We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.



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    I finally got a new number! Well it’s different from the regular 800 IRS number…. I was told this department is actually handling the letters and notices etc, and to call and they can give me a timeframe to expect my refund or either tell me what to do, to get it sooner… will see how this goes.



    @simba 😳😳The damn letter said it should take no more than 30 days. But I guess I should know by now. Probably will be receiving more 60 day letters😤😤


    Misty blacko

    Day what the fuck ever still here filed 1/29



    I filed Feb 24… still nothing for me as well.



    so I filed my taxes in Feb and now its end of Aug and yet nothing ~!
    Ive been told that there was a 60 day investigation followed by another 60day How longer can the IRS hold my return for ?







    i submitted all verifications mid May.. and im still here waiting :|



    Well its finally over for me. After I got my TA, my money came in 10 days later. I heard so many bad things about TA’s. But I can say the one out of Austin Tx got it done in 10 days.
    After 7 months of waiting.
    Thanks for the advice over the past year everyone.



    I can’t remember what days the IRS updates our info.. is it Tuesdays and Saturdays?




    just ignore him.. IT’S NOT WORTH REPLYING!!


    John marley

    Cory kill ya self



    Still here waiting along with all of you. No updates. Maybe we will get our money for Christmas. or until next years filling.



    Mike every time you call it basically always another 60 days I’ve figured out. They just keep putting the same referrals in over and over and every time they make a new referral 60 day clock starts again, just a made up ass timeline just to not get shit done. I may call for a TA once I call this week without a answer.



    @John Marley
    How about you just google it and figure it out yourself.


    John marley

    Hello I asked a fuckin question u racist fucks



    Filed january. Still waiting. Had a TA since July22. If this is “expedited” then we’re all screwed.



    Well I call because my second 60 day s was up on the 13 so the put in a request for my refund to be released but the guy told me that cold take up to 60 days as well I filed in January



    Still here as well lol 60 days of a damn referral did SHIT. Smh



    Still here. 🤦🏾‍♂️


    Keith Tanner

    Ok y’all, refund is approved and being sent 8/26… Only thing is I have an offset, student loans, but at least it’s over…


    John marley

    How do I check my transcripts



    NEVERMIND! Just checked my transcripts again, and now it says refund issued 8/23 with the 846 code!!!



    Just received a letter from my TA. She stated that she has sent a referral to the IRS service center. DOES THIS MEAN I COULD FINALLY HAVE MY REFUND RELEASED!?



    Still waiting for my refund.
    IRS still trying to verify my income.
    i’ve been working in the same company for 10 years!



    Hey guys. I’ve been posting and watching since February. 2 weeks ago I decided to contact a senator from my state. The senator immediately pushed me through the waiting process with the tax advocates office and has been tireless with her efforts to get me my refund. I faxed over the last piece of Information this morning. Will update



    So was told my taxes are setting and havent been touched in months and if they put in request itll back everything up 16 weels rah ha



    Does anyone know how long it take after they put in the referral for your taxes to be released



    Omg I can’t believe there is still ppl here that haven’t received there tax return wow


    Keith Tanner

    Accepted Feb 25th… Was given 8/5/19 to finish examination… Still no update



    Hi everyone. What’s the number for phone transcript?

    All of a sudden my online transcript is asking me to verify and its not accepting any info i put to confirm my identity.



    been here since Feb and nope still nothing…Audit letter said I should hear something from them within 30 days. Let’s see if it’s true!!



    well i finally got a letter from examination with proposed changes to my refund.. once I agree to them and send in the signed ppwrk I should get my refund within 8wks!! FINGERS CROSSED..

    been here since Feb..
    submitted all verification mid may…

    I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!



    Still here. Still no updates…



    Been here since Jan 31 nothing yet 2 60 day reviews last one was up August 14th and still no update



    Stil here as well. Filed 2/4



    Still here since February 19. Stuck on 420 after amending return.



    Still here since Feb 24th… no change.



    Umm still here! Since January 28th I have only posted once just not so patiently waiting



    What is the phone number to get the details of your Transcript? TIA



    Nothing. How long, after sending in verification when getting the audit package, did it take ppl to get their ddd?



    I’m still here waiting redacted. Nothing has changed.



    I got ddd for 8/21!


    redacted B

    Hey everyone, sorry not been around for couple weeks. Been really busy here. Getting ready for my vacation finally, much needed and well deserved!! Nate, I see they’re still pounding your ass. I’m sorry man that sucks. Who else still here since January and February? Margie?



