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    Wheres My Refund Wisconsin – Share your experience with filing your Wisconsin Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Wisconsin Wheres My Refund? go to Wisconsin Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Barb I was reviewed 2 years ago and I believe it took about 5 weeks.

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    Anyone have a message saying their return is being reviewed for Wisconsin? Just wondering how long it usually takes?

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    Filed 1/21 accepted 1/22 federal. Not showing up in WI yet at all.

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    Filed 1/18/18 accepted same day. Review path message on 1/23/18 for Federal. Woke up this morning 1/26/18 yo a deposit date for my Wisconsin state to be deposited.

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    Filed 4/18 via TaxAct
    Accepted 4/19- with an 8-12 week lead time per WMR
    Processing Complete 4/21- went from 8-12 weeks to completely done in the span of 4 hours.
    DDD by 4/28- but Feds may offset for balance due for 2017. We shall see…

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    I filed 2/27 accepted 2/28 and its not 3/30 and still have the Wisconsin 8-12 week message

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    Just trying to see why my state is taking so long I already got my federal has anyone got their state I have netspend

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    Checked late last night and got a DDD of 2/25.

    Accepted: 1/23
    DDD: 2/25

    I don’t know if it took longer because I’m dealing with PATH with my federal but this is the longest my state has ever taken.

    #4169849 Reply

    Finally got a DDD of 2/19. I’m hoping it gets here by Friday :)

    #4167882 Reply
    Little jimmy

    I filed 1/27 and acepted on 1/27 still nothing.i called they said no notes still processing?????

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    Mine was filed 1/24 deposited 2/01 with ddd of 2/02 but my husbands was filed 1/31 and his didn’t update he received a letter in the mail 2/07 for Id verification so he called and verified and his was updated this morning with ddd of 2/18. If you haven’t been approved yet check your mail for a letter from Wisconsin dor

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    state accepted 1/24 ddd 2/12 actual ddd 2/10 Wisconsin

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    guess if you have a Sunday as ddd, it comes Friday.

    just for future reference.

    got my state of WI today! yay!

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    So both my federal and state were accepted 1/23. My federal won’t process until next week because this is our last year getting EIC.

    But whyyyy is my state taking so long? I got it within 10 days of acceptance last year.

    #4166320 Reply

    Received my deposit today had a DDD 02/12 filed 01/23

    #4165044 Reply

    Well woke up this morning and finally ddd of 2/16/17. Better late than never. Good luck to the rest of you

    #4163787 Reply

    My son had a 2/12 DDD and recv. it last night on his NetSpend card
    I also have the same DDD but mine is being deposited into my bank account and it hasn’t shown up yet. I think it will show up overnight and be there by tomorrow. If I remember right, those with NetSpend usually get the deposited a business day before those who have it deposited into their bank accounts

    #4162744 Reply

    My DDD was for the 8th, but I got it the night of the 5th.

    #4162713 Reply

    I’ve heard Thursday’s. but yeah I thought the 12th was a bit wonky. I’ve always gotten mine 2-3 days before the DDD they gave.

    #4162708 Reply

    DOES ANYONE ELSE….think its odd to get a will be deposited by a SUNDAY? 2/12 like there is something wonky?

    what day of the week does WI do their dd’s????

    #4162460 Reply

    Well another 2 days have passed and still no ddd. This is ridiculous. Filed and accepted 2/23/17

    #4162058 Reply

    got DDD today of by 2-15. originally accepted 1-17

    #4161976 Reply

    Filed 2/3, got approval this morning with a DDD of 2/15, hope it deposits early.

    #4161716 Reply

    also…looks like deposits are Thursdays….

    #4161714 Reply

    ok…so if it says the 12th (Sunday) will it come the previous week or the later week…kinda crazy to have a ddd on the weekend isn’t it?

    #4161668 Reply

    The website updates after midnight

    #4161436 Reply

    Congrats to those who have rcvd a date, I filed 1/23 accepted 1/24 and still nothing besides 8-12 weeks 😣 does the site update at certain times? I’m hoping to see a change soon.

