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      DDD is 2/4, just wondering if anyone knows what time exactly would the IRS transfer your refund? 12am? Later? Any info appreciated! Thanks!

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          The IRS issues ACH notifications to financial institutions two days prior to the actual deposit date. This notifies the institution that there is a deposit on its way. The notification contains the amount, date of deposit, routing and account numbers along with the name(s) the deposit is for. Typically the transfer of money takes place the day before the deposit date. It is then at the receiving financial institution’s discretion whether they release the funds when they were received or wait until the actual deposit date. Most majors banks sit on the funds until the actual deposit date to earn interest and release them whenever the process their ACH batches typically 2am-4am est. Hope this helps.

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            I have to wait for HnR block unfortunately ugh I’m asking cause the refund status on HnR site says IRS is preparing the refund and they will notify me when it has been sent… hoping it updates soon

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            Corey B.

              Most likely, yours is pending (doesnt show on most online banking u would have had to speak with rep). If u get direct deposit for job, if same acct for your refund, will go by same timing your bank or card uses for payroll deposits.

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              Corey B.

                I too am a 2/4 DDD. After 5pm today, my bank saw the pending deposit from IRS, and says available at 8am (keybanks normal processing time for deposit dates).

                From what i kno, IRS transmits refunds twice daily– 8am and 430p. Could be wrong.

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