    8/2/19 was my refund mail date here it is two weeks later still no refund i dnt understand why it would take over two weeks to recieve one piece mail i have been waiting since the end of march and still waiting its never over im so confused



    Lol been a few weeks still no updates for me as well…. called the other day because my 45 day referral passed only for new lady to say, “if everything was filed correctly please wait until up to August 25th before calling back and hopefully…: tired of the same hopefully, stories, either they will or they won’t at this point.



    I called the number to hear my transcripts…and it says a refund was issued with Sept 2nd for a date! 59 dollars of interest was added. And a zero balance as of Sept 2nd! So I’m assuming my add is Sept 2nd?



    Filed and accepted 1/31
    45 day review letter 3/1
    TA on 4/1
    Letter from employer sent verifying my wages 4/4
    Letter stating I’m under an examination on 7/18
    I needed me to verify that my son lived with me all of last year and verify my divorce from 3 years ago.
    My TA is suppose to call me on the 22nd with an update and have it completed by Sept 20th.

    This is some BS.



    No update. Smh



    Yeah I have to wait 9 weeks to. I contacted my congressman for my in the Bronx hopefully that will help get the IRS to move faster.




    i had the same situation happen to me. filed early Feb got a letter in April then another in May to verify MY ENTIRE LIFE I sent all verification back to IRS mid may.. they received it May 23rd. I been waiting since then… I called last month and I was told that they were barely on March reviews.. meaning after March they continue with April and once done with April they will continue with May and so on. Person I spoke to couldn’t tell me exactly what date in March they were in.. But he did asked me to wait yet another 60 days.. Sooooo I have to wait until early September to either get my taxes or call them AGAIN..

    I also been stalking this forum since I got my first letter back in April.. this forum is the only thing that gives me hope and patience..




    Yup seems like a lot of people are having issues that have never happened before out of the years we’ve been filing taxes. This has never happened to be since I have been working since I was 14. All of this bc some idiot at paychex messed with my social when they didn’t have to and then take all this time to fix it. Been waiting since March. It’s ridiculous even more so for those who have been waiting since Jan/Feb. I’m really hoping we all get some update real soon.

    I call the TA hotline and give info and then they direct me to someone but really I’m just on hold for hours waiting to where I just give up waiting.

    Does anyone know how to view transcripts online or on the phone at all to see about code changes??



    It seems like everyone is getting the same repliesnfrom the IRS, 21 day initial wait, then 45 days , then 60 days and after that and 60 days die to a missing W2 or a typo, REALLY. Eventally we either ge referred or be assigned to a TA. I think they are wonderful. Ive been here since January. I have seen the system this screwed up. All because of a darn wall. Hopefully, we all will receive some good news weekend



    Hi y’all I’ve been reading comments on here for the last two months and decided to join in.

    So here’s my story!

    Filed 3/7

    IRS accepted on 3/11

    3/25 bars are gone

    4/10 called IRS bc passed 21 days and they say we were selected for 45 day review and we should have our money by May.

    May 8th get a letter from IRS dated for 5/1 stating we were under 60 day review which would put us at end of June.

    7/2 called IRS 60 days are up they say they have no update. Found out they have no w2 to match my return with.

    Found out that paychex my employers payroll company did a typo on my social on my w2. My tax lady of 15 years didn’t even catch it when we were filing. Contacted my employer to get this taken cared of so we can get our return. 5/17/18 I changed my last name to my new married name and that’s all that changed, nothing else.

    Sent referral to the processing dept and would take additional 60 days for them to release the funds or send a letter saying what else is going on.

    8/8 called TA hotline and find out that our return is in the examining department that are examine one item on my return not sure what see how I have claimed and filed the same thing for the last 11 years.

    8/13 get a message from my employer that paychex finally issued a corrected w2 with the right social to SSA.

