We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.



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    Got my 420. Now we wait for massive amounts of paperwork, which really explains nothing, so I can make phone calls seeing what they want, so whoever is on the other end can explain nothing.

    Just like last year.

    Nate, I’ll be back to check on you next week darling.



    Congrats to those of you who’ve updated! Unfortunately, I’ll be hanging around another week.



    Finally!!! I think my journey this year is over. Transcript updated this morning with 846 “refund issued” and a date of 8/14/2019, and a little over 160 in interest to be credited as well.

    I’m not sure if having my Senator’s office submit a Congressional Inquiry helped or not.

    Anyway, for future people in my situation or similar.

    Filed 1/28 — Accepted, Processing Bars.
    Bars Gone by 1/29.
    March 7 — LTR 4464C
    — called IRS several times to no avail —
    End of April got Taxpayer Advocate
    Mid-May had to verify income.
    Mid-June had to verify income, again.
    July 12th, got a second 570 code — Could not get a hold of anyone at IRS or TAS, so contacted my Senator’s Office (July 29th), they started Congressional Inquiry.
    8/9 Transcript Updated with a code 846 — Refund Issued.

    I honestly don’t know what the best course of action to take is.
    If it weren’t for my tax advocate, I may not know what was going on in the first place.
    But, once you have an advocate you can’t talk to anyone at the IRS, well you can…they just won’t be able to do anything for you.

    I don’t know if the pressure of a Congressional Inquiry being filed on my behalf helped or not, but I kind of feel like it did. So, perhaps if all else fails get a hold of your Senator (just pick one to handle it, or you’ll congest the system).

    Good luck to everyone — I will update when/if my refund is actually deposited.



    Can’t believe it. My transcripts just updated from 570 to showing 970 and 971 that my amended return have been received and is being processed. I know it’s not much but just freaking happy something changed after 5 months. It took me 7 months to get this far. Now that the transcript is showing additional codes does it mean that I am in line to getting my refund soon?



    I envy those who have finally gotten theirs. Still nothing for me. Other than my wages and income transcript FINALLY showing all three jobs from last year. Does this mean things could be finally moving along!? My TA won’t return any calls.



    Just efiled this years taxes and last year taxes mailed having trouble viewing taxes online so I am unable to track last yrs and this yrs is on the dreaded being processed accepted 7/26 mailed 17 on 7/30



    After two 60 day reviews and assigned a TA that make me wait another 30 days and a total time of almost 7 months, my TA called today and said the IRS has agreed to release my refund. Now it just has to update in their computer system, maybe another two to three weeks.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.



    There hasn’t been any updates the past few weeks….only a couple of people received DDD. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.



    mmm unless u owe money and your money was collected by some agency?. im passed my 9 weeks after having to confirm my identity in person. and still no money. I already lost my hope.



    I was told today I would get my return. The irs said they released my money but my bank tells me they do not have it nor do they see anything pending. All of my info matches and they tell me the money has been released but my bank tells me no. I’m at a lose on what to do now. Has anyone else had this issue? I did notice I selected savings instead of checking account. But since the account number and routing number were to my checking account I was told it should go to it.



    Finally, Advocate called me — And I missed the dang call.
    Said that my Refund was Pending Release — Didn’t explain what that means, or why it got held again in the first place etc.
    They’re calling me back allegedly on the 12th.



    I filed Jan 28th and still waiting here no updates on any type of letters. My referral time frame of 60days was up on 07/26 and nothing has happened no letters no update. I’m thinking we are all getting pushed to the end of the year because the government is out of money. this is true bull shit.



    I filed in Jan and accepted…[email protected] didn’t match so I ammended that was received March 9…no response, contacted TA in April she made a couple of attempts but nothing happened, contacted Congressman, he made more attempts but to this day nothing back from him. Did receive something in July from IRS to provide childrens school and I had to resend my W2 and other info. So, yesterday I received a letter 3500 form the IRS that said that they received it on 7/12 and they would review my response by 11/29…good grief!! I have filed the same for 5 years…what in the world?
    Any one else?
    Thanks and I am tickled to hear some have finally made it through.



    Just spoke to a woman at the irs.. after being on hold for 39 minutes.. and she told me that the review department still had my return and it could take up to 120 days before my issue is resolved. Thats f#*%ing oct 31st!! This is the most ridiculous waiting game that I can do absolutely nothing about.



