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    Wheres My Refund Wisconsin – Share your experience with filing your Wisconsin Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Wisconsin Wheres My Refund? go to Wisconsin Department of Revenue

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    so note to everyone if you have to submit for a ID verification check then your refund wont start processing until the day you complete your verification. jusyt saying thats what i was told when i called earlier….

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    Does anyone know how often the system is updated? I’m sick of waiting for this shit. Filed and accepted in January, got my federal weeks ago. Tried calling and they said nothing is wrong and that is processing. I’ve received nothing in the mail.

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    Filed on 1/30 and accepted. Federal received on2/22 and this morning I received a DDD from State of Wisconsin for 3/9. It’s about time. Good Luck everyone.

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    Just Pissed

    Filed: 2/4
    Accepted: 2/5

    Fiancé filed 15 minutes before I did with TT and she received hers within 2 weeks (before Fed).

    This is pure BS! 8-12 week message like most. I don’t necessarily “need” the money, it’s the principle. At this point I wouldn’t have a problem waiting if the status was clearly communicated.

    I understand they’re utilizing a 3rd party to audit returns; something has to be going wrong. This sounds oddly familiar, similar to how employers hire 3rd party auditors for benefits – “Hey we can save you X millions of dollars in fraud with no impact to the tax payer, just pay us X millions of dollars.” – total lies. I work in IT and I get the ID theft part but someone’s head needs to roll for this SNAFU.

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    Filed 1/30 and accepted. Federal received 2/22. Wisconsin still saying 8-12 weeks. I called last week and no letters. Don’t know what’s going on.

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    Filed 1/29, accepted 1/30. Already received fed. Going on 5 weeks waiting for WI. This is ridiculous.

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    Still waiting 5 weeks tomorrow. Filed and Accepted 1//31 Spoke with someone last week and it’s starting to get noticed, but we’ll see.

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    Angela @arose07

    Filled and accepted 02/02, still has 8-12 week message… called and no delays noted just “still processing” which I’m getting a little irked with hearing over and over again. Everyone else I know has gotten theirs back and some filed after I did.

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    And still waiting filed 2/2/18 still stuck 8-12 week time to call again.

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    Filed and accepted 2/6 was showing 8-12 weeks.
    Checked last night and processed complete with a DDD 3/10

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    Well, I’m going on 5 weeks now and I REALLY need my money!! This has been ridiculous! I have never waited so long on ANY state! Called and talked to a lady who said basically anyone and everyone with EIC and/or Homestead would be automatically audited but had no letters for me at all…just a waiting game at this point! I know SO many people tho that have the credits and received theirs a week or two later after filing. SO FRUSTRATED!

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    Well, it’s officially been 4 weeks. Still on the processing message. This crap is ridiculous. Come tf on Wisconsin.

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    What is the number to call?

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    Kathe Handlin

    Accepted 2/4 still 8-12 week message. My sister filed last week for a dd last night for the 10th. I don’t get it. Both of us have kids filed head of household. She got a letter to id verify on Thursday and already has a date. I called they say no letters have been sent for me

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    Angela @arose07

    Still waiting…. 4 weeks yesterday. Checked this monrning and still says 8-12 weeks. I sure as hell hope it’s got a deposit date next week as this is getting ridiculous.

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    Filed 1/25/18
    Accepted 1/26/18
    Still stuck on 8-12 week processing message.

    I called and spoke to someone yesterday who stated they were still reviewing but he did say he did not see any red flag or they would’ve sent a letter (he also said as of yesterday nothing in system being mailed to me). Told me to give it another week as they normally
    issue within 3 weeks..

    One of my friends filed on 1/29/18 and is still on 8-12 week message.

    Another friend filed 2/2/18 and yesterday 2/7 she got a ddd of 2/9. We all had the same circumstances so not sure why she was processed before us. Lucky her!!

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    Filed 1/26 -TurboTax
    Accepted 1/29
    2/7 (Today) – 8-12 wk processing message still

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    Filed 1/18/18 accepted same day. Review path message on 1/23/18 for Federal. Woke up this morning 1/26/18 yo a deposit date for my Wisconsin state to be deposited.

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    Taxatic do you know why the state website is down?

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    File my 2015 tax return 1/19/16. Got accepted the same day. My state refund is only showing that the process has been accepted and is being reviewed. It says to allow 8-12 weeks for processing. I’ve been trying to log onto the WI “where’s my refund” site all day but it won’t load. Anyone else experiencing these issues?

