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      Any movement for weeklies yet??? I assume I am weekly because now I have that darn message to call Identity Protection Unit when I try to order transcripts. They tell me it is not big deal, but that I do have a theft indicator on me now because of it. I just think they over used that message with people because I NEVER had a issue with my refund processing until I got that message. All because I may have answered a question wrong??? They also said because of the indicator I will no longer be able to view my transcripts, so that will be no help to me. Good luck everyone! Sorry, I am very pregnant, on bed rest, and very emotional….so all of this has me really down right now. My husband keeps telling me to not let it bother me, not good for the baby lol

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          So, how’s it going?

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            Anyone get an update on transcripts?

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              I have heard that NetSpend also deposits on Sundays. I wouldn’t be surprised for ppl with dd for next Wed. will start seeing it Sunday night


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                Anyone get their refund within the 21 days after acceptance from IRS?

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                  @lovethosecoupons I’m weekly and they just did the first tranny update for weeklies this week. I say you should get an update no later than Tuesday. You will be fine.

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                    @Nikkole that’s a DDD of 2/9 – fingers crossed for you :-)

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                      Filed 2/24 , Accepted 2/24 transcript updated this morning 846 refund code 20150503 cycle code hopefully WMR will have a ddd for me soon

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                        My transcripts say n/a and that not return has been filed on the Wages one. What gives? I filed on 1/23 accepted 1/24.

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                          Filed and accepted 1/24

                          all 0’s on account transcript last Friday, with Feb. 16, 2015
                          no amounts on wage and transcript
                          no 2014 listed under return transcript

                          no WMR updates and no movement on transcripts.

                          I’m keeping the faith for a DDD this week, no contact with IRS

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                            Was able to request my 2014 account transcript today, but not the Return. Hopefully this means progress. Really hoping to wake up to monies tomorrow! :-)
                            I don’t trust WMR because last year it was still on 1 bar when I had already received my refund.

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                              Hello all, checked trannies again they all updated. I should be getting refund friday….

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                                Was finally able to access my return transcripts…that means they are working on me…yay. File 1/6 accepted 1/13 no bar no amnt no status on WMR since 1/14. Yesterday my amount and filing status came back then this morning my return scripts done. Pattern maybe. Anyway hope this help someone over the next few months. I will update again soon :)

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                                  Thankfully I woke up with a DDD of 2/4….I am so sorry for those that did not get it yet!!!! Have you two that did not get update on WMR today talked to IRS any last week? Just curious of what they said if you did. Please don’t worry yet….there were MANY this week that had no updates on WMR or transcripts but still got their money!

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                                    Filed 1/15, accepted 1/21. Yesterday, the Account Transcript was available with all zeros. No Return Transcript. No further changes since. Only one bar.

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                                    busy mama of 4

                                      I don’t understand it. Filed 1/19 accepted 1/20 with Taxslayer. Still stuck on 1st WMR bar and only the two bottom boxes have 2014 when trying to order transcripts. We are a military family though.

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                                        Mine is in the same boat, Miami.

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                                        pissed off in miami

                                          does anyone know how long the $00.00s will stay on before it’s completely updated??? was finally able to check Transcript this morning but is only shows $00.00s NO CYCLE DATES

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                                            @jenn: I feel like that you will most likely update with the next batch of WMR’s. Transcripts update in real time and being able to at least view your transcripts now does mean they are working on your return. At least that is the pattern I have been seeing with people on IGMR. I have seen many people that have gone to all zeros or n/a’s to having actual data within an hour. Just keep checking. Good luck!

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                                              @NCMomof3: I think it is a great step forward that you can see your transcript, and I feel at least being able to see the 846 code is a good sign. I understand that message is worrisome, I am worried since I can’t view mine online. However keep in mind though that transcripts are updated in real time so keep checking it. I saw many people with the first big transcript update that had things such as n/s, all zeros, freeze codes that still updated on the WMR the following evening. If it makes you feel better call the transcript hotline :)

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                                                I got my account transcript this morning with all 00’s. Does that mean I will have to wait until next week to finish processing? Or will it finish overnight because i am weekly?