    So now don’t know how the rest of the puzzle pieces together now and how much longer we have to wait. We’ve been wanting to move into a new house and get my husband another truck bc we only have one car right now and have 2 older kids and a 7 month old. Really need that money



    Hey guys. First time here. Congrats to everyone who’s received their refunds. Okay so this is about my bf. Here goes. He filed January 14, of course it wasn’t going to even get looked at until after the PATH Act dropped since he has dependents. We filed at the same time so when I received my refund at the end of February, we assumed his’ would be right around the corner. WRONG! Fast forward to the end of April, we called the IRS and was told that he had to verify and that he should’ve received a letter. He didn’t. So they sent one out. We didn’t get it Until January 10th. Verified January 10th. 2 weeks later WMR updated to they’ve recived the refund and it’s being processed. Not still being processed like before. So here we are 5 weeks later and still no update. We called about a week and a half ago and the IRS agent said that everything is okay and just to wait it out. Still no change. Should we be worried? Does it really take the full 9 weeks? We haven’t received any other letters from them.



    I have been on this forum since March. Only commented a couple times. Filed 2/4. Waited until March to call irs. Said was under 45 day review would get a letter. The letter said 60 day review. Which was up may 14. Waited until arou5/20 to call again. Waa told to give it a little longer if they need something they will send a notice. Call again in of June. Was told it was sent to another department on 6/17. But that she could see where turbo tax had put the federal withholdings in the wrong place. I asked if I needed to amend. No because it was sent to another department. Week later I got audit papers. Sent everything back asap. Got a notice last week they have until 9/28 to review it. H
    as anyone whose been audited gotten their refund? How long did it really take?



    So today finally I received the audit package from the irs. Will be sending everything in ASAp and see how long it takes from here.



    Still here……….6 months and some change later. Smdh



    So just got off the phone with the IRS. They asked me if I had an advocate, I told them no. She said I should be getting a letter by the end of this week because they can’t verify my income. This is getting out of hand!!!



    Another twist in the rollercoaster ride for me.. called again… irs told me it was a waiting game switched the date countdown again for me was 6 weeks from june 17 now its 9 weeks from a later date was told to contact advocate bc they technically cant help me…. so i just called the advocate hotline bc my assigned advocate hasnt even touched base once since requesting one in the beginning of July…. this time i got my advocates managers number and another number. So called left voicemails.. lets see if this helps… this is seriously killing me… something has got to give all of us have waited long enough!!! Seriously Where is Our Refunds!?!?



    We have been processing since 3/1/19, the irs made a mistake an took some of our refund. We have called several times and are told different things each time. We are still waiting for them to send us our refund. They said we get interest each day that it takes them? That adds up to a lot, has anyone gotten the actual interest of 6% a day starting 4/15? I’m trying to patiently wait but the amount they owe us with interest doesn’t seem real.



    I finally updated with a deposit date of 8/13
    Cant wait to finally see my money deposited to me. I did also get interest back on it as well. The nightmare wait is finally over. WHOOHOOO!!!!!



    Called IRSFriday. Said should expect mail within these coming weeks asking for specific items that need further review🤦‍♀️🙄 Filed 01/28.



    Still here.. filed 2/3 amended 5/31 and 420 6/29 received the 886 large audit packet in the mail last week.. GETTING that stuff together. All that to prove my 16 year old son is mine.. after claiming him every year since I’ve given birth to him…SMH IRS PATHETIC..


    John marley

    Still waiting



    I thinks it there way of getting that last dig so to speak. Congrats to all who got did!



    Does it really take a full 5 days to deposit the refund into your acct? Monday 8/12 will be my 5th day. Why does it take so long?



    @vrome nah, I decided not to get an advocate. Been waiting since February, just gon’ continue to ride it out.



    Glad to say this exhausting and overwhelming journey is finally over wmr updated this morning with a ddd for August 14th been waiting since early January right on time for school shopping congratulations everyone that finally did get a update prayers for everyone else still waiting your time is coming



    My bars are back baby!!! August 14th is the deposit day! Filled January 28…I think this nightmare is over!!





    Victoria Rome

    Good Morning Everyone,
    I updated yesterday and this morning my WMR updated also. It says my funds will be sent the 8/14 and if not in my account by 8/19 to call my bank. I have capital one. Does anyone have experience with the situation with capital one? Do you think it will really take to the 19th?



    Does the as of date mean anything on the transcript? Hoping so but I wasn’t sure if it meant that maybe something was close to being done



    Praying we all get some good news soon. This has been a rollercoaster for us all! Still dont understand any of this waiting nonsense surely to goodness we get our tax returns soon.. requested a tax advisor beginning of July.
    Still havent had any phone called from them. But im still holding out hope this ride will be over soon. P.S. congrats to all who have gotten updates!



    Still here too, so dont feel alone…


    Victoria Rome


    Do you have an advocate?

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