Will transcripts and WMR update tonight?

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    Still No Update

      I filed and was accepted 1/29. My account transcript has 0.00 and all others are N/A except for wage as of Friday. No cycle codes as of yet, and I filed through Turbotax. Do you think there’ll be another update tonight, Do you think I’ll have to wait til next week/Friday?

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        Still No Update

          So both transcripts and WMR will get an update, or will only WMR get an update for those who already have a cycle code on their account transcript? I’m hoping for a change on my account transcript, I’m tired of seeing those 0.00s.

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            Thank you for your input…hopefully it will update tonight

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              Please do not take my word for it, but I think the 2/23/2015 is the date for when you should have your return finished by. It is supposed to be 21 days from the date you were accepted, and I was supposedly accepted on 1/29, the day I filed, but according to the 2/23/2015 date, I would have been accepted on 2/2. There are people who say that this is true because the IRS is telling them they were not actually accepted until a few days later. Do I know if this is true? No clue to be perfectly honest. All I can do is hope we get an update tonight! Good luck ya’ll!

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                I am in the same boat. Filed/accepted 1/30 wmr 1bar and processing. Transcripts only have wage and 0’s for account transcript with a date of 2/23/2015. Waiting for an update, hopefully tonight but i don’t know for sure. ..any clue what the 2/23/2015 stands for?

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