We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.

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    After i fax over my check stubs to irs wage verifications department.. How soon will I get my refund??

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    looks like there is not many of us left :( hoping not to be the last one standing.

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    Yo yo yo everybody. Nothing here, Marty. My As Of finally moved from April 1 to July 8… and the automated transcript line now says As Of June 20th for the very last date (I have no idea why that would be…. my balance is still there, and so is my amount as a negative). I don’t know anything other than somebody finally touched it, but didn’t do anything. Nate? You get anything?

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    Misty blacko

    Well its day 147 I got a tax advocate back on may 28 after I faxed my 911 form. IRS is saying I’m still married when I’ve been divorced for almost 4 years now. Had to fax records for the 2 kids I filed on my taxes another copy of my w2 and my divorce info. Advocate said that he will contact me on July 8. So we will 👀.

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    I just wrote a long ass email to my local congressman (San Antonio, TX). Idk if it’s going to do anything but it doesn’t hurt to try to make something happen. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    What company does he work for?
    I found out 2 weeks ago my company was sold as well. My husband was put on medical leave from his job and currently waiting for a response from disability. Also found out last week that we are expecting. So it’s all rolling down hill right now. We amended our returns and they have been adjusted now just waiting on payment.

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    Guess when it rains it really does pour guys. My husband just found out his company was sold and he doesn’t have a job as of Monday 7/1. They decided it would be nice to wait this morning to tell the employees even though I’m sure they’ve know this was coming for months at least. They’ll give him 1 weeks severance pay (how fucking generous, right?) contingent upon him finishing out the week…and we have ZERO savings and no end in sight to this audit. Could really use that refund now 😰😰😰

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    Good News Guys:
    After contacting my Congressman and the Executive Director of Advocacy….my account has finally been released. Called the advocacy service to request a new advocate but was told that I no longer needed one. The IRS input a release on the account and I will have my funds in 2 weeks! I should not have had to go so high to get action but I am grateful for whoever it was that stepped in for me!. Good luck guys

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    HOLY HELL! For sh*ts and giggles I just checked my transcripts, since I am weekly and usually just update on Fridays I figured it would be the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. My transcripts finally updated with the long awaited 846 for July 1st! Hopefully I will have a deposit by Monday!
    I filed in early January and have been waiting ever since. I didn’t get a TA. I tried several times and received all the 45,60 and 60 then 2 more 60 day letters stating the information needed to be put into the computer. I proactively amended my return in March since my wages were different on my W-2 than what was on my tax return. Amended return site says received April 15th. I did not call the IRS because I felt it was useless since they don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground.

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    What time I’ll be praying for you as well this makes no sense I have never seen nothing like this in my life

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    I posted a link to an article I found on ProPublica. You’ll see it if you scroll down a bit in this thread. It was dated 12/18 and told a woman’s story just like all of ours. You’re right though, this is not getting enough attention in the news. I feel like I want to message some of the 2020 candidates and tell them what is happening- maybe one would pick it up as an issue. We are really suffering over here and it’s wrong.

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    @mommy0f3 @dessa

    Both of you are in the same boat as me. I am a single mom, going through a very rough year, no refund yet….being evicted in 5 days. I feel for you both and will be praying something good happens for all us.

    Why is this not being reported in the news that the IRS is doing this to most vulnerable people!

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    Victoria Rome


    Yay excited for you. We have apparently had a TA since last week after they said we couldn’t get one. I think they need the W2 also but without a TA I don’t think they will tel you that. We left a voicemail for the TA yesterday hopefully he calls back and we can get this ball rolling. I need this money.

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    @vrome, I don’t think the as of date means anything. It didn’t change for me at all even after WMR showed a DDD of 6/26 for me. My transcripts didn’t even update to that new as of date until last night after midnight. Several days maybe even a week after WMR updated to show my DDD, and the date my DDD is said to post.

    That being said, Thank You Lord, my money has officially hit my account! This nightmare is finally over for me, but I’m still sending all my prayers to all of you waiting. I’ll say it again, get a TA, don’t wait!!!! I was told I needed nothing for months. Got a TA and found out they needed my w2 and within 2 weeks I have my money! If you get a crappy TA, call their supervisor or request a new TA so that yous guys all get your money ASAP as well! Personally, I made an appt with my local TA and they pushed for my TA to call me. Google local tax advisors office near me and make that appt. 🙌

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    Victoria Rome

    My as of date also says July 8th but nothing else has updated. I am a weekly updater so maybe it will tomorrow or Friday. This new as of date has me real hopeful but I’m not sure if I should be.

