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    Ms tax

      I can now see 2021 tax summary with adjustments made. Do you think I’m close to a dd

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          I’m just waiting til Friday. Hopefully it updates in this week long span I’ve been reading about. If that’s the case then I’m ok with 4 more days…the lovely IRS red said usually we will get our refunds before the letter reaches us.

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          Ms tax

            I hope

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              @msTax I’m pretty confident you will update Friday with a DD

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              Ms tax

                I’m a daily they updated my tax summary yesterday. I have 05

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                  i called the IRS cause I have those same codes they said it could take up to 4 weeks & they adjusted mine cause of the stimulus. People been claiming they had those codes & it updated a week later so lets see. I had the 570/971 codes for almost a week now.

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                    If you are a daily, you may see a ddd sometime this week. I wont be able to know until Friday, as I am a weekly and they will only touch my transcripts once per week.

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                      I’m in the same boat, but i’m a weekly. If they updated your transcripts today, then that may mean that you are a daily (cycle codes ending with numbers 1 through 4 are dailys and ending with 5 are weeklies).

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