We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.

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    Marty B

    Frank, you and Nate will update same day!

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    Marty B

    Thank ya everyone!! Nate, you’re next!!

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    Congrats Marty … shit hopefully all of us will be out of here soon …. still here since Jan

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    Filed feb. 4th. Received a 60 day review for March 18. Called May 25. They put in a referral. June 10 came and nothing. Received another 60 day for May 25. Which was up last week. Can no longer get into my transcripts. My student loan or my car loan account won’t work. Nothing has changed on WMR. My son’s birthday is next week. I’m behind on bills. Driving my car with no insurance. I seriously need this refund now. Wondering how much longer did people wait after the second 60 day review letter?

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    Took a break from checking on my refund and stuff.. no update for me as of today…Last update 420 tax code :examination of tax return on 6/21


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    Hi all, I have been lurking here for the past 5 months. This is my first post. Here’s my info

    Filed 2/24. Accepted 2/25. After 3 weeks my bars disappeared. Got first 60 day review in March then in April. 2nd 60 day review ended June 10th. I called IRS they sent in another 60 day referral which should be up around August 10th. Nothing changed on my transcript recently except as of date to Aug 5th changed about 2 weeks ago. I have a 570 and 971 codes since March.

    This is the first time I’ve waited so long. Congrats to everyone with DDD!! Hope my dates are soon!!

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    Marty B

    I find it almost impossible that I being the only member here that updated over the weekend……crazy!!!!

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    Filed electronically, 1/28, accepted 1/30.
    Received 2 (60) day notices. Still tax 152 code sbowing.
    Called a TA back in June and was told they were waiting on W2 from employer.
    Not sure how that works filing electronically, since all the info is on form.

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    Marty B

    Damn Nate!! Sounds like you have the same TA I had. It’s ok He’s probably taking it hard at his favorite gloryhole.

    Soon bro, it’s gotta be!!

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    Nothing, Zip, Nada!

    And congrats again @martyb!!

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    Marty B

    Hey all, yea WMR updated this morning. My DDD is 7/31/19. Got my fcking bars back and everything!!

    Finally, all this shit is finally over!!!

    Good luck everyone and let’s see some more that have updated!!!!!!

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    Marty B

    Thank you Cory, and Wewill, most definitely! She’s gonna be a busy girl lol.

    Good luck everyone, hopefully you’ll ALL update tonight!!

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    Congrats Marty. Happy for you, a little jealous, but happy for you. Enjoy that dinner.

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    Save the last of it to finally enjoy that hooker we’ve been waiting on haha

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    Marty B

    Thank you everyone!! Just look how messed up the IRS is tho. I updated last week to topic 152 code 9001. Called. They said nothing changed and seen no 846 code and everything still in processing on Tuesday, to today my transcripts updating. Just goes to show they don’t know what’s going on at all.

    I’ve been here since the beginning of January. Since before I even filed. I’ll stick around watching for my man Nate to update!! Thank you Meegan!!

    Scotty, my transcripts updated. My WMR should update tonight I think?

    First thing I’m gonna do is get me a HUGE steak and lobster tail dinner from the steakhouse. And get my kiddos their clothes and stuff for school. :)

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    @Meegan, Hopefully! 🤞🏾

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    just got off the phone with IRS-Examination team. dude was very nice.. and gave me lots of info.. so I filed Feb 2019, turned in wages verification 5/23. he said they are working on March verification’s (couldn’t tell me if it was early, mid or late march) but pretty much i have another 60day wait until they get to mine (may verification’s). @#$%^&* ..

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    Congrats Marty B quick question did you check your transcript to see your DDD or did it update on wmr

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    Congrats Marty!!! I’ve been coming back here to check on you and Nate, almost all the “originals”s have gotten paid finally!!

    See yall next year LOL!

    Nate, you gotta be next!

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    CONGRATS MARTY!! so happy for you!!! it gives me hope that maybe just maybe my tax return wasn’t donated to build that wall afterall.

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    Well after 2 months I finally decided to call the Irs again. Since literally nothing ever updates on my end. Luckily this time actually got ahold of a lady who is nice and not like that butthole I talked to last time. I told her the last agent I spoke to in may put a referral in for me she looked it up and told me the agent in May actually never put it in….. great!…. 😡

    Anyways The lady looked up my account and decided I have waited too long about to be 6 months and referred me to their tax advocate service which as some of you guys know I did not want to use since it doesn’t seem to help a lot of you, but they are insisting I do so. So the agent set everything up and now I have to wait for them to call me and I guess see where we go from here. Does anyone know the phone number I should be keeping an eye out for?

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    Victoria Rome

    Congrats to anyone who updated! Waiting on my husband to have a moment at work to send me a transcript code. Prayers I’m as lucky as you guys!

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    Congrats Marty!

