We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.



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    I just got off the phone with a rep and she told me my taxes are being held bcuz I have the credits.. (she referenced the PATH) and that I’ll get an update AFTER the 27th bcuz they are holding my taxes for review 👀.. I said PATH? Path lifted on the 15 so why are you holding it for path? At this point t they are just saying stuff just to say it.. I thought the purpose of PATH was to review ppl claiming these credits


    The Poe

    Submitted & accepted 1/28 via TT
    Path message until Saturday update now
    Received & processing since then.
    Called today. No problems. Told to wait until 27th as I have EIC. Others that filed after me are getting theirs & I don’t understand why it’s taking so long. I got mine the 17th of February last year and 18th year before. I have a CT scan Friday that I have to pay co-pay for & I really needed this refund. I’m beyond frustrated really.



    Feb 20th and mine STILL says, “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” This is getting ridiculous. Although I claimed EITC, my return was a simple return. One W2, no itemized deductions, no write offs, none of that. I’ve got bills and an auto inspection due in just days. I need that money incase my vehicle doesn’t pass inspection without repairs. I’m FED UP!



    i filed my taxes on January 25th. I then received an email on January 26th saying they accepted it. I got my state income tax on feburary 1st., Im still waiting on my federal.I claim the EIC so i know that they wont start releasing them until feb 15th. It still saying that its processing so idk when i will see it in my checking account.



    John Anderson

    They sometimes accept return early during testing. My was accepted 1/17-24 but it’s not processing any faster than others who filed after Jan 28th.


    John Anderson

    I was told by IRS the soonest they could accept a return for anyone was Jan 28, so how did all these folks leaving messages get theirs accepted before that????




    Aww that automated service erks me lol hope u get good news though very soon glad it helped


    John Anderson

    28 Jan 2019 – Accepted by IRS
    16 Feb 2019 – Note on there to Go read EIC statment about getting a refund in mid Feb
    19 Feb 2019 – We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    20 Feb 2019 – We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

    Yes I have $30 of EIC and no child care. I became disabled in Apr 2018 and never worked after tha -t I had to live on my retirement that I had put 5 years in to, until SSDI kicked in in Dec 2019. So had to fill out some kind of IRS expense form to show where I used the retirement money. Filed at TT it cost me $39 to file IRS and $39 to file State tax




    Thanks for sharing the info! Im hoping everyone doesn’t actually have to wait until then as many PATH filers got deposits yesterday evening into this morning. (Haven’t seen any more yet but Facebook page igmr shows who got them, DDD, Pather, etc) hopefully she just told you the 27th bevause that’s what they have posted on the website and it’ll end up coming in sooner like others have.



    Christopher Reeves

    I called the IRS this morning to check on the status of my refund and explained to the agent that my refund has been in we are processing your refund status for almost a week. The nice agent checked my tax refund and informed me that everything was fine and that due to the federal path tax act, the funds would not be deposited until February 27th.



    Yes I filled on 2/2 and acepted the same day, no EITC, no ACTC, Yes CTC.

    Today my bar was lost from WMR and the refund amount as well.



    Hey everyone.. sorry if I’m repeating my question, as I’m at work and can’t scroll through the thread but did ANYONE get an update to their WMR last night? Dailies, weeklies…anyone? If not, I wonder if the supposed “big update” will be tonight due to Monday’s holiday.. thanks my fellow ship mates!!!



    Accepted 1/25
    Path 1/28
    Processing message 2/? First week sometime.
    The info the irs has on my only loan is evidently wrong because they won’t let me in for my transcripts
    So I’m flying blind.

    Just waiting. Would be nice to get it soon.




    Thank you very much for posting that link, that’s a very useful article and is spot on with all of the steps. Of course when I just tried the automated system legit told me they were too busy to talk to me right now 😂 guess that’s just how my luck is gonna go this lovely tax season!



    I got my state refund on 2/13
    Im on “we have received your tax return and it is being processed “
    No ddd for my federal

    getting worried



    I received my state refund today. Is it safe to assume my federal has been approved as well and I am now just waiting on a DDD?