    #4161435 Reply

    Congrats to those who have rcvd a date, I filed 1/23 accepted 1/24 and still nothing besides 8-12 weeks 😣 does the site update at certain times? I’m hoping to see a change soon.

    #4161405 Reply

    Received a DDD 02/12 today filed 1/23…Finally an update!

    #4161356 Reply

    Finally – filed two weeks ago and finally recv. 2/12 as a DDD

    #4160433 Reply

    Filed directly through state website. Filed 1/23, accepted 1/24. Finally got a DDD today of 1/12. It has never taken this long before!

    #4160200 Reply

    Filed mine through TurboTax and they held it until the tax processing was open for state and federal. Received Fed 2 weeks ago. I have always received my state first. Just ridiculous.

    #4159961 Reply

    So I called w.d.o.r. Just to see if they could or would tell me anything. I told him that people that filed after me are getting ddds already while mine says still processing so i asked if maybe my taxes were being intercepted or if maybe they were requesting more info, and the response he gave me was at this point there is nothing show interception or more info for my return and that it is not unusual for a return to take the full 12 weeks to be processed. I really hope that’s not the case for those of us still waiting. I was accepted 1/23/17. No ddd yet. On another note, for those of us waiting for federal due to the path act, my buddy just received his federal return today and he claimed e.i.c. And c.t.c. Strange but hopefully more of us will see ours early.

    #4159785 Reply

    It’s why I don’t file until after they officially start tax season. It seems like early filers have a higher chance of being delayed.

    #4159712 Reply

    I was accepted 1/17 and I still am being processed with no DDD either. Very strange… it seems like the ones that were accepted early are being processed last…

    #4159410 Reply

    DDD of 2/8 – just showed up in my account tonight. Best of luck to you guys.

    #4159246 Reply

    Accepted 1/17, still no DD. Maybe by next year I’ll get my refund….gotta love it.

    #4159193 Reply

    I also have a date of 2/11. See ya’ll next year :)

    #4159092 Reply

    Accepted 1/17 and FINALLY see a DDD of 2/11 today. Longest it’s ever taken for WI for me.

    #4159029 Reply

    Same here, federal and Wisconsin both accepted 1/23/17. I have claimed EIC and CTC so I know fed will take a lil while but Wisconsin still says 8-12 weeks. No more info needed as of yet so idk what’s going on. It worries me that I haven’t got a ddd yet. I never waited this long for a ddd unless I was being garnished but then still it would have said something about that by now as it has previous years.

    #4158830 Reply

    Filed on 1/23 and also still getting the video with the 8-12 week message. Very frustrating. I do know in previous years the deposit made my account long before they updated on Where My Refund. But this is the longest wait I’ve ever had.

    #4158696 Reply

    I don’t know about you guys but my return was accepted on 1/17 through Turbo Tax. I’m reading through some of these replies and many of you were accepted after mine was and I still get the 8-12 week message. his is totally ridiculous. This is the reply I received from the state:

    Standard processing time may take up to 8-12 weeks. We have not requested any further information from you at this time, your return is still in process. Please allow more time for your return to be processed.

    If they are not asking me for further info, then what the hell is taking so long??

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    @Joe –

    My return was finally accepted late last night. I sent a support message to Credit Karma asking about it on Wednesday but haven’t heard back. Regardless, hopefully yours is moving now too.

    The WI WMR site already has updated that they received it and are processing the return – typical 8-12 weeks message for now.

    #4158508 Reply

    Finally… I woke up this morning to a state DDD, “Your return has been processed and your refund should be direct deposited into the account provided on your tax return by 02/11/2017”

    #4157904 Reply

    @ mandyhasaband: I guess the 25th is unlucky! Hopefully it will update over the weekend.

    #4157855 Reply

    I remember one year the site never updated, and I got my money. It just seems to be dragging this year. I guess the 25th was an unlucky day to file :)

    #4157804 Reply

    @ mandyhasaband : I think they update overnight, but I am not for sure. I feel like a few years ago I checked in the morning once and my state was not approved, but then I checked again in the afternoon and it was.

    It looks like you and I are in the same situation. accepted on the 25th.

