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    I filed on 1/27/18
    Accepted on 1/29/18
    hoping for a update this morning and i got nothing.
    because this is bull.. people file after me already have their DDDs…
    I have no credits – just a regular return….
    If i didn’t update on the weekdays and i’m
    not a daily and i didn’t update today . what the hell does that make me?

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    Still no updates, still “Processing”, I re-filed thanks to ACA/HealthMarket Place NEVER sending me a 1095-A as the IRS stated I had, I was lucky to log in and download the 1095-A, fill out the 8962.. HRB Plus says I filed, I have a confirmation #, but the IRS site says nothing, empty transcript, and says I did not even file lol… WMR says I filed and was accepted 2/4.. but still “processing”… sigh.

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    I called the IRS on Monday and they said that I would have to get an 8962 form and send it in with my 1095-A info. I know exactly what the 1095-A is as I had to do this 2 years ago when I filed because I had a plan through the HealthMarketPlace. They never snail mailed me a form like I was supposed to back then, and I filed “before” putting the info in.. I waited like this then, and eventually called HMP and got my 1095-A from them. Thankfully HRB’s program can automatically load the information if you download your 1095-A from the HMP website. It’s literally like rocket science trying to add in the numbers for all the months.. 2 years ago was my fault, but I fixed it (re E-filed.. not Amended). And I received my return DD within a week after despite them saying I would get a check mailed, I lost roughly $100 after putting the info in 2 years ago.

    Filing this year, for last year (obviously) I did NOT have any plan or enroll into anything for HealthMarketPlace for 2017. So this year, I filed after getting my 1095-B, as I was covered for every month…. unfortunately when I called the girl at the IRS said “We sent you a letter, looks like you need your 1095-A and a 8962 and refile..” I was like uhhhh noway, I did not enroll last year, what the… so I checked the HealthMarketPlace and saw that there was a 1095-A form for me for 2017, I looked at the PDF, it said they covered me for 2 months last year.. WRONG. I called them, they said I was covered for Jan/Feb… through a completely different company than what I had the prior year… I had Oscar 2 years ago, they claim I had AmeriHealth last year.. I argued saying no I never had it. The girl said “There is noway you can prove it…” Wow, really? I know she’s right, but talk about being scammed!

    I added the file into my 2017 return, and it deducted $300 off of my already very small refund to begin with, I’m lucky I did not owe anything it was cut so much!

    I really had noway to argue this, I called the HMP again and asked them to fix their 1095-A and they said “Nope, unless you can prove this..” I honestly have NO IDEA how to fix this or prove them wrong lol.. it’s my word vs 2 government agencies, so I said screw it.. and RE-Filed… so that has been my problem this year.

    I’ll eat it this year, I asked them just for the heck of it if I had any plans currently for 2018, and the girl said I had the same plan, and I “must have cancelled it 2/28/18”.. I was like uhh are you serious? Or are you looking at 2017 again? She said hang on.. and said Yeah you had enrolled in a plan for Jan-Feb.. and you cancelled 2/28. I was like WOW, absolutely NOT! I have to go through this next year?

    I would remember if I enrolled into something, especially if I paid for it which you have to just to literally activate/enroll into the health insurance companies. So basically I cannot see any of that info on their website, maybe she made a mistake? The HMP was great a few years ago and saved my butt when I was out of work and could not get health insurance. Oscar was a great program, unfortunately they left the state of NJ as they said in a letter “Sorry leaving NJ due to rises in expenses!” or something.. jee, sounds like every business and resident that has left NJ.

    So next year is there anyway I can fight this? Maybe they will fix their mistake? I at least now know I will have to look at their crappy website and download a 1095-A when I file next year… they are such a joke. Yes I had a plan in 2016, no I did not have one in 2017, no I did not have one in 2018. I have to get scammed 2 years in a row, and god knows how much they will try and take away from me next year!

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    Still no update for me…. same “Processing”… ugh. I guess I should expect some nonsense letter, my sister and parents filed 2 weeks after me and received theirs already. We all use HRB’s Program/Website…

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    Was really hoping for an update today… but nothing. It’s been 23+ days now, I’ll probably give it 28 days before I call because it seems everyone that works for the government is just a slow sack… look at your local post office employees, look at anyone in any municipal or county office buildings, especially the DMV/MVS Stations… these people drag their bums to do anything and get paid NICELY to do so with nice 9-5 Mon-Fri jobs while more than half the country’s non-G workforce busts it’s behinds 24/7… and this has been the slowest year to date for me, and I haven’t changed ANYTHING in 10+ years, I should be pretty darn easy considering how I’m single, no family, and everything as basic as considerably possible… and I do not feel like trying to get “transcripts”, what are they going to tell me.. I’m poor? I already know that lol!

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    Suzanne Montez

    Filed and accepted on 2/18 no DDD just on bar should I be worried

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    I filed on 2/4/18 and my status/bars disappeared and changed to Processing Friday 2/23/2018… really hoping my DDD was going to be today (as projected by multiple sites) and/or received tomorrow. I know that the WMR site simply goes from Accepted, then changed to Processing to the 2nd/3rd bar ASAP when done and the DD is issues and received ASAP….

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    Filed and accepted on 2/2 with TT.
    still one bar (processing. Code 152)
    It took 13 days last from acceptance to refund hitting bank

    TT says by Feb 23 but always gotten it 2nd week of Feb the past couple of years.

    Ideas are welcome!

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    No update today 😑

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    Did yours update today?

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    Mine updated to NO bars today 😑

    I filed and got accepted the 29th as well.

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