 1/19. accepted 1/28… This is getting old quickly

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    Accepted 1/28. Just checked 12:04 am and I have a dad date of 1/24!

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    FINALLY!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Accepted 1/28 and at midnight I just received a DD date of 2/23!!! So thrilled you have no idea. Good luck to all of you still waiting.

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    Probably get federal before state wtf

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    Checked my refund status I have a DDD of NEVER

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    Filed 2/9 accepted same day. WMR just updated to return complete, check should be to me by the 20th of February.

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    Accepted 1/15 still the same 8-12 weeks message, sadface.

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    @Sammy and Me:

    Same situation here. 1/19. accepted 1/28. Still generic 8-12 week message. Really wish this would hurry up. Not hating on those who have gotten it already, but… Why are people after us getting it?!?!

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    Ms. G

    After submitting the documents that were requested for the review of my refund on 2/7 , I received a ddd of 2/17 on 2/9. So the turn around time for my review was really fast received dd 2/13 in my Educators Credit Union.

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    Another heads up! Lol
    Called my children’s school to request the info that the state is requesting and she said she’s had to do a bunch of these already!! We’re in a pretty small school so that’s saying allot of people are getting review letters!

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    Same thing that was told to me @Sammy. Mine was also accepted 1/28

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    Called yesterday, they said return is still processing and they don’t show any letter being mailed to me. “It’s just taking awhile” she said.

    Accepted on 1/28, 8-12 week message, Monday will be 3 weeks. ugh!

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    @Ian – are you checking it on a desktop computer or laptop? The reason I ask is that I’ve never heard the return being completed and no dd date. My friend looked on it with her smart phone and I don’t know what phone she has but it did appear like it was completed since the words were so close together, but when she looked on it with her laptop it was clear that it was not completed. I do believe that once your return is marked as completed then a dd date would be there.

    Another thing I’m thinking is maybe the return is completed but they are sending you a letter and that’s why you don’t have a dd date? Just a thought. Hoping it’s not that.

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    Still nothing…😩

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    Still nothing for me 😡🤦🏼‍♀️

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    Mine says “return completed” but no ddd. It was accepted the 28th. Anyone else have this?

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    Still nothing for me.

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    Accepted the 28th still nothing. Very easy return barely getting a refund. Another reason I hate this state it’ just can’t do anything right!!! If I get a letter I’m not doing all that crap they can keep the 300. Ugh!!

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    Original certified birth certificates
    Copies of ss cards
    Statement from clinic or school covering entire year for each child
    Statement from landlord with copies of cancelled check it money order receipt for everything you paid for rent in 2018
    Or if you own your home all property tax info
    Fill out additional paper they send you
    Copies of any Cory docs in regards to placement of children, divorce decree, etc

    Just A HUGE amount of info to gather. A little overwhelming but I need my damn money!!

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    @danielle1526 It just depends. My friend received hers on the date that they gave her and some people on this forum have received it 1-3 days earlier. I don’t know why, but that’s what I’ve been seeing.

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    I filed on February 1 and updated this morning to DDD of 2/21/2019. I have always received my DD early. How many days early does Wisconsin Deposit?

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    Filed and accepted the 28. No movement until yesterday, now completed with direct deposit date on or before 02/17. Hoping that means Friday as the 17th is Sunday and the 18th is Presidents Day (no mail or banking).

    Took a little longer than in previous years but 20 days is really a good turnaround! (Imo)

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    Last year I got my letter from the neighbor a few houses down. Hated that mailman.

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    Just found out from a friend (that filed 6 days after me) that she called this morning and was told that a letter was mailed out to her about fraud and asking her to confirm her identify. So I’m hoping that since the lady told me no letters have been mailed to me that I get a DDD soon.

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    When I called that exactly what they told me too, that it was still processing and that everything looked fine and that it wasn’t showing any letters has been sent….. I agree I wish the site didn’t give such a generic response.

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    8:34 am – Just called the Wisconsin Department of Revenue main number. A woman answered and I started off by apologizing for the call and just said with the recent snow storm, my mailbox was knocked down and I was afraid that if the DOR sent me a letter, that I didn’t receive it. This is true about the mailbox (she doesn’t have to know it was only down for 1 day and I have informed delivery and nothing showed from WI DOR, lol) so again – I’m sorry for the call as I’m sure you’re being flooded with calls at this time, etc. Her tone of HELLO when she first answered the phone was not rude but like ugh here’s another call. I can only assume it’s tiring answering calls especially since the WHERE’S MY REFUND site says that it’s the same information that an agent would provide. After I apologized and told her about the mailbox she was overly nice and empathized with me worrying about a possible letter. She took her time and asked my ss #, name and address and then said that everything looked good on her end and no letters have been sent to me at all and some refunds are just taking longer for the system to process. She apologized and that was it.

    So again good news but I have heard of a few people calling and they say no letter and then all of a sudden they receive a letter so we’ll see. I think the WHERE’S MY REFUND site is great, but I think if they could update it with “At this time, no letter has been sent to you” or “A letter has been sent to you regarding _______” This way we would at least know if a letter was generated from us.

    Good luck to all of us waiting for our refund. It can and has been frustrating especially when people that filed after us have received their refunds already. I don’t depend on the money BUT it would be very helpful right now as I’m going through some things. Also, wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed reading the posts on this site – it is a great forum. I’ll post more if I hear anything else.

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    @JessieJ – Thank you for the info. Just curious, what are they asking for in their letter?

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    I filed on 2/2 due to HR Block’s issues. I received a request in the mail on 2/9 for copies of my w-2, 1099-r, and my gambling winnings document. Sent them electronically 2/10. As of 1 hour ago(2/13) I now have a DDD of 2/21.

