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When does WMR update?

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      When does WMR finish updating for the night?

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        Got accepted 1/20
        checked at 6:18am still at one bar. Hopefully I’ll see movement tomorrow? Haven’t checked the transcripttranscripts but will later today. According to the cycle chart I should have a deposit Feb. 5 or 6th.


          Tuesday evening I was showing nothing on WMR, I checked yesterday morning at around 0600 and had a second bar and DDD of 1/30. I am not sure at all, but the rumor is that the WMR system only updates in the early morning hours.

          My experience with SBBT is that their system will show deposit information before WMR will show it being sent.


            Mine said processing when I went to bed last night at 10. Its 6am now and its approved with a deposit date of feb 2.
            I filed and was accepted on the 24th with TaxHawk.

            Mish mosh

              So no more updates on WMR today (6:12 am EST)?


                When I recieved my date of 1/30. It was wednesday and it was down at 545 am and I had a date as of 618am eastern time. And I was able to view my return transcripts the day before


                  It updated around 3:50 am EST for me with a n approval and DD 2/2/2015. I filed Sunday 1/25/15 @ 6 am, Accepted 1/25/15 @ 8:45 am. Waited 48hrs to view WMR, one bar, “21 days for return” and Code 152. No transcript information.


                    It is still down for me. Typically it’s only down for about 20 to 30 minutes for me. I have never seen it down this long. Hopefully that’s a good sign

                    gabrielle Paul

                      i just checked wmr and it says currently unavailable .. its never said this for me before .. hope this means something


                        Between 4 and 6

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