We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.

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    Thank you

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    You know, your problems would be solved if you stopped filing early. Every year it’s the sane ignorant people that file early and come to this forum to complain when you should have learned your lesson the first time. Filling taxes early is not a good thing. It pushes you to the back of the line. Yet, you idiots do the and every year and complain about the same shit. Just stop filing in January and your problems will be solved. Use your brains for once.

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    yeah.. and for everyone on here who cant get into you transcripts because of them wanting other forms of identity.. id say just get whatever they want done and over with now, even if will take a little more time, but that way you wont have to deal with this nonsense next year and be able to get your transcripts without the headache,. because i am sure we will all be back on this page next year wondering where the H&!! IS OUR MONEY!!!! Good luck everyone!!! HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!

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    846 code this morning with ddd of 2/27. WMR has not updated, checked transcripts. filed and accepted on 1/28. thanks!

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    Thank ya mam 😘

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    Go check ur transcripts. Mine’s just updated a DD of 2/27/19 with the 846 code. Amen

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    So , “being processed” doesnt necessarily mean DDD is coming. I’ve read many people saying it was lol and the “still processing” means you’re delayed by something. .. bummer. I guess I’ll see tomorrow

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    I called 800 829 0582 ext: 653 or 652
    And I said i needed my transcript mailed out and cant access it online due to phone number not registering back to me and she verified my identity and told me my DDD good luck Mama’s!!

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    Kinda upset. Went from “accepted” to “we have recieved your tax return and it’s being processed. I filed on Jan 25th.. still nothing. A friend of mine filed on the 20th of Jan. And got his the 22nd of February. (Today). 🤨

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    @Tracey tomorrow.

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    Filed January 4th accepted January 14th 2019
    Never had any bar’s on WMR only Path message until February 16th and I’ve been checking my transcript’s which had no error code’s only waiting for the 846 code y’all have been saying is the “good one”. Woke up this morning WMR still say’s processing but transcript now has 846 code with the 27th as my DDD! I’m posting this in hope’s of helping other’s that are in the same situation as I am. I hope everyone has an update by Saturday and will have some sort of progress. I used TT so hopefully it will be in my account soon as the last 2 year’s it has always came earlier then the DDD?? Good luck to everyone and thank goodness this tax year nightmare is finally just about over!

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    Filed 1-15
    “Being processed” message 2-16

    When is the next update?

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    I filed using TT on 1/31/19 and was accepted the same day.
    WMR bars disappeared this week and it has been stuck on “your refund has been received and is still processing” every since the beginning of this week.

    I finally logged into my transcripts (heart beating fast as hell, lol) and saw the 846 code and a DDD of 2/27/19. (whew)

    Now I’m just praying that maybe it will be received BEFORE the 27th but either way as the gospel song goes, “hold on, help is on the way. Just hoooold on, hooold on, <He’s on His way> help is on the way!”

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    My WMR says still processing since 2/16 filed 1/29 but when I called Tuesday they said I wasn’t just waiting for a DDD, that being said I think the majority of us should have a DDD of 2/27 and WMR Will updated this weekend

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    I cant check transcript but just wondering.

    Everyone that can does your WMR say
    “Being processed” that has a DDD for 2.27?

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    Where on your transcripts does it say a code or a ddd?

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    MissB congrats! I’ll call today to see if they’ve issued a DDD for myself yet 👍🏻 What number did you call and what exactly did you ask?

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    No wmr update still processing . I did the transcript says 846 ddd 2/ 27

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    @Marc t
    You still have to have credit card, auto loan, or sometging else of this nature to verify identity before going further into being allowed to view your own transcripts, correct? Thanks for your help

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    Just got off the phone with IRS DDD 2/27/2019!!!!!! Thank the LORDT!!!!!!

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    Marc t

    Fyi transcripts are free

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    Marc t

    You can also get a fool proof view by clicking the account transcripts tab. Good luck everyone. I filed 1-19-2019 my date is 2-27

    Google it’s transcripts
    Follow how to login
    Get transcript online
    Don’t worry about customer code leave blank
    Account transcripts and there you are into your transcripts

    My wmr still says we have recurved and it’s being processed . But my transcripts say 2-27

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    @latisha SAME
    @Tanker Stop being a trolling asshole. I worked my ass off all year and paid into federal taxes … the money we are getting back is absolutely ours. Seriously can’t believe you left a comment just to piss people off. People like you SUCK!

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    @Tanker I bet I make more than you do and work much harder as well. I come here for the answers the IRS does not provide. And as @Latisha said why would you take your time to come to a website just to talk shit. Must have a lot of time on your hands. Why aren’t you manning up and working? Also being an internet troll is not a good day job loser.

