We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.



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    I sent my documents at the end of May and they closed on my account september 12th. I think these IRS reps have a few screws loose because i bet if you call tomorrow you will be told something different. Everytime I call i get different information. EVER. SINGLE. TIME. never fails.



    Seems like we can get more answers towards the end of the year … we have a local irs building here in Dallas …. those lines be dreadful but waiting on the phone doesn’t help either



    Me to the IRS Rep Lady: Yes mam I’m just calling to get an update on my refund.

    IRS Rep Lady: Ok when did you file?

    Me: I filed in February, but right now I’m under an audit and I had to fax some extra documents which was around the 23rd of August.

    IRS Rep: Ok, well right now we’re in May mail and won’t be in the August mail until 2 or 3 months from now…




    Called the local advocate hotline. Left a voicemail. Then called the national number. Waited 3 1/2 hours just to have the call drop. Called again and was told they were submitting a written request for advocate and that someone would get back to me within 5 days. Later yesterday I got a call from someone in the local office. She was really informative and told me my refund was sent to review because a $204 discrepancy!!!Are you fuckn kidding me.. how long they are taking, you’d think it was thousands of dollars. Anyway, she said that she would call me by friday to see if there’s any further steps I have to do. I have a good feeling about her. Fingers crossed. Congratulations to everyone who has finally reached the end of this shit nightmare



    So… here it is… my case was closed due to having verify my identity… now…. the wait begins… supposed to have update on my wmr status… by…. wait for it…. November 20th… then i have to wait for a check in the mail… like im happy its closer to the end… but my word does it really need to take 9 weeks to update my status as processed. So crazy.



    My refund was deposited to my bank account this morning.. OMG I cant believe it!! seriously somebody pinch me!! after 7 long months I finally got it!!! I’m kinda scared to even touch it what if its a mistake.. IDK this 7month wait traumatized me!!!!

    Guys all I can say is DON’T LOOSE HOPE!! you will get your refund + interest!! its just a waiting game.. be patient i know its easier said than done.. but I swear I strongly believed my refund had been donated to build that stupid WALL since I’m Mexican and all.. lol

    hope all of you get ur refunds soon..



    I broke down and contacted my Congressman. They referred me to a TA. She called me today and told me exactly what was going on with my refund. Basically it was the exact same thing I was told in May, but they gave me more information on how to fix the issue. So I immediately faxed over the information, and she said it may take the IRS a week to upload it and an additional week to release my money. So I’m still waiting, but hoping to have a resolution by October…



    Ok so I’ve heard both great and horrible stories on tax advocates. I bit the bullet and called them today. We’ll see how this goes…


    Taylor Mcneily

    Still here.. been waiting since February. I had to send in documents to my tax advocate proving i was head of household, proving that my kids are mine, AND proving they lived with me for more than 6 months. After that i was sent form 4549 stating the changes in my refund (basically they deducted some of my refund but not a lot). After signing form 4549 saying i agree with the adjustments to my refund i faxed them over to my tax advocate and he said it takes 2-3 weeks for them to adjust it in the computer!!! SO irritating!!! No telling when I’ll have my money just a waiting game now….. THE IRS SUCKS!!!!



    Still waiting as well. Requested a TA today. Hopefully things get moving now!!



    Congrats to all of you who’ve received DDD’s and reunds! Me on the other hand…..still waiting.



    Simba *



    Congrats dumbs … seen you’ve been in here a while as well



    So happy for the ones who have gotten an wmr update. For the rest of us still waiting…. its coming! *think positive*



    OMFG!! I’m literally in tears rn.. I just checked WMR and i finally have a date of 9/18.. plus $150 interest!!! omg!!! i been waiting since Feb.. I will update once its actually deposited into my account.