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    I have a ddd of by the 01/29, normally it would give an exact date but they must of changed the wording. Just glad it’s schedule to be deposited.

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    My state was refund was in my bank today, two days earlier than what the intial date was (1/27).

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    Filed with Turbo Tax 1/12/16, showed as accepted same day. Started processing 1/19-1/20, return complete 1/22/16. Offset taken and ddd for 1/27/16

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    My Wisconsin was accepted on 1/20/2016 and on 1/21/2016 my return was complete. It says that my refund should be deposited by 1/27/2016. Wisconsin is moving really fast this year!

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    Used Taxslayer filed 1-16, fed accepted 1-18, state accepted 1-19. Check WI revenue dept today 1-20. Pizza pie all complete, “Your return has been processed and your refund should be direct deposited into the account provided on your tax return by 01/27/2016.”

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    3 boxes:
    Return Received Return Processing Return Completed

    Your return has been processed and your refund should be direct deposited into the account provided on your tax return by 02/05/2015.

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    after having the 8-12 week msg got msg saying refund will be deposited by 2/5

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    Has anyone received a refund yet?
    What messages are you seeing at each of the three sections of the tracker?

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    Has anyone received a Wisconsin state ddd yet? Also, when you use the tracker, what message are you getting? What’s standard for the second section?

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    acceoted 2-4-14 and still nothing.. both fed and state still say still processing.

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    I received my Federal refund today but my State of Wisconsin status still says processing. Very frustrating

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    Mine was accepted on the fifth and have seen no change in the website as far as my refund? Years past it was usually five days?

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    Anyone get their Wisconsin refund today? I was accepted on Feb. 3rd and still nothing???

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    excuse me 2/2/14 not 13.

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    Mine was accepted on 2/2/13 and I still have not received my refund??? Today is 2/11. I efiled like I always do and already paid the fees through turbotax. Usually state is the fastest. Still no refund and the wisconsin state refund status website is a total fucking joke!! does not give you a refund date or anticipated date like they used too???? Say’s Efile can take up to 3 weeks after acceptance? REALLY? Why is that?

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    Nope, filed and accepted on 1-31-14. Slow ass to take money, slow to send it back.

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    Anyone have a DD yet i do not I was accepted 1/30

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    Still nothing for me either. Filed and accepted 1/31. At least I’m not alone!

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    Accepted 1/29 still nothing, I have the 8-12 week message :(

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    @desperatelywaiting: I am in the same boat. I was accepted on 1/29. No update for me yet.

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    Accepted 1/29 and still have the 8-12 week message. Anyone else in the same boat? I see that a lot of individuals updated last night.

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    Just like Dreama finally got a date 3/9!

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    Check refund statues.. Finally updated around midnight.. mine had been saying 8-12 weeks for a month.. n finally updated with a deposit date,,,

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    Check Refund statues.. It was updated Right around midnight.. Mine has been saying 8-12 weeks for ever n finally has been completed…

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    Finally broke down and called the department of revenue. Was told there were no letters or red flags on my account. That it can take 3-4 weeks and I was on week 3 (I’m actually starting week 4) and in some cases it can take up to 12 weeks. So not really anything new for information.

    Filed and accepted 2/6

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    @Catree31: I am in the same boat. No update for me. I was accepted on the 29th too.

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    I filed 1/26/2018
    Accepted 1/29/2018
    Still in 8-12 weeks processing mode

    However I just prepared a familty member’s return on FreeTaxUsa and there was a message that stated that my state (WI) would not complete and update most returns until March 1st! Its March 1st, still no update or DDD.

    Can anyone tell me what time of day the DOR normally hits your account?

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    Filed and accepted on 1/29/18

    I had the message wait 8-12 weeks blah blah blah

    Yesterday I received notice in mail stating they need additional info the copy of my W2 REALLY

    I submitting it electronically so now let’s see how long this process takes.

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    Well idk what to do other then wait i dont get how they are taking so long to process the returns this year……. im j.g. wentworth its my money and i want it now

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    State accepted 1/30, fed DDD 2/14.
    No updates from state – stuck on 8-12 message. Called today and they said no issues, just processing. No letters received.

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    My return was accepted on January 29th. I am still waiting for a DDD. They said everything is fine and I have no letters. I think my return is just stuck in processing somewhere.