    What I got from the IRS site is that the update will display on 02/23 and if so, funds should be deposited by 02/27. Still doesn’t stop me from checking daily :)

    I filed on 02/02.



    Ok update on my tax return I called IRS and surprisingly I waited 4minutes. She stated it was approved but because of that new path act they had to wait to distribute tax returns. She stated they started since feb15 th and will continue to finish all checks before the month is up. Btw I went to this website to see how im able to reach a live person https://amynorthardcpa.com/how-do-i-reach-a-real-person-at-the-irs/ Hope this helps



    my is say we have received your tax return and it is been processed but when i check my transcript it saying for 2018 you own but there is no amount showing



    “Still is being processed”,. I see on these forums may be an I’d verification issue.



    We filed on 01/28 and I called the IRS this morning, and we were told that our return is fine. Despite “being processed”, we will have money by 27th.



    Same….situation accepted on 15th and path until last friday/Saturday. Been on IS PROCESSING since then. Thus gave me hope

    How do I check the status of my refund?
    Where’s My Refund ‎on IRS.gov and the IRS2Go mobile app remains the best way to check the status of a refund. Where’s My Refund will be updated with projected deposit dates for most early EITC and ACTC refund filers by February 23 so those filers will not see a refund date on Where’s My Refund ‎or through their software packages until then. The IRS, tax preparers and tax software will not have additional information on refund dates, so these filers should not contact or call about refunds before the end of February.



    I called the IRS this morning. My return is fine and I should get it by 02/27. So “being processed” is fine folks.



    still no ddd. guess i am not getting it early this year like the last two.



    I was accepted 1/14, had path until 2/16, since 2/16 have had the being processes message. Have both credits. Did not update last night again. I guess ill have to wait until Saturday.



    Does anyone else have the processing date of 00-00-0000? Before it was 2/25/2019.

    UPDATE: Everything is the same as of 2/20/2019 6am CST
    UPDATE: Everything is still the same as of 2/19/19 538pm CST

    WMR updated from PATH to is being processed early morning in 2/16
    Processing date on transcripts are still 00-00-0000 ever since WMR went to PATH on 2/9 where as on 2/8 when they became available it was 02/25/2019.

    TRANSCRIPT CODES ARE 150, 806, and 766. Are these bad?

    Filed: 1/31 HR Block
    Accepted: 1/31
    EIC & CTC
    WMR: 1 Bar Tax Topic 152 on 2/2
    Transcripts became available on 2/8 with processing date of 2/25
    WMR: Changed to PATH on 2/9
    Transcripts changed to blank processing date on 2/9

    Ive been a weekly since PATH started.

    Transcripts updated 2/9/18
    PATH on WMR updated 2/10/18
    DDD of 2/22/18 on WMR on 2/17
    Deposit was pending in account at that point. Released to account on 2/22/18



    Same as everyone except I went into transcript and mine now says date received 4/15/19???? How does that happen and why?



    I never had the bars this year. Used turbotax and on their end it shows accepted on 1/16. I had a 9001 message up until this past Saturday 2/16. At that point I finally had the “received and processing message”. I haven’t received any snail mail from the IRS or anything. I just don’t see many or any people post about how they had anything similar to that. Usually everyone had the bars or the path message. I do have the eitc. Sorry I don’t have any info. I was just hoping maybe someone else’s went like mine has and could give me some insight. This is the first year I didn’t have any bars. Weird.



    I filed 1/21 accepted on 1/22 I filed with hrblock. He block app states any day however getting the same message everyone here is getting on wmr. I also have eic but seriously don’t think that’s the issue. I have friends with kids that got there income tax return two weeks ago. I tried calling it’s but get message real busy call back later. Maybe not those words exactly but yeah. So like everyone else I wait



    So it says on there site updates happen
    Monday 12am -6am
    Tuesday-Saturday 3:30am – 6am
    Also Saturday between 9pm and 12am
    And Sunday 12am -to 7pm
    How accurate idk but that’s what the IRS website States…
    filed 1/30
    Accepted 2/1
    Path 2/4
    2/15 received and processing
    Still no change today yet cannot view my transcripts and claimed child tax credit.. Not sure what’s going on my friends is the exact same way… Called but the hung up on me today smh… Still waiting… Alot of people I know already have distribution dates of 2/21 and 2/22… Well see



    It’s showing down for me right now



    I do not know if it is true, but I read somewhere WMR updates between 3am and 6am EST. So hang in there!



