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    Wheres My Refund Wisconsin – Share your experience with filing your Wisconsin Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Wisconsin Wheres My Refund? go to Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Please see my post below. I would encourage all of you that are still waiting to call the intercept department. Again, I was in the processing stage for almost 3 weeks and I called and they would say “No letters were sent, nothing is wrong – it’s just taking awhile” Well that was incorrect because if it’s taking a while then they are verifying your information and it is a good possibility that changes are being made on your return by the IRS. So I was supposed to receive a refund on Saturday, but I received it today and it was a lot less than I was supposed to get back. I didn’t know why, called the lady they said everything is fine, no letters sent. I called INTERCEPT division at WI IRS and sure enough, they had sent me a letter this morning that they changed my tax return and it resulted in a lower refund. Only the intercept division would know this – the other departments do not know this so please call tax intercept.

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    Ok here’s an update: I filed on 2/2 and it was accepted the same day. I filed through H&R Block by myself via their website. It’s almost approaching 3 weeks, actually this Saturday will be the official third week. Every day I check it’s still in the processing stage saying 8 to 12 weeks. I finally called today to see if any letters were sent out and the lady that responded said no letters were sent out and all she can see is that it’s still processing. She said they have to verify everyone and make sure everything’s correct so it can take up to 12 weeks, although she said she don’t think it will take 12 weeks. She said just keep waiting and be patient and you’ll get it soon…..Great… I kind of wanted an actual definitive answer on when I will get it but of course they can’t give you that. I usually always get it within a week-week and a half. This is been the longest wait time I’ve ever had to deal with for Wisconsin. Gosh! This is so freaking annoying. I got kids and don’t exactly make a lot of money so I’m relying on this and need it now!

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    This just might be the worst state tax filing season ever.. I filed 2/4 was accepted by Wisconsin same night via turbotax. Sent an email to the Wisconsin DOR last week asking what is going on, and received the same information everyone else is and they just said they received my return on 2/4 and it is in process, and to please allow up to 12 weeks. Unbelievable.. why can’t we have full access to where our money is 24/7? People shouldnt be left in the dark with questions on the little money we get back from Uncle Sam’s big pockets we contribute too everyday..

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    Please look at my latest post below. I called the intercept phone number for WI. I told her that I received my refund direct deposited and it was $557 less than what I expected. She said Oh, we mailed you a letter the morning of 2/21. I said, well that’s today so I wouldn’t have received that yet, lol. She was like oh yeah. I asked for the LETTER ID # so I could access the letter on the WI DOR website. I just printed my letter and it says that the WI DOR made some changes on my return.

    Line 11 – We changed the WI subtraction modification for Medical Care.
    Line 15 – We changed the standard deduction allowed based on your filing status and income
    Line 19 – We changed your gross tax based on taxable income and filing status.

    So with those changes, my refund is $557 less. I’m not understanding this so I will now have to look into this. I file the same way EVERY year, have 5 dependents and it’s been correct every year so I don’t know what’s going on.

    So….for those that are still waiting with no DOR date, please call DOR and see if you owe anything or if they are making changes to your tax return. The number I called was 608-266-7879. If they did mail you a letter – have them give you the LETTER ID# so you can access https://tap.revenue.wi.gov/printletter/_/

    Thanks for reading.

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    Justin T

    I’m over it. I’m gonna stop checking the website, maybe I’ll get the damn thing before summer lmao

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    So I was accepted on 1/28 and was approaching 3 weeks before I received my refund date. It was supposed to be deposited on Saturday but I woke up to my deposit being deposited today although it was around $600 less than it was supposed to be. So now I’m thinking is this why my DD date took so long. I received no letter about the tax intercept and when I called they said the agents can’t tell if the tax is being intercepted. I don’t owe child support, no back taxes so I’m confused about what happened. The only thing I can think about was that I was sued in court for a bill that was around $600. Problem is they already started garnishing my paycheck so last Friday they took $368 out of my paycheck and if tax took the entire amount then I’m due money because I’ve overpaid.

