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    If you’re once a weekly, are you always weekly?

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    Oh and I’m PATH.


    I am weekly….I was able to check my transcripts already and it says processing date 2/11…..not sure what means exactly but I’ve seen people wanting to know their processing date from their transcripts.


    We have always been weekly.


    Have any weekly people gotten an update? I was accepted by IRS on 15th and got the 9001 message a few days later. I still have the 9001 message as of this morning.


    You can go back to a daily if you have no issues for a minimum of five years. Unfortunately, being under PATH qualifies as an “issue” to keep you under weekly. Things like a review, audit, claiming the wrong status, fraud and such will turn you into a weekly.

    I was thrown into weekly status for years due to an audit and finally went back to daily and now I’m back to weekly for the third year thanks to PATH.

    Once a weekly does not mean always a weekly.


    Im new and have heard that term a few times and realize it has something to do with how your transcripts update.. but could somebody explain with a little clarity what that means and what are the drawbacks, if any



    If all goes well with being a weekly (no audits, taxes owed etc.) it is possible after 5 years to get off that program.


    once you go weekly , you never go back

    cheryl e kendrick

    yes I have always been weekly as well

    Geisha doll_43

    Once a weekly always a weekly…. I know because I am one.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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