    Just got off the phone with the irs… was told they cant pull any information due to open case with tax advocate who i havent been contacted by once since i requested on. Told the rep that and she gave me the phone number to contact my states tax advocate… left a voicemail… lets see if this helps… rah ha!


    Keith Tanner

    Ok, just spoke to an agent. They just sent a referral up to release my refund. Has anyone had that happen??



    Wishing everyone good luck this week!



    Still no change on my status from 570 snce April 2019.


    Keith Tanner

    I’m supposed to get mine today, but haven’t got it yet
    Still says behind processed



    Nesirie- no, they’ll probably deposit it if you never got your original refund and amended prior. Yes they’ll deposit on the day your 846 is listed… if you’re lucky, some people get it early, but just look for it that day.

    Thanks Marty. Second year in a row. I think I’m the first person on IGMR to get a double audit year… so I’ve got that going for me. I’m not even getting a TA this year, I don’t think she really helped last year, so I’m just gonna ride it out.



    I should also make sure they will be mailing me a check right? Since I amended?



    I amended my return due to an error on my part, I have been checking my transcripts every Friday, this Friday they updated with my amended return being processed and an 846 for 8/7/19. I’m hoping that will be the release of my return. My question is, do they normally deposit on the same day as the transcript 846 code states?



    Ahas anyone tried to check the wheres my refund status today? Mine is telling me i put in the wrong information… but i know i didnt… any ideas


    John marley

    We’re do I see my transcript


    Kris XO


    They sent me a large packet of FORM 886.
    There is a separate form for proving:


    It was very detailed on what they needed from me and what evidence would be acceptable. I recieved this packet about a month after I applied. I have claimed my son for 17 years and this was the 1st time I had ever had to prove any of this.



    This week is ours!



    I woke up this morning to check my transcripts. Refund is still on hold – still under my second 60 day review. However they did finally get my corrected W2 in the system so hopefully I’ll have a deposit date soon.



    Got this overnight on my transcript:

    424 Examination Request – 08/01

    971 Amended tax return or claim
    forwarded for processing – 06/28

    977 Amended return filed – 06/28

    As of date says August 19. Was previously August 10


    Marty B

    Hey everyone,

    And thanks again for the congrats and kind words!

    It’ll happen! It’s coming! I have a feeling many will update at once!

    Marge, you gotta be kidding me!! After ALLLLLL this BS you got a damn 424?!!? I’d be sooooo damn mad if I was you!!! You’re definitely I’m my thoughts and good luck!!!!

    Tax advocates are worthless and a waste of time. That’s just my opinion.



    Welp after the talk with the irs last friday and them forcing me to get a ta, the week came and went and ta never called, as I said all along they are useless.
    The wait continues officially over 6 month wait now.


    John marley

    WHen will I get mine ??


    John marley

    I’m at a lost



    Good Afternoon All!
    I’ve keeping up since mid March with everyone.

    First things first…
    @Martyb- CONGRATULATIONS!! @Nate- I’m still here with ya buddy! Waiting…

    I was accepted by IRS 1/31
    received two 60 day notices. Sent in all requested info for my children and I.
    Received a letter (in July) stating they received all my documents in mid June and they have until 10/15/19 to let me know if they need more info or they will release my refund.
    From info I’ve received from here, I know I’m a weekly, Tuesdays to be exact. I’m checking WMR every week. Never got a (worthless) TA to this day.



    1800-829-0922 is the phone transcript number but you can only do it if you have a review notice sent to you



    Nothing changed at all for me



    Morning everyone. After 7 long months, I got a 424. Undoubtedly I’ll be seeing that 420 next week, I’ll keep ya updated.



    No update on Transcript — Other than as of date went from July 29 to August 19.
    No update on WMR.
    Still no returned phone calls from TAS or personal advocate.

    Senator’s office called me back though and have opened an official Congressional Inquiry, they give the agency 30 days to reply to them though…so who knows how long I’ll be waiting to just hear what is going on.



    What is the number for phone transcript?



    Still no update!



    @Kris XO

    Thanks for sharing your story. How were you notified you had to provide proof for your son?





    Kris XO

    Hello Everyone :)

    I have stalked this forum since March and would like to say Thank you to every single person that posted on here. The encouragement, the uplifting comments and all of your similar situations to my own were the only things that kept me going this tax season.

    My story in a nutshell was:
    – filed/accepted early March
    – received 2 60 day notices
    – had to provide proof for claiming my son (school records receipts etc ..)