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    To answer peoples question about to to get transcripts online just go to its site and go to section where it says order transcripts . Login or sign up. After that is done you will get to a part where you add your info don’t work about the customer number just leave blank then go to record of account and on the first page you will see your codes or if your refund has been released . I also got my date of 2-27 from there but On irs site still showing on wmr we have recieved and your refund is being processed. The wmr must be overloaded and not working properly. Check your transcripts

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    Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by to ridicule and shame people. Hope it makes you feel like a much bigger person for doing so.

    For the rest of you, hang in there and have a great weekend!

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    I filed last week in January and the WMR bars disappeared as well. Now I have the generic message with ” still being processed”… no DDD and no Tax codes or number to call. I cant get thru to the IRS and have been on hold for almost an hour at a time. Should I just wait until the 27th? I ordered a transcript and I’m hoping that it should be here today or tomorrow.

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    Filed on 1-30-19
    Accepted 1-30-19
    1 Orange bar for about a week. Then PATH message, then generic message we are processing your tax return and WMR tool gone for over 2 weeks now. I see that people are getting deposits on 2-27, with no change or movement on the WMR status bar…which is a good thing. My questjon is, if I cannot get my transcripts online…..what is the quickest way to get them? Request an appointment at my local IRS branch or snail mail ? I called IRS , they said my refund was held becasue I filed early and because of PATH. They said call back if no refund by 3-11-19. Any help from any Jedi Tax masters out there or anyone with knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    @Tanker just because you qualify for those credits doesn’t mean you are in poverty. I’m a mother of 3 and I work all year every year and pay my taxes! Why come on here because “you heard” about this site on the news jus to talk shit??? Like you’re obviously on here because your ass is looking for answers! You can make a statement without shaming others period!

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    I filed 1/10/19 HR Block sent my return and it was accepted on 1/17/19. Changed to Path on1/26/19. Have been on the being processed message since 2/16/19. Keep trying to get transcripts but says my student loan information doesn’t match😣

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    Again.. do not rely on where is my refund status bars to tell you anything.
    Go directly to irs website and look at you at the bottom of you 2018 Account Transcipt which will show 846 Refund issued and next to that will tell you the date and amount. All of my info was updated after 6 am this morning.. before that, no refund date, nothing. And my wheres my refund status bar still says the same.. “processing” I feel that that is just on replay

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    The aggravation I have is I verified everything and it’s sendinh a code in mail anyways to see transcripts.

    Why verify my credit card, social , etc then say I need to mail you a code anyhow .

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    I meant a DDD

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    Same. I just ordered my transcripts I have a Direct deposit date of 2/27! WMR still has not updated.

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    Accepted 2/3
    Path changed on 2/15
    Still on the Being Processed no issues or codes

    What’s the chances of just getting a deposit without a DDD?

    I’ve always got anDDF but this years the LONGEST WAIT IVE EVER HAD – 10 business days usually

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    Does anyone know if we get an update with a DDD of 2/27 if we will actually receive it a couple days early like past years??

    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/15
    Path message then went to being processed 2/16 filed with TT

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    My transcripts updated today codes listed 150, 806, 768, 570 , processing code 20190805 and the a date of 3/11/2019. Anyone have any idea what any of this means? WMR is still showing the same message, your return is still being processed

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    Filed 2/1, Accepted 2/1 (Have ACTC)

    Saw change to “processed” almost immediately (by 2/3)

    PATH message appeared by 2/8

    PATH message disappeared 2/15, no bar, just “processing”

    Checked transcript 2/22 – 846 with DDD of 2/27

    Check your transcripts, don’t bother with WMR

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    Booger eater

    No way I just put 50 dependants. It works and they don’t take any money out stoopid. God u guys are dumb! My little boogers are the credits yankee

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    All I’m gonna say is



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    Booger Squasher

    Obviously you’ve been eating your boogers cuz dat ain’t govt cheese, that’s interest free money you’re giving away that’s being given back to you. Most people here don’t care if you can wait, cuz we’ll, most people here can’t, although they must. So don’t come on here wit dat bs especially when you yourself just claimed you ordered your transcripts. You don’t order transcripts if you can, like you put it, “wait”.

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    Booger eater

    Just ordered trans via phone. I’ll know something or have money soon. Don’t really need the govt cheese for the past few years so I can wait

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    @Cathy what does that mean? I’m def new to the transcript thing

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    I’m still on this message and filed on Jan 23rd :( no DDD and still no money on emerald card

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    The code on your account transcript for direct deposit is 846

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    Maybe the IRS did a lil sugar for their boogers like Trump this year…. Mentally challenged ass system 😕❓😕❓

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    Thank you! It made perfect sense. Refund sent 2-27. Now to just hope it comes before but at least I have a date. Thanks so much

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    I feel your pain!! I to have all my correct info but can’t get my transcripts online. I saw another group stating you can just call and they’ll tell you your codes so you don’t have to wait for the mail.

    What a total whomp for me! I called waited like a dummy for nearly an hr & 1/2 just to be told 2018 transcripts were not available (couldn’t disclose any codes) nor could they be faxed. Booooooo… my rep was nice enough to tell me I could access the prior years.

