We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.



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    I’m so anxious waiting for WMR to come back up…still down.



    Woohoo updated in Illinois



    The wmr has updated now!! Even though I already confirm my DDD of 2-27……good luck everyone 😃



    Yes!! Finally IRS!! Got my bars back with a deposit date by 2/27! If you haven’t updated yet it may still be updating. That’s a lot of numbers for a computer to crunch at once!

    Hallelujah and I’ll see yall next year!


    The Poe

    Filed via TT – 1/28
    Accepted – 1/28
    Path Message until 2/16
    Processing until 2/22
    Refund Approved w/DDD 2/27
    Good night and happy refunds! :)



    Guys, it finally updated in the IRS page…woot woot



    I’m in los Angeles mines just updated 2/27/19



    Mine still says unavailable 😞



    I’m still waiting on my date. I even called the IRS the other day cuz it’s been over 21 days and they said there’s nothing wrong with my taxes at this point and I should receive it the week of the 27th.



    Mine has updated ddd of 2/27






    Got a DDD for 2/27 whoop whoop! Congrats everyone who got 1 too. Hold on to hope for those who have not!



    Mine just updated! Says will the refund will be sent by February 27th. It said by so could come anytime



    Hey guys. I checked my irs app and it said it will deposit 2/27. The system did update like you guys said. Thanks so much



    Mine updated with a 2/27 DDD!



    Just called and got same message! Crossing fingers too!!!



    Systems are updating now fingers crossed lol and smfu



    I am tired of waiting for my refund has the system updated yet



    That’s great and all. But not everyone has the access to check transcripts online. If you don’t possess a major credit card, or have student loans, a car or home loan account number, you cannot access transcripts online. They have to be ordered by mail which would probably take longer then getting the refund. This is crazy..



    filed 2/9 accepted the next day and I had both credits. Checked my transcript tonight and it updated to 846 refund release with daye 2/27.
    Please eveyone who has disappearing bars and the processing message check your transcript if code 570 is on their u r under manuel review. Last uear was very stressful for me and i had to get a tax advocate to get my money. The IRS will tell u anything to het u off the phone. I wish u all the very best.I will never file early again.



    Check account transcripts. The WMR site still says processing. Transcript has code 846 with DDD of 2/27.

    Filed using TT 1/27
    Accepted 1/28
    PATH message until 2/16



    Filed January 14th and accepted the next day on the 15th even with Dependents had PATH until a few weeks ago and it’s been on Processing since been a waiting game since they accepted mine so early. Still no update



    I filled 2/2 had the path message then the we received your return and it is being processed message war haven’t updated for me but I seen a reply that someone checked there tax site and was approved so I went on turbo tax and was approved just waiting on war to update



    between 3am and 6:30am not mid night


    J Glenn

    Filed and accepted 2/1, I had PATH message until 2/16 and have DDD for 2/27. Good luck to everyone else.



    Hey guys I had no updates on the wmr web page I filed on 28th of January and still nothing was the update Friday midnight or Saturday midnight?



    @rlane they aren’t making anyone stress or worry. Everyone is doing that all on their own. The time tables are are just estimates. The IRS only had 60 percent of their workers until they ended the shutdown and they didn’t even call them back until the tax processing season had already started. I know everyone’s anxious and needs the money but the IRS does advise you’re not to plan your bill payments and such on The estimated time. You guys will be fine for a couple more days … Pro tip -stop filing early.


    Lodgerio C Fortuna

    Wmr say being processed then checked on HR BLOCK and it says
    Federal return status: Congratulations! The IRS has accepted your return and your federal taxes are complete. The IRS is currently preparing your refund. We’ll update you when your Refund Transfer funds have been released for direct deposit



    Filed jan 19th
    Accepted Jan 22
    Was on the PATH message i believe until Feb 15th although i did not have any of the credits.

    Havr been on the “Been processing” ever since.

    My gf however who filed minutes apart from with with EIC & child credits recieved her refund in our chase account yesterday the 22nd.

    Have recieved no letters or anything else.

    Joy lol



    Guys fingers crossed we get a date overnight for Wednesday the 27th. Sending positive vibes y’alls way!!!