    Still here since March 30th only received one 60 day letter and nothing else smh wmr still says being procesed



    @frank thanks cause this was my first year I had to verify my identity.. I got my taxes two weeks later .. I’m just hoping I don’t have to next year .. but it’s looking like there is a very high chance I might have too


    Laura Thrower

    I finally got a date today about January 28 received a 45 day review a 60 day review another 60 day review a letter with no dates for review another 32 days then another 60 day review followed by another 60 day review received a tax advocate about 3 1/2 weeks ago who never contacted me within the five days they were supposed to I had to contact them but once I did contact him he put in a request to release My refund and they did so now finally September 18, 2019 I should be receiving my refund thank God



    Was on the phone today with an IRS agent who told me that my file was looked at and closed by an agents who did not make the needed correction as requested on my amended return. However he went on to put in a TA referral and request that the refund be released as there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my file and I should be hearing from someone within the next 5 business days or my money could be released in that time 🤞🏾.

    Anyhow it just seems like they are playing with our money and not working on our files like they are suppose to.



    Called the IRS a fee days ago and the said they closed on my account on September 4th. They said this twice to me. Then I just got off the phone and now she said they didnt close the 4th they were just preparing to close. And that they officially closed the account yesterday and it can take 6 weeks to either get my return or a notice in the mail. What the hell is going on. Why wont they just release the money I have been waiting for since January. How much linger do we have to wimait. We havr 4 kids with birthdays in the next three months then Christmas. Without that money we cant do anything at all for them.



    @newbie the last three years I’ve filed I’ve had to verify my identity.but never has it taken this long … I’ve verified and within 2 weeks I had got my taxes



    @maribfelix that’s better than nothing … I see you been here for a while like the rest of us … some of us still I. The dark .. hopefully you get the news you’ve been waiting for by then for sure



    So sure enough. Went to the mail today and received a letter from the IRS. It says they received all my info and should get to review it by Nov 11.💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Good God this is so stressful. In not even going to bother checking wmr until then.



    Has anybody had to verify their identity two years in a row



    I called the irs yesterday. the guy said I should be receiving a letter in about ten days regarding what further steps to take. I asked him how likely is it that my refund is approved in these 10 days… and he said not very likely at all. I have sent them everything they asked for. At this point i’m not sure what more they could want?? A DNA sample to prove they are my kids??? Ughhh I thought it was a joke when someone here said hopefully we get them by thanksgiving and now it seems very likely it will be around that time😤😤



    To get live person on phone. Call the number.
    Press one for English.
    Press 2 for personal income taxes.
    Press one.
    Press three.
    Then press two.
    Do not answer the question. It will ask for info twice do not enter anything.
    After that ends. Press two for personal income taxes. It should then direct you to a live person. Hope this helps!



    Filed in 2/2019. Messed up my sons SSN and promptly fixed it and sent back, federal was accepted and refunded two weeks later. Still 7 months in and saying it’s been received but still being reviewed and if any information is needed they’ll mail me but I’ve not received anything. WTF?



    NO UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGGGGGGGGGGGGH!! been here since Feb.. crazy ass shit!!!



    Filed 1/28 then approved.
    Needed to fax things 6/7
    They didn’t receive it and let us know 8/1
    Received 8/7
    Now they said it will be reviewed by 11/5
    So hoping we get it back by December. Just waiting. And praying they don’t need anything else when they decide to look at it. Cause it would push it off again.



    Which numbers do you pick to actually talk to a person and not get the automated stuff when you call the irs line?



    @joanne I believe it .. my wife has told me those same stories .. you don’t piss off people with your food and information.either way I’m still gonna try to wait it out… I feel like going to get a TA will only lead to a amend which is not what you filed for. I hope I get mines sometime this yr because I will for sure be calling in December and since this has been going on I’ve filed exempt From here on out 🤷🏽‍♂️



    Anynody received their return even if they didn’t call or get a TA? I haven’t called because im afraid i will just get another letter.
    Got one 60 day letter in may haven’t heard anything since then. Wmr still say being processed.



    Frank, I figured they would keep track of how often people called regarding getting their refund– and considering it’s the government, I figured if you pestered them they would send you, and keep sending you to the back of the line. That’s why I never called. I worked in customer service before over the phone and seen many excoworkers put peoples files on the bottom of the stack because the person was a pain in the butt and it was their way of punishing them. The IRS has to have a system like that as well, except much worse. I figured if I did not poke the bear, maybe–just maybe– one day they would either give me my refund or eventually get off their butt and send me a letter or packet or something stating what needed to be done one way or another… I just hope this doesnt happen next year too. I dont understand why it took so long, but I’ll be damned if I call and ask (lol– might do it to me again next year if I pester them)



    I sent in my injured spouse form 5/12/2019 finally after calling several times on 8/13/2019 my transcript shows a refund date if 9/9/2019.. The WMR has went from refund deposited to working on your refund.. Nothing has changed for the last two weeks , What is going in ???



