We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.

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    Did anyone else update lastnight? I verified 3/25 & had the 9001 message no bars, a week later it updated to we cannot provide any info about your return. I’m a weekly and lastnight I updated back with one bar and return is being processed. What could this mean????

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    I know, this is a freaking mess this year!! First time in over 20 years I’ve EVER had ANY problems, much less some bs like this!!

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    How did you get a copy of transcripts if your address is an old address? I have been trying to request transcript through mail and it only lets me with my old address from two years ago even though my new address is in this years return . Thanks

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    F/A: 2/9
    Lost bars, got “still processing”, and TT152 on Feb 28th.
    Recieved 45 day review letter on March 25th
    Recieved 60 day review letter on March 29th.
    Recieved account transcripts in mail today (4/18), has 570 code for 3/18. And 971 code for 3/25.
    TA won’t help. Called IRS and said the wages are off but for us not to do anything. SSA has correct wages.

    Code 150 : 3/18/2019 0.00
    Code 570: 3/18/2019 0.00
    Code 971: 3/25/2019 0.00

    Any wisdom, ideas, help for me?
    Day 68 😭😭😭

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    F/A 1/30. I only called once because I was on ‘still processing’ for over a month. They told me they sent a letter (to my old address which I didn’t get) to ID verify weeks before I called. So then I went to the IRS office to verify on 3/11 and still waiting. Haven’t called again but I think I’m under review because of 971 on transcript but they refused to update my address so who knows. I have given up.

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    I’ve been on this site for a while. F/A on 2/12. I seem to be noticing a pattern and was wondering if anyone else felt the same way? It seems to me that when people get a tax advocate or speak to the IRS about their refund they are being told that they need to verify, send in wages, etc. However, for the people who are just getting their refunds back without calling into the IRS or a tax advocate, it seems they end up not having to do anything extra. What do you guys think? 🤔 In my opinion, when people call in, they are just being told some random thing to do in an effort to explain why they have Benny waiting so long. I also have this opinion because for the people that are being told to do something extra, why did they/we receive 45 & 60 day reviews that clearly said “no further action required”? If the IRS was going to go to the trouble of sending out a letter, why not just state what was needed there? Just wondering what your thoughts are concerning this?
    Thanks in advance 😁

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    This doesn’t have anything to do with our President… The democrats didn’t want to fund the wall for the security of our country. THEY made that choice! If anything, all of us who do work are now bringing home MORE in our paychecks thanks to OUR PRESIDENT! 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    You have no comebacks except ones that are sexual (and disgusting) in nature, which says a lot about how you function. Also, about how fragile your ego is. People come here looking to commiserate about this awful tax season, not deal with any annoyance you may feel the need to add to the whole situation.
    If you’re having sexual problems, you don’t need to take it out on everyone here on this forum. Or on me, just because I sarcastically responded to your initial sarcastic comment. I’m sorry if you can’t handle it when a woman claps back at ya 💁🏻‍♀️

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    Marty B

    Allison, I’m glad I could entertain. After your smartass comment there I thought maybe you stopped swallowing. But clearly you haven’t. For an extra $5.00 will you rub the nuts at the same time?

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    @Marty B LOL. I love how you just pretended to be me, responding to yourself. You should probably find more to do with your day than be rude to people behind your keyboard and have conversations with yourself. But sure, name-call if it makes you feel better. I know some five-year-olds who use that same strategy.

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    Marty B

    I always knew you were Allison. You have trailer park written all over you. I bet you’re a methwhore also. Have a great day Allison, I hope that tax check comes soon. You probably desperately need dentures. You probably have the HIV also. Take care hon!

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    Allison the HO

    Oh Marty, how’d you know I’m such a gutterslut, of course my panties slide off easily. I’m a trailer park tramp.

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    Marty B

    Allison, damn girl. Your sarcasm in your comment kinda turned me on. If you and the hubby like to cheat on each other, which I’m kinda feeling the vibe that your panties fall down rather easily, send me your number, I’d love to help you out as it sounds like you’re sexually frustrated. I bet your husband also has a profile on mywifeISahoe.com also.

