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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Wisconsin – Share your experience with filing your Wisconsin Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Wisconsin Wheres My Refund? go to Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Day 23… Still no sign of impending refund… Maybe it’s lost?

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    Finally notification of DD on 2/26. Filed 1/27 and accepted 2/28. Not sure what took so long!

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    Day 22… Still no signs of any life at WI DOR in 3 weeks… Maybe the ones working on my return all got lost…

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    21 days and still processing. Pretty basic filing and same as last year, and I had that dd in 10 days, What is going on??????

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    Same. I’m starting to think even with path I’ll get my federal refund first this year.

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    Day 21… Still processing. Beginning to think their computer that is processing mine may have broken…

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    I filed 02/03/2020 accepted the same day for both fed and state. i have the still processing message. last year i filed 01/27/2019 and dd on 02/08/19. i work for the State so i thought if i called i could get a little more info but nope i was told no letters but i should wait a few more weeks yes weeks i dont know what is going on with wisconsin

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    Still processing… Have been for 20 days now. Seems most people I talk to are getting their Wisconsin refunds in 10 days or less. Ugh.

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    Ugh. Wisconsin. You’re killing me here.

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    Filed 1/27 and accepted 1/28. Still processing. Ugh.

    #4349645 Reply

    I remember being a week behind my bf last year,so if it’s any different this year I will really wonder what’s up, I knew I wasn’t alone!

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    Same boat… Been waiting for what seems like forever. People that filed and accepted the week after I did have gotten their refunds already, and mine is STILL processing. Nothing has changed, claimed the same dependents for the past 12 years now. No idea what the hold up is.

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    Filed 1/21, processing, no offsets nothing new for dependents, bf filed a week later and already got his money. I dont understand why my Wisconsin return is taking so long. Anyone else iin that boat?

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    Cassie Milchner

    Second Bar 30th still have it. No letters or anything

    #4348247 Reply

    Yay ddd 2-21!

    #4348229 Reply

    Finally updated to DDD of 2/18!!!

    #4347647 Reply

    @ Mo
    It took about 10days for my ID verify but as soon as I verified the next morning I had my ddd which is 2/16

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    Federal Banks DO NOT deposit on weekends. The date that’s provided is received BY date meaning you should get the deposit no later than the date given. It seems the last few years the date is deposit 2 days ahead of time. My dd was 02/15 I can see the deposit pending in my account and it wiil be available on 02/13 which is 2 days ahead of 02/15. Hope this helps

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    Federal banks don’t run on weekends but the deposit date isn’t the date the transaction is initiated, its the day it’s expected to be completed. That’s why many people actually get their deposit a day or two above the date. That’s why a did can be on a weekend or holiday.

    For those who got a letter in the mail asking for verification of something, how long did it take for you to get the letter after getting the 8-12 week “processed” message?

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    Filed 1-22, accepted 1-30. No homestead credit or anything else additional. Used my id. Still waiting. First come, last serve? Lol

    #4347017 Reply

    Filed 1/29 updated 2/1 with ddd of 2/8 received 2/6. Also for those that keep getting id reviewed, husband every year gets reviewed except this year the only difference is we put in his dl # when we filed and it wasn’t reviewed this year. Also for those that asked being a pather doesn’t effect state refunds.

    #4346771 Reply

    How often does WMR update? It seems like people see updates throughout the day. Thank you!

    #4346767 Reply
    Cuore Italiano

    Because federal banks do not run on weekends ??

    My ddd is the 15th, just saw its pending in acct for 13th.

    #4346710 Reply

    My deposit date is 2/15, so yes it is possible to have a deposit on the weekend. Why wouldn’t it be?

    #4346632 Reply

    My sisters deposit actually came through on a Saturday.

    #4346600 Reply
    Cuore Italiano

    Sorry for possible redundant question.. what is the deal with ddd’s being on the weekend? I also saw someone say their deposit hit the account on the 8th.. which is impossible. I’m assuming it was the 7th and they didn’t see it until Sat. How many days before anticipated ddd are you seeing the deposit come in? Especially on a weekend ddd?


    #4346521 Reply

    @Jill 8-12 weeks is generic..

    #4346388 Reply

    filed 1/29/20
    accepted 1/31/20 (longest it ever took at accept)..
    I sat on processing 8-12 weeks with no update while everyone who filed after me was already getting their dates and money deposited

    finally updated today 2/11/20 with DDD for 2/16/20

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    Is the 8-12 week message just generic? I filed yesterday and checked it today and that’s what it’s showing. I have that message with a video on identity theft, I think lol I didn’t watch it. This is the first time I’ve filed on my own not using a service, I honestly don’t really remember checking Wisconsin’s WMR at all so I’m just curious.

    #4346001 Reply

    @Angela last year I ID verified as did one of my friends she got hers quick I didn’t this year I verified yesterday about 4:30pm and got my date this morning. Last year didn’t see anything until March year before same. I was an early filer didn’t get accepted until the 29th

    #4345972 Reply

    It doesn’t matter when I file, it takes me weeks longer than most people every year.

    #4345878 Reply

    Anyone ever had their kids other parents taxes offset for child support arrears? If so how long until you saw the money?

    #4345809 Reply

    Return paid to offsets this morning. Assume I would have had a ddd of 2/16 this morning. Accepted 27th approved 28th

    #4345800 Reply

    Still Have the 8-12 week message. I filed early but was accepted 1/27. ID verified 2/4.
    Last year I didn’t ID verify but waited until March to get my refund and I was accepted opening day. I guess next year I need to wait to file until at least late February.

    #4345680 Reply

    I was one of the early filers held up waiting. Finally approved today with ddd 2/16.

    #4345648 Reply

    ID verified and have a ddd of 2/16 about time.