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    Yay!!! Congrats MartyB glad to see it wasn’t till October after all have fun with it you’ve waited long enough!

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    Congratulations Marty! Glad to see they finally got it done!! Well deserved

    Hopefully I won’t be another month of waiting lol

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    Marty B

    Well, everyone, I thank you so much for all your prayers, happy thoughts and so forth. But it looks as though my tax journey has come to an end. I’ve FINALLY updated with a DDD. I’m so glad this journey is over. If I can update than anyone can. I’ll still be here for you all as someone to lean on and b!tch at. You’ve all become my friends. Let’s see this through to the end together!!

    Again, I thank you ALL for your support, kindness and shoulders to lean on, when I wasn’t so nice myself. I’m a prick. My ex fiancé says so. And I love her so much. I believe her and take her word for it.

    Let’s see some more UPDATES!!!!

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    Victoria Rome

    I haven’t heard from my actual TA just the people that answer the hotline and I called the supervisor and talk to him twice and that’s how I found out I needed to verify income but other than that I only heard from the supervisor for him to tell me I was getting a new TA since the old one never called. New TA is set to call me Monday but we will see

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    @scotty: wow 2 weeks off for the IRS and us still here fucken waiting. they better put their work on fast track and get us our damn money. WMR still stuck on the same bullshit. waiting here since 01/28…Jesus help all of us.

    #4330957 Reply

    Marty B

    At least some of you have had contact from your TA. Mine must still be working his favorite gloryhole.

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    Victoria Rome

    I dealt a very rude tax advocate hotline lady yesterday but she did inform me that my new tax advocate is waiting for information. I’m not sure what that could mean but it’s been over 2 weeks since we sent in our income verification and it seems like nothing is happening. My final 60 day review was also up last week. I praying for an update tomorrow but with the way things are going I’m not sure hopeful.

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    My tax advocate informed on July 15 that’s the IRS was off for two weeks for some training so thats probably the reason for the delays but we should all update this weekend she informed they are going to release my refund and I should receive it by the end of this month filed 1/14

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    My as of date finally changed to August 4th. It has been stuck on March 11 for the longest now. Has anyone gotten a DDD after their as of date changed? Been here off and on since 1/28.

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    Just for kicks I decided to email my local congressman. I don’t expect it to help because he has always been as useful as tits on a boar. Oh well.

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    Same here Marty, about to move places, I got the money to move, but the extra money would definitely let me pay month in advance and take care of other stuff as well. They might as well release everyone’s hold as it’s approaching end of Summer which means no more excuses for the nonsense. Wish I had a friend that worked there so I could tell them to release the hold themselves lol.

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    No call, no update.
    I’ve been trying to get a hold of my tax advocate since July 12th, left messages with the manager at that office and everything. NO ONE has called me back, supposed to call ME the 16th and nothing. I still have no clue what is wrong now, as I was told it was income verification and we submitted everything TWICE.
    Transcript and freaking SSA has income in their systems now, I assume since it’s on my transcript and SSA account page, finally. SO idk.

    I’m so emotionally exhausted from dealing with this bullshit for months. Filed January 28th and still waiting…seriously, wtf.

    Long story short, I’m still being dicked over.

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    Marty B

    Nothing new on my end here. But who didn’t fcking know that!

    Hopefully we ALL update this weekend!!! I have so much coming up here soon, it would definitely help me out a little bit!

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    Lisa Ortiz

    Sorry for the typo’s….but you guys get the message.

    #4330943 Reply

    Lisa Ortiz

    Everyone here has had their Taxpayer Bill of Right’s encroached on.

    The Right to Be Informed
    The Right to Quality Service
    The Right to Pay No More than the Correct Amount of Tax
    The Right to Challenge the IRS’s Position and Be Heard
    The Right to Appeal an IRS Decision in an Independent Forum
    The Right to Finality
    The Right to Privacy
    The Right to Confidentiality
    The Right to Retain Representation
    The Right to a Fair and Just Tax System

    Call your local Congressman/woman or visit the website. It clearly tells you what to do. Congress created the Tax Advocacy Department so hey wouldn’t be bombarded with IRS tax related issues but its clear weather you got a TA from TAS or not, the IRS is clearly not acting, treating, processing, solving, informing and assigning within your taxpayer rights. You guys have plenty of ammunition to fight for your rights.

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    Checking this forum is part of my daily routine now. Even though my luck hasn’t been hitting on shit as of late, I do get a sigh of relief reading that one of you has gotten yours. Hopefully this weekend a lot of us will get that update we’ve been looking for!

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    Oh and just my personal opinion, I think they “lost” them because they were shut down without pay for a while and this was their doings to get revenge. Making up all those hours and then some! Just saying….I have to say, if my theory is right, hell, ya can’t blame them. Sucks for us but I mean, it kinda makes sense….