    So, I just want to say even if you don’t think you owe money please give the tax intercept department a call. This has me thinking that’s why my DD date took so long. Again I received no letter (I have the program that shows me what I’m being delivered each day and nothing from IRS). Also if your husband owes (maybe it’s not you) and you file joint then they will intercept if his name was on your tax return. Same if you have a child and they owed something for juvenile court. I will be calling the tax intercept phone number today and I’ll report back.

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    No update here 😡 no letters nothing! Called again yesterday and was told just taking longer to process 🙄 really annoying and super frustrating! Accepted 1/28

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    Nothing….yet again. I’m calling in the morning.

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    I have to be getting audited because this shit is taking forever accepted 1/28 still no updates nothing in the mail as of yet but it has to be coming. Ugh

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    What a surprise no update…. :(

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    Broke down and called today. They sent a letter 2/15, but hasn’t arrived yet :( filed and accepted 2/2

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    Filed 2/4. Accepted a couple days later. Still waiting. Hope everyone hears something soon.

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    Still no update. I’m so tired of checking and never anything

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    Filed 2/11 partial resident. Just checked and my return has been completed but my refund has been offset (what do I owe WI?! I only lived there 5 1/2 months!) and I will recieve the rest of my refund 2/21/19 and a letter about the offset.

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    No update here either…. Uggh

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    Well…no surprise- still no update yet again. I’m to the point where I’m not even going to waste my time checking anymore. Clearly, the state ain’t rushing….maybe I’ll get it by the 4th of July 😠😤😩

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    Still no update here 😡🤦🏼‍♀️

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    Ughhhh my fed is pending in my account but still no info on my state. I swear the past few years state has been real sucky!!!!

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    I called and she said some are taking longer to verify. I told her same job same kids same address the last 8year’s. She said its just how the system works ugh.😞😣

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    Nothing yet… uggh. There is no excuse for this… Uggh pretty easy return. NOTHING new or anything like that. Hope there is a major update tonight

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    Thank you for all that information you posted for everyone. That helped clarify a lot! I appreciate it! 😃

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    I Filed and was accepted for both federal and state on January 29th I have a direct deposit date for federal of the 22nd have both EIC and ECTC. I called the Wisconsin department of revenue for what seems like the 100th time no letters have been sent out still processing don’t understand why they’re not processed in the order they’re accepted especially if the individuals who’ve already received it have the same type of credits this is the longest it’s ever taken me for state

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    Interesting, I didn’t think federal was approving returns early due to the PATH ACT, I filed 1/22 and haven’t gotten any date for federal 🤷🏼‍♀️ As far as state that’s a joke 🙄

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    Yeah my friend has a dd date of 2/22 for the federal and she has the EIC and other stuff. That was the first round of dd dates.

    Still hasn’t received WI…I should say neither of us have dd dates for WI. Getting ridiculous.

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    The first round of federal refunds for people that filed with EIC was 2/22. My friend filed and was accepted before me and she was in that first batch to get her refund 2/22. They are saying the next batch would be 2/27 but we’ll see.

    WI DOR numbers:
    ​​(608) 266-8100

    Toll Free:
    (866) 947-7363

    (414) 227-4907

    I think the above numbers had you enter your ss number and amount and then gave you the status and then hung up on you. I honestly believed I called this number – (608) 266-2772 to talk to someone. This is the number given for Audit of Returns. When I called I just basically said that I was having problems with my mail and my refund was taking longer than past years and I wanted to see if they sent me a letter to verify anything and she was able to answer my questions.

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    I have always had my state back in 7 days or less. This is weird. Fed I get but not really understanding state this year

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    What number do you call to talk to someone

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    I saw that federal is not sending refunds for those with EIC or the ACTC credits until February 27th. Also, I filed 1/22 with turbo tax federal was accepted right away my state was accepted 1/28 when tax season officially opened, my state is still showing the 8-12 week message and I have called twice and they said no letters have been sent and everything is fine just that it’s taking longer to process for some reason, my federal says processing I have both of those credits so I’m not expecting federal until next week, but my State is really frustrating me, I usually have state back within a few days every year, but this year is the longest I have ever had to wait, really annoying!