    I only called once in the beginning and was told the same thing all of you were .. just to be patient. I never contacted a TA and just held out.
    I NEVER would have made it without you guys!! You made it bearable to endure this for so many months.
    I never thought the day would come but I woke up yesterday morning to a deposit of my refund in my bank account .. I’ve been crying for 2 days lol ..

    I know that i would have driven myself crazy without you guys. Knowing that everyday, even if I didnt have my refund, I still could hop on here and read sooo many sweet and encouraging messages kept me going.

    Thankx a Bunch from the bottom of my heart!
    Lots of luck for the remaining ones .. its coming!



    Shiiiit spoke to my dad not too long ago .. said he ain’t get his federal either … cold world out there 🤦🏽‍♂️



    Very happy for you guys!


    Marty B
    • Top Contributor

    Yes mine arrived today as well! Congratulations Marigold!!

    Headed school clothes shopping now for my kiddos and going to the always delicious and incredible Texas Roadhouse!!!

    Everyone stay positive, it’s coming!



    Congrats marigold … you and Marty party it up!



    Finally received my (adjusted) refund today!! 🙌🙌 Waited 6 months and 3 days. It was adjusted after an audit because they said I didnt prove that I could claim my oldest child who was 19 in 2018. They also paid me $78 in interest. Filed/Accepted 1/28. Refund in the bank this morning 7/31. Thanks to all of you for helping me through this awful experience. Good luck and positive energy going up to all of you still waiting. 💙


    Lisa Ortiz

    A notice of deficiency is also known as an IRS Notice CP2319A – Notice of Deficiency & Increase in Tax. … A notice of deficiency is sometimes referred to as a 90-day letter because it gives the taxpayer 90 days to dispute the tax assessment in the Tax Court.



    Are any of you familiar with the notice of deficiency from the irs?


    Marty B
    • Top Contributor

    Yea guys idk that I have anything to say nice about the Tax Advocate program. For 2 years I’ve sit here and read a few praises, but for 2 years ive also sit here and seen dozens and dozens more people post very similar stories as I have. The lack of them really doing anything and no contact whatsoever.

    The other side of that coin is that POSSIBLY without one, I’d still be waiting like last year. So idk. I don’t give mine any credit at all. He was useless and possibly mildly retardedand hired through a government tax incentive program for the IRS. Who knows?

    On the bright side folks, vacation destinations are cheap this time of year and school clothes and supplies are due now so it helps with that. I have a big weekend coming up and mine certainly helps with that cost. And mine is already on hold through my bank and should release tomorrow morning. As for me personally, Texas Roadhouse is waiting on my ass, been on the keto diet and I don’t give a fck I’m cheating my ass off!!! Lol


    Marty B
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    AS long as I’ve been here and the entertainment I provide you’d think they would make me a mod. But nooooooooo I guess I talk about lube and buttsex to much and I lack professionalism.

    Oooooooh well I guess lol.


    Marty B
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    Well, I made a response. Wasn’t mean at all. It’s under moderation. So maybe by Christmas when a mod or admin checks it, it’ll post.



    I am ready for this to be over. I moved this week and am scared to call or send the information to change my address for the fear that they will put me in another review. I have had 4 since this all started and I just want it to be done. I’m failing to see any form of light at the end of the tunnel for me. I cannot get a TA but from what it sounds like, they wouldn’t help anyway.

    On a side note, I am glad for those who have been in this battle from the beginning and have received their refund already.

    Still waiting. . .


    Victoria Rome

    I sent them my income verification three weeks ago. My 3rd 60 day review was over on the 16th. This is ridiculous



    Victoria I know what u mean I have been trying to get ahold of my TA forever and never returns my call!!!


    Victoria Rome

    These tax advocates are ridiculous. They refuse to actually help.


    Marty B
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    Oh and Impatiently waiting, you should get your refund DD. Mine is. At least that’s what WMR said it be sent to my financial institution.


    Marty B
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    Thanks Marge!! I sure can use it lol!

    @Impatiently waiting, no I did not amend my return at all. Was never asked to as there was no errors.

    @Joanne, thank you ma’am, I will indeed enjoy a steak dinner this week and maybe just 1 drink, although, I’ve quit drinking. And I do think that you’ll all get your refunds by Christmas. I think by end of August here you’ll all be gone until next January lol.

    I’d say there will be a couple big updates in August that’ll send most of you through, that aren’t being audited.

    I’m not leaving. I’ll be around.

