We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.



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    I was accepted the 25th, processed the 29th, claimed EITC and Kids, statis has been sitting at “We have recieved your tax return and it is being processed”. No update on date of deposit. So many sites said the 17th or 18th, now some say the 27th. Oui. Will update when mine comes in. HOPEFULLU before the 1st since I was naively counting on it to move.



    Spoke to irs and mine was posted for deposit days ago but no deposit or date yet?



    Nothing yet here, NC.

    Turbo tax, accepted 1/30.

    Turbo tax card.

    Being processed since 2/16.




    I called the irs ealier and i was on hold for almost 30 min and then it hung up on me saying that there was a problem with the line, i called back abd waited 15 min and same thing. Sooo yeah. Im frustrated.



    @Fresh: Some of us aren’t rushing into more Debt. Some of us use the money to support college kids, Parents, and to save up money for retirement. Please don’t group everyone together, it’s Supposed to be Our Damn Money, and both the Fed and IRS are toying with us yet again!






    no ddd date for me either filed early 1/26 with turbo tax



    Also, to comment on the whole “it is being” vs “still being”..last year when mine changed to “still being” I had to verifiy ID and once I did that and that was approved I was approved with a ddd. So I’m not 100% sure if “still” is a bad thing but in my case it DID mean that I had to do something further before approval. This year I just have the “it is being” and I doubt I will have to verify again and all of my tax info is accurate so this has to be just a normal thing happening to a lot of people. I hate it but I’m also excited now bc I know Saturday morning could mean great updates for a whole lot of ppl on here!



    Lost bars a while ago. Filed 1/22. Can access both transcripts. No dates on website as well as no codes. I can still see my amount expected. HELP!!!!!! Metabank card. Praying it deposits and the WMR just being slow to update



    Ik it’s awful waiting and I’ve been disappointed every day waking up with no change but now I’m excited bc it’s in just over 24 hours a lot of us will finally see ddd! So just keep you’re heads up bc when you wake up Saturday..a lot of ppl will be freaking out happy with a date:) ik it’s not a guarantee for everyone but a lot of ppl will! Fingers crossed for everyone



    Filed 1/17
    Accepted 1/19
    Resequenced i guess transcript shows accepted 2/11
    Still code 150 on transcript
    Just a waiting game now to see what happens😔



    Chill out we all will make it til next week if it’s the Lord’s will. Stop acting like you going to die without it THIS weekend. I don’t have the best credit and I know if not the only one but don’t you think if you did right with your finances and had the credit you could have went to the bank and got want you needed and not wanted and paid it off when you got your taxes and wouldn’t be stressed out about getting a check this weekend. I know a lot of y’all want y’all money just to rush into more debt



    Brian, I got mine last year Feb 14th which is a Wednesday. So that’s not true.



    USA Today says EITC/ACTC will get DDD this week.



    Scotty Baby

    I cant belive the IRS considers anybody pather that filed before 2-15-19 as an early filer. In my mind anybody filing before the official opening day that made it into the test batches is an early filer. I used to file before opening day to get into the test batches so I could possibly get my refund early up until last year when I went through this ordeal. I didnt get my refund until the 27th of Feb last year. This year i waited until Feb 1st in an attempt to avoid being sent to the end of the line. Next year im waiting until Feb 16th to file. Now im just hoping for an update on Saturday. Im a weekly pather.






    I filed mine and 2 others the same day and they both have confirmed deposits. I don’t even have a due date. I’m hoping it’ll update tonight and give me my bars back. Still stuck at we have received your tax return and it is being processed. No code.



    I filed and got accepted 1/29 I too have the same message. Any idea what’s going on or when to expect? I know the govt. shut down didn’t help but all my room mates filed after me and got theirs. Strange. Oh well I’ll be patient.



    I filed and got accepted 1/29 I too have the same message. Any idea what’s going on or when to expect? I know the govt. shut down didn’t help but all my room mates filed after me and got theirs. Strange. Oh well I’ll be patient.



