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      Hi there..

      Sorry to complain since so many have no ddd yet but does anyone that has the ddd of 1/30/15 have their deposit in their bank account. I see all these netspend people with their refunds showing. I just wondered if my bank Wells Fargo and others are holding them so they can collect interest somehow. Think about it holding millions of dollars for a day or two ads up quickly for these big banks.

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          can someone help. i have a ddd for 1/30 as well and bank with wells fargo. i filed with liberty tax and they use to use RB for fees but now use JTH financial for fees. is there a way for me to check?

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            @aaron: My apologies then. I’ve had luck getting information from WF yesterday and this morning. Have you tried calling your local branch? Avoid the 1-800 if you can.

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              Drew I appreciate your information but I paid my fees when I filed so they aren’t coming out of my refund thus going to SBBT or RB. It’s suppose to go straight to Wells Fargo.

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                @aaron: SBBT and RB transfer money to your bank account by means of an ACH electronic transfer. Wells Fargo does not place any kind of hold on an ACH transfer. They are this way because they can only occur between financial institutions. It’s kind of a “Hey, you’re a bank, I’m a bank, lets trade some money” scenario. Wells Fargo isn’t holding your money for anything. It’s electronic information which needs to be processed. Factor in millions of these transfers coming in all at once and you see that it is not going to be an instantaneous process. For the last several years I have E-filed using direct deposit with fee removal via RB, and for the last several years my deposit was available within 8 hours of RB stating the money was disbursed.

                Take a deep breath. Our money will be here literally any time now.

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                  I [paid my fees when I filed so I could avoid the SBBT middle man to worry about this year but I guess it doesn’t make a difference. Someone is holding my money and I’m pissed off to be frank. Yes I can pay my bills tomorrow but it’s the principle that someone is making $ off of my $ for a few days.

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                    Sbbt has updated and shows it has been transferred to my bank which is WF however nothing is showong in bank as of yet hoping later this afternoon

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                      I hate that we cannot see if there pending transactions in our WF accounts. Yes I know my DDD is 1/30 but geesh we should be able to see something by now.

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                        Well woke up and still no deposit in my Wells Fargo account. I feel bad complaining since many people don’t even have a DDD. It just annoys me that either WF or the Fed Reserve is holding and making money off of refunds for who knows how many people. I just don’t get how Netspend people had theirs Tuesday night and we really have to wait until 1/30.

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                          Tomorrow perhaps…:-)

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                            Fingers crossed all of us Wells Fargo bankers see a deposit tomorrow. I’m hopeful….

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                              Same boat here. Bank with Wells Fargo, but no funds yet. Filed: 1/21 Accep: 1/22 DDD: 1/30…I remember calling last year and them telling me they had no way of seeing if something was pending, yet, the money was in my account the very next day. I call BS. lol

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                                DDD 30th…still waiting also. I was hoping to get it early but I guess thats only for netspend. Next year I will be using them bc wellsfargo is sloooow.

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                                  @Aaron, I don’t have mine deposited yet either and I have Wells Fargo also a deposit date of 1/30/2015

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