    I called the IRS. They told me examination closed on my return on September 4th. I filed Janraury 28th 2019. I have been through the ringer with the IRS these last 7+ months. Does anyone know how long after closing they will update wheres my refund with a deposit date?



    Congrats joannne .. I too have yet to receive anything since April and I’m just gonna wait it out … i was told they can see how much and often you call as well … I called the identity line like 4 times and the forth time they told me not to call anymore lol .. I was like well fuck you too then



    I’m giving up now. I have tried going the TA route and got nowhere. I tried the congressman and they just delegate to a TA. at this point I give up. There is nothing for me to look forward to in the future with this. This refund is nonexistent at this point and it will never happen for me… I;m glad everyone else is getting resolution and getting their refunds.



    Hey guys, I just wanted to give an update. It’s been so long, I dont remember exact dates anymore but here ya go…
    I filed 2/24 through turbotax, claiming EIC and HOH, bars disappeared early March, received both a 45 day and 60 day review letter in April within days of each other stating basically I didn’t have to do anything, just wait…
    I never called, never sought a TA and never received another letter or anything since the 2 I received in April. I figured by this point, I’d either never get my refund (lost all hope and stopped counting on ever receiving it) or by calling could postpone it longer…
    Tried checking Wheres My Refund last night for the heck of it (first time in a few weeks) and the system was down… woke up this morning and checked again just because…
    My refund finally went through and should be deposited on 9/11 including $117 in interest…
    I’m shocked and surprised but glad I am finally getting it…
    Not sure whether to advise getting a TA or harassing the IRS is worth the trouble. Again, I did neither. Just waited. 7 months later, My bars came back…
    Just wanted to share my story. Good luck to those still waiting.



    Still nothing. The audit letter said it could take them up to 30 days to complete the review. The 30 days will be up this Friday so I will be calling the IRS if no update by then.. I have received the 45 day letter and two 60 days plus the review letter. This is too much, I am beyond frustrated. I don’t know what else to do. How can this be legal???? Holding it for so long. I am sure if it was me who owed them and I kept asking for extensions to pay them back, they wouldn’t be so kind😤😤😤😤 GIVE ME MY MONEY!!!!!!



    Congrats Anna 👏👍



    Filed 1/29/19 didn’t hear from IRS until April sent in all my supporting documents about my dependents my two children having to prove they are mine and whole lot of papers from school and Doctors I faxed everything 4/29 and got confirmation of that until last week of May had another 45 day hold then another and finally!!! Just today my status changed to approved for Sep 11 and even got about 98 dollars more…. I’m glad my wait is over. Now just have to wait on deposit. Good luck…



    Everyone still waiting I can’t stress enough.. do Not give up.. I’ve heard so many people tell me you’re not going to get your refund.. it happened to me. I really did lose hope.. but then I realize this is my money.. I will fight for it at all cost.. I’m sure the IRS wants people to say oh forget about it. Well not me! There was no way! I work to HARD and I’m sure you all as well.. in the last 7 months I had to move.. I have 2 sons in high school that needed clothes supplies, etc.. I had my only car die completely on me due to the Florida rains. The engine Done.. and living paycheck to paycheck.. I needed it badly.. I almost cried when I saw I updated.. I still can’t believe it and haven’t spent anything yet lol I keep thinking they will take it away from me! Seriously don’t give up.. fight, call do whatever you need to.. it is YOUR MONEY! MUCH LOVE YOU ALL.




