Why are so many people getting pulled for review this year?

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      U haven’t gotten a letter or Anything crazy, I claim hh family lives with me younger they don’t work so I claim them. I have my own child as well schedule c haven’t nothing has changed but I keep seeing so many people that are self employed getting pulled with HOH….. Hopefully this isn’t the case but with all of the budget cuts how do they have time to bug all of these people.?!????

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          blasian1246 oh okay great I keep really accurate records etc… I haven’t gotten any notices nor am I under review I just got concerned because I’ve seen it several times this year. Nice to see other self employed people that are okay…

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            I filed HOH, w-2, and a schedule c for my business on the 22nd, and received a cycle date of 20150405. My refund should be deposited by 2/4, and I have 2 bars on WMR! So, not everybody is getting pulled/audited! It only took 1 week to get approved for me with my business info!

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              Sorry that was suppose to be I not u…. I haven’t got anything letters or codes yet it just worries me that self employed people and HOH are getting pulled. Scary

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