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    @Marty B Duh. The account on the SSA website is called “mySSA.” He made it for himself, therefore it will show HIS information. Thanks for the tip though! 👍

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    Marty B

    Allison, you won’t see his, if he made your SSA account. You’ll only see YOUR information.

    Hope this helps!

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    @Ellie Okay, stupid question. My husband made a mySSA account last night…where does he see his income?

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    Misty blacko

    Day 78 still nothing

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    Hi everyone. So F/A on January 18 and had to verify my identity 2/18 and then was told about a 45 day review then 60 day review. I had called the IRS multiple times with no results. Well I called again yesterday morning and got a very helpful man who actually listened and looked at my account. He said he saw no reason for them to be holding my refunding and that everything checked out so he released my refund. So my question is how long is the wait from here? I lost bars on WMR back in January so looking there is no help to me. BTW I filed with Turbo Tax.

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    If it’s a direct deposit, it depends on your banking institution. If you are using an intermediary bank, add a day.

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    If my refund issue date is 4/19 will I receive it that date or is it being released that day I’ve been waiting forever

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    Still the chaos , my TA isn’t worth shit .
    Irs not worth shit , this is chaos

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    If your previous employer reported those wages, contact them to get a copy and don’t stop until you get it. They’ll have it on file. Just a matter of reaching someone willing to dig a little.

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    Marty B

    On my 90th day folks. Unreal.

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    Hello everyone I been reading everyone’s comments for months I been dealing with the same issue it’s been at least a little over 80 days since I filed I spoke to the irs yesterday an they are telling me I haven’t received my money yet because I never claimed one of my old jobs that I completely forgot about so they wants me to fax over that w2 ( I now have to go on a hunt ) the guy I spoke to was very helpful I called 1800-829-0582 ext 652 literally took me 10 mins to speak to someone

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    What a BOGUS YEAR!!!! SMH.

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    Have you tried going back to the employer? That’s the fastest way to handle it right now.

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    @Allison I created a online account, and saw that my income was only 21k but with all three of my W’s it shouldve been 23k. I had just started a third job at the end of the year, and I’m guessing that’s the job that didn’t report my wages after I did all do the math lol.

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    @danni thank you for your reply!

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    @Ellie oh, and I was going to ask, how did you check the SSA website to discover you were missing wages?

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    @Ellie We are in the same boat! The IRS didn’t have one of my husband’s W2s, as I mentioned in my comment below to LaurieH, and therefore didn’t have the bulk of his wages. We filed on Jan. 22nd, accepted Jan. 23rd, and so far we haven’t been able to get this resolved at all. Between my husband and I, the IRS had given us like 5 different answers. I found out that the hang-up was still my husband’s W2 through contact the TA line, but they can’t help without proof of those wages. It’s so frustrating.

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    @LaurieH We had the EITC credit which we knew wasn’t going to begin processing until the middle of Feb. The hang-up has been that the IRS doesn’t have my husband’s main W2, and that’s what has caused us to be flagged. We’re on day 85 at this point, and we haven’t been able to get anymore information, nor help from a TA.

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    Yes ellie

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    Newbie here! Quick question. I’ve been reading everyone’s questions, comments and concerns. My question is I checked the SSA website and figured out that I’m missing wages from an employer. Could this be why I’m not getting my refund? I’ve contacted the IRS, and I’ve only gotten their script of “You’re under a 60 day review, please don’t contact us until May 10th” but to me that’s bs.

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    This may not apply to you but anyone that filed early that took certain credits were not processed right away. They were all placed on hold until the end of February. Considering the credits impacted by this, I’m sure there were a shit ton. It’s why I filed my taxes later so I wouldn’t get stuck in some pile.

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    Yes, they can change it. Might be something that was flagged but later rectified after further review.

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    Yes updates tonight Marty B fingers crossed🤞🤞🤞🤞

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    Marty b

    Unfortunately the update was last night into today

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    So I’m almost certain that ours used to say “we have received your refund and it is still being processed.” but I checked it just now and it says “we have received your refund and it is being processed.” Could this be a good sign?