    Guess I’ll be playing the waiting game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Be sure you are putting in the correct amount of numbers from your accounts that they are requesting. I messed up putting in my entire number. Maybe that’s not the case. It’s very sensitive.

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    DDD of 2/27 on my transcripts. My boyfriend received his today. So hang in their guys.

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    I submitted my federal filing last friday, 2/15/19. I believe that beat the cutoff for March 1st direct deposit yet my Refund Status Page on the IRS website still reflects as Return Received. Does this make sense if I am expected to get my refund on March 1st.

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    At the bottom of your account transcript. There are 4 different transcripts to look at but the Account Transcript has to the codes at the bottom of the transcript, in running processing order. I hope that makes sense.

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    Transcript link attached. Once there, go to the part where it says get transcripts online and follow all the directions EXACTLY. Once you’re in you check “2018 Account Transcript” and at the bottom is a list of codes in processing order.


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    Where on my transcript do I look for a DDD?? Please help

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    Kenya, your reps are definitely wrong. My sister got her refund yesterday and my boss received hers on Wednesday.

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    So I can’t figure out why I cannot get my transcripts online. I provided my ED Financial student account number and it said invalid. I have even tried my car loan account number and still nothing. I was able to order my 2018 transcripts by mail but im not dure anything will even be on them at this point and we all know how long snail mail takes..anyone have advice on this?

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    Transcripts finally show DDD of 2/27, WMR not updated, same message, should update tomorrow.

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    So if it says still being processed do I need to call?

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    Hey guys. I’ve been reading this forum for a few days now as I am one that was in the same boat as others. I filed my return 2/2/19 and was accepted within an hour. A few days later, I looked on WMR and was able to see the one orange bar. Then a few days after that it was gone with the “we received your refund and it is being processed message” with no codes but all my refund info still on the left side. Luckily I have a friend who works for the IRS who was able to tell me that she’s been getting several calls in regards to the same issue. And that it was something that was happening due to the new system. She advised me not to worry and that 9/10 my refund was okay. That message still remains with no codes but I was able to pull my online transcript this morning and saw that I had a refund date of 2/27 which is the date she said a lot of people should be receiving them. WMR is still giving me the processing message though, so guys I would definitely wait until the 27th—if not, see if you can get a copy of your transcripts.

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    Finally movement on my transcripts. DDD 2/27
    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/15
    Processing since 2/11
    Turbo Tax w/ fees
    SBTPG no movement
    Fed going to PNC after SBTPG
    WMR no movement “being processed”

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    Finally movement on my transcripts. DDD 2/27
    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/15
    Processing since 2/11
    Turbo Tax w/ fees
    SBTPG no movement
    Fed going to PNC after SBTPG
    WMR no movement “being processed”

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    WMR still shows processing but transcripts this morning finally show a 846 Refund issued 2-27-19

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    Anybody have the still being processed message ?

    #4294119 Reply

    Reina Randall

    Yes mines is saying the received it and being procssed but dont even saying when i am getting mg money for my fedral

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    Hello ,

    How do you check your transcripts? I have been going to the irs website but it won’t let me hit submit when I try to complete everything .

    I filed 1/28 . Got accepted 1/28
    It is being processed been on my page for about 4 weeks now . I really hope my DDD comes tomorrow on the IRS.Gov page .

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    Finally code 846 on transcript ddd 2/27

    #4294067 Reply


    Thank you lord finally I looked at my transcripts this morning and I see a ddd of 2/27🙏🏽

    #4294060 Reply


    Oh yeah, I received my state yesterday… not sure if that matter… but still no DDD , no bars, nothing but it is processing message.

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    filed 1/28
    accepted 1/28
    PATH and all dat!
    status ” We have received your refund and its being processed”
    no 152 message or nothing! —-> I just wanna see accepted or whatever! smh ( I did not order any transcripts either)

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    My bars is gone and now it says “ We have received your refund and it is STILL being processed “. What in the world does that mean
    Still have 152 message
    Now I have always carried my children why would this message come up?

    #4294011 Reply



    846 CODE 2/27

    #4293994 Reply


    I am another one that unfortunately can’t get my transcripts….I filed 1/27 accepted 1/28 w/ both credits & still no ddd. Last year I rec’d my refund on a Fri at 4 in the afternoon so I’m at least glad I can read what’s going on with others. Fingers crossed!!

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    It’s a fact that people are receiving their refunds today. My boyfriend did. Why are u calling ppl liars?? Mind ya bizz

    #4293966 Reply


    My bars is gone and now it says “ We have received your refund and it is STILL being processed “. What in the world does that mean
    Still have 152 message

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    Filed 1-28 after 5pm. We have EITC & CTC . No bar on WMR. Anyone file same day with the credits and get your refund yet?? What do I need to order transcripts online?

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