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    Man im about to call them up and ask them where is my refund at…….. tired of waiting for them so maybe if i voice my irritation and tell them to hurry the f*** up hopefully those peckerheads hurry up

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    Kathe Handlin

    Filed with tt accepted 2/5 still says 8-12 weeks. I called and they stated that they don’t see any issue and all she could say was call again next week that it’s still processing. Does anyone know what days/times the website updates?

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    Hit my three week mark and still says 8-12 weeks. No delays as stated by DOR. Hoping the feed update is behind and I’ll get an update next week. And to Grant on your previous post regarding your take on taxes. Yes, we can have less taxes taken out and take home more right away but, that does not however have any effect on the refund we get for tax credits such as school taxes, marriage taxes homestead taxes etc. We are owed that money and it is not unreasonable to want that money within a reasonable time after taxes are filed.

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    Filed at H&R on 1/24. Both WI state and federal have been accepted. WI still saying 8-12 weeks.

    #4229634 Reply

    As an accountant – instead of waiting for a refund, adjust your withholding tax so there is not waiting you get it in your payroll check.

    Except for very low-wage earners, there is sometimes a misconception that a refund is money the gov’t is giving you, it is not.

    Say you go to the grocery store and spend $8 and you give them $10 – would you want to wait until you file your taxes the next year to get that $2 back and then would you be excited that you were getting that $2 back? No, of course not because it’s your money. That’s all a refund is 99% of the time, you paid too much out of your paycheck and are getting your change back. If you are checking for a refund daily you need the money don’t wait for it, change your W-4 with your employer.

    just my 2 cents

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    Finally after 3 wks I got DDD for 3/1

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    E-filed and accepted 1/30/18
    2/22/18- Still Processing

    I called and spoke to DOR and they stated no flags, nothing needed, just still processing! So SLOW this year! My Fed was back in 8 days.

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    Filed on Friday 02/02/18
    Accepted 02/02/18…
    My fed was accepted same day and was deposited that next week..
    Still says 8-12 weeks for processing. I called DOR and they stated there were no delays and that it’s just processing. I did get a little more back this year for state and am wondering if that is what is taking so long? Any others out here who filed on 02/02/18 that still have that same message?

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    Still no update here. Called and the lady I talked to says mine was still processing it’s been 3 wks. Last yr I had within 8 days. Why is it taking so long

    #4227322 Reply

    hmmmm id verified myself yesterday lady say it could be another three weeks so 5 weeks total wtf

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    DDD 2/23

    #4226265 Reply

    DDD of 2/23
    In my bank account as of 4am on 2/21.

    Hope everyone else gets theirs quickly!

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    Filed TT – 1/26
    Both accepted 1/29
    Federal ddd 2/22
    State – 8-12 week message
    Haven’t received anything that would indicate a problem and when we called, they just said it was being processed and could take 8 – 12 weeks… smh

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    Norm Walker

    Wisconsin Return
    Received by TurboTax:
    Friday, Feb 2nd 2018 7:44 AM EST
    Received by Wisconsin:
    Friday, Feb 2nd 2018 7:50 AM EST
    Filing status changed to: Accepted
    Friday, Feb 2nd 2018 10:07 AM EST

    This is the first year it has taken more than 10 days for my Wisconsin refund to show up. I am still sitting at the 8-12 weeks message. Last year I feel like got a lot more updates. This is also the year we are going to see close to $1500 in our State Refund. Come on WI get your S together.

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    so long story short what do i need to do to complete id verification. and filed federal and go that didnt file state til 02/08/18

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    Still no update. Still sitting at 8 to 12 wks. Filed 1/25 Accepted 1/26 No letters so what is taking so long. Federal DDD for 2/22. I have always gotten state before federal.

    #4224659 Reply

    Finally 3 week turn around accepted the 28th ID verified 1/29 ddd the 23rd

    #4224169 Reply

    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/30
    Fed DDD 2/14
    Wisconsin – 8-12 week message

    #4223919 Reply

    filed 1/29 excepted 1/29 still 2/19 8 to 12 weeks.i have had my federal returns for 2 weeks already

    #4223729 Reply

    UGHHH!! I have never received Federal before state! Filed and accepted 1/31 and still stuck on processing. WI needs to get their stuff together!!

    #4223675 Reply

    Filed and accepted 2/6 and have been sitting as “processing” since then. I hope they hurry and finish.

    #4222938 Reply

    My federal got a date before my state. This is a first. Crazy

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