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    Marty B

    WMR updates at 330 Wednesday night / Thursday morning right? So we’re due an update in just a few hours?

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    @andrea d Brinkley

    The IRS does not manage this website. This is a forum for those waiting on their refunds. A place for taxpayers to communicate, swap info, vent, etc.

    Just didn’t want you waiting for an answer that would never come. Unfortunately, you’ll need to call.

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    “Being Processed” and “Still Being Processed” have 2 different meanings. The first being fine, no action required. However, the second most likely means that your return was flagged for one of the many reasons. The shitty part is that they won’t tell you right away why it was flagged in the first place. So ultimately, it just makes for a much longer wait

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    Still here. Still waiting.
    F/A 1/30
    ID Verified 3/11
    Still getting fuked.

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    Andrea d Brinkley

    Did you receive my info for my refund?

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    Fellow with code 9001

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    I was not no early filer i filed 2/17 got a 152 code my tax preparer didn’t say anything about a code until about over a month since I filed I went into my local office March 29 now here I am still waiting haven’t seen a change far as I’m concerned since I filed from day 1 so now I’m to the point I’m not getting no money I filed 2 kids I been filling for 10 years and efiled with a direct deposit I never received any letters or other codes they just say 9 weeks

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    Yes Marcus were in the same boat my ta called and said they have it as well and to call him on the 19th fingers cross for the both of us

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    Called a TA manager today since my TA wont return my calls. TA called me 04/01 stating my wages were off. So i needed to amend it. So tax prep amended it on 04/02 and faxed it to my TA. She never returned my calls to see if she recieved it. So i got a number to her manager and she told me she did recieve my amended return and that it was sent off to irs. I should recieve a call back before may 19th.. Smh

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    All i know is i went exempt today fu irs.. Go ahwead and say i owe for next year because i will pay 5 months after its due. Id rather go to jail then have to bust me ass to give you all my money. I hope everyone remembers all the bullshit this year when elections come around

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    Filed 2/1/19
    Accepted 2/2/2019

    I was told I was on a 45 day review starting 3/11
    I called and got a TA and found out that my wages were off that they needed a letter from my old employer verifying my wages/employment. I faxed it to him Thursday (4/11)
    and did not hear anything so I called him Monday to ask him if he received it (because I sent it to him a week earlier and he claimed he did not get it) & he quickly said yeah it’s been sent out already, I’ll call you if I need anything………..

    I did not feel like being snappy because I’m sure he gets a lot of that already 😒 but he did not tell me really anything like when I should hear from him, or when I should expect my refund…..

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    Marty B

    Jsayes, you really need to get laid or eat a dick! I guess you think you’re the “authority” on all things IRS and tax related to come on here and make a post like that. The best any of us can do is SHARE OUR OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, that doesn’t make it LAW, it makes it just that, our experience! A personal experience is certainly better than someone stating their uneducated, lame ass opinion, much like you just did.

    Thank you.

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    DDD wait

    The real idiots are the IRS. Asked me when I sent in my 2015 tax return and I said “you didn’t receive it ?” So she said it was received. So they don’t know when it was received? WTF

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    My status says “being processed” and its had the same status for over a month. Called and spoke to TA who stated a letter will be mailed to me between 10-14days to submit verification., she couldnt tell me what verification was needed nor when that “note” saying a letter will be mailed was entered. ([email protected]#$%).

    THANK GOD, I do not depend on my tax return to survive. but will come back on here in 14days with an update on the “letter” im suppose to be getting.

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    I hate these idiots that love to give their opinions based only in their own experience…every fauking case is different…last year I verified my ID and got my refund in 10 days…this year it’s been more than a month…
    People here come here to get info and have some light about their situation even though the info here is 95% useless…a lot people ask the same questions everyday…they can’t take a few minutes to go through the forum but it is easy for them to place the same fauking questions that the person 3 post before them get it…
    And I am sorry that I talking like an asshole…but some people here are making me really mad…because they are providing the wrong info and you see them in most of the threads here…
    I hate to say this…but most of the stuff is “Fake News” doesn’t help at all

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    Filed 02/09. Verified ID 6 weeks ago. Still processing, more like sitting in a pile waiting for some idiot to look at it. They told me a letter was coming a month ago that never showed up. Bullshit!