    Same message for me too “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” weeks now.
    Return accepted 1/16/19
    Filed through Turbo Tax



    Turbo tax used! Still here 🤦🏻‍♀️too



    Oh, not to scare anyone on here….but the total NIGHTMARE I faced last year is still affecting me this year. It looks as if the same thing is happening again. My return got accepted last year and was still “processing” by March 1st. So I called the number and it took until JUNE to get my tax return from an error about health insurance making a $3.75 difference on my return in my favor. I still do not understand the error and had to pay H&R block $100 extra to correct it.
    This year….same exact thing is happening. It says accepted. I filed 1/30/2019 and nothing. My expected refund date was yesterday. Good luck with calling because I called last year and they told me to be patient, that everything was A OK! Then by March 30th I called again and they were just letting my refund sit in limbo without contacting me at all.
    Good luck to everyone! Best wishes



    Y’all really need to chill out. We all need our money people need to be for financially responsible this year with their cash. Like don’t put all your money down on a car just to have a car and no cash stashed. If you living check to check pay your bills up and stack your money. But I gave up this week on receiving mines. My car is fucked but I’m not bout to rush out and buy one. I’m going to save my money and open up a couple of secured credit cards so when it’s time for me to buy a car, I won’t be stuck with a 400-500 car note



    Filed 02/07/2019
    Refund received 02/21/2019
    Turbo Tax
    Best Wishes



    HRB filed 1/10
    Accepted 1/22
    Still processing! Fml


    Dustin S

    Filed Jan 5th
    Accepted January 14th
    A few days after I had the PATH message..
    And now I have the “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” since Feb 15th.
    I do have 3 kids and claimed them on the child credit. TurboTax used.


    Stoopid paff

    Accepted Filed 28 th still stuck on processing 😨😨



    Please people, Don’t put your hopes on free money from government,
    Look at your deductions, is not Your money, is a hand out from uncle sam.
    Get a JOB !!



    Mines on being processed since the 15. I was accepted Jan 25 and I used turbo tax

    Is it turbo tax filers that are still in being processed? My friend filed after me and she has her 22 ddd!!



    Still seeing being processed for frikin 4 weeks now I filed on the 27 for accepted on the 28th and just stuck on being processed I’m depressed and very stressed over this I want my money so bad plz hurry I hope I get it tommrw I dont hav any ddd so idk at this point I giv up I locked myself out and I’m tired of waking up midnight to check k dor nothing to change 😫



    I’m “STILL” here 🙍



    We are all stuck on processing until Saturday morning update. Filed 1/22 called couldn’t get any real answers except path hold. Gave up until Saturday morning.



    Nothing here either……Making me nervously ill.



    Great news @keyboo, thx for the update!



    I called today 0705 irs told me today that payments for eic and addtl income credit wil start releasing friday after 6 calls today smh



    Filed 1/17/19 bars gone on 2/10/19 and it’s been stuck on “we have received your tax return and it is being processed “. I’ve filled the same exact way with H&R block for the past 12 years and have always had my money no later than 2/22….. this is insanely frustrating because I borrowed money against my return and it HAS to be paid back by 2/22/19! Im absolutely freaked the ef out!



    I have been trying to call the it’s to check on mine and I don’t know if I’m calling the wrong number or what but every number I call I get an automated system, if someone has the direct number can I get that please, my wife’s friend who got both the EIC and child tax credit got hers this morning and it seems like all of us can’t even get an update.


    The Poe

    Same. 1/28 filed & accepted. TT.
    Called. Everything looks fine. No holds etc.
    I know the last 3 years WMR updated AFTER I had DD. So I’ve decide to quit panicking even though I desperately need it.



    App and site still down



    Love seeing people who filed over a week after me having DDD’s 🙄 so fucking stupid it doesn’t make any sense. I filed after they opened up for tax season why tf don’t I have anything!!!!



    Mine is stuck on the same message and have been watching this for a few days. Does everyone still have the 152 topic? Mine hasn’t shown it since getting this message. Cant access transcripts



    To be honest guys there so behind there not even trying to play catch up there just trying to finish with some dignity…i called the irs and he informed me that my taxes looked perfect and they where slightly higher than last year (only 467$ higher) and it has been done processing since the 16th of February but it has a ddd of March 12 he said might come early but don’t count on it and he does not know why there even still holding it but he it should be in my released to my bank by March 12

    Filled 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Bars went away 2/16
    Maybe because I have had tax fraud it’s like this for me
    No credits



    This is ridiculous 🤞🏾Hoping for a update Saturday




    I filed the same day with TurboTax and no update yet for me😩.. 🙏 soon tho



    I have this same message and nothing pending anywhere. I called IRS and they said that I may have been resequenced and to expect my refund on 2/27 or before and if it doesn’t show up then to call back.



    Used TT
    Filed 2-8
    Accepted 2-8
    Verified identity with drivers license online through TT
    Had path message yesterday
    Checked this am before 10am est have a DDD of 1-25

    Filed my son and daughter’s on same date with no credits verified
    Identity online with drivers license they have DDD of 1-25 as well



    No change 0705 March 4th processing date and your return is being processed…….good codes on transcript no 846.



    nothing…back to stalking



    zero changes



    No change here either 😔



    WMR back up. No change for me.



