Why Bars missing & calling IRS is not good

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    It has it been 21 days since IRS officially started. Some returns were part of the “test batch” but some were accepted and just sat in limbo until actually processed which is why account transcripts have zeros & are incomplete. “Still being processed “ is exactly what’s happening. Until your message change or you get a code you should wait until after this Update and see if there is any movement or any codes or letters.
    Some people bars have actually disappeared and come back once the return is processed.

    I think calling is what triggers them to ID verify you, mainly the people calling are lieing to get information and just so you no every time you call IRS agents make note of your call & conversation so the next agent can read those notes and no exactly what’s going on ( common sense) most of you are saying the agents are generating letters for you. If you were selected to verify ID letters would already generate for you, just like the bars disappeared without you having to call the letters will come without you having to call. Your bars may come back or update to a ddd but since you’ve called and lied they have generated a letter and now you are definitely waiting.

    One year after waiting 3 weeks with no change on WMR I called and lied saying I had received a letter with a code someone else on here had. The agent told me I was pulled for review and to send in information pertaining to the things that code applied to. She never even looked at my information had just took my name and social.
    I called back cause I had lost the fax number the next agent said she seen it noted that I had called but there was no need to fax in anything after looking at my return I had not been processed but not was wrong
    I am a weekly that Saturday I updated with a ddd.
    So calling in before your 21 days just makes it bad for yourself

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    This is 100% false. I work in taxes. My coworker is an ex IRS agent. It’s BS people come here and say shit like that. It’s 100% wrong. Calling doesn’t do a thing. I don’t recommend it only because it back logs the agents on actual return issues and because 99% of them won’t tell you a damn thing. I talk to the IRS for work all day long. Smh



    I dont’ feel like that is necessarily true..the IRS has millions of people to talk to a day. and it adds more work for them if they have to keep reviewing. I know that they add comments but i don’t think calling flags you for extra review. I have called every year and had no problems. this year my bars disappeared and i called and the man was very nice and said there were no errors but i could possibly be resequenced. they know we are all struggling and waiting for our refunds impatiently.



    Sounds like the 1st worker was messing with you. Maybe she knew you were lying.

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