    #4324237 Reply

    ANGIE B.

    i gave up a month ago..i check once a day and thats it. i felt myself getting too overwhelmed with this shit and i refuse to let it take up my day. I know its some bullshit the irs knows this is some bullshit…so i all i can do is Pray..and Keep on Praying about it.


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    No f****** update Still PROCESSING my ass 🖕🏼IRS 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

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    Misty blacko

    Day 77

    #4324215 Reply


    Nothing for me . Filed 02/09. No letters or anything

    #4324187 Reply

    Marty B

    I had to. Not Ron idk wtf that was about lol

    #4324186 Reply

    Marty B

    Dave, I had Ron ID VERIFY last year. I did that in April didn’t get my refund until mid October.

    #4324185 Reply



    #4324180 Reply

    Misty blacko

    What’s the difference between “being processed and “still being processed?

    #4324165 Reply

    Christopher S Scott

    Lol what do you know checked my account and its there

    #4324164 Reply

    Christopher S Scott

    Happy for you Zen, ima check my account soon here in Ga

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    This is the first time I filed since 2015 which I have moved since then I filed 1/28 I’d verified 3/5 wmr went from being processed to STILL being processed. My new address on this years return I still cannot use to request transcripts only 2015 old address . Does that mean they haven’t even started processing yet 😡😡😡😡😡😡

    #4324158 Reply


    I just checked and i got my money lol thank you @Christopher @Jalyen ! Good luck to everyone else!

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    Tammie Schultz

    Hi everyone, i have been on here since the beginning like the rest of you all…
    So on March 9th i went to still processing so i called and got a TA which stated my income was off. After research i found out that one of my employers didn’t entered my wages in box one. How i have no idea. So did everything i was told to do. Send everything to TA on March 27th. Said she would call me this Thursday.. My question is I called an found out that she sent over to the IRS on March 30th to have IRS release my refund. How long does it take once that happens.
    They sure have not been pleasant at all.. Not surprisingly!!!
    I never got any letters nothing. Just says still processing with tt152..
    Also will the site even update to say DD date?
    They first told me had to wait til May 9th. And a review started on March 25th. I called way before that and all of a sudden i call on March 25 and low and behold my review started that day.
    I even asl if she wanted my hardship letter from Landlord she stated no we don’t need it. But I’m behind on rent. Makes no sense to me.
    Can anyone help here.
    Thank you

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    I just found out today when you have a TA when they request the irs to release your refund they can either request a manual review which only takes about a week or a normal processing time which is going through the system (21 days or less) just some info for people with a TA inscase they have been waiting a while

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    Christopher S Scott

    You should have your deposit by 9am, good luck I also have DDof April 17.

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    Government: You owe us money. It’s called taxes.

    Me: How much do I owe?

    Government: You have to figure that out.

    Me: I just pay what I want?

    Government: Oh no, we know exactly how much you owe. You have to figure that out too.

    Me: What if I get it wrong?

    Government: You go to jail.

    Welcome to the 2019 tax season.

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    Lynn Texas

    Hey fellow filers, *update* I have finally talked to a TA on the 12 and was told my return was released but there’s no DD. I called the IRS today and confirmed that my refund was released. She said I can get it tomorrow or Friday, no later than next week.

    So, there’s hope!!! I’m an early filer 1/22

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    1 800 829 0582 ext 652

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    This is what my TC looks like
    Return due date or return recieved date ( whichever is later april 15
    Processing date march 25
    150. 03/25. 0.00
    806. 04/15. -2,583.00
    766. 04/15. -4,009.00
    768. 05/15. -2,447.00
    570 03/25. 0.00

    Can some one help me out here.

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    I need the 1800 number that gets you to a it’s rep quick!

    #4324103 Reply


    So they took out $136 out of my taxes smh. But now I’m gettin nervous it says i have DD of April 17. Am I really going to get it on that date? I don’t know what to think anymore at this point they been stressing me out since Jan 31 when i filed. It’s always something.

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