We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.



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    I filed the 28th and was accepted on the 28th. Refund is in process message. My friend filed 2/6 got her return today. Same credits CTC not eligible for EIC.



    For those who are attempting to contact the IRS and are stuck in a maze of answering question after question and not getting a live person, try this:

    Call 1-800-829-1040
    -choose your language
    -DO NOT CHOOSE OPTION 1 for refund info, instead choose OPTION 2 for personal tax info
    -choose 1 (form, tax history, or payment)
    -choose 3 (for all other questions)
    -choose 2 (for all other questions)
    -they will ask you to enter your ss# twice DO NOT ENTER IT
    -next menu press 2 and there you go…
    you may have to wait 15-30 mins for an agent, but NOT generic answers!



    I just called the irs and they said my return won’t even be processed until the 28th. I feel like that was super generic being that they just saw I filed on the 7th and that would be the 21st day. However I can already see my transcripts completed just not 846 code.



    There is a difference in refund RECEIVED and refund ACCEPTED. So for everyone saying return received and accepted on the same day is not possible. The irs doesnt move that fast. You have 3 bars. Refund received, And refund returned ( or whatever the last bar is)



    Where the fuck is my money?? LOL I filed on January 11. Accepted on the 16th. And I’m still waiting!



    @itstime I’m In CO. Hopefully we will all have some relief Saturday. Hey anyone get locked out of the WMR app or tool for too many attempts yesterday? LOL I did.



    @kari what state are you? I am GA and same boat! 0405 and accepted 16th Jan (sucks I have to differentiate 16 is Jan). I agree with your statement completely.

    Anyone in here know a pilot or retired pilot?



    Filed 1/31
    Accepted 1/31


    Cycle Code 20190605
    Processing Date 2/25/19
    No 846 code.

    Hurry up, please!!!



    Simple math….27-5= 22

    Takes 5 total days for treasury to send the funds and for most banks to release them. Internet Banks (Chime, Simple etc…) usually release upon receiving regardless of the date the sender gives them. 22 should be a good day for many and some next Wednesday. My 2 cent$!



    @Matt, I get where you would think that but that website is part of the problem. So many people have received their refunds, with EIC etc, that the date of the 27th is arbitrary. It is also been confusing this year because they are not going in order in which returns were received, which is making people nervous. I understand that they are behind, but that is no reason to process returns in a random fashion. Hopefully, moving forward through the weekend, we will see everyone get some relief with status updates and ddd’s.




    This should clear everything up for the majority of people here. I am in the same boat, filed early claimed ACTC/EIC.



    Filed and accepted 2/3 stil nothing just the being processed message hope to update Saturday 2-23 with ddd



    I filed 1/28 accepted the same day. My bars disappeared a week ago. I got my refund on 2/14 last year. I want my money!



    Filed 1/28/19
    Accepted 1/28/19
    Path message 2/9
    Path lifted 2/16

    receiving generic message we have received your return and it is being processed since 2/16. CA state taxes selected to verify return but thanks to being able to log into account I noticed I was receiving a letter to verify it was me who filed the return. Called this morning at 7 am to complete and took 5 mins agent processed return right then and there. Not everyone who is held under path would have updated for the 2/22 DD. I knew I wouldn’t be in the first batch and I also knew I wouldn’t update until Saturday morning at midnight as always. Just hang in there guys they have made it pretty clear the majority of early filers will update Saturday morning 2/23 with your projected ddd. We will have our refunds by Wednesday 2/27 and sooner for those who have cards like NetSpend and other prepaid cards that release deposits upon receiving notice it’s on it’s way.



    Same boat here. Filed/accepted 1/31. Same “processing” message. I have ACTC/EIC. Rec’d refund on Feb 22nd last year, Feb 23rd the year before. My cycle number is 0605.

    The folks who need their returns the most are those claiming those credits! And the IRS solution is to delay THOSE refunds? I get needing to implement a system for fraud check, but you would think the social security numbers could come up as a big red flag if they are processing a return and someone else’s return already claimed those social security numbers! Then if there are legal issues with regard to who can claim them and who can’t, let the parties fight it out in court. That’s not the IRS’s fight. The rest of us suffer and worry.



    IRS website now says most PATH-rs will update 2/23.



    Same Pamela!


    Ron Swanson

    @timmeh8604 You have a weekly cycle code, so you should expect to get your deposit on a Wednesday this year.


    Pamela Walker

    Mine still says this and people that filed later than me have theirs I’m pulling my hair out



    Filed 1/24 with TurboTax
    Accepted 1/25
    Been processing for weeks now.
    No ddd, no wmr updates. NOTHING.
    No offsets according to the offset line. So what’s the holdup?