    I talked to the IRS this morning. Helped a friend file her taxes two days after mine she has a DDD date of 2/22 and I don’t ! I also told them I need to make sure there isn’t a problem with my return bc first it was rejected due to my AGI. Transferred me to an accountant not manager. She told me in addition to the PATH delay there is another delay and she could not provide me a specific name for it.. but that’s what she said.






    Zach you can request via snail mail or download but you need a credit card or mortgage statement or similar to verify identity using account numbers. once in there choose the Account transcript and at bottom look for codes. 846 is the good one!




    When people are talking about transcripts, to what exactly are they referring?



    @donald and @i got a name please dismiss yourselves from the chat. This a no judgement zone Donald and I got a name, you just str8 Up trippin by saying no update until Saturday. We dnt need that type of negativity lol



    It baffles me to this year, normally there is at least a pattern that after weeks of going back and forth someone cracks and it works. I can only guess that government shut down put a hefty load on the employees and it is showing?
    Heck even my Arkansas state taxes are done but waiting in limbo for a release, normally they are done in 10 days max.
    Last year fed cam for me and my boyfriend on 2/22.
    My info –
    Filed 1/11
    Accepted 1/14
    Transcripts with all info complete viewable on 2/3
    Path message 2/4
    Path gone and being processed showed up 2/16
    Cycle 20190505 on transcripts
    Transcripts have no error codes, no mailed letter codes, just the credits but no 846. I even see the revolving tax account balance is negative and in the amount of my expected return.
    I had EIC and ACTC

    Now on the other hand my boyfriend was like this
    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    Path message 2/1
    Still processing 2/16
    Got a dd of 2/22 on 2/17
    Got direct deposit 2/19 at noon to his bluebird card. He had EIC



    Filed and accepted 1/30
    Had path message when checked 2/8
    Received state dd2/13
    Path message gone 2/15
    Accepted and being processed 2/16
    In limbo atm



    Keep in mind I didn’t update last year before my deposit so I’m still hoping for money this week. But hell my naive ass was hoping for money Friday the 15th. Lol so Idk


    Suma J

    I see waiting on our tax refund is like waiting on Jesus. Nobody knows the date or the hour. Stay positive. Its coming.


    J B

    Let us all pray to the IRS gods that those without updates will have a DDD/Code 846 or $$$ deposit when we wake up tomorrow.
    Amen lol



    I’m in the same boat as you all.

    Filed 1/30 – Tax Act
    Accepted both federal and state within 30 min.
    Never had path message. Transcripts showed up last week with no adjustments
    Still no DDD.
    The bar is now gone with the message “received and being processed” on WMR



    Just to let you guys know. I saw an article with the same message posted from last year that we wouldn’t get money in our account no earlier than the 27th. This was an article written in 2018. The same exact message was sent to us this year. I received my taxes last year on the 22nd which was a Thursday if I’m not mistaken. I have eitc.. so it’s possible it will update on Wednesday with a DDD. *fingers crossed for everyone on here* hopefully the will give some of you relief 😂😂😂


    J B

    I am in the same boat as everyone else…but am curious @JRich is this forum for any filers…or PATH?
    I have EITC & ACTC; Filed with HRB

    As for me…heres my info (includes state: MA)
    01/17/19 eFiled FED
    01/22/19 Accepted FED (one bar shown on WMR) & eFiled State
    01/25/19 FED PATH message appears
    02/1/19 FED Transcripts available online. Shows processing date 2/11/19 Cycle Code 20190405
    02/07/19 MA State shows DDD for 02/11/19
    02/11/19 MA State refund available
    2/16/19 PATH message disappeared and WMR shows “….refund is processing…”

    The ups and downs of being an early filer and having those credits. Believe me, I would rather make more money throughout the year than to have these credits!
    In other forums I have read it appears that PATH folks that filed after 2/1 have a DDD already.

