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      Finally received DDD of 3_23_22, using cash app for my method. Anyone else? Let’s keep each other updated, it honestly can be here at anytime now.🌻

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        Her girl hey

          Got it this morning! See y’all next year! Good luck.

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            Just hit yayyy good luck everyone

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              It’s early but still nothing cashapp ddd 3/23/22 was really wishing to wake up to it this morning in my account anyone else?

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                Check now just got mine!! 🌻

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                  Nothing yet not even pending maybe it will be same day.

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                    No movement for me yet checking to see if anyone else did?

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                      I’m waiting!

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                        Brother and I have cash app waiting for both have also made sure I have the notifications on so I’ll know exactly when!

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                          I’m hoping for sooner rather than later for all off us. Peeps told me if I had fees it would go to bank then to me so I think same day for me. But if you guys had no fees it’s going to come straight from IRS to you, so sooner for you all. 🌻

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                            Cashapp and did 3/23/22 too hoping any day on or before

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                              I was just about to start this topic. Thank you for doing it will update here nothing yet.

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                                I filed 3/15/22 minutes later they got it. 3/19/22 Ddd for 3/23/22 i see date of by 3/28/22 when do you think it come? I have 4/15 date on too?

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                                  I’m waiting I was told it comes two days early with these type of cards so I got cash app one. Maybe tomorrow it is Monday we will see sun rise if it’s early or if it’s the same day on the check.

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                                      I am waiting will update here when I see movement need it ASAP

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