    Call for an update. The IRS put me on hold back and forth for a little bit then she told me the exact day it was mailed.. which was on 7/22.. I amended on 5/31.. so it was 2 months after the amendment… You have 30 days to mail the info back to them. I sent mine in about 10 days later. Then I finally got my money 3 weeks after they got the paperwork. I’ve been legally separated from my ex husband for about 3 years.. he claimed one son I claimed the other. We have joint custody but I needed to show proof I took care of my son 6 months out of the year.. my ex received his return early.. almost right away! I know the federal withholding typo raised red flags and possibly the splitting of our sons this year.. my guess
    Also they paid me $81 in interest




    I never got any packets from the IRS after sending in my amended return and getting the 420. I’ve been checking my mailbox daily for the past month and nothing.

    Btw I’m a single dad of a 7 years old boy and I’ve always claimed and had him since birth.

    Got a CA state tax audit last year but that’s been the most headache I’ve gotten up until this year anyways with the IRS now.




    We had similar transcript codes… Did you get an audit pack (examination letter) in the mail? 420 code means that.. I sent in copy of lease, birth certificate, letter from job and family services all showing my son’s name on it.. had to verify HOH & EIC.

    Filed 2/4
    45 day review 3/18
    Typo on my federal withholding
    Amended taxes.. they received it on 5/31
    Code 971 & 977 5/31
    424 code turned to 420 code on 6/21
    Got the examination packet sent on 7/22
    Mailed my info in on 8/17
    My transcript just updated this morning with 421 examination closed & refund 846 code date 9/11 direct deposit went in today at 4pm.

    I really had no hope.. I wasn’t expecting it.. I went through so much.. I thank God. I hope all of you get yours soon.. I called twice to inquire.. I was just about to get a TA.. Never had one. Please send in the info they ask for. I claimed my sons every year and had the same job for 4 years.. please keep checking



    Yeah, Nate still here 🤦🏾‍♂️ but congrats to those of you who received your refund! And @Marge, I hope so too! Thanx



    No progress here…

    As of date changed from August 26 to September 23 now.

    420 code changed back to 977 Amended Return filed… hence I’ve got:

    570 Additional account action pending
    971 Amended tax return or claim
    forwarded for processing
    977 Amended return filed
    420 Examination of tax return
    977 Amended return filed



    Thanks everyone I’m still in disbelief.. I amended my taxes in May and got the direct deposit an hour ago.. long long time coming.. 7 months of waiting..



    Hey guys, Marge here. Still nothing. I was dropping in to check on everyone…. doesn’t look like Nate got hits money either. I haven’t even sent all the nonsense that asked for great. They even threw in something asking for stuff for proof about student loan refund shit or whatever. I didn’t claim any student loans. I’m 36 and my daughter is a sophomore. So, they want so much and I really will get it to them when I have time. If redacted stops by tell him I said hello. Nate, my friend, hope you get yours soon. I’ll come back in a few weeks. Congrats to everyone who got theirs!



    Congrats Jesse .. hopefully some more people are added to the list …. wonder what redacted is doing lol … if he ever enjoyed that healthy steak



    @Jesse CONGRATS!! hopefully I get mine soon.. been here since Feb



    I can’t believe this! I’ve been here since 2/4.. went through it all! Amended taxes, examination (audit) had to verify HOH & EIC I had 2 60 days review.. No TA.. I finally got a 846 code plus 81$ interest!! Refund issued on 9/11

    Amen!!! Didn’t think they’ll give me my refund..
    Please stay on it folks



    I got my transcripts and I got a cycle. Upon research I found out that there are cycles it goes thru … mines is 20191405 if anyone has anything before they may be next to get their money!!!



    My return is being held because something is not matching up. I’ve already been told that one employer sent in conflicting info. They gave them 60 days to send in which they have now had 2. This is ridiculous I just called again because no letter was ever sent so now another 60 days for integrity dept. Review.



    I emailed mine and got a response within a few hours. They emailed me the release form and I sent in the review letters I had, a transcript and my detailed story again so they had it. I faxed everything yesterday and then mailed everything in for good measure. I’m not sure how long that takes after sending that over before they respond. I’m with you though. I am ready for everyone here to get their money. this is ridiculous.