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    @Marty, Wait, I just checked again. It now says I have a credit of $xxxx and a balance of $0 as of July 8th. It wasn’t saying that earlier today. It says $xxxx has been sent but doesn’t give the date it was sent. Checked my acct. nothing there, yet….WMR still says the same thing my last comment said.

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    @Marty, WMR only updated. Not my transcripts. That’s why I’m not really holding my breath. I’ll update at some point tomorrow whether or not it actually got released to my bank. It says return received and return approved but not return sent. Then under that it says, it’s scd to be sent to my bank by 6/26. Contact the bank if the money isn’t credited by 7/1 to see if they’ve received it.

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    Still scream whyyyy!! So I started on here with my name Whythe90 when I received the first 90day line back March11th here we are halfway into the now 60 day review and these motherfuckers really just told me oh you didn’t receive the second 60day letter dated June 13th? Wtf no I didn’t cause I’m still waiting on the first 60days to be up!!!! I don’t know how many ppl I’ve seen say they have been evicted like what are they doing to us? It’s honestly sad

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    Victoria Rome

    Has anyone finally got a future as of date one week and then got a DDD the following week? I finally got a future as of date on 6/21 and hoping to get a DDD this week. I am a weekly updater. The IRS is saying that one of the employers didn’t send in information but they keep saying that “they will contact the employer’ but they haven’t

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    I hope this helps someone else have hope . Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been following this group since I filed in January and I went through the ID verify then 2 reviews for supposedly wages and one employer not reporting . Finally got a advocate 3weeks ago sent over paystubs and w2 couldn’t get letterhead . I’m a weekly updater, but decided to log in and check my transcript like I do everyday and I updated with 846 for this Friday . I had to look at it 3 times and I can’t believe it . It’s been a stressful road and I’m glad it’s finally over ! I got $83 of interest too which is nothing , but I will take it . Praying everyone updates soon as well .

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    First 60 day review was up May 1, given a “referral” to last another 60 days. That’s up next Monday. Anyone know what happens when I call back then?

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    Marty B

    Btw everyone, what happened to Margie??? Did she update and leave us too??

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    Victoria Rome

    Just found this page. Being told to just wait by the IRS just like everyone else. Second 60 day review is up July 16th. This is the worst tax year ever. Spoke with the IRS yesterday and they are still telling us they are missing a W2 and that they will contact the employer. I have heard this same song and dance 1 million times. WHY HAVENT THEY CALLED THE EMPLOYER ALREADY. They finally gave us a TA without having a hardship but we didn’t even know we had one because the guy never contacted us. My cycle code is 20190805. I just want my money.

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    You are not alone my three children and I were evicted on the 10th of this month my tax advocate was fully aware in the IRS I even sent them the court documented eviction notice they still just giving me complete BS makes no sense been staying in a hotel every since can’t save to get a new place

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    Well, my refund was deposited today. Good luck everyone. Here was my BS:

    F/A 1/30
    Green Dot card
    Cycle code 20191305
    IDV 3/11
    45 day review 4/22
    60 day review 5/12
    Approved 6/22
    DDD 6/26
    DD 6/25

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    Marty B


    Just tell your employer you want to change your tax status to exempt. Then zero everything out. Fck the IRS!

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    Marty B


    You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

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    Marty B

    @Karri, if nothing has changed where did you get your DDD from? Was the transcript line or WMR?

    I’m still here just waiting it out again. My TA is absolutely useless. He’s probably the “fluffer” and mops the floors after their big suckfest they have in the office. He sounds like a sissy anyway.

    Over 5 months of this shit. Jesus.

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    So I see alot of us are making changes to our deductions on our paychecks so we don’t have to rely on this hefty return that the IRS is holding hostage…what are yall claiming to have enough taxes held out that you won’t owe the next year? I’m clueless about that part of things….

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    Well, I have officially been evicted. I trusted my TA that my promise to pay date would be May 20th so I paid my summer tuition to graduate in August. May 20th came and went…and I haven’t heard from my advocate since April. So I get to graduate but will be officially homeless in a week and a half. She will not respond to my phone calls. WARNING: if your TA is named Ashbee, you are f***ed! Don’t trust your TA’s with those dates!!Good luck guys.

