We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.

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    All my bars and everything disappeared. I filed onthe 1st if Feb. The IRS said that doesn’t mean anything if your bars disappeared. I have the eic and hope my taxes will be here at the beginning of the month

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    I have been stalking transcripts all night ,checked at 3am, no change, checked 5am no change, just checked transcripts again after reading everyone’s comments 6:25 am
    846 code FINALLY refund deposit 2/27.
    For all of you who may have checked transcripts before 6 and saw no change, check again NOW!! Good luck guys and hang in there. It IS ON THE WAY. Honestly, I was going to give up

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    Yay!! 20190505. 846 for 2/27.

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    Well new one, My 18 year old son filed first time ever and claimed 3 dependents, his nieces because he financially cared for them last year and still is. So he never got path message and now this morning he has this

    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.

    Do you suppose something is wrong because he is so young and claimed the girls?

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    Congrats to everyone that got their DD’s today! I’m still patiently waiting for my update tomm..as I can’t get my transcripts..but from reading it’s seems only the transcripts updated last night instead of WMR.. so to the people that are getting even more discouraged because of it..be patient…tomm is our day!!! 😊

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    Filed 2/1-TT
    Accepted 2/1
    2/9 – switched to Pathes notice
    2/16 – switched to its processing notice
    2/22- ddd given of by 2/27

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    Cycle code 20190505
    Wmr didn’t update but I now have the 846 code of 2/27/19

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    Filed 1/21
    Accepted 1/23
    DDD 2/27/2019 on Transcript at 5:40a

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    I hope everyone else with 0605 cycle date got good news!!! 🎉🎉🎉

    Got 2-27 on transcripts this morning for DDD. JUST A BIT LONGER!!

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    J B

    And just to clarify… I have EITC and ACTC.
    efiled 1/17 HRB
    “Accepted” 1/22
    PATH through 2/15

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    Maybe the IRS is on drugs this year….. Heck i I know 😕❓😕❓😕❓

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    J B

    Hey gang…try and check transcripts.

    Just to update…For me WMR still shows processing but i just checked transcripts AND FINALLY have code 846 for 2/27.

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    Barry wyche

    Almost everyone is getting ddd of 2/27-19 me and a bunch of others just got our transcript updated and it says 2-27-19

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    @kenya do you know that for a fact that everyone with a EIC has a date of 2/27?

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    Kenya… that’s a false statement. My daughter with eic and ctc, filed 1/23 accepted 1/25. It switched from the “pathes” message to the “being processed ” message on Feb 9 and on the 16th it gave her a DD of 2/22 and this morning she got it in her account. TT. So it’s happening

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    @ kenya their ddd was 22nd i seen my sis in laws wmr update with my own eyes not calling you a lier i just know what i saw

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    Must’ve been their banks early posting…. No one will/ EIC got a DDD for 2/22…..all EIC DDD is 2/27….now that’s the end of that🙂

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    Im sorry but thats not true because i personelly know 2 people who have dependents who got their refund today

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    How do I check my transcript, my WMR still shows nothing but still processing

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    I personally know 2 IRS Reps and both are keeping me informed w/ updated information…. So NO LIES…. If anyone has dependents or the EIC…. Your money won’t be in your account until 2/27 or 2/28 depending on your banking process

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    For all those that are still wondering……this is a statement taken directly from IRS website.

    “Where’s My Refund? ‎on IRS.gov and the IRS2Go mobile app will be updated February 23 for the vast majority of early filers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. These taxpayers will not see a refund date on Where’s My Refund? or through their software packages until then. The IRS, tax preparers and tax software will not have additional information on refund dates, so Where’s My Refund? remains the best way to check the status of a refund. Where’s My Refund? is only updated once daily, usually overnight, so checking it more often will not produce new or different results.”

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    Theresa L

    Hello, guys! New here… After reading, it leaves me with a question. What is PATH?


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    Ok advice pls
    So i had to id verify and have had your return is still being processed i just looked at wmr and it is now saying your return is being processed.Should i be getting ddd soon do you think.Im honestly just happy to be off the still being processed message but would love a ddd soon pls

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    Still no update for me :(

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    I just checked my transcripts
    Mine also has 2/27/19

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    Files 1/24 accepted same day. Did my friends on tuesday and she receives hers today. Whats going on here?

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    Just checked my transcripts, it’s the damn 27th. Was hoping it was gonna be a little earlier but eh.

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    Processing: 2/18/19

    Just checked i have 846 DDD 2/27 !!!

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    I think things are finally moving for us, transcript updated with a 2/27 date.
    My state refund has been DD with a pending date of 2/25.
    Slowly getting there this certainly is nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel but its been a frustrating journey.