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    Just a heads up, if you are still waiting on a DDD and filed awhile ago, you may want to call and see what the hold up is. Last year I didn’t call and just waited, I FINALLY got my review letter towards the middle of March and had no time to do what was needed.
    This year I called and even tho they said I had no letter coming, they couldn’t see ANYTHING wrong, I got the review letter 2 days later. Generated the day BEFORE I called. Now I have ample time to get together the necessary documents I need to send in.

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    No movement for me either.

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    Still nothing for me. 🤬

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    My return isn’t complicated either it’s seriously ridiculous

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    Still nothing

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    Ugh no update here!! C’mon there is no way my return is that complicated!! ALSO, I’d like a reason people who filed way after me are getting dates. This is getting ridiculous!!

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    Still nothing for me 😡😒

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    Mine says “Return Completed” but no deposit date. What does that mean??

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    Finally have a DDD of 2/21! Hoping everyone else gets their DDD soon!

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    Filed and accepted 1/31
    Just updated with a DDD of 2/21

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    Mine did was set for 2/16 but came into my chime account around 10pm. Good luck everybody.

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    Ashley i

    So, I still have no DDD for my WI State or Federal. I filed the 11th, got accepted the 14th for federal and Accepted the 28th for State. I called last week to see if any letters were issued and was told no, the man said I have a pretty standard return and just to hold tight. Well, here we are and NOTHING. Generic 8-12 week message and Path Act message. It’s never taken so long to get my State ever. I feel everyone’s frustration.

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    @Orlando it seems like most people are getting their deposit a day earlier or more. Congrats on getting a dd date. Praying for mine.

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    Orlando Barreto

    I have a DDD of 2/16 which is saturday i believe. ( no direct deposit on weekends) Does that mean ill get it before that or i will have to wait till next tiesday since monday is a holiday

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    Accepted 1/28, still have 8-12 weeks. I called and basically they could tell me nothing that it’s still processing. I was on hold for a LOOOONG time so save your time and don’t call. They will not tell you anything other than what shows on the WHERE’S MY REFUND website.

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    This is crazy my daughter filed and accepted on 2/7 got her deposit already

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    Same exact scenario for me @amanda! It’s frustrating! No letters or anything seriously ridiculous seeing people who filed after me already have their money or have a DDD.

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    Filed 1/19. accepted 1/28. 8-12 week message called again today and was told no letters have been sent. Just processing… Then he said maybe it’s because I have EIC?!? C’MON I need this now

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    Now on day 14 since acceptance, still on 8-12 weeks. This is getting old. Seriously sucks that people that filed a week after me are getting DDD. What number can I call to find out more info?

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    Just outrageous that they haven’t given a DDD in 2 weeks when they tell you to wait 8-12

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    Update: filed 2/2 excepted couple hours later Then couple days 2/4 I had proscessing 8/12 weeks at the bottom it said I had to send income verification and rent certificate which was on 4th. Finally that info has been removed this morning and my status is back to 8/12 weeks . They must have received my documents and hopefully I get a DDD soon.

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    My state finally updated last night filed 1/31. Had to wait for part year resident form cuz i moved to colorado last may. Accepted 2/1 and says dd by 2/17. Federal hasn’t been processed yet.

    #4266412 Reply


    I agree something isn’t right! I just called and opted one of the options for tax refunds and directed me to someone who was not helpful 🙄

    #4266406 Reply


    For those of you that called and spoke to someone what number did you call?

    #4266400 Reply


    @me I’m in the same boat. It was accepted on 1/28 and I’ve been on the 8-12 week message forever. I haven’t received any letters from the state. So very frustrating. Seems like those that filed during that winter storm are getting screwed!

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    I filed on 1/22 state was accepted on 1/28 the day tax season opened and I’m still getting the 8-12 week message I called last week and she said it was just still processing also no letters either so I don’t know what’s going on but seriously ridiculous

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    Still nothing for me 😡

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    Filed and accepted on the 4th of February. Received the direct deposit confirmation for the 17th of February.

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    I filed and was accepted 1/30. I finally woke up to a direct deposit by 2/17. I did call yesterday and asked them what was going on because I always received my state within 10 days. She said everything looked good and it was still processing. So idk if calling made a difference but I finally got movement overnight.

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    Still no update for me either. So frustrating!! 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄😢🤬

    #4266249 Reply


    Still no update. 😭😭😭

    #4266244 Reply


    Still no update 😢😔

    #4266229 Reply


    Looks like we all getting our federals before our state 😂😂😂

    #4266215 Reply


    This is so frustrating. Still no update

    #4266110 Reply


    @aawaiting when I look at my moms this is what it says: Your return has been processed and your refund should be direct deposited into the account provided on your tax return by 02/07/2019.

    #4266049 Reply


    Does the wisconsin wmr only update over night?

    #4266012 Reply


    I don’t get it. Isn’t the DDD the direct deposit date? It tells you when you input your social and amount of your refund. In my case I have the 8-12 week message so there is no DDD yet. 😭

    #4265968 Reply


    Where are you finding the state DDD? I want to clarify I am looking at the right thing.

    #4265961 Reply


    @Ness Maybe I’m looking at the wrong DDD? Where exactly is that located?

    #4265955 Reply


    @aawaiting my bf has the same card he was suppose to get his the 13th and it is on his turbotax card as of this morning..

    #4265935 Reply


    Was accepted on 2/4 with a DDD of 2/11 and haven’t received anything. Turbotax with their prepaid card.

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