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                                                  Hi. Thought I would join in since I am a weekly. My 2014 Account Tscript finally showed up this morning. I filed on 1/12 and was accepted on 1/13. WMR bars went away on 1/15 along with my refund amount and hasn’t shown back up since. I was happy to see my account transcript but it really doesn’t have much on it besides our names, address and SSNs. It does show FEB. 16, 2015 out beside ACCOUNT BALANCE. It also states “RETURN NOT PRESENT FOR THIS ACCOUNT”, that bothers me but I am hoping that it is just needing time to update.

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                                                    To all that have responded :) I was able also to order my transcripts by phone this morning, even though I could not last night. I feel this is great progress! Even though we can’t view our transcripts online because of ID theft indicator, I feel we will see an update with WMR tonight or tomorrow. The pattern has shown that once people can view transcripts or their transcripts even aren’t complete, but there, that they normally update with the next major WMR. For those of us that can’t see them, I really feel like we will have a DDD of 2/4, based on what others are saying that could view their transcripts for the first time this morning. Good luck everyone!!! Let’s keep everyone updated on what we find out!

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                                                    Money please

                                                      So I filed 1/14 accepted 1/16 I filed myself along with 4 family members.we were unable to view transcripts up until this morning.when I call to check transcripts because we are all locked out of the online thing it is giving us access to account transcripts which is definitely progress.problem is we are locked out so we cant actually see the code or whatever so I am just left with the hope of possibly seeing a ddd update tomorrow.anyone else going through this>

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                                                        usually it states my transcript is “not on file….” but i woke up to “unavailable….” did anyone elses change to this? could this be our update, since we cannot view transcripts because of identity theft? =)))))

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                                                          So glad we finally have a weeklies group! I also just confirmed last year I received my dd on a Wednesday. Here’s to wishing & hoping for monies on 2/4!!
                                                          I’m also on the ID protection list, so no trans for me :-(

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                                                            I am now able to order my account transcripts but not my return. On yesterday I was not able to order any of them. I filed on the 14 and was accepted on the 20. I still have tt 152 and no movement on wmr. When do you think I will get an ddd?


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                                                              I filed on 1/15/2015. Got an accepted date on 1/21/2015. Since then, nothing. Have a cycle code 201502. This is starting to get annoying. I filed early so I wouldn’t have to deal with the IRS’s drama, but it seems worse. People who filed AFTER me are being approved, and mine hasn’t even started processing. My transcript isn’t available. Nothing. Just “Accepted”. The IRS sure doesn’t wait when you owe them money, but when they owe you…

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                                                                I don’t think I have an identity theft issue, I can view transcripts etc, but last few years I believe I received on ddd on wednesday. Does that mean I am a weekly? My transcripts have no update and still on one bar. Accepted on the 20th

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                                                                  @ coco – I have heard that netspend also deposits on sundays. I wouldn’t be surprised for ppl with dd for next wed. will start seeing it sunday night

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                                                                    @cat: Thanks for responding. I too hope for it. Can’t wait. Even if I know it’s coming, it’s always so stressful until it’s here. I guess it’s the same for all that live paycheck to paycheck like me. And God knows we are a bunch…Good luck everybody!!!

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                                                                      Coco…..everyone who had a dd of the 30th …..all the net spend people had their money the 28th so I assume you’d get it early too.

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                                                                        I’m still unable to view transcripts, and the irs app will only send my old scripts if I enter my old address. Ive been 05 cycle due to student loan offset a couple years back. I’m really hoping i see an update tonight but I’m not going to stress myself out too much i do remember being in this same situation last year and I’m sure it will be soon

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                                                                          Ohiosnow—- where is the link?

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                                                                            Finally a group for weeklies only…YES. @timer00: go with that logic. I do believe too in DDD for 02/04 for 1st batch based on 4 years weekly experience. Now the question is who is in 1st batch…I hope i am. Filed & accepted 01/20. No big change in tax profile. so far 1 bar with topic 152 since. Fingers crossed. Now if DDD is 02/04, knowing that I have Netspend and that have filed free, is there a slight chance i get it on 02/02? anyone input?