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    Just received turbo tax thank you email so something is moving I hope always a good sign in the past.

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    No change to WMR and I cant check my transcripts online. I really hate not knowing anything

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    Woke up to that wonderful 846 with a 2/27 date

    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/28
    Path 2/1
    Being processed 2/16
    Cycle 20190505

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    Still waiting just checked about 40 min ago I can’t sleep so I read you guys comments my little yearly tax family lol my return has been received and it is being pcocessed.. my tax lady said Saturday ❤️ So I shall wait! Hopefully everyone waiting will see results this week😘

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    Looking like the 27th according to IRS.gov website as of right now


    2/1 Filed and submitted with TurboTax
    2/1 Return accepted

    I knew i was gonna have to wait a little longer as opposed to not receiving tax credits
    Turbo Tax tells you the 21 days because usually for someone who is not getting EITC or ACTC, receives their DDD in less that 21 days from accepted date.

    Hang tight, shouldn’t be much longer………I am counting down the days though lol

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    Still waiting just checked about 40 min ago I can’t sleep so I read you guys comments my little yearly tax family lol my return has been received and it is being pcocessed.. my tax lady said Saturday ❤️ So I shall wait! Hopefully everyone waiting will we results this week😘

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    is it mainly people who filed with H&R block having so much trouble?

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    Filed 1/30 using turbo tax with fees deducted from refund
    Accepted 1/30 a few minutes later
    Claimed Eitc/Actc
    As of today 12:15am wmr shows “still processing“ TT 152
    Past 2 years recieved refund 2/22
    As of today NO DDD date on wmr
    Not able to order transcripts due to no cc or loans
    Always figured I was weekly due to only updating on saturdays
    Until 12:15 wasn’t able to order transcripts via mail using NEW address
    Moved every year for the past 3 years thought I was gonna have to ID verify because of everyone saying “still processing” was bad
    I’m 90% sure I will receive a DDD of 2/27 on Saturday
    I will update 🤗

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    I’m really hoping for sat showing a DDD! I am trying to be responsible this year and pay off my DL fees so i can get a car

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    Filled on 1/25/19 and was accepted on the same day. Been stuck on the infamous “processing” message and nothing else. Been over a month WTF! Hopefully it will change soon. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t really need it. BTW dime off my friends who also has the EIC and child tax credit got there’s always or today but me nothing.

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    Kenya lies. Update will happen Sat.

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    Keyna ya wmr updated?!?

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    Filed: 1/23
    Accepted 1/24

    “We have received your tax return and it is being processed”

    Additional Child Tax Credit I think it is what is holding it up?

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    EIC RETURNS=2/27 DDD!!!!!!!

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    Same 1/25 accepted “we have recieved your return and it is being processed” since 2/15 never had status bar at all still shows refund ammount and state was taken for previous state i owed but same message for awhile

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    EIC RETURNS= 2/27 DDD ¡!!!! ¡!!!!! ¡!!!!!!! ¡

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    Sarah B.

    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    No DDD
    “we have received your refund and it is being processed” No Bars.
    we’ll definitely see a update Saturday morning guys, the 27th is 5 days away don’t stress yourselves Help is on the way! Lol enjoy your Friday 💋 gn everyone

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    @critter getter

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    Critter Getter

    I wish Uncle Sam would use lube when he’s screwing me!!

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    Eddie Pittsburgh

    Sucks. Me and my wife are still waiting to stuck on processing filed January 28th path message went away February 15th to processing still stuck

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    Filed and accepted on 2-1-19…EIC only..”still being processed since the 15th.. nothing yet,no update,no money,and no sleep

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    @ Mona I’m just pissed I always get mine on the 22 I don’t know what is going on it’s just stuck on processing

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    Freaking bastards….ugh.

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    Anthony Mack
    #4292953 Reply

    A Mack

    Check this out. This might help. Hopefully it’s true!


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    Tiff Baby2621

    I just want my freaking g money! Like I literally did my sis taxes and she has a date before me, mind you I did mines January 28th accepted the same day! And still nothing smfh. Past saltyim pissed!!! To top that off by friend called me today and told me she got a date for DDD 25th and just filed February 4th fml

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    Sorry, don’t know why my message went through before I finished. Any way, the turbo tax date is just a generic one that is 21 days out from when you filed. They don’t actually know your ddd.

