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      I also filed and accepted on tt on 1/20. 1 bar on wmr and 2014 transcripts at n/a except for wage which states no returned filed.

      So this is for people still waiting and can’t see transcripts when others that filed after us have already received Ddd.

      In An irs link, it explains the difference between daily and weekly processing. Some returns are processed as daily and the others as weekly ( not sure how they determine this).

      Here is the info:

      In January 2012, IMF began processing TEPs daily for daily transactions directed to daily taxpayer accounts. All BMF, EPMF, and IMF weekly accounts or transactions will be processed at ECC-MTB on Thursdays. The acceleration of the cycle results in the inability for a campus to extend a production cycle.

      The cycle number used as the GMF Campus Production Cycle for one week will be the same cycle number used as the ECC-MTB Posting Cycles when posting occurs. The cycle number, then, describes the same information being processed.


      The GMF Campus Production Cycle 201504 runs from Thursday, January 22, 2015, through Wednesday, January 28, 2015. The ECC-MTB Posting Cycle 201504 runs from Friday, January 23, 2015, through Thursday, January 29, 2015. BMF, EPMF and IMF weekly transactions and weekly accounts will be processed on the last day (Thursday) of the Posting Cycle.

      For IMF, there are three dead cycles each year. For 2015, they are ECC-MTB Posting Cycles 201501, 201502, and 201503. IMF transactions that are sent from the campus locations during GMF Campus Production Cycles 201501, 201502, 201503, and 201504 will attempt to post to the IMF during ECC-MTB Posting Cycle 201504.

      This is a bit confusing…. But I interpret that we are probably all on a weekly cycle instead of daily. Since they did not process files during the “dead” cycles (jan 1-jan 21 returns filed and accepted) , the will all be processed by tomorrow, jan 29th.

      I hope this is true and we will be able to see our transcripts tomorrow night/ Friday morning with a Ddd to follow

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          I mean it was deposited Thursday

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            I believe this is true because last year I was able to see my transcript on a Friday and then Saturday the wmr updated with approved and a ddd which I got the following Wednesday

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              Thank you…I hope so too.

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