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    @Marty, Nope! Which is why I’m nervous they won’t actually send it tomorrow. Not one thing has changed on anything! 😔

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    Another day gotta wake up punch the clock and I will be punching the 1800# for the irs in the next 30 mins I have to work and I don’t mind making someone else work too 🤷🏽‍♀️ 7months into the year in five more days

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    Marty B

    @Karri, I understand completely. Fck the IRS!! Did your social security account update your wages yet?

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    @Marty, we changed ours already also. Effective around the first 45 day review letter! We had tons taken out because we liked the large refund. We treated it like a savings acct but after this year, no thanks. We could definitely use it more year round anyway. I’ve never had a car break down and had to go without one, and I shouldn’t ever had either, but since the it’s played this game, on my turn, I made the move to ensure our minimal returns in the following years to come, is chump change and we will be lucky if it’ll buy us a roll of tp! The weekly raise we got, now that’s pretty sweet!

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    Marty B

    After this tax Season folks, I’m going exempt. The IRS can lick and suck my nuts! I’ll still get earned income for my kids. My refund just won’t be as large in the years to come! It’s ok really as once I go exempt it’ll be like a nice fat raise!

    Over the IRS. And my TA, can eat my ass!

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    So finally got a TA she told me mine was being held up cause of an error fill out 1040x and amend she said she would check back with me by July 17 case should be closed August 17

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    Marty B

    @Karri, thanks hon! Mine is still the same. Gives hope!

    @Jenn, welcome to the family. You should’ve chimed in much sooner! Lol

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    @amy exactly right! Since when aren’t we getting on employers asses for not turning in their employees wage information!? It’s complete bullshit we are the ones suffering meanwhile the employers business carries on without penalties? Foh this is nuts!

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    The IRS should really start hiring people from this website to work for them. Have a feeling people on this forum know more than the tax reps at the IRS. 🤦🏽‍♂️😪

    Filed 2/4
    3/14 – 60 day notice
    Have not rcvd anything ever since.

    Patiently waiting, however, patience is starting to run thin..

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    I’m still here with yall lol

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    Also I’m under ‘review’ until July 16th. So the reviews are definitely BS.

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    F/A 1/30
    IDV 3/11
    DDD 6/26


    I thought it would never come.

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    My e-file was accepted 2/22 and I am still waiting as well. They keep saying they didn’t get certain papers from my old employer. Why is this my fault? Why are they penalizing me and making me wait for my return when I field my papers properly? I have nothing to do with that old employer now, I don’t even live in that state anymore! That should be between the IRS and them. But for some reason my tax advocate says they didn’t get whatever documents so I had to fax over my last paystub. I did that last week and am still waiting on hearing back about it.

    Meanwhile I am homeless. Living in a car with my fiance and our baby son. Life really sucks.

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    @Meghan Witt Most of us filed at the end of January and are still here waiting for answers from the IRS or our money.

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    Meghan Witt

    Hey guys,
    So I filed by certified mail (I have to every year since the irs thinks I have an IP pin and I don’t)
    on 4/14, it was signed for on 4/16,
    WMR showed the first bar 5/2,
    a week or so later…all bars gone w this message.

    Called the IRS was told basically to F off and wait and no letters have came or been sent.

    Called tax payer advocate since I have a daughter I can’t pay for daycare for, and was told to F off because they can’t “over ride the IRS’s protocol since it’s delayed due to an IP pin, and I just have to wait”.

    And here I am today..still processing, no letters, transcript says I haven’t filed a refund.

    Does ANYONE have a suggestion as to what to do?

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    Hey all,

    Figured I’d join the other lurkers coming out of the wood work for those of us still kicking the lube jars around.

    Accepted 1/28/19. 45 day letter, 60 day letter, now about halfway thru the referral that allows another 60 days. TT botched my W2 import and I didn’t check it before I filed- became too comfortable after using it for so long I guess, a mistake I’ll never make again. As soon as I caught it, I filed an amended return which was received by IRS 3/14/19 even though it didn’t update as received in their system until the end of May, at about the same time my transcripts updated to a 421 after not moving for more than a month. Went from a 421 to a 420 the following week which is where I have sat since 6/7/19. The last person I spoke to at IRS when I called after my first 60 days was up actually told me- and I quote- “TBH, you’re going to be waiting a long time”. Just awesome… lucky me… yay.