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    Bored not abroad lmao

    #4330938 Reply


    Hey all. I’ve been VERY ABORED TODAY. SO, I got online looking for something to do. Came across a bunch of things in regards to all of our waiting games. It seems almost every single person winds up getting their returns after sending in copies of w2’s. I’m pretty certain the irs lost a shit ton of returns this year. I know for us personally, as soon as we faxed over our w2, we had our money in less than 2 weeks. I suggest going to your local ta’s office if your federal TA sucks.

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    It’s like might as well only check once every Saturday no point in even looking until then, only to be disappointed it’s still in the same state it was as several Saturdays ago.

    #4330935 Reply


    Still here☹️

    #4330934 Reply

    Marty B

    Yup. Everyone get some lube. WEre in it for the long haul!! There’s not even been many getting a DDD lately. Last time it happened several updated at once!

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    I purposely waited 2 weeks after my first 60 days were up. I honestly didnt even want to call because I already knew the answer (another stupid 60 days). When I called the lady told me that they had done nothing within the 60 days that they asked for. So now im stuck waiting until September. There is no way that we all are having issues like this getting our refunds back. they’re just stalling because theyre so back logged. All I know is if I have no money by September everyone is going to hear a piece of my mouth at the stupid IRS. Ive got all day to sit and wait on the phone just to yell at someone. Since clearly talking nice to them does nothing.

    #4330929 Reply


    @meagan I think you are correct, last time I talked to them in late may I received another 60 day letter a couple days later in the mail again asking for nothing but more time.
    175 days later still no answers from these clowns at the irs.

    #4330927 Reply


    @Over It that’s just great! 😞 My 60 days isn’t up until August 12th but I’m anxious to see what bullshit line they feed you come Friday!! I was expecting a due date for that date meaning WMR should’ve updated for you to have your money On that date but I guess that’s why they say call us back after that date smh they know wtf they doing I swear!!

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    I agree with the throat punch!

    #4330919 Reply

    Marty B

    Whomever the examiner is that’s working my account and my “TA” both need throat punched and pissed on.

    #4330916 Reply


    This shit makes no sense anyway you cut it

    #4330915 Reply


    @josselyn yup that’s it … they’ve had their paycheck withheld during the shutdown now everyone else has to “feel their pain” I’m sure they are thinking

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    I feel like if you try and call to see what is going on or any form of communication with them regarding your account results in getting ANOTHER 60 day review.

    My last review letter stated that they received something from me and they needed more time to review. The date they are saying they received whatever was the same day I called them for an update.

    I planned on sending them a letter since calling and being put on hold forever and getting told I’m still under review is doing, but instead I am just going to wait this time and we will see where it gets me… I’m betting it will get nowhere, but we shall see.

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    it seems like everyone is led to believe they need to amend! The funny part is we wait half a year to be told or led to believe we need to amend just to give them more and more time. I had a referral placed for me which they told me another 60days which are up this Friday the 26th. Nothing has changed only thing I have received is a letter stating I called them to inquire about my return. This is absolutely some bullshit. I hope IRS reps read this! if it was your paycheck being held I’m sure you would raise hell too. mind you we are just here waiting and waiting…..

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    Marty B

    Just got off the phone with them. The guys was very kind and nice and informative. He said he has no idea why my WMR updated to what it did. There’s no letters going out or sent out. That I don’t need to verify anything. That all we’re doing is waiting at this point.

    Sooooo idk but all I can say is WHAT A MIND FCK!!

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    Filed and accepted Feb 18.. Still on Your tax return is still being processed and not on BEING processed… meaning they havent even touched my refund yet? Anyone know FML

    #4330902 Reply


    Just got a letter stating that they received my response on 6/28/2019 and it should be reviewed by 9/11/2019. THE WAIT CONTINUES……

    #4330899 Reply


    Just a thought today… IF they needed this long to review returns who filed way back January/February then maybe… Juuuust maybe
    and again just a thought 🤔💭😒

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    Still waiting with all of you guys since 2/4. (claimed both credits)
    60 day letter ended 05/14
    Called the IRS 06/29 and was told a referral was put in for my refund to be released
    yet here we are 7/22 with no movement.

    Worst tax year ever..Just hoping I receive my refund at some point this year.

    It is great to have like-minded people on here who are just as frustrated as I am. All I need is an answer/reassurance on a more accurate guesstimation of when my refund will come to me. I wish we can find someone who had like an “insider” for the IRS (aka an employee or former employee) Have them take a hidden camera to expose these horrible practices and procedures.

    What exactly are they teaching those “TAs” and “IRS employees” because they are totally useless..Some say they have received their refund if it wasn’t for their TAs but I feel as if they would’ve just waited it out perhaps it would’ve came..

    Wish we had statistics on this type of buffoonery, how many people who have filed and still not received their refund this year compared to the previous years. It’s about to be the end of July smh..