    In years past my cycle code was 0505 and Icalways received my DDD for Thursday.

    Frustrated like the rest!


    Barbara Taylor

    I’ve noticed that many of us still processing used Turbo Tax. Odd.



    Looking at my transcripts all of my refunds came on a Wednesday.



    @CS all of my refunds came on Wednesday until last year



    Sorry path until 2/16



    filed 1/4
    Accepted 1/14
    Path until 16th when I got the processing message..
    No DDD.



    Hey All… I am wondering if being on the 9001 code previously has something to do with it. Anyone else an early filer that had that code?

    Accepted-1/14 showing one bar
    Updated to one bar with 9001 code for 3 days then updated to PATH.
    2/16 PATH lifted with being processed, not still being processed, and have been there ever since.

    I am being hopeful and optimistic that we will update on Saturday with a DDD for early next week. If you are a weekly. I have read so many reasons, that my head was sppinning.

    We must all keep in mind of the government shutdown, I believe set us back a week.

    Let’s keep each other posted and I pray we get some kind of relief.. ❤



    TJ and itstime, thank you. I try to really do my research before I comment on anything and for myself. I want to have mine back asap but I also know life doesn’t work that way. I wish they updated a little better as well. The whole bars, then no bars then 1 msg to another leaves people very uneasy and frustrated.



    according to the article, I am weekly. Because my refunds always hit on a Thursday. hm…didn’t know that before. So if I don’t have my refund this Thursday, which for all the years I’ve been a pather, then I guess, I won’t see DD until next Thursday. on top of that, I have an offset. It is a simple subtraction operation but hey, it is the IRS, any reason to drag this shit out. Thanks for the provider of this article on IRS’s site.



    @CS by the way that was the most informative comment i have seen by far. I still feel like they should be more efficient with the updating tho.


    Tia King

    Same here. I was excepted 1/15 or 1/16, PATH then showed up now it’s processing… My Tax lady was sure that I would receive my deposit 2/18 but still nothing. My status changed 1/15 to processing… This forum was very helpful to see I am not the only one. I will continue to be patient. But I really need my money.



    yes the cycles as far as I know have always been the same…the article i attached explains there whole process, literally. I;m not sure how they figure out who is on what but I have always been a weekly cycle, not sure if they go by last name, social security number, eitc credit filers, who knows but I have always been weekly



    GREAT POST @CS….facts not guessing ! TY



    @CS Feb.15, 2017 Feb.23,2018, this year ? Not sure the weekly/daily cycle is the same year to year



    @dutchessoftexas I agree with all of your statements. I am a path act filer as well, if you are not getting your refund when you think you should or at the same time someone else is because you filed on the same date or around the same time, that is normal. On the IRS site, somewhere, (searching i stumbled upon it) there was a lengthy article on how they are directed to complete tax returns. I want to say they have to make public all of their procedures.
    Batches are a thing and your return can be run on a daily batch cycle where mine could be on a weekly. They are not done in order but rather pulled randomly from what I understood. However someone on a daily cycle would most likely get their return completed and approved quicker than a weekly cycle, I am on a weekly. The IRS as Elle stated runs every day during this time and especially when they are behind, they update once a day, could have changed since last year but they update 7 days a week and they deposit 7 days a week. Our returns are pulled by the computer in batches, just as DD are sent out in batches. The closest you will come to figuring out when yours will hit is the fact that besides the path act, if there is nothing wrong with your return they are on a strict schedule to get returns out within a certain time frame, know if you are weekly or daily cycle which you could figure out by going back a few years and seeing what days your DD hit your account or when they were sent by the IRS.
    cycle starts on a friday
    Friday – 01
    Monday – 02 and so forth

    If you can handle the reading check out the link of the actual processes… have fun researching..




    On the phone for the 4th time with the fourth person, now all of a sudden it I am under further review.

    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/22


    Mark A Aldridge

    I got mine last year on 2/22 not sure of the status this time last year hoping Friday is the day for funds on cards




    I saw that too.. I am hoping it is true. I don’t see why we won’t get an update



    Filed 1/14
    Accepted by IRS 1/15
    I’m a Pather.

