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      I was wondering if anyone has got there refund on a western union prepaid master card? I filed on
      2/7 accepted on 2/8 approved on 2/20 with DDD of 2/24! So I have been reading a lot about people using prepaid cards and then have to verify before they get there money! Also heard WU prepaid can hold your money for 7-10 days but this is only if the irs deposits your money a day early or days after! I don’t understand so need to know if anyone has used this card and what kind of luck they had let me know! And I will update when I get my DD! and if I had to go through anything!

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          I got my refund today! I am going to tell people though I had it put on my bfs card and they put a freeze on it called this morning at 10:00am and was told it was because the return wasn’t in his name so they had to verify all his info then I got on the phone and had to verify who I was about 6 ??’s I got them all right and then he got back on the phone and she said she was going to un freeze it just don’t let it happen again hung up called the card to get balance it was there! so I filed on 2/7 accepted on 2/20 DDD of 2/24 got refund 2/24! good luck everyone

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            Oh and also I filed with H&R block online and had the fees taken out of my federal!

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