    It’s getting really frustrating. Im happy for everyone getting their dd but come on now maaaan. Help a girl out already.



    Filed and accepted 1/23 with EITC. Updated last week to “is being processed.” Nothing since then, no access to transcripts, no letters in the mail. My sister who also claimed EITC and filed two weeks after me is getting her refund tomorrow. This is garbage.



    Filed and accepted on 2/9
    WMR only has one bar, and the “we have received it and it is processing” message since the 10th. Never got any PATH message or other codes. Only code is Topic 152 which is just general information. I have ACTC and no offsets. WMR has yet to update since the 10th. I filed with TurboTax and I do have an expected DDD date with them, 03/02 . So it seems that updates are random and not on a first come, first serve basis. TT fees will be taken out do I’ve been checking the Santa Barbara tax website to see if they gotten their fees….nothing yet.



    I have been filing the same way for years with NO major changes. Filed 1/25 as soon as my husband’s W2 was available and we received tuition statement from our daughter’s university. Accepted 1/28. Since PATH Act, I’ve received refund on the Wednesday after President’s Day without issue. I never even checked WMR before this year and when I did, it shows “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” No topics. No bars. I don’t know if I changed to PATH at some point because I checked for the first time yesterday. I have not received any notices in the mail. I called H&R Block and they said to go ahead and call IRS. After a maze of pressing numbers, I got to an option which said “Please enter the caller identification code from your letter.” I don’t HAVE a letter. Finally, when I didn’t enter anything it said “If you have not received a letter, press 1.” Then the automated system told me “due to extremely high call volume for the topic you selected, we cannot take your call at this time…” My question: Is the “enter the caller identification number…” prompt a default that everyone gets or is that an indication that I am receiving some sort of letter in the mail? This is all very lame.


    Courtney Hemsle

    Filed 1/17
    Accepted 1/22
    WMR bar disappeared on 2/6

    No EITC or AITC.

    Message: “it’s been received and still processing” since 2/6.

    Tried to get transcripts, but said my number couldn’t be verified.




    I think most people will get updates between the 23rd and March 4, 2019. Not everyone is going to see an update this Saturday and will probably flip the hell out. Myself included.
    I think that whole week, week and a half the irs will be playing catch up and be giving updates with ddd’s. But no mass updates on the 23rd. Just my opinion.



    I got the same cycle code and no updates no transcript updates wage transcript still blank etc.

    Doubt we see much happening this week at least some of us. There behind early fillers got left behind could be may like last year I’m done filing early



    YOUT IRS WIPP JOT UPDATE EXCEPT ONCE A WEEK. I HAVE 2/3 BARS DDD OF 2/22 AND NOW HAVE MY DEPOSIT AND ITS AVAILABLE AS OF 2/21 (TODAY) SO do not let the IRS site get you down. Both My tax prepare and the IRS left me in the dark. If u got a DDD of 2/22 and have used turbo tax check your greendot cards balance.



    Filed 1/25
    Accepted same day
    I don’t have EIC but I guess this year I did have ACTC. I never recieved the 9001 code and I’ve been stuck with no bars and “We have recieved your return and it’s being processed” for over a week now. Transcripts show 3 codes but no refund codes yet 🤦‍♀️



    Anyone that filed early and accepted early remember the 9001 code glitch we all received on WMR? Could that be why we are stuck on Being processed? I have a gut feeling. What say you..



    Filed 1-25 Accepted 1-27 I had the path Message until 2-15 and now “it’s been received and still processing” I’m so annoyed. Even called Sbtpg and even though it’s still early in the day they’ve got NOTHING. Last year we went through this same bs and I received my Federal on Wednesday 2/21 at 6pm smh. It’s been 24 days Uncle Sam, run me my moneyyyy



    I would like to add that IMO calling is useless until after the 27th. They are going to give you a canned response most of the time. IF you get transferred to someone that can tell you something. You are just stopping them from working anyway. Flooding the phones will do nothing but slow them down. I know what it’s like to need/want your money. But be patient people. They haven’t even officially been processing returns for a full month.



    I have nothing to prove this except gut feeling. I filed 1/14 with TA, accepted 1/16. Had Path message until the 16th. Then the We have received your return and it is being processed message the 16th. I usually have my DD in my bank acct. The Thursday after presidents day. But I usually update to a DD the Sat before on WMR. Therefore I believe I and others will update this Saturday 2/23 with a DD of next Thurs 2/28. Nothing for sure about this. Just a gut feeling and some deduction. Good luck to all.



    Now I’m getting ticked off. Waited on hold for 45 min to ask a question just to get hung up on then called back and hung up on again. This is getting Rediculous!!!