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                                                                              I don’t think we weeklies should worry yet. I am weekly because i owed the irs a few years back, every since then i have had to wait like almost 2 weeks. Last year i believe i got an update on either thurs or friday night for my transcripts and that morning and update to wmr. my refund came in on the 12th a wednesday i remember because other people had the same date and got theirs early and i remember how much that sucked for me.

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                                                                                @cat….daily vs weekly accounts has a link you can go to to read on, I have a hard time explaining it. Weekly accounts basically take a little longer to process.

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                                                                                  What is daily and weekly? How do u know which u r, what happens if u r either one, and does it change every year?

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                                                                                    finally a group of people as pissed as I am.

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                                                                                      I have had my cycle code 05 last few years, I am fairly certain 05’s accepted before 1/25 will update tonight, at least the transcripts

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                                                                                        shareel02 – I went back and looked at my DD in my account. I cannot view them online, but I did order a paper copy of 2013 over the phone a couple of days ago for future reference.

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                                                                                          Victim of ID theft twice. I have been issued an IP pin for the 4 years. Last year I was able to see transcript on line to see cycle posting but per Identity blah blah unit will no longer be able to because of ID flag. SOOOOOO of course I’m a weekly and the only way to see progress is WMR which I’m hoping will update Saturday.

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                                                                                            @shareel 02: I was told you won’t be able to access transcripts online at all once you have that ID theft indicator, 2 reps told me that, not sure how accurate but I know I can’t access mine. No this is the first time I have ever received that message. I have never ever had a theft issue. In fact the third time I called the number the rep laughed and would not even look up my account because he said he has been getting SO MANY calls from people saying they received that message when accessing transcripts and even though it does then put indicator on, if you have never had an issue then it means nothing. He was even frustrated by it.

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                                                                                              mommy2fourgirls……… did you view your past transcripts online? or from your personal papers? i cannot look at mine. i do not know how to online. i have a user id/password, but it just tells me the standard, call the identity theft number. i just have a good memory when it comes to money lol

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                                                                                                ohiosnow…is this your first time with identity theft? my opinion, not sure or do not know for a fact, but just because you put in wrong info to view your transcripts is not the reason for the i.d. crisis… again, i am not sure. someone actually stole my ssn, and filed under my name in 2012. they caught the guy, but i use a pin, have for the past couple of yrs now, dont know when they will finally stop. whatever your case may be, the irs should send you info. patience is the key. it will be hard….. but please considering your condition, do not stress.

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                                                                                                  Just went back and looked at last years, and we got ours on a Wednesday, too.

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                                                                                                    Thank you to all of you! I don’t see any reply updates to each of you individually, but I appreciate the reply :) I normally am really patient, my favorite saying…”it is what it is” lol. However I am a little on guard because I feel there are just to many of those messages going on, with mixed responses from reps when you call them. Good luck everyone! Thank you for the prayers Mommy2fourgirls!!!

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                                                                                                      because of identity theft, now that i remember, for the past two years i have gotten my dd o n a wednesday! so, i believe the ongoing theories… i just hope it follows through, and i end up being in the first group of weeklies… i filed and got accepted on 1/20.. legs, toes, fingers, eyes crossed lol

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                                                                                                        As most have been saying weeklies should update on WMR from between Friday morning to Sunday morning and with a DDD of Wednesday the 4th of February.
                                                                                                        Thats exactly how I got mine last year being on the weekly date code. There is no variation really at all regarding how the weekly works unless you get no word of anything by Sunday afternoon then there is a issue of some sort (got pushed to next weekly review or other issue)

                                                                                                        Hope this helps

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                                                                                                          Same boat. ID theft thing showed up last year after getting the runaround from the IRS for a month about other “errors”. Honestly, I think it’s about the targeting thing since I attended a couple of Tea Party events LOL Should update tonight if we’re going to this week. Crossing our fingers! Prayers for you and the baby!

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