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    OK LOOK BACK people help us still waiting out! Who used look back and got there refund! Tell us about your experience help us stop freaking out PLEASE!!!!!!!

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    Glad to see a few more look backs are getting DDD’s….only change for me is that my WMR went from one bar to still be processed!

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    Jenn w

    I got my deposit at about 230 today. Wmr still says pending

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    Used look back option filed 2/4 accepted 2/9. Lost bars and tt152 went to still processing 2/26. 3/1 or 3/2 tt152 came back but amount on the left was gone. Called offset line today 3/5 and got a ddd or 3/10. Wmr still says still being processed with tt152 no bars.

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    I THINK, the reason all of us lookbackers have been sent to errors is because now our income doesn’t match w2 and they didnt prepare for that….i could be totally wrong…either way I want my $!

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    Thinking look back credit caused alot of us to be sent to the errors department! What the…. so stil no real answers from the IRS we just wait!

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    😔🥺no update i cant even get my transcript page to load and 2020 still n/ letters no nothing im just gonna check next week i guess just trying to stay hopeful that ill get it soon.

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    What is lookback

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    Nothing here. Still N/A on transcripts and missing bars/TT on WMR. :(

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    Any updates?

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    OK LOOK BACKer’s let’s hope we all update tonight!! Best of luck to all! Prayers for everyone! Let’s all update here tomorrow on transcripts and Saturday if where’s my refund decided to update at all!

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    I used look back and have N/A on my 2020 transcripts. No update either on my 2019 transcripts. Lost all bars and TT152 on WMR. Stressed out and impatiently waiting for them to fix this!

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    Christopher Reeves

    I used look back and have not received my refund. WTF is the IRS doing? They really screwed up this year and my transcripts say N/A.

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    I used look back and NADA !

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    Since there’s others who used look back that have received DD and DDD’s I don’t think that it will take ten weeks for the rest of us, it’s just something they’re telling us so we stop calling because they have no answers, I hate that they can’t just be truthful so all answers could be the same. Makes it confusing…

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    I had heard someone say that they were told it could take up to 6 months! My question is why give us a credit that is suppose to help people just to make them wait for their money! I can only hope that we update soon! Are your 2019 transcript changing at all I keep hearing that their as of dates are changing on their 2019 but n/a on their 2020! And if everyone that used the look back is going to the error department then the IRS need to figure it out ASAP!

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    Not a look back claimed, just a recovery rebate filer and they told my wife the same thing about the errors department.

    We called the taxpayer advocate line and they have made an inquiry.

    This shit is about plum stupid and is old.

    Fix your shit and give everyone their money!

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    I used look back and now it’s in the errors department. I called this morning and the irs agent said that is all she could see. 10 more weeks she said 🤦🏻‍♀️

    I called TT and the agent said they are telling a lot of people that. She wasn’t sure why. She suggested I called the taxpayer advocates.

    Filed TT 2/1 accepted 2/12

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    I am glad to see some people with look back are getting their refunds at least!

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    OH I totally read it wrong dang I guess I’ll have to wait even longer than congrats on WMR updating

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    Vee you’re the only other person I’ve seen getting a check so thank you!!! I can’t check my transcripts but I filed like 1/29 or somethin I believe and got accepted 2/11 I figured it would be sent this week but I just wanted some concrete evidence of the date 😂

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    I used the look back option and my refund is approved. My transcript updated last Friday and WMR updated Saturday saying a check was being mailed by tomorrow (03/05). I also had my 2 bd Stimulus on there. I received it after I filed.

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    Same here look back credit used…no movement since 2/15 when wmr updated to one bar!

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    Look back is referring to those who chose to use their 2019 earned income if it was higher than 2020 to qualify for credits.

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    I’m starting to see a pattern of clients who have not received their refund. Most of them used their 2019 earned income.

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    Accepted 2/11 with TT

    My 2019 transcripts has updated twice with as of dates. 3/15/21 and now 3/22/21
    My 2020 as of date is still 2/22/21

    I believe this is because I used the “look back” option

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    Those who can see transcripts on line using look back…is anyone’s 2019 transcript have any changes like as of date! I seen someone’s say they used look back and that their 2019 date was changing but nothing on their 2020! Just wondering…I can’t see transcripts online so need you guys to check it out!! Thanks

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    Same here, used look back, and nothing.

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    i used lookback and i havent received anything

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    I used it and I haven’t gotten mine. I think between that and the 1099Gs, we might wait a while.

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    I did the look back and have not received my refund yet accepted 2/17 but my sister also did the look back and she got hers last week

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    What is look back?

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