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    Mine was accepred 1/14 was a pather for 31 days..been on processing since 02/16 no ddd

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    Turbo tax is just a generic messa

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    Jason!! I think you’re on to something

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    Filed on Jan 31
    Accepted Jan 31
    And still showing processing. I called to see if anything was wrong but they told me to wait till the 27th. But turbo tax was stating I should of got them today

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    I filed with H&R Block on 01-28-19. It was received. Then for a couple of weeks the status was just a reminder of how the earliest I would get my return was 02-27-19, because I claimed the EIC and child credit. About a week ago it changed to “we have received your tax return and it is being processed. Stinks, because I was hoping to have it a bit sooner, but I won’t freak out for another week I guess 😂 I’m just happy by the comments that it’s not just an H&R block thing. I read another thread and a Facebook post, and everybody was saying it was just people who filed with H&R Block.

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    Kevin I think they think it’s funny they had to wait for their money (trumpshitdown) so they are screwing the rest of us!!

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    Return was filed and accepted on February 1st 2019 I do have the earned child credit in the other credit so it was held up until the 15th but I still have no DDD??? Dialed using H&R Block e-file does anyone else have a similar situation so frustrating

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    My return was accepted on February 1st 2019 I do have the earned income credit and the other credit that were not released until the 15th but I still have no DDD?? Defiled with H&R Block in South Carolina does anyone have they returned already that has a similar situation? So freaking frustrated!!

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    Aly G.

    You shouldn’t amend your refund until you receive notice or money from your refund. If they see the mistake you will find out by mail from what I understand. I have to amend my refund but I was told not to till I get my money

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    Just realized my wages reported were off by $2,000 on w2. Should I wait and amend later, will they fix it? Wondering how likely that is going to impact my refund. Should I amend now? Or later? Ugh. I’m worried sick.

    I filed with TT on 2/1-spoke with IRS today and they said they received it on 2/5. Transcripts posted today, but there’s no DDD or codes (according to them) I’m feeling frustrated, because I really need this money. One agent told me it could be the 27th. Should I go ahead and amend now or wait? Has anyone had slight difference in wages?

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    If you read the 2nd paragraph in this link:


    It says majority of us will be updated this Saturday.
    I dont think this paragraph was there initially this tax season. Hopefully it holds true.

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    Filed 1/13 accepted 1/15.. updated from path message to received and being processed 2/17.. and no further updates

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    Anybody know what bank freetaxusa uses for their fees

    #4292654 Reply


    @ annoymous

    Thank you for all that important information I wish I would have known all that sooner but it’s good to know for next year . I basically did two of the things you mention not to do lol but a lesson learned for me and yes it is delaying my refund now but now I know for next year thanks sooo much

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    I called the IRS this evening. My cycle code ends in 705. I was told that because I have CTC and EiC that I wouldn’t get my refund until atleast next Thursday, and that .I may update tonight with a DDD of Feb. 27. I also have a federal offset..

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    Accepted: 01/22/2019
    Processing Date:02/18/2019

    No dang update on wmr just has same ol processing msg. I called irs and they gave me the same bs speech as everyone else saying 27th at the earliest for pathers like me.

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    Anonymous IRS employee

    Just a heads up on a few things…
    Early filing is ALWAYS a risk because your income information may not be on file yet. Meaning when your employer send you your w-2 they also send a copy to the IRS, the computer then matches your return to the income reported for you. When you file early often the income can’t be verified yet. Last year this led to the nightmare of income verification for thousands of people. This year instead of actually putting your account under review or a hold that requires additional steps to resolve, they are simply letting them sit for a few extra cycles and then checking for income information again. A ton have already been resolved this week, many more will be next week, but calling like crazy or trying to get Taxpayer Advocate involved isn’t going to help when there is nothing wrong and nothing needed to resolve. If WMR just says its processing(with or without bars) and doesn’t give you any kind of code or instructions you are FINE. It’s just going to take a week or 2 longer than you were hoping for.
    Also if you ARE trying to get through just to get information be aware, if you say you have a hardship just to get an a case opened you have to provide PROOF of eviction, disconnection of utilities, repossession, or foreclosure or you will not receive assistance. It is a service that should not be used/requested unless you are in an emergency or have a very extensive and complicated tax issue that regular IRS channels can’t resolve.
    Stay patient everyone!
    ~ An early filing (1/17) IRS Employee who also hasn’t gotten their refund

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    My brother filed 1/29/2019 and recieved hes just now and hes a pather .. i filed mine 1/23/2019 and still on being processed

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    I was accepted the 25th, processed the 29th, claimed EITC and Kids, statis has been sitting at “We have recieved your tax return and it is being processed”. No update on date of deposit. So many sites said the 17th or 18th, now some say the 27th. Oui. Will update when mine comes in. HOPEFULLU before the 1st since I was naively counting on it to move.

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