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    Processing since 1-27. Filed homestead w/ two different addresses. Always used to get my return fast but past couple years has been terrible..last year I had to wait until mid may.

    #4345208 Reply

    I just got ID verification did that today lets see how long it takes for this to happen.

    #4345101 Reply
    Cassie Milchner

    Rather worried… been stuck on processing sense the 2nd day of opening.

    #4344244 Reply

    State ddd 2/13 recieved dd om netspend on 2/9 @850pm

    #4343922 Reply

    Anyone else have a ddd for 2/13?? Any updates so far, prepaid cards?

    #4343771 Reply

    Congrats to anyone approved! Still waiting here. Damn offsets..

    #4343763 Reply

    @Kz thats great! Hope more people get their dates soon and dont have to wait forever!

    #4343736 Reply

    Last year I filed early and waited for my ddd while watching everyone else who filed after me, get their money within days. This year, I filed 2/5,accepted same day, and got a ddd of 2/15 on 2/8.

    #4343169 Reply

    My DDD was 2/12 but it hit my account this morning

    #4342787 Reply

    Finally!!! Filed and accepted 1/27, just got a dd 2/15. Yes 3 kids, filing joint with standard deduction.

    #4342729 Reply

    Anyone got their refund yet who has 3 kids, filed with my husband standard deduction. Filed and accepted 1/27

    #4342730 Reply

    Finally updated filed 1/28 accept 0/29. Approved 02/08 Ddd 2/15

    #4342401 Reply

    Filed 2-3
    Accepted 2-4
    Mailed homestead form 2-4
    DDD 2-13

    #4341847 Reply

    TRICIA same here. Every year it never fells. I filed on the 01/28 accepted 01/29 and just sit. I promise after this year i’m not filling until February. I seem to always get caught up in the day opening or something!

    #4341782 Reply

    Why is it the same of us every year who don’t get their ddd? Filed 1/28 accepted 1/29 and still no movement past that. My sister already got her refund. They do this every year.

    #4341774 Reply

    @jede if u get it earlier than your date can you post as well so others know how early it came :) happy for ur date

    #4341760 Reply

    Filed/accepted 2/4
    Today shows direct deposit date of 2/14
    Fingers crossed

    #4341617 Reply

    @danielle1526. My ddd is the 13th and i have netspend. Really hoping i get mine before monday ;)

    #4341557 Reply

    Filed and accepted 2/1/2020

    Approved 2/4/2020

    DDD 2/12/2020

    DD hit my bank 2/7/2020

    #4341525 Reply

    Still no movement for me my mom and bf got theirs back already and we all were accepted on the same day 1/29. Last year I didn’t get state until early March. Guess I will just wait on my fed.

    #4340757 Reply

    Filed/accepted 1/25. Still processing.
    Had a review 2 years ago and that took 16 weeks. I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again. Ughh

    #4340451 Reply

    Approved- 2/4
    I just received my refund in my account 2/7 9:30 am.

    #4340158 Reply

    Filed 1/11, accepted 1/27… Had the generic 8 to 12 week message so I called yesterday to find out what the problem was they said a letter was sent to me to verify my EIC even though I’ve claimed the same dependence for 17 years. So now I have to wait for the letter before I can get my couple hundred dollars from the state of Wisconsin.

    #4340111 Reply

    Filed -1/27
    Accepted – 1/27 @ 11:50pm
    Approved – 2/6
    Ddd – by 2/13

    I seen some ddd for the 9th which is a sunday, and feel like they completely skipped the 11th
    Did anyone get a ddd for the 11th?

    #4339643 Reply

    Accepted 1/28 … updated to 8-12 week message 1/30… still at that point. Sighhhhhhhh

    #4339563 Reply

    Smallerthanapaycheck was it an automated system or did u talk to someone?

    #4339553 Reply

    Site isn’t updating so I called. Got a ddd of 2/12. Got my federal today. Only had CTC. filed 1/21 accepted 1/28

    #4339423 Reply

    No matter when I file I always seem to wait past people who file after me. This is the 3rd year in a row. I filed 01/28 accepted 01/29 and still waiting with the 8-10 week message. Hopefully, it updates sometime this week.

    #4339358 Reply


    They would only ask for rent certificate if you filed homestead credit.

    #4339352 Reply

    Submitted: 1/30
    Accepted: 1/30
    DDD: 2/9
    I had CTC for one kid, not sure if that matters as much for state.

    #4339221 Reply

    I filed 1/27 and was accepted in the early AM hours of 1/28. And I sit with the 8-12 week message. It’s so frustrating! A few of my friends have already gotten their returns back! I hope I get my DDD soon.

    #4339184 Reply


    I filed and was accepted on 2/3. The following day I had the 8-12 week message and a request to send in my rent certificate. Have never had to send one before. Has anyone had this happen?

    #4339009 Reply

    I filed on 1/28, ddd of 2/8 and I see it pending in my account so it will be there tomorrow.

    #4338864 Reply

    Has anyone received refund in their account before the ddd? Mine is 2/7

    #4338794 Reply

    Files my state on 2/2/20 woke up this morning 2/5 With a ddd of 2/12. This is the fastest my state has ever been processed. However I am only getting a couple hundred back.

    #4338775 Reply

    Got my DDD this morning- 2/12/20

    I sat at the 8-12 week message for a few days, then last night it changed to “been processed and most are sent by 8 weeks” then woke up to DDD. Don’t lose hope!

    #4338773 Reply

    Finally a deposit date 2/12/

    #4338761 Reply

    This is getting frustrating! Third year in a row I’ve seen so many accepted the same day (or later) get their DDD and refunds while I am sitting here still waiting with no reasonable explanation.

    #4338744 Reply

    Filed and accepted the 28th… just got a deposit date of the 12th! Phew.

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