Why you should expect the delays this year to be the new norm

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      As this forum illustrates, there are massive delays this year. Why you ask? Well, the biggest reasons are this is the first year the IRS is processing the ACA requirements, budget cuts, outdated IT infrastructure, and new fraud prevention measures. While the ACA processing SHOULD get better, sadly the other reasons will not (at least not for a few years).

      Budget cuts might get even worse as as the IRS has a recent black eye from congress due to scandals and improper management.

      New fraud prevention measures as well will likely stay in place. This means the tax season opens later and processing and refund dispersal are delayed to fight rampant ID fraud.

      IT issues? Where to start. Outdated hardware, an entire system built upon a programming language that was considered legacy decades ago, and with an operation this size fixes and upgrades are very difficult and time consuming to make.

      In other words, don’t expect this year to be an “off” year folks. Expect the new norm.

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          We are getting our refund very quick this year, so I hope that can be the norm for us. (:

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            I’m sorry you did not like my example of this forum.

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              “As this forum illustrates”
              I stopped right there.
              Thank you for showing your ignorance right there at the beginning.
              Saved me from wasting any more of my time than necessary.

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