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    From what they told me, the WI website does only update once. The federal website updates more than once per day (2 times per day but they have longer time frames to update). I was also told from someone that works at DOR that yesterday they did work on President’s day but they did not work on processing actual refunds – they worked on reviewing and verifying refunds and there would be an update tonight. Frustrating I know. Also, I saw on another site, someone had a friend who is a programmer for the IRS and it does not matter what platform you used to file your taxes. So if you used the WI website or H&R Block, that doesn’t mean you would get your taxes first. It’s based on a computer program that randomly selects. So, take this for what it’s worth but that’s what I found out.

    Hoping you all get your refund soon. I would think there would be a massive update tonight. I was accepted on 1/28 and I believe Saturday night (midnight) I received my DD date. Yesterday would have been 3 weeks.

    Also, I know this is form FEDERAL but could also be for State. If your return says STILL PROCESSING then there is something wrong and a letter is being sent to you. If it says PROCESSING then you are ok and you are just waiting on a date. Again I know this is true with federal, maybe not with State but if you have a message that says STILL PROCESSING then that could be why. (Fingers crossed everyone).

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    Not necessarily, my cousin filed with turbo tax after me and she has already gotten her state refund back

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    The way in which you filed seems to be affecting how long it takes. Those filing directly on the state’s website seems to be getting refunds quicker than those filing through an online service (like TurboTax or H&R Block)

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    Yes, @alisha. Once every 24 hours

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    The Wisconsin DOR refund website gets updated only at midnight right?

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    This is ridiculous. Still nothing.

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    Nothing here 😡😡😡

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    Still nothing accepted 1/28

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    Just checked at 12:10am and STILL NOTHING….NO NEW STATUS…WTF. THIS IS SO PATHETIC!!!!😠

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    I’m so annoyed, I got accepted 1/15 and still the same stupid 8-12 week message

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    Unfortunately your right. It seems that they’re in NO rush to push our shit through. If I wake up tomorrow and the status is still the same, I’m literally going to be enraged! 😠😤 As I’m sure everyone else will too.

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    Accepted 1/28, still nothing.

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    @Sammy right?!?! There is no dang reason I don’t. I’m hoping something changes soon… :/


    We apparently will get it when they damn well feel like it.

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    This is absolutely ridiculousz I filed mines on the 28 and nothing yet. Like I’m really irate about this 🙄😡

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    @amanda – I cannot believe you don’t have a date yet. SO RIDICULOUS!!!!

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    Still nothing for me 😡😡😡 absolutely ridiculous

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    Nothing again….omfg. 😩😡

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    3 weeks today and nothing State is playing games will have fed Friday but here waiting for an update from state… 🤬

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    I feel ya! Mine is not that complicated either. I don’t get what the holdup is. Like wtf!!! Hopefully we’ll get ours this week….(we better!) 😁

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    I just checked…still nothing.

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    Still waiting here as well. Filed 1/19. Accepted 1/28. stupid generic 8-12 week message. Have also called twice. I was told that it’s just taking awhile to process. I agree that it’s ridiculous that people who filed way after me already have DDD and/or their money. Tuesday will be 3 weeks and I think I’m going to call again. My dang return isn’t that complicated and nothing has changed!

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    I filed on 1/29 accepted the same day and I have been on processing 8-12 weeks since. So I am hoping for an update soon.

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    Brittany, your money will most likely be deposited by midnight or tomorrow at the latest since it’s the weekend. Either way, you’ll have it within 24 hours!

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    Update: Filed on 2/2 and still says 8-12 weeks. Hopefully it will update with a ddd at midnight tonight since its the weekend. For those that received a ddd or already got their refund who filed after, I’m happy for…it just doesn’t make any logical sense for ppl who filed after others to receive a ddd…I don’t get it. It should be in order one would think, right?

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    Still no update for me. Filed TT on 1/22 accepted on 1/28 and still have the 8-12 weeks message with no letters sent. I’ve called twice and have been told everything looks good and just taking longer to process…. ugh so frustrating!!!!!!!!

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    Filed on 02/02 and got accepted same day. Within the last week I got a DDD of 02/17. I have the emerald card through h&r block.. It’s 02/17 and my refunds not there. :( I checked the WMR and the DDD still says on or before the 17th..

