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Will TT have you update if you weren’t affected?

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    So here’s what’s going on I’m very confused by it, the first stimulus came as a paper check which was totally fine no issues. This second stimulus I had assumed would be sent as a check so I wasn’t necessarily worried about anything, then get my payment finally went live. I logged in and saw that they send my second stimulus to a bank account, I logged into my closed cashapp account that I assumed it was sent to and I was right. I saw that on 12/30/2020 $1200 tried to be deposited but failed because the account is closed. On the IRS website it says they’ll be mailing a check if that happens, so again wasn’t really worried it’ll be here within the next 5 weeks. Then I logged into TT on the 12th and they had me update my direct deposit info because they said I was affected and that I’d be getting my stimulus into that account within the next now 1 day. Am I gunna for sure be getting DD???? I’m SO confused.

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    Anyone got a link to the update your info page? I want to see if i went to the right place. Thanks

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    I was able to update my dd info early Tue morning. So yeah today would be day 5 and I’ve got nothing. Have you seen or heard if anyone that changed dd info on tt received stimulus on their CashApp dd???

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    Because some people who thought they’d be updating their info were told by TT that they weren’t affected so they weren’t able to update.

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    Yeah I did but the account the second stimulus was sent to was what I had updated GMP with for the first stimulus. It wasn’t sent to TT or to SBTPG, I don’t get why TT is sayin that I’ll be getting a DD. They did say it was either sent to a closed or suspended account so who knows…

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    @Mommajess33 Did you have turbo tax fees taken out of your refund?

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    It’s already been 2 weeks and 1 day since it got rejected by my closed account MOMMA NEEDS THE MONEY 😭 I was so excited for this round because I figured they’d have their crap together, they never do.

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    Brock mine aren’t either it’s like 1 out of every 5 will post. Annoys me cause I’ve been on here for three years.

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    Why tf are my comments not being posted???????????

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    you will get a check or a card in the mail in next 2 weeks. I talked to IRS agent today because my DD was sent to closed account.

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    Oh I also didn’t receive ANY of the TT emails. They say if they won’t be helping you get a DD they won’t let you update your info, so I’m hopeful, but still confused because my stimulus didn’t get sent to the wrong account. Just a closed one.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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