    Surely my tax refund won’t take another 6 months of waiting (worst case scenario I hope).. If so, we really need to hold these people responsible. I’m done ranting lol sorry but it’s just not right.. straight up bullshit, if any other business (yes, they are a private corporation, go look it up) had these type of customer service reps, they would not last long at all.

    Only a few more months ya’ll… we’ve lasted this long so a few more months should be easy peasy lemon squeezy. Positive vibes to all, God bless.

    #4330896 Reply


    Still here with you guys….filed 01/28 no updates only 60day letter and referral which was stated would take another 60days and nothing has changed. Sadly waiting forever!

    #4330888 Reply

    Marty B

    Get the lube out gentlemen and assume the “position” and don’t even try to beg for mercy as the mighty ccck of the IRS knows no such word!!

    It’s only July. We still got 3 more months of this to go!

    #4330887 Reply

    John marley

    Still nothing

    #4330886 Reply


    Another Monday, no change for me on WMR or Transcript.
    Hopefully, by some grand miracle, someone from TAS calls me back and lets me know what the heck is wrong this time. I’m not going to hold my breath though.

    Filed 1/28
    Refund was held for income verification.
    Income now reflected on Transcripts and with the Social Security Administration, also via letters/w2s we sent in twice.
    TAS said we’d have our refund by July 16th, (they were supposed to call me that day too)
    No refund, No call…just another 570 popping up on Transcript 7/12.

    #4330885 Reply


    Still here, filed 1/28 accepted 1/31 and still nothing I’ve gotten the 30 days 60 days and then another 30 days on top of that letter. Still nothing. Got a hold of a TA had a phone app and they never called so I called and nothing only to be told that I will be getting a call back. Yeah now I only check WMR at least 5x a month. I’ve given up hope, if it comes it comes, if not oh well. I’m just glad to still have a job. I try not to count on my taxes but it would really be nice to get it. First time I had to go through a verification also.

    #4330884 Reply


    Well i looks like im not the only one crossing their fingers for their tax return to be processed. :( this just sucks filed in march had to mail in due to not recieving identification pin. So i knew that would slow the process down… however im praying this isnt another long tax year due to identity theft for me the first time i didnt get a refund until mid September. Wishing all u the best of luck praying the irs gets their butts in gear. We really need our money…

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    Marty B

    Cory, I can’t see as to where my TA has done a damn thing for me. The bastard has NEVER returned any calls after my messages and he didn’t even bother to call me, the last time we had a phone “appointment”.

    So honestly, based on my experience with the TA services, after 2 months of lies and refusing to return calls. I’d never suggest it to anyone. I’ve also seen where many others on here had similar issues as me.

    Best of luck everyone!! I have a feeling that this week will be a great one for several of us. Not to sound greedy or selfish, but I hope I’m part of the updates!!

    #4330882 Reply


    Hope you guys are right and we all update this week. I was going to get a TA a while back but after Marty has had the worst TA ever it has made me not even try to get one. Maybe the change in my as of date is a good sign at least since it’s the first change in few months. Good luck everyone.

    #4330881 Reply


    Hopefully this week brings those of us that’s left, some luck!

    #4330880 Reply

    Marty B

    This year for me has been the worst year of my life in probably 10 years. And of course the IRS can’t make it just a little easier on me and release my damn money. Fingers crossed for us all though!!

    #4330879 Reply


    Still here with y’all too. Filed 2/24. Single mom, head of household. 45 day and 60 day review letters received middle of April. Dont have to do anything they said. Havent heard anything since. Dont have time to call. Too busy working… Gave up hope that I receive it anytime before next tax season. I dont post, but check here every Thursday and Sunday to see if anyone updated. IF I ever receive it, I will surely post to let y’all know.

    #4330877 Reply


    I’m still waiting with all u guys. Was hoping that since my ssa updated almost 2 weeks ago that was a good thing, but nope! I haven’t worked since March due to health problems and receiving unemploymemt at 148.00 a week so really could use my money! Blah happy summer to me!

    #4330876 Reply


    Stilll here!!! Another week by still no update and lord knows we could use it at this time! Hell I could’ve used it tens times 3 months ago but now that’s come and gone I’m looking forward to this second 60day letter being over August12th “that may not take the whole 60days” they say but it’s looking like it will be considering we are 23days away 😒😩 but I’ll keep clutching my seatbelt on this ass backwards ride💺💨

    #4330875 Reply



    We had 9001 with 152. No idea how long because I was only able to check the last month maybe month and a half before we got our refunds. I never had to I’d verify though.

    #4330872 Reply

    Marty B

    It’s under maintenance. The entire site is. WMR isn’t working either

    #4330871 Reply


    Has anyone had issues getting on their account transcript page? I’ve tried since 11 pm and nothing

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