    #4157777 Reply

    Same message for me, too. Anyone know how often they update their site?

    #4157729 Reply

    I still have the same 8-12 weeks message this morning…

    @ Jerry – there is a federal offset phone number that you can call and see if there will be any offsets taken. (800) 304-3107

    #4157643 Reply

    @brewcrew87 … Same situation, filed 1/27 with Credit Karma, no WI acceptance, and no updates from Credit Karma.

    #4157594 Reply

    @ Jerry. I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. I had a state offset a few years back and they actually took it out over 2 years but they never touched my federal.

    #4157505 Reply

    My entire state return was taken to pay an unpaid City of Madison Ambulance bill. It didn’t cover the whole bill.

    Can Wisconsin take the rest of the bill from my Federal return?

    #4157157 Reply

    filed and accepted 1/25. Got my federal yesterday, still getting the 8-12 week message with state. no changes from last year. Usually I get my state before federal.

    #4157019 Reply

    Question – anyone here file with Credit Karma? I took the leap of faith this year, and I filed my WI taxes on the 28th. They have STILL not been accepted. Reached out to Credit Karma to see what the deal is and haven’t heard back.

    Already have a DD date for my federal returns… Wondering if anyone has had their WI returns accepted AFTER January 28th.

    #4157006 Reply

    Accepted on 1/17. Still showing Processing and 8-12 weeks. Nothing special about my return. Already received federal back. weird…

    #4156994 Reply

    I have a DDD of by 2/5(Sunday) any estimate when I might actually get it? I am using NetSpend if that would make a difference.

    #4156914 Reply

    Still have the same lame message this morning… :) Accepted 1/25, allow up to 12 weeks… Hopefully by the weekend there will be some movement. Nothing is different on my return this year. So I do not know what problem could exist, if any.

    #4156900 Reply

    accepted 1/24..dd 2/4 …just was deposited 2/2

    #4156887 Reply

    Got a ddd of 2/9 this morning.

    #4156831 Reply

    Just checked….accepted 24th…approved 2nd…..ddd by the 9

    #4156714 Reply

    I still have the processing 8-12 weeks message… Maybe by the weekend it will change.

    #4156499 Reply

    Filed 1/23, accepted 1/24, still no dd. Still have the 8-12 weeks message. Could really use my money this week… Vehicle broke down this a.m. And because of EIC, have to wait at least 2 more weeks for Federal. This is so stupid. Grrr

    #4156415 Reply

    Filed 27th, accepted 28th. This morning I have a DDD of 2/8

    #4156328 Reply
    Mr S

    Got ID verification letter yesterday. After completing the process, now says to check back in 6 business days for status.

    #4156286 Reply

    Filed 1/24 accepted 1/25 and still on the please wait 12 weeks to receive your return message for state.

    #4156208 Reply

    accepted 1/24 dd 2/4 …h&r …but get to wait till 2/15 for federal

    #4155615 Reply

    Anyone who got accepted on 1/25 have an update from Wisconsin? I know last year, my return was accepted and approved on the day of opening. Just curious if anyone accepted on the 25th have been approved yet

    #4155613 Reply

    Anyone who got accepted on 1/25 have an update from Wisconsin? I know last year, my return was accepted and approved on the day of opening. Just curious if anyone accepted on the 25th have been approved yet.

    #4154301 Reply

    Again sorry…accepted 1/24

    #4154297 Reply

    Sorry 12 weeks

    #4154295 Reply

    So before approved in wis what did the website message say…mine was accepted on1/20/17 and says please allow up to 1w weeks to review

    #4153101 Reply

    WI refund was deposited in my account this morning. That’s a week turn around for state. The IRS should follow this example.

    #4152760 Reply

    Filed on Monday, 1/23, accepted same day (1/23). Today (1/25) it says my return has been completed and will receive DD by 2/1.

    #4152684 Reply

    Filed my WI on 1/18/17. Can’t remember for sure when accepted, but was within a day or so. Have a DDD of by 1/28/17. So probably tomorrow as Thursdays seems to be when WI usually does DD.

    #4152285 Reply
    Mr S

    Accepted late last night, standard 8-12 week message shown

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