    So My GF filed hers last Saturday and hers is set to deposit on the 25th she didn’t claim our kids but I did and still have no DD date tfffff



    this is really sad that irs.gov has become my life line. .. I have never stalked anything as much as irs.gov.. this is pathetic. they really need to stop with the games. I am tired of waking up at 12:01 am every night hitting the refresh button.



    Same thing as everyone else. My question is how do you know if you’re weekly is wed or Saturday updates. If so what’s the difference? Is anyone getting a DDD on WMR?



    Transcripts are down too



    I’d plan on transcript updates over night tonight and WMR overnight Friday into Saturday morning, guys.



    Filed 1/25[efile.com]
    Processing 1/25
    efile.com said -Accepted 1/26
    PATH crap came thru sometime begining of Feb
    PATH lifted this past Saturday, and back to “processing” AGAIN!!!!!
    Just checked irs.gov website, they are doing technical maintenance.. so as to what someone had mentioned earlier about updates on Thursday?..hoping this is what is happening now.
    this is RIDIC!!!!! – ITS MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!



    Hopefully I didn’t lock myself out today already 😂 there’s no limit to checking your refund over the automated phone line right?



    Wmr down



    WMR site is down now for maintenance, hopefully once it’s back up we will have more Info



    @philly 😂😂. Definitely



    the reason refunds are smaller this year is that extra money everyone is getting every paycheck




    Hahaha, that is so true


    Kim Fredrick

    Filed via Turbo Tax:
    Received by IRS:
    Tuesday, Jan 29th 2019 12:18 PM EST
    Filing status changed to: Accepted
    Tuesday, Jan 29th 2019 12:32 PM EST

    Filed AND Accepted on 1/29 and still waiting……called AL Revenue today and they mailed me a “verification” letter on 2/15. Seriously! I am a single mom who makes less than $40k/yr, with only one child at home I can claim. I have NEVER had so much trouble and this is the least I have EVER gotten back on a refund. My refund is over $1,000 less than last year and nothing changed, except I had MORE mortgage interestthis year, which was not enough to claim either….I’m just frustrated with this entire system, trying to make ends meet, and it seems like IRS technology is going backwards, not forwards. Tax cuts!!! Yeah, right!



    Filed on the 31st got accepted on the feb 1st, my status bars went away on 14th or 15th. The WMR says, “Your refund has been received and is being processed.” No EIC or ACTC. My friend filed on the 4th of Feb got approved the next day and got her returned on the 13th.



    I really don’t understand why they keep us in the dark so much! I am not so concerned Bout the $ luckily but hate the incomplete state of a project since i own a business.



    The dominos pizza traxker is way more accurate than irs 😂😂💀💀💀



    LOL AGREED STEVE….I installed the phones at IRS in Atlanta couple years back and they bought refurb 10 yr old NORTEL from us!



    Ugh I have had this every since that stupid path message got lifted I Never had Path!!!



    I have been in the same message since the 26th when I filed and was accepted on 1/16. You would think that in 2019 with all the capability of technology we would have a better system in place than what equates to a rouge dominos pizza tracker 😑



    Filed 1/17. Accepts the same day. No wmr update. Been 35 days still no update. Just says being processed. Called irs waited 30 mins on hold talked to them ,on hold another 10 mins. He said nothing’s wrong and that the 21 day thing is generic most people with actc and Eic will not see any updates till Friday night or Saturday morning with ddd for weds on the 27. He tripped up and almost said something else and caught hisself and it almost sounded like he was gonna say it was wrong for them to give that message. Last year I received an audit and had to prove my kids were mine. Same job same kids for 14 yrs. My return is the only return they’ve ever been on. I faxed 80 PGs of proof and mailed the same documents so they couldn’t say they didn’t get them. I had to get a tax advocate and still didn’t get my taxes till late Sept of last year.



    many get accepted same day. This is a system saying it has been received in the correct format and will be processed. geesh



    Sorry but you’re wrong. It very clearly says “filed 2:28 am” and “accepted 2:49 am” and by that accepted date it very clearly says “by IRS”



    I know some people need their money to pay for their bills. Also some others that want their money to go fuk it off, buy shit they don’t need / can’t afford (cars etc) lmao.



    I filed on turbo tax the 24th of Jan this year an the funny thing is I got my NY State refund but not my federal. Am stilling waiting an checking everyday if they send my money an its pissin me of! Everytime I check I get the same message “we have received your tax return an it is being processed” I thought the federal return an NY state comes together like I dont get it.

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