    @Megan thanks i tried looking it up but couldn’t find much either. Contacted my congressman they are supposed to send papers to me maybe itll help maybe it wont. Irs cant tell me anything… its a headache.. just ready for this nonsense to end not only for me but for all of us



    Update: hadn’t checked my transcripts or the wheres my refund for months now. I have lost track of dates but I did call in and a “referral” had been placed and I know that my 60days were up on 07/26 for this so called referral. I checked today and my as of date changed to 08/16/19 and I now have a 420 transaction code since 07/26. I did receive a packet mid August that asked for my paystubs. I don’t know if that was my audit or if I will get more paper work requested. The papers they sent me stated if I didn’t send in what they asked that they would update my return after 30days. I guess wait some more.



    I recall seeing taxes being suspended when the shutdown occurred. Not sure if there is anything else. I looked it up and not seeing much.

    Follow up, I’ve been told several times to contact my congressman, so I did today and just sent over my information.. Maybe it will work, maybe not.. Just trying something new. After this long what is the worst they can do? they’re still holding my money from before..



    Just seeing if the thread has slowed down any. Haven’t been in here in a few months and I’m still waiting since 1/28. Just checked my transcript and see I have a 420 code as of 7/26. Does anyone know how long these audits take?



    Does anyone know what it means when the irs tells you your taxes are suspended?



    Filed late January. Still no return. All information requested has been faxed. IRS referred me…not to a TA. Just stated it was another department within the IRS. Wait another 30 days smh…if no refund or response, call back. This is beyond ridiculous. By the time I receive anything, it will be time to file again.



    Still Here.. Still waiting since January. Given up on ever receiving a refund ever again.It is September and Nothing has been touched.



    I filed Feb 6th 2019, I worked one job…still employed. I received money owed from suing a previous employer in 2018, in the court papers they should have issued a W-2 and never did. They went out of business so I had no number to call to request one. I tried a tax payer advocate 3 months ago and they are still *pending* to give me a call. Never received my refund. Haven’t received a letter, Nothing. It’s September 3rd lol LIKE WTF. I called multiple times and they said ti was due to my old employer not submitting that they paid me. I googled and found the address to submit my proof of income but still nothing. What does some one do?? Like IRS no help. Tax payer advocate…obviously no help. Guess I’m not ever going to pay taxes again…they refuse to give me money owed. Single mom, struggling, need it to pay off our CC we had to rack up for not getting it on time. I hate this country so much.



    still here.. been here since feb :|



    still here. Been waiting since Feb…



    Anyone else been here since march?
    Received one verify letter around april 23rd
    Verified, then received a 60 day lettter in may after that no letters no calls nothing smh




    Nah I don’t have a TA, I received a letter asking for additional documents, like proof that my child lived with me that tax year, utility bills and rent receipts. I faxed it all two weeks ago. Still playing the waiting game…..



    Nate, me too… have you called or got a TA? I haven’t. I havent even received a letter since the first 45 and 60 day letters were received back in… April? Smdh…



    Still here smdh



    So I filed on Feb 6 was accepted the next day.. couple weeks go by get a letter stating I need to verify identity did that was told to wait 60 days… did that then after that review was up they sent me a letter saying that they reduced my refund bc I was in jail all year SMH I wasn’t so I had to send paperwork verifying that… how could I be in jail but have w2s from where I worked all year..so after that was told to wait yet another 60 days.. after all the hoops I’ve had to jump through it says they are finally going to mail my check Aug 30….we shall see



    @CDS read my previous posts below. Explained who you need to contact for actual status and if they need more information.




    You tried calling right? I never called yet… I feel like it will be just a waste of time. Since I’m in the same boat as you.. you think I would need to verify income etc…? This shit is being annoying




    Mine reads exactly the same, basically your return has been in review and has been there ever since 4-15 unfortunately that was the last thing they tried to do before leaving it and never coming back, lol



    Pulled up my transcript finally.. First time checking today and it shows…

    Codes 150 cycle 20191005 3-25-19
    806 4-15-19
    766 4-15-19
    570 3-25-19

    In the exact order… Anyone have the same issue and know what It might be that it just stopped?



    I was told that they need my income verified, a letter or statement from company showing I work there, or either my stubs from company showing I work and paid taxes lol. And they said my refund is suppose to be released within 4-6weeks after July 18 and if not by then I’d be receiving a letter anyways basically stating the same of income verification so I will get on that…. everyone try calling 855-873-2100 they actually work on the accounts and know more information.

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