    This is beyond ridiculous, we filed 2/2/19(husbands place of employment make them wait…..so that’s when he got his w-2 back), it was accepted the next day. We had the progress bar and I believe the following week it disappeared and that stupid message popped up….we now have been anxiously waiting because we really need that to deposit asap. I completely agree with how downright wrong it is too make so many people stress and worry that their returns are messed up etc…. but if you owe them they are right on top of it……sending positive thoughts to you all and I hope they get this stuff situated quickly.




    Hang in there.




    I know how you feel i been waiting and waiting and nothing im hoping this update over night gives us some relief and we get a date. Im getting inpatient




    Well at least am not crazy don’t know why some people get the tracker and some don’t. when he showed me though I felt a little sad It feels that I have to wait even longer until the tracker show’s up



    Sorry I meant my brother filed two weeks after me and already received his refund



    Have had this for awhile. Filed 1/26 and got accepted 1/28. Had the bars with one being highlighted. They disappeared then got the being processed message. Then it switched to the PATH message saying it wouldn’t be approved till around 2/27. Now it’s back to the being processed message.



    Mine says the same thing



    Its barely 10:45 where I am in Colorado. So maybe thats why mine has not updated? Think?



    My brother filled 2weeks before me and already has his. Also on the IRS page for him it gave him a tracker bar and a estimate time for refund, but mine doesn’t have a tracker bar or anything all it says is “We have received your tax return and it is being processed”



    Anyone else not have the bars and it just says being processed?



    Nothing on WMR as of yet.
    Mine usually never updates




    U said the guy told u that u have a DDD.. is it showing on WMR?



    I still have no DDD. Being processed still


    Levinna Livingstone

    Hi what is DDD mean?



    Still no DDD for me…



    Hrb/emerald card
    Cycle code 05/05/2019
    Processing Date:02/18/2019
    I called the irs today and the 1st lady i spoke with said she didnt see a DDD. She said for me to callback next week if i dont see any updates. I am not able to view my transcripts online. I spoke to a very nice gentlemen next who told me I was approved and have a DDD of 02/27/2019



    To put desperate people in limbo like this, making millions wonder if their tax returns was filed wrong or that there’s an issue with their return us downright despicable! Sorry. Rant over. I’ve been silently following this thread for 4 days and I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to speak my peace. Cross your fingers pathers, they can’t hold it forever! “This too shall pass”



    They’re supposed to do an update on the “Where’s My Refund” tool on the IRS page sometime tonight Tracey. I really hope it updates. I’m not in a desperate situation like some to receive it, but it’d be nice to have. I’ll pray that those that need this desperately get an update tonight and that they get their money as soon as possible. This is a shitty thing for the IRS to do to people. The shutdown didn’t affect this. They never process until the end of January anyway. So that excuse is drawn out and crap! Praying for all that need this!!!



    What happens if you have no bars and it just says “being processed?” Anyone happen to know



    This year is the biggest joke for refund information. I called a couple days ago and the hag that answered my call wouldn’t even bother to look up any info for me. Same old story, “if WMR doesn’t have any info then neither do we.” What a lie. I filed using TT with EITC on 2/4, was accepted same day. Had 1 bar with PATH msg until the 15th, bar and msg went away that day and has been stuck on the “being processed” msg since. Last year I didn’t get it until the 26th, but the bars never went away and WMR was updated and accurate. This year they just wanna screw with people’s minds.. What a friggin joke!!!



    I’m ready for this day to be over I’m getting same message being processed this is killing me ……..



    I’m rowing the same boat…filed the 28th…accepted the 28th and mine still says “We have received your return and it is being processed.” So freaking irritating. I’m not getting much back and all I would really like to have is a date!



    @mommajess….IM PRAYING! really need this money like yesterday lol



    @Debbie it means your about to get your d’s date then ur next message will say your date I know this cuz my sister had that message and her dd was today



    Our situations are identical can’t wait until the update…I’m PST so at least I don’t have to stay up past midnight 😂



    @Debbie…its a nerve wrecker especially when you cant access your online transcript. My status is
    filed and accepted TT 1/29 both credits. Praying we both update on WMR to approved DDD



    What loan conpany holds your loan?



    Files TT 2/1, no credits, processing with one bar but last night went to no bars, still processing and refund date when available. 152 Code, refund amount still showing on the left side, what could this mean?



    So nervous ☺my state didn’t come in yet because of a small 48.00 offset and now I’m petrified my federal will be delayed as well. StuCk on processing since the 16th. No bad tt’s. , no bad messages. Just “processing ” I can’t access transcript . I hope I update tonight.