    For the record, I have adjusted my withholdings after the first 45 day notice. They aren’t getting a chance to bend me over like this again. No sir, not this girl. My momma didn’t raise that big of a fool.

    Anyway, hope you guys don’t mind if I hang out with ya while the pounding continues for at least another week…. or more.

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    My as of date is still 5/23 and 4/15 and I got my ddd for 6/26

    #4330033 Reply


    Welp still no update .
    Filed 1/30.

    #4330029 Reply

    Marty B

    As if dates appear to mean absolutely nothing. At least when they change it does show someone is looking at your account I guess. Mines been the same for weeks, and before that it was the same for months.

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    I amended my return, sent it in maybe a week ago. My As of date has now changed from March 18th to July 8th. That a few weeks away. What does it mean when the as of date has changed? Does that mean my amended return was received and being processed? I have a ta assigned and will be called on July 11th. She was the one who suggested I amend and fax her a copy of it too. I filed Feb 7th. My 45+60 day review was over the 25th of May, then I was told my fed. withholding was reported wrong.I amended and now waiting.

    #4330021 Reply

    Marty B

    Congratulations everyone on getting DDD!!!!!! I’m so happy for you. Unfortunately, nothing new for me. The IRS can kiss my ass after a long night of Taco Bell and beer farts!!

    #4330018 Reply


    Thanks for the info Im hoping so also and congratulations on finally getting your refund

    #4330017 Reply


    Omg you guys I could cry right now! I updated with a DDD for 6/27 this morning! I have been waiting since 2/28 (f/a) and I never got a TA, I’ve just been waiting it out and received two 60 day review notices. I’ve been praying long and hard and God finally answered my prayers. I want to thank every single person on this forum who has been positive and uplifting to those of us who have been waiting so long. I am wishing the best for everyone who is still patiently waiting. It’s coming soon just keep hope alive!!!

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    Congratulations Denise z. You well deserve it especially after waiting 6 months,goodness. Child is due In September. My processing status should be completed by September 23 just 2 weeks after my due date (baby will already be here) but again congratulations!!!!

    #4330014 Reply

    Denise z

    OMG!!! I havent checked my WMR in a few days, I had already given up. And for shits and giggles, I checked here at 2:30AM MST… It just changed to a DDD For June 27th…. I filed 1/28… This was a very hard 6months waiting for me. As I wasnt able to go to work after I had my baby in October. In hopes I was going to get this sooner, I waited a few months without working, but, I ended up exhausting most of my savings on waiting and had to pay child care so I could get back to work sooner. Damn IRS doesnt care about us. And I seriously only stayed hopeful from reading everyones DDD’s coming in, it made the wait not as harsh.

    #4330013 Reply


    Still freaking nothing transcripts didnt change still 420 code I need this money sometime soon i have to move!

    #4330012 Reply


    Mailed my return in feb 27 irs received it the first week of March I had got my id verification letter in March I also received a 60 day review letter dated June 6 woke up today to a ddd of June 26 hopefully this it 🤞🏾

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    I filed with H&R block on February 18th. I got my letter saying I was being reviewed March 26th and not to call them till after 60 days. May 28th I called irs, I was told their was unresolved issues with my return and they was unaware that I hadn’t received my refund yet. (which the very sentence contradicts itself) Then the lady told me she had to put in a referral and that would be another 60 days. H&R Block says nothing to do but wait. I have only called the one time. I have not got a TA or been told anything other than that. I’m just on here reading looking for signs of hope.

    #4330008 Reply


    @kaylya, I second what Tiffany said. Pretty sure it means nothing.

    @tiffany, make sure you includ your case# on the fax and call your TA immediately after your fax says confirmed sent so that the TA knows it’s there and can get on it.

    @incognito, that’s about the amount of time it took us. Sounds about right. Only the TA never called us the day he was supposed to because he was supposed to call us this coming Monday but we updated with a DDD this morning for 6/26. So hopefully that means you’ll have yours very soon!

    #4330007 Reply



    I don’t think it really means anything. Idk why people started getting so worked up over that particular part of the transcript.