    Filed and accepted on 2/4. Status bars went away on 15th or 16th. WMR says, “Your refund has been received and is being processed.” No EIC or ACTC. I know someone who filed on the 7th who had both EIC and ACTC and has a DD date of 2/22.



    I have yet to see any bars it only says we have received your return and it is being processed. Where’s my bars?



    Where are y’all seeing this “cycle code” from?



    @Tim that is literally my exact scenario. First time I have ever seen my bars go away. I was thinking the same as you that maybe the DD will show up tonight…..but do you think the opening day of filing be moved to the 28th might push things back a week?



    Filed 2/4 with turbotax, accepted 20 minutes later. No fees thanks to uber promo. Claiming EIC and ACTC. Cycle 0605, No bars with we are processing your return message. LAst year had a DDD of 2/22 and recieved it at 6pm 2/21 on my serve card, but I actually got 2 bars and a DDD on WMR. This year is the first I have lost bars and have not gotten a DDD. Hoping I’ll see it this evening like last year. Depositing to my Uber go bank card which is Green dot.


    Molly P.

    Maybe everyone should post cycle code and see if we are all in the same positing on the fisting scale. 20190405. I was told that was the fourth cycle which they were working on this week.

    States “have received, and processing”
    Transcripts viewable no 846

    Sorry correction to the previous post







    thank you!


    Molly P.

    Maybe everyone should post cycle code and see if we are all in the same positing on the fisting scale. 20190405. I was told that was the fourth cycle which they were working on this week.

    States “have received, still processing”
    Transcripts viewable no 846



    That’s the date the return has to be processed by. U should see an update soon



    @Jen I am 07/05 no bars and is being processed. No bad codes on transcript with a credit account balance. I hope you are right.

    So nobody with an 05 cycle date has received an update yet this week?



    what does the processing date mean? I just saw 2-25-19 on my transcript which was NOT there yesterday



    I called only because I wanted to make sure that there were no ID verify issues or anything holding up my account. It is at least worth a call if you are not sure.



    File and accepted 2/2, “being processed” message, no update on WMR



    Well I will say this there is no way WEEKLYS ending in 05 are all being held or audited its impossible! I’m trying to be patient but it’s definitely wearing thin! I think everyone ending in 05 cycle code will see an update by Saturday. If not call IRS. I refuse to call because they give the same answers to everyone. I filed 1/26 accepted 1/28 claimed EIC and have no 846 on transcripts or WMR no bars. Praying for an update soon guys.



    So at this point are we thinking the bars being gone means youre fucked and not all the other theories about it being lag in the system or whatever all the positive takes were?



    @Nikki I’m in the same boat as you, let’s hope for something tomorrow! transcript updates for weeklies usually happen Thursday night into Friday and then will follow with a DDD on Saturday. I’m holding out hope for an update tomorrow



    @fedup same. I filed on the 28th (accepted the same day) and I’m still looking at that “we’ve received…” message. I don’t understand what the issue is. Next year, I’m not going to file until right around the 15th. It seems those people are getting their money first.



    My sister filed on 1/29 and she got a ddd on 2/22
    IM so confused



    I filed on the 17th of January and have been stuck on this stupid we have recieved your refund and it is being processed since the 15th of this month. I have EIC but other people with EIC are already getting their money. I have NEVER gotten my refund past the 21st of February and I’m starting to get really freaked out. I need this money. I don’t understand why this bullshit is happening. I’m pissed. Has anyone with EIC had this processing message and now has a DDD?? I need hope right now.



    Tax return filed and accepted 1/30
    Got my state return 2/13
    Uplifted path on 2/16
    Been stuck on generic message since then



    My friend has EIC and PATH and the website for her said DDD of 2/22/19. I filed before her with the exact same thing and I am getting “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” SOOOOO annoying. They are quick to take my money, but not to return it.


    Bob Jones

    I heard we might see something by 2/27…. which was the same date I received last years. But I thought I’d call up the IRS and bug them some more cuz I’m sure they love it when frantic people call and harass them non-stop.



    The 27th jargon from IRS is what they are told to say. Its blowing smoke up our ass. It will be between now and whenever the legal amount of time is up before you can start claiming against the IRS to give you more money



    @Victoria I am in the same boat, filed and accepted 1/23 and still have not had any updates other than the “we have received your tax refund and it is being processed. I called yesterday and was told the we should have the money the week of the 27th or could be later. It is because of path yadda yadda yadda. I just want to see something happen.


    Victoria Catherine

    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/23
    Received State refund 2/3
    Message since 2/16: We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

    People who files after me, who have EIC have DDD of 2/22. I’m assuming I’m not getting a refund this year or it’s going to take a dew more months. Are people like me being investigated or more heavily reviewed?