    I used the number from the box labeled “Service Provider/Acct. No.”



    Is it the number with dash or the one wwith letters and number




    I had my account previously established from a few years ago but my phone number has changed from the one I registered with so they had to send me a pin to verify.

    I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the whole process since I was fighting with getting verified on the old account and tried setting up a new account.

    If it helps at all, if you have student loans, look up your 1098-T, this has the correct account number on it that you need to verify. I tried verifying with billing statements from my loan provider. Wasn’t cutting it. Pulled out my 1098-T from last year and used that, boom! You can also access previous years 1098-T’s from logging into your school account and looking under your financial information that the school has there. I logged into mine and was able to see 1098-T’s for the past 3 years.



    something is wrong with irs I couldn’t even register with them and I have an acct and couldn’t reset the pw. I was able to order thru mail on its way whenever that is. I’m on being processed and NO WMR bars no codes was able to get trans thru mail. A race between transcript and DDD lol who’s going to win? 😩



    Not sure, but I think you have to order it by mail. @Mommajess



    How do you get a pin to view your transcripts???? Do you still need a credit card or a loan of some sort?




    Regretfully not. I’ve been able to order my transcripts AND receive them twice now via mail. 1st time they came in absolutely blank with just my address and personal info at top.
    2nd time, more info filled out, but all numbers were 0 and at the bottom under Transactions:
    It said No Tax Return Filed. Request date was for 2/12/2019 (when I ordered the transcript).

    Around the 2/16 update is when I went from 1 bar and TT152 to no bars, and “We have received your return and it is being processed” on WMR.

    I just received my pin and was able to log in online to view them.

    Now everything’s updated (Yay!)

    This also means good things for others, I’ve seen a few people getting worried because they would see No Return Filed, looks like this just means that they haven’t been processed yet and not necessarily that their return was lost or not transmitted.


    valarie needs her refund

    a friend of mine filed about 4 days before i did. she got her DDD this morning. she filed with the PATH CREDITS TOO just saying.. you never know.. AND IM JUST AS CONFUSED AS YALL ARE




    Okay thank you



    Yay yay yay yay!

    Was FINALLY able to check my transcripts online after waiting impatiently for the verification pin to come in the mail. Different phone number and pre-paid this year than the one I originally created my account with.

    Filed and accepted 1/31 with HRB Online.
    Had 1 bar, never updated to PATH, then No Bars and generic “We have received your return and it is being processed” message about the 16th or so.

    Received the pin today in the mail and was able to see the wonderful 846 code on my transcripts for 2/27.



    FYI…We had to file married filing separately because he had a larger amount of out of pocket medical expenses, and had we filed together, we would’ve owed.



    I called 1-800-829-1040
    hit 1 for english.. Then instead of refund status i hit 1 for personal refund ..next option 1..next option 3..next option 2… Then 0.. When it ask u to put in social DO NOT put it in let it ask u twice and DO NOT PUT it in and it will put u through to a rep. just did it yesterday and i spoke with someone.. The Rat that answered didnt even bother to lookmy stuff up.. Just gave me the Bull they have to say..
    Which is.. WMR has the most up to date info. If WMR does not have a date then they do not have one available yet. To check WMR once a day. And that most refunds wil be available the week of 27th.



    I don’t believe that the agent would lie about DDD. When I called for myself, I was told 2/27. I hung up and called back and gave the phone to my husband to check the status of his and he was given DDD 3/1. I was not able to check my transcript because of the info that was needed. I was able to log on and pull up his, and there was his 846 code with 3/1/19.



    Did u enter the wrong bank info for DD? OR did the bank or it’s make a mistake? However I believe that once it is corrected they will have to issue you a paper check and they say to allow 6 weeks tell u receive it. That’s after the straighten out it being deposited in the wrong account. Could be sooner then 6 weeks but it’s a waiting game now.. hope all works out and fast



    Soo , my check went to the wrong acct… do anybody know how long it will take for them to send it again ? And do it have to be given the 2nd time a paper check or I can give them another Direct Deposit




    That’s not true I’m self employed and claimed less then 60k and it cost me 200 a year to do my taxes. What u meant to say is anyone under the 60k a year WITH A W-2 may be able to file for free?

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