    #4330006 Reply


    What does the as of date mean? My transcript said my account has a as of date of June 20, last week it was May 18th

    #4330004 Reply


    I faxed over a letterhead from my employer verifing my wages for 2018 on the 12th of June she informed that the IRS has made adjustments on the account and that they will be finished reviewing everything by Thursday which will be June 27th she is supposed to call me on the 2nd on July I’m just hoping I update with a DDD next weekend since no luck this week been waiting since January

    #4330003 Reply


    @Karri I’m going to do that first thing Monday morning. I’m tired of waiting. 😫

    #4330001 Reply



    Make a copy of your w2 and fax it to your TA. Even if they say you can’t. We sent ours and it worked

    #4330000 Reply


    @Marty B

    Hopefully they finish up with your case sooner rather than later! I’ll be here until my former employer stops being a B word because I resigned. She full out refuses to submit my wages to the SSA, even though she sent a w2 to me. SSA says they can’t force her to submit wages until October, so I’ll probably be here like you were last year. 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ (Not laughing at you, but at my own situation lol)

    #4329997 Reply


    Congrats to everyone finally getting DDDs!! I’ve been here reading all your stories since the beginning and it’s about dang time you get your money!

    #4329996 Reply



    Try to call your TA’s supervisor!!!!

    @everyone, Thank You! It was perfect timing, my sons summer therapy starts the first week of July. Now I have time to buy a car and get him there. Sending prayers to everyone and sending steaks and good beer to Marty!

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    Filed/Accepted February 13th
    2 60 Day review CP05 letters, never was asked to ID verify. Called toward mid May said 2nd 60 day wait was over on June 4, to call back then. Didn’t trust it and was seeing how everyone on here said to get a TA. Sent 2 911 forms 3 weeks ago, around 1st week of June and have yet to be called by any TA. 2 weeks ago received a letter dated “May 30” stating they are asking until June 30th to work on account because account information is not coming up on their computer system. Again never asked for W-2, wages, ID, nothing on neither of the letters. Requested a transcript to be sent by mail (cell phone is under my wife’s name) that same week and got it about 5-7 days later, stated a credit of my refund amount as of June 17th. Just checked WMR and it updated for DDD of 06/26 this morning & and if not received by 07/01 to contact bank. I really hope everyone who’s just been waiting, no clue as to what needs to be sent because they say we don’t need to send them anything, gets an update really soon! It really seems they used these stall tactics because they are beyond backed up and lost all of our info. They did also add interest, about $75 (still not worth the wait but I’ll take it)

    #4329994 Reply

    Marty B


    Last year I went through all the ID verify delay, then the several other delays and reviews. To where finally the IRS really said there was no reason for the reviews, then they “expedited” it and about 11 weeks later I finally got it.

    This year according to the IRS my 2018 is literally just sitting and waiting to be released. They’d questioned a past years return, so I sent them the information they’d requested back at like the first of March and nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    My TA, he told me 6 weeks ago, “we should have you resolved and case closed in 2 weeks”. I spoke with him Friday morning and he said “yes unfortunately everything is so far behind right now, we’re possibly looking at another 8 weeks, but surely you’ll be resolved by then.”

    I told him he’s a damn liar and I’d really appreciate if he’d be honest with me and not read scripted information. He claimed he wasn’t and that he’s dealing with 328 other cases besides my own and unfortunately every circumstance is different and when he gave me the “2 weeks” quote he was looking at it based on past statistics.

    So here I am still. Luckily for all of us , Walgreens has a sale on lube this week. For “heated passion” (my personal favorite) “flavored” for you weirdos that like to eat lube, “classic” and for when the ole fart box isn’t so fresh, they now have “scented”. All of it is on sale! I personally buy the variety box myself. Especially at tax time.

    #4329993 Reply


    Finally updated DD 6/26. Filed 1/28…

    #4329992 Reply


    @Marty B

    May I ask, do you know what’s delaying your refund? And what delayed it last year?

    #4329989 Reply

    Marty B

    No updates for me. Congratulations Karri!!!! You deserve it hon!! Go get ya a nice big steak dinner and think of me please!!

    #4329988 Reply


    Congrats @Karri it was a long time coming!! I’m coming here strictly for happy endings for other people because my situation is a mess. Glad so many people are FINALLY getting their money!!!

    #4329987 Reply


    Of course no update for me, I’m still in 420 hell

    #4329986 Reply


    No update for me, I filed back on 1/8/19….:(

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