    Just called the IRS because it’s been over 21 days. She stated it’s just the normal Path delay that’s taking so long to get caught up but Pathers are JUST beginning to process so we’ll see updates soon. Funds will be deposited no later than the 27th. So yea, that’s all I got.



    “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.”

    I have the message as well, I am getting a little bothered by this because I don’t know what it exactly mean. I’ve been reading up on a lot of messages pertaining that same message and still don’t have a good understanding of it. I filed my taxes on 1/20 through Turbo Tax; it was accepted 1/22… My bar was up(1/28) until that PATH message. Now no bars but have that message. Still see my expected refund but nothing else. Can’t see my transcript so I am just checking WMR everyday to see if that message will change.

    I really feel like its not looking good but I don’t know.. I know a lot of people close to me have their bars as well as their Direct Deposit Date.



    A lady in the FB forum called about “Being processed” without any updates since the PATH freeze release on Saturday. The agent told her **most** PATHers who received the “Being processed” message on 2/16 should update by Wednesday (the big update) with a ddd of 2/22. It “could be later”, but she said she had to say that to cover her butt.

    Every year since PATH i have never updated on the day the freeze lifts, but I get my refund the same exact week everyone else does that got the ddd the first time. This daily/weekly nonsense is ridiculous. IRS updates everyday and issues dd five days a week. Unless your return is flagged, they’re going as fast as mechanically possible to get returns processed. I don’t think they want to be sitting on them just for the heck of it.



    I also called and waited 20 mins to talk to someone. The guy from IRS said that the advisory IRS agents received was that the “earliest” would be the 27th. I asked him if this is a generic date you are telling everyone. He said…it is what I am telling everyone. He does not see a DDD scheduled on my account and that if I have an offset that it may delayed your refund a “couple of days’. smh. So, after that 10 min conversation, I STILL don’t know when I will get my money. I told him I am a single mom, even though there is an offset, any money will help. I forced him to tell me if..AT ALL IN THIS GOD’S GREEN EARTH, a possibility that I will get my refund this week since I’ve gotten them for the last two years on 2/22 and 2/23 (all Thursdays) …he said …maybe. lol…holy lord.



    People come up with the CRAZIEST stuff on here…..i saw one lady telling folks to lock themselves out of WMR and if your amount due shows up on left your refund is approved ha ha ha BELIEVERS TOO!
    I am in same boat as many of you with 02/11 processing date 20190405 cycle…Transcripts all look clean just no 846. I did expect to see something this past weekend change and was annoyed that others who have DDD and filed on like Feb 8! PATH IS CLEARED SO I expect deposit before Ny updates as that is normal for years past as a weekly !
    Federal Return

    Received by TurboTax:
    Tuesday, Jan 15th 2019 10:10 PM EST
    Received by IRS:
    Wednesday, Jan 16th 2019 12:47 PM EST
    Filing status changed to: Accepted
    Wednesday, Jan 16th 2019 1:09 PM EST



    Just heard from others on here that irs told them today the computer isnt going order it is selecting from different batches



    Accepted by IRS on 01-28-19
    Had EIC & Child Credit
    WMR states “it’s processing”
    Transcript still does not show 846.
    I noticed others who were accepted after me and had the EIC & Child Credit had a DDD of this week ???



    So I filed early 1/14 THRU TT got accepted 1/15 , MESSAGE CODE 152 and now still receiving the message Received and being process. I need to see the status of a DDD. I have seen other family members get a DDD already and filed the same week



    Same thing…no bars no nothing just a message we have recieved your tax return and it is beign processed..got accepted on 1/17 ordered transcripts by mail yesterday



    I am still waiting also with the same message. No update on WMR and checked transcript and do not have an 846 code yet. I filed on 01/28 and got accepted on 01/29.



    Getting through to IRS is hell. They keep hanging up on everybody, this is ridiculous. I just called 800-829-0582 ext. 653. If you can’t get through with that ext then just enter any 3 number beginning with 6. Good luck.



    Accepted 1/23. Has been received and is being processed. No bars, nothing else.

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