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    I have a pending deposit for my account that is very different from the amount I thought I was getting. I dont owe anything and I havent received anything saying a reason. When or how will I find out what happened?

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    Filed on 1/28 accepted 1/29. Sitting on 8-12 weeks. It just says if we requested additional information please allow 8 weeks to process. But I still havent received a letter. The number i called doesnt verify if i was a sent a letter or not. No

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    Filed on 1/28 accepted 1/29. Sitting on 8-12 weeks. It just says if we requested additional information please allow 8 weeks to process. But I still havent received a letter. The number i called doesnt verify if i was a sent a letter or not.

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    Lisa Sue

    Filed/accepted 2/7. Submitted electronic documents required on 2/9 for Homestead Credit. WMR has said 8-12 weeks until this morning, now there’s a DDD 2/24.

    #4273463 Reply


    Filed accepted 1/28 still waiting. Looks like a lot of people that filed on the 28th are getting screwed.

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    Amanda Erpenbach

    filed 1/19. accepted 1/28. Still no dang update. As frustrated as the rest. called twice just told taking longer to process.

    #4273361 Reply


    Accepted 1/28, still sitting on 8-12 weeks. Did this to me last year too. Watching people who got letters to send things in and still get a date before me, is crazy. I’m waiting till i hit 21 days and then calling. I have no idea why so many other people get it so fast but I wish I knew what they were doing lol

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    No update for me either, I filed on 1/22 and was accepted right away on 1/28. I’ve called twice and no letters have been sent I was told it was just taking longer to process. Ridiculous

    #4273294 Reply


    This is getting real aggravating. My friend filed on the 9th and already has a DDD..

    #4272853 Reply


    So I filed and my state was accepted on 2/2 (would have been filed a few days earlier but H&R Block had an issue with filing Wisconsin State returns. I just checked again today and it’s still saying 8 to 12 weeks. I’ve called twice to make sure that nothing was intercepted and the second time the lady said that it looks like no letters were sent out and everything looks good and I should get it soon. I’m just getting so frustrated that it’s been a while now and I still have not received any update. My sister-in-law filed on the 31st and she got her money deposit in her account on the 8th…literally filed, accepted, and deposited within a freaking week! Wtf…. So ridiculous! Why are some ppl getting their shit within a week while others are waiting numerous weeks without even receiving any update or DDD? I’m so freaking annoyed. I need this money and I’ve been waiting a while now and am starting to lose hope! 😭😱😩

    #4271995 Reply


    Yes the Madison number

    #4271934 Reply


    What number are you calling is it a Madison number?

    #4271160 Reply


    My DD date was today (2/15). I checked my account and nothing. So I checked the where’s my state refund website again, and it no longer tells me a date and it’s gone back to saying 8-12 weeks…ummm… what!?!

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    Filed 2/2 and accepted same day .. after waiting forever and sending income verification and rent certificate finally
    Woke up today with a DD 2/23🙌🏼🙌🏼

    #4271392 Reply


    Same boat as you. Accepted the 28th filed the 26th. Call for them to tell me no letters no problems just taking longer. Never have had this issue before and hope to never have it again.

    #4271294 Reply


    Filed the 21st accepted the 28th still have not recieved a DDD. Finally gave in and called this morning. Was told it was being held up but wants t sure why. No letters have been issued or anything. Just got I’m not sure what’s going on with it but you should receive it in 3-12 weeks from being accepted.
    It’s frustrating to see people who have filed after the 28th getting their deposits already.

    #4271234 Reply


    While I sm happy for everyone that has filed and received or gotten a ddd, it is frustrating when I was accepted on the 29th and still have nothing. And when you call it’s still being processed and no issues. How can returns accepted 10 days after mine already have ddd, I am so frustrated.

    #4271208 Reply


    was accept on 2/4/19 says still processing….ugh

    #4271096 Reply


    Still nothing. This is frustrating

    #4271075 Reply


    My DDD of 2/21 is now in at my credit union as a pending transaction to be deposited on 2/19. If I had been smart enough to also get my state put on my prepaid card, I would have had the money today. :(

    But, at last I know it’s there and I’ll have it by Tuesday!

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    What numbers do you all call to speak to someone. I was accepted the 28th. I want to check

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