    @MOrgan maybe it’s something about that day. F/A 2/4 Still nothing after path act lifted. Now I’m getting worried something wrong



    We have received your tax return and you are being fisted

    There fixed it for ya IRS



    ( Sucks) I filed January 25th accepted January 28th path message January 31st and then on February 16th we have received your refund and is processing


    Still Waiting

    I filed real early through TT, finally said accepted on IRS on the 15th and this morning still says the same thing. I got emergency temp custody of my son this past summer, so I’m hoping the ex wife hasn’t filed with his SSN as well… it could hold things up, but lets hope not!



    Filed and accepted 2/4 still no update



    Im with you Angry. Im Angry as well. I filed back on the 15th of Jan. and had the message for PATH till the 16th and not now on the processing message. I would call the IRS (probably will next week) but I know they will do their customer service blow smoke up your ass routine.



    My niece filed 3 days after me we have the same credits she has a date for the 25th n i am still processing. Ugh this tax year has my anxiety at an all time high


    Stephanie king

    ITS MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW. But nah for real I called the irs and they told me they’re waiting for the hold the be released from the PATH but I know people that have kids and got release dates. It’s aggravating. Hopefully we will get them on the 27th that’s my sons birthday but if we get them before the 27th would be honest. It’s crazy how they don’t have an answer to why other people with EITC get theirs before others. Weird but whatever.



    I filed mid January and had the path message until February 16th. Now I’m stuck with “We have received your tax return and it is being processed”. My coworkers all filed after me and they either already got their money or have a DDD. It’s so agonizing waking up every day with no notifications from my bank lol I’m ready for it all to be over. I’m hoping either time flies until the 27th or I get my refund on the 22nd. This is all bs.



    Filed TT 1/30, accepted the same day. 1 bar for about 2 weeks. Then the bars went away and the PATH message showed up. It went away this past Saturday and now says “We have received your return and it is being processed”. I think I may be weekly so I won’t get another update till Saturday (hopefully?). I can’t order my transcripts instantly because I dont have a car note, credit card, or student loan. I tried ordering them by mail before I knew about the whole PATH thing and they came in yesterday…blank! I’m so very frustrated at this point. 21 days was today and I have nothing! The IRS “lost” my tax return last year and took longer than 21 days and now this year PATH is holding me up. I’m beginning to see why some people live off the grid or don’t pay taxes at all! Its so uncool for us to pay taxes all year and if we are late they come after us, but when its time for them to give us what we overpaid, they can take all the time they want and not communicate anything with us!! Hopefully I get the deposit Friday or Wednesday. I planned a trip and this money would make it a lot more comfortable!


    Dustin S

    I have same exact message since 15th. I did my return in mid-January and I claimed EITC. When I filed in mid January it said it was accepted on where is my refund, and a week later it said the thing about how they can’t release funds for EITC before Feb 15th. Now it has been on the “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” since the 15th. So I have no idea when it is coming. Read an article saying around the 27th is when early filers will see their return, but I am not holding my breath.


    Ashley jae

    I’m having the same problem most of you are having. Accepted on 2/1 had the path message for about a week and now this ” your being processed message” I know people with the EIC and child tax credits and already got a deposit date. So I got worried til I saw this. But its frustrating! They said the 15th… now it’s the 27th?! Jeez. They need to get it together.



    They say 9 out of 10 people get refunds within 21 days or less, so it’s just an estimate. Which USUALLY is true, but the IRS really managed to fuck up this tax season so sit tight and hopefully we will all have our returns by the 27th 😊



    I do have a question in this, if the IRS says they issues refunds within 21 days or sooner and we hit our 21 day mark and it goes over and nothing gets updated so do they have to issue our refunds within 21 days or is that just for most cases and it can go over and the 21 day rule doesn’t matter? Cause as of most of us today or within the next day or two we have hit the 21 day mark and then some people have already gotten their taxes back like my sister she got hers already and has all the credits and then some of us are still waiting just for our status to change to get our DD. Does anyone know how the 21 rule works or is it just a general thing the irs says?



    Just called the IRS and waited 30 minutes to be connected to the exact same bitch I talked to yesterday morning (or so it sounded) so I just hung up right away. Not sure if continuously checking sites or just not checking anything at all till I get a notification will make me feel better at this point.🤦🏻‍♀️



    Just called the IRS…. was on hold for 34 minutes. They did not check my specific tax situation. I was told that If it says processing but there isn’t a code there isn’t a problem and that I shouldn’t expect a different message than “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” until 2/27.

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