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      Eadoin2 said:
      January 27, 2012 3:28 PM

      Wells Fargo DD days and schedule

      Ok just got off the phone with Wells Fargo and this is their schedule regarding Direct Deposits….They process every night except Saturday and Sunday night. so at this point the will process again tonight for tomorrow availability, they will not process again until Monday night…sooooo we might be getting them over night tonight for tomorrow or Over night Monday for Tuesday Morning…this is based on my 1/30 irs dd….You can adjust this method according to your dd date…

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          Was your DDD 2/10 or didn’t come earlier?

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            I received my DD today! Funds are available but my refund has not “posted” yet….the bank refused to allow a withdrawal….they told me I can use my card to access the funds but they could not authorize a cash withdrawal till it “posted” …what kind of logic is that!! …I can go spend hundreds with my card but i cant put my hands on cash to pay rent????

            Bank Manager stated that is was a law that all the banks were following? Anyone know anything about this?

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              Actually for direct deposits they process they day they receive them, its only atm or branch deposits that are not processed on weekends.

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                Used TurboTax, efiled & accepted 1/22, no DDD nor approval, WF is my bank, live in WA

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