    Next year though, my best advice is this. Don’t file early. Especially if you are claiming the credits. Certainly stock up on lube, just to have on standby Incase you get “pulled for random review”. And my best advice is fck the tax advocate. That lowlife hasn’t called me in almost 2 months and he refused to return my calls.



    Marty, my friend, congratulations. Happy for you. I was not even going to check today, and I’m glad I did.



    I’m beyond frustrated I filed in January it was excepted and I received my state refund in a couple weeks. Then I couldn’t seen my info anymore for weeks then called I had to verify my identity months went by after I went in and I still have nothing I’ve gotten 60 days twice they said it’s up end of July and that I would hear something by then obviously not because it’s the end of July and nothing. I’ve called numerous times they say nothing is wrong. They received all of my identity things but not notes etc. what the heck is going on this is ridiculous.



    Hopefully we get some good news this week!


    Impatiently waiting


    Did u amend your taxes this year?

    I filed/accepted 1/28/19 code 1541 2/8/19
    WMR still processing
    I amended my taxes and mailed them to the IRS 7/1/19 IRS received them 7/8/19
    I updated with a 846 DDD 7/31/19
    Was wondering wether or not I would get it direct deposit or paper check.






    Still no update on WMR or Transcript and no call or answer from TAS.
    SO, I contacted my Senator’s Office via email form Friday, got a call from the office today. Sending in an Authorization to release information and keeping my fingers crossed something can be figured out.

    Will update as I get any updates.



    I have question. Wondering if someone knows alittle more than the information given to me by the irs.
    I called irs this morning to again see what was goin on. Bc my status was supposed to update according to the last phone call i made (6 weeks from june 17th).Now they said i need to wait 8 weeks from june 8 from when i had to send in the eitc, which i forgot to send when filing. They stated theres an open case. . I asked what was meant by that but the representative didnt really specify other than it was sent to the wrong department which is crazy bc i sent it to the department they told me to send it to… any ideas please. Im just lost



    Sure seems that only 1 at a time are getting their refunds every now and again. Marty, have a drink and a big ol steak for those of us still waiting!!!… think the rest of us will get our refunds by Christmas? Damn sure am not filing before April ever again. Sucks to wait 6+ months and still have to wait some more with no answers.



    As I said before refund updates are getting slimmer and slimmer as the months go by Marty B you are a lucky man!



    Hi, been reading this forum since late May. Filed in Jan, got the 1541 code in feb. Gotten two 60 days letters. The 2nd was up on Wed. Called the IRS in Thursday since no update on WMR. The lady said I should either get another 60 day letter or my refund next week. I asked her what were the chances of me actually getting my money and she said its 50/50. Waiting for income to be verified by employer😤. According to her, they can only send one more 60 day letter. She said they are allowed to send three of them, if issue is not resolved by the time the third 60 days r up then they have to release the money. Not sure how much of this is true since I get told something different every time I call.


    Marty B
    • Top Contributor

    Frank, you and Nate will update same day!


    Marty B
    • Top Contributor

    Thank ya everyone!! Nate, you’re next!!



    Congrats Marty … shit hopefully all of us will be out of here soon …. still here since Jan



    Filed feb. 4th. Received a 60 day review for March 18. Called May 25. They put in a referral. June 10 came and nothing. Received another 60 day for May 25. Which was up last week. Can no longer get into my transcripts. My student loan or my car loan account won’t work. Nothing has changed on WMR. My son’s birthday is next week. I’m behind on bills. Driving my car with no insurance. I seriously need this refund now. Wondering how much longer did people wait after the second 60 day review letter?



    Took a break from checking on my refund and stuff.. no update for me as of today…Last update 420 tax code :examination of tax return on 6/21




    Hi all, I have been lurking here for the past 5 months. This is my first post. Here’s my info

    Filed 2/24. Accepted 2/25. After 3 weeks my bars disappeared. Got first 60 day review in March then in April. 2nd 60 day review ended June 10th. I called IRS they sent in another 60 day referral which should be up around August 10th. Nothing changed on my transcript recently except as of date to Aug 5th changed about 2 weeks ago. I have a 570 and 971 codes since March.

    This is the first time I’ve waited so long. Congrats to everyone with DDD!! Hope my dates are soon!!


    Marty B
    • Top Contributor

    I find it almost impossible that I being the only member here that updated over the weekend……crazy!!!!

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  • The topic ‘